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Fantasy Its basically medieval fantasy pokemon

What should the NPC rival be named?

  • I'll choose a responsible one. "Blake" "blue"

    Votes: 1 33.3%
  • Something like we did as kids "dumbass" "pansyboi" "dum fool" add your own below

    Votes: 1 33.3%
  • Gary.

    Votes: 1 33.3%

  • Total voters
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"Hello there! Welcome to the world of Summon battles! My name is Ore! People call me the Summon sensei! This world is inhabited by creatures called monsters! For some people, monstere are pets. Others use them for fights. Myself… I study monsters as a career. First, what is your name? Right! So your name is <you pick your name>! This is my grandson. He's been your rival since you were a baby. …Erm, what is his name again? That's right! I remember now! His name is <picked already>! <you>! Your very own monster legend is about to unfold! A world of dreams and adventures with monsters awaits! Let's go!"

put simply it's Pokemon in a medieval fantasy setting. Instead of pokeballs you use magic seals to capture monsters and summon them as needed. Which will be most of the time...
If you join, we start off with sensei Ore giving out starter pokemon
eaching your character the magic spell known as "sealing" and escorting you to a place monsters live to get your very own! From there in groups you would set out to battle each summon leader in the region to earn the right to fight in the championship league of monster summons.
Take three or four people before I post more threads.

As one might guess the story is mostly a medieval fantasy parody of Pokemon so firecracker faction might rock up continually to be a dick, tall grass has monsters in it, people will fight you for no reason at the drop of a hat, each place of healing is operated by the same woman/or numerous clones of said woman etc etc

Tone could change drastically if we go by actual Pokemon standards of ten year olds being thrown from home to roam the lands starting dog fights with strangers but even in the games they have toddlers doing it. My guess is bump the ages up and make it relevant to the plot only a certain number of people can gain The power to seal at one time. Or go full parody and have each tom dick harry and Sally have a Monster to summon. Sound off below
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Same aha20200519_225420.jpg
Recently saw "Pokemon yeah nah" and it somewhat inspired a rp as knocking off jojo is much harder..

Suppose a medieval fantasy with stands could work but even then....


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This is slowly becoming my new rp to invest in just to play as the rival with a stupid name seriously...
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Whenever it seems to fit. For example no recurring villian will be sent off into the sky to come back fine in three days. If your monster kills someone they dead.

The nurse joys and police officers would be a easy thing to point at.
"All places of healing hire the same girl" "all guard/authority figures are clones"

A cat monster could be called Tac, I dunno I said above the tone could change. It depends on how many people want to play and how serious/funny/dreary They want the story


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To whoever voted Gary I'm not sure if your into memes but I'm going by the source material aha

For gods sake name him dumbass or we are all getting beat


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Wait, is this actual Pokemon or based off it? If the latter, do we make our own monsters?

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