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Hello...Can you hear me, out there? I've been trying to get in contact with someone for ages—thank God I found you! It's been far too long since I've heard another human's voice. Can we chat for a while?
All jokes aside—hello! Welcome to my "It's Not The End of The World With You Here" search thread!
I am Jay. But you can call me Sole or S.S.
I'm a 20+ year old dude with a passion for writing as well as sending silly OOC messages back and forth. I'm the type to make playlists for our characters as well as moodboards on Pinterest.
I have a preference for MxM as main ships when writing; however, I'm always up for having MxF, FxF, or NBxANYONE for a side pairing or a second main pairing.
I've been writing for several years now, and it's one of my most beloved passions.
Due to a change in occupation as well as some family issues, I had to take some time away from writing. So, my replies had become far and few between at times, if at all. I'm hoping to find some new stories that I can invest my heart and soul in.
If we are writing together already—I'm working on my replies, don't fear! I'm just branching out for a few additional stories on the side.
As of right now: I will try my hardest to make daily posts to our stories, although I'll almost always be accessible to OOC! Stories where I've actively chatted with my partners have gone further. Let's plot! Talk about life! All of it. But it's not a requirement at all. I'm fine with limiting OOC to plot and character talk only if that makes you comfortable.
Now—let's talk about some ideas.
And if you're read this: send me a PM & include your favorite kind of sweet food!

Idea #1: The Weight of The World
Plot: A virus has broken out across the world—it's sudden appearance unknown but scientists scramble to solve the mystery as well as come up with a cure that can halt the death rate. It took a toll on the population; however, as the virus raged on, a group of some of the most brilliant minds in the whole world gathered at a remote facility miles and miles away from any of the major cities. Under top secret clearance, they continued their work for months and months, before those months turned into years away from the rest of the world.
As the years went on and their technological creations expanded, their original goal of finding a cure to the virus had been almost forgotten. The scientists upgraded their mortal flesh with cybernetic enhances to keep themselves alive, although, this hubris that claimed them resulted in some transitioning from flesh to full on imitation.

Android bodies, replicas of their past selves, made of artificial skin and organs near impossible to tell from organic human were their new homes. Time was forgotten and so was the world, the scientists drowned themselves in their work and one another.

A world apart while the world that they knew was barely a world anymore.

Nearly one-hundred years later—society has barely surprised. Those who did are a mixture of individuals who had become immune and those who have been able to deal with it although they've been horribly mutated.
One of these survivors (or a group if multiple main characters are involved) end up finding a radio broadcast: an old one that was once a war cry of hope, but now it was a ghost. Said survivor(s) follow the transmission to end up finding the facility and those inside, all of which hadn't seen other humans in nearly a hundred years.

Interactions between the old world and the new world come crashing together. Will common ground be found?

Idea #2: The Face of the People, For the People.
Plot: All it takes it one video to shoot someone into stardom—and that's what happened here. A handsome face (or beautiful face) was the perfect cover that the government needed. With unrest in the public over new restrictions as well as a possible looming war in the back of everyone's mind, the officials decided to make this individual the face of their newest piece of propaganda. And soon the newest form of control was sent out: Project MASK.
Public service
announcements feature this new MASK.

Their videos always consist of the reassurance that everything was alright, pointing out the positives stories in the news (some of which were obviously fabricated), and promising that the future will be bright.

This seemed to work for a while—or at least on the common man and woman, those who didn't question those siren eyes and all too personable voice.
But unrest was still stirring within the people. Those who are in the rebellion, brave souls who want to fight against the government body that are slowly stealing their freedoms one at a time, have started to hatch a plan.

Their plan? Steal the MASK and interrogate them to find out what is truly going on behind closed doors. Some believe that the MASK is a pawn and want to free them; however, others think the MASK is just as guilty as the government for doing their bidding and knowing that what they're saying is hurting those who listen.

