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Realistic/Modern It's Been Like, Years...

So, since I'm new to RoleplayNation (I've been roleplaying online for more than ten years, closer to fifteen- and just never really got around to using this place in particular.) I guess I'll start with a little bit about myself. I'll just talk about whatever seems to be most relevant to other people.

I'm a twenty-one, very nearly twenty-two year old dude with, again, nearly fifteen years of roleplaying/writing experience in general. I've never been in a place in my life where I wasn't a storyteller in some way, but I did, for the last three or so years, take an extensive break from roleplaying. Right after I initially made this account, in fact.
I'm military, live in Hawaii, and absolutely addicted to coffee and reading. I'm a generally pleasant person and seem to make friends with incredible ease, even with my roleplay partners. So if you want someone who'll talk to you outside of just the game, I can do that. If you want me to never speak to you out of character, I can also do that.

So the catch is that, I have absolutely no plot ideas. I'm fresh back on the scene and am struggling to come up with even one solid idea. After perusing for a while over the other interest checks, I just didn't find anything that really stood out to me either.
I guess I'm really just asking, Hey does anyone have any ideas they AREN'T talking about, because I wanna do something but I'm indecisive and don't know what!

As long as I've been writing, I've tried my hand at just about everything. So I can do just about any kind of game. My favorites are generally modern, high fantasy, apocalypse/dystopia, and supernatural.
Like I said, I like a good bit of everything, but those are the settings I'm usually the most comfortable working with- and especially coming back onto the scene so recently, I think I'd prefer to go with something modern.

I super enjoy darker themes and I guess typically play a more "troubled" type of character, but I try to get out of that as often as possible because it's such a cliche. I gotta re-read the rules here and remember what RPNation does and doesn't allow.

As for me, personally, I am actually okay with whatever kind of themes you wanna throw at me, I just don't like writing sexually explicit scenes- not something I've ever been good at or comfortable with.

I just about strictly play male characters, but I will definitely try to play a female character if the plot calls for it, or my partner just needs or wants me to for some reason. I'm down with both MxF and MxM games as far as a romance theme... Which brings me to my next point:
Romance is not a requirement for me but it does, I believe, add to the plot. So it is usually part of my games, I guess.

I do not do games that are straight up based on existing things or characters. I prefer to to be completely original with original characters. If the plot is lightly based on something, that's totally fine with me- just run me by whatever it's based on so I can do my research... But I'm not playing existing characters or using an existing setting.

Other than that, I'm down for like, anything.

I knwo this was extremely long winded, I tend to be that way as I seem to have difficulty condensing information. The only other relevant points are I suppose my response time, writing style... Things like that.

As stated before, I'm twenty-two, and would prefer mature partners. I don't really care how long or short your responses are, as long as you're giving me something to work with. I understand that kind of thing varies.
I'm also military and currently stationed in Hawaii, so that can cause some weird timing with my replies. I will go ahead and tell you I may not respond for several days at the time, I work long hours, but I'll get back to you eventually. So just have some patience with me. The other factor is the time difference in Hawaii... I'm from the East Coast, so I'm six hours behind most of my friends and family, and who knows how far behind/ahead of any of you. So just expect some weird response times, or days/several days where I can't even respond at all.

So yeah anyone have any plot ideas they wanna throw at me, because I really want to do something but I am totally struggling coming up with anything on my own.

As an aside: I struggle to figure this website's layout out, man. So bear with me while I make attempts to do so.


Just a girl, trying to find her way.♡☆
Hey lovely!!
I’m also 22! Live in upstate ny and adoreee darker stories! Huge darker stories, manic! If maybe you’d wanna write let me know!
Hi! I'm a 16 year old, but don't let my age fool you, I'm not childish in any sense. I have been roleplaying since 2010/11 and I am very detailed in my roleplays ^^ I live in the United Kingdom, so you are 11 hours ahead of me. I roleplay only with Male characters, and I have done since I started roleplaying.
I have some plot ideas that I'm eager to try and If you'd be willing, I'd love to roleplay with you ^^ If not, I understand ^^
@ShkyeOfClouds32 I did not know you were only sixteen. You write well beyond your years ^_^. I can definitely vouch for your literacy.

@Lazarus Rain I'm nearly nineteen. I can send a writing sample upon request, if needed. I'd LOVE to try and apocalyptic style roleplay (generally have a lot of basic ideas for this area), and female is my preferred character. Romance is all good with me, as long as it's a sub-plot and not the main.

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