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Resource It's Showtime~☆


~ I can see the universe in your eyes ~
#mobile friendly
#character sheet
#3 tabs
ACT: 014: FLOS
After fermenting for three(?) months, I am back. =v= I think this is the first time I've coded a CS with only 3 tabs? I'll add in a version with 4 tabs if asked.

As per usual, all colors, backgrounds, and images used are made easily editable in the topmost section of the code with the accents/variables. I threw the fonts in there too this time just in case (though I don't suggest changing them)!

Art used is Zhongli from Genshin Impact.

basic info
Last First
    Surname, Given
    Age (##)
    Month nth
    Greetings, to my wishes, my future, and my incessant regrets. The dream with a fever of 38.5℃ eventually faded away.
    #’##” | ###cm
    ###lbs | ##kg
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    Greetings again. Your thoughts, your sorrows, and your erratic emotional way of thinking remain trapped within a 85cm radius.
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code by Nano
I love this CS. Can I get permission to use it for a roleplay?


artistic shrimp
#mobile friendly
#interest check
#3 tabs
BACKGROUND PATTERN LINK: https://i.imgur.com/53aZiyW.png

Pastebin suddenly decided to have a freakout and refuses to let me paste links into my codes, so I'll just leave the background textures/images up top here for any who want to use the original! I'll be doing this for all codes going forward. ; - ; Anyway, this code was made roughly a month ago for a roleplay called Requiem, and I thought now was a good time to share it. Enjoy~

Art used is this.

  • Requiem
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code by Nano

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