Does the MASK have a bigger role? If so, what is it? Will the government come for their precious MASK?

Idea #3: Time Traveler Blues
Plot: The future is in trouble—war has left the world a smoldering ruin, only a few souls wander the endless burnt soil. Series after series of terrible choices led to a massive World War 3 scenario that no one could have predicted; however, those that remained decided to risk it all to in an effort to prevent the end of the world as they knew it. Their hard work was the fuel that was needed to spark real hope: a device was crafted that could possibly send someone back into the past. But no one knew for sure. A couple objects went missing once placed into the device.
A few minutes passed, but somehow the objects reappeared.
But going back years? It was different than a couple minutes. There would be no one in the past that could send them proof that it worked. No one to send whoever went through back, either.
So—it was a true risk.
One volunteered.
They stepped onto the device and waited, their makeshift family and friends watching, until the probes around them lit up with life. There was a sparkthen utter darkness.
Back in the past with only a small notebook containing the major world events that needed to be prevented or altered, this individual was sent back into a time where things had been much, much different.
Can they find support? Will their mission succeed? Or will they fail and be stuck back in the past, unable to stop what will come and see the world come to an end all over again?

Short Ideas / Plot Points:
#1: A scouting vessel was sent to investigate a new colony on a distant planet; however, the ship is shot down by alien technology and crashes onto a massive water planet. Survival will be hard but not impossible. Some will survive, some will not. Will there be a way for them to leave and return home? Or will this be their grave? (Subnautica Inspired)

#2: A skeptic who doesn't believe in the supernatural ends up finding a ring that when wore allows them to see the true world around them—faeries, minotaurs, ghosts and banshees, vampires and werewolves, even gnomes roam amongst the humans. Most were disguised to conceal their true nature. It wasn't supposed to be seen by a mortal, because only a few were privilege to see this. The world is dangerous. Different factions war against one another. Heated tensions run centuries deep without a glimmer of hope for trust or friendship. What happens when they get in the middle of these factions? One particular faction leader becoming a little too...interested in this strange mortal. Was it chance or was this part of a bigger piece of fate?
#3: Androids are made to serve humanity. Most households who can afford it do have one—to clean, to be a nanny, to be company. Some of these androids however are showing signs of higher will. Some are not obeying their orders. These rogue androids are being hunted so that they can be reprogrammed. One android ends up on the door of an unlucky human, lying through their teeth that they were purchased for them. How long can they hold up the facade? Does the human know that this "gift" isn't really a gift? Will they turn them in?
#4: Two gangs have been at war for some time. Their values? Completely different. But their strength was almost equal. No one could get the upper hand, so, a different approach had to be made or else it would always be a stalemate. The heir of one of these gangs is kidnapped—and brought back to the rival gang's hideout. They're given an option: pretend to be in love with the leader of the rival gang in order to draw out their father / mother. Or else, they'd always be willing to take the heir to meet the fishes if you know.

#5: Humanity tries to colonize a new planet: but they're not the only one there. A new species of aliens (at least new to humanity) has lived on the planet for years. Can peace be made? Will misunderstanding occur? I'm a bit weak for this in general. Bonus if the aliens try to arrange a marriage to "bridge the species" because we love a good arranged marriage plot. Though, that's not necessary at all.

Themes of Interest:
#1: End of the World Scenarios
#2: Mafia / Gang Wars (minor or grand scale)
#3: Supernatural Entity x Human Pairings
#4: Sci-Fi / Space Settings
#5: Modern Day Settings
#6: Stardom Settings - Celebrity x Fan / Stalker / Director / ETC.
#7: Zombies, honestly.
#8: Aliens! Give me all the Aliens!
#9: Star Wars / Star Trek Vibes!

If any of these interest you or you have a plot that you want to write that's a similar vibe—feel free to hit me up!
I do work activity right now, so, if I'm slow to reply, don't worry! I'll shot a message over as soon as I can.


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