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Fantasy It's a secret. (bxb) (Private with ChaoticNovaz)

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Alexander didn't response to the other's explanation as he moved into the kitchen. Of course he did understand that accidents happened. Though being a vampire, his kind very quick healer. If he ever got hurt, the injury didn't stay for too long. Something he was thankful, but also meant he had careful not to carelessly hurt himself. People would think it's odd if they noticed his wounds healed faster than normal for a human. 'that would definitely cause some unnecessary questions that I don't need' He thought as he took a deep breath, once he was away from the other. It wasn't so much the sight of blood that was the problem for him. Now if he was too hungry, then it definitely would be. He was a little a hungry, but thankfully it wasn't bad enough that the sight of blood would make him lose control. It was mainly just the smell that was making it hard to think. He just needed to get something that could be used to cover the wounds up, before he did something stupid. So with that thought in mind, he stepped over to one of the cabinets and started looking through it.

As he was looking he didn't realize that Fin came followed him, until the smell of iron became stronger. He tensed up as the smell got closer, but he didn't turn to look at the male. He didn't want to get hit by the full force of the smell if he could help it. The sound of water caught his attention, then he realized that Fin was using the sink. He didn't even noticed that he had asked to use it. But regardless, he relaxed a bit as the action caused the smell to dull down a tiny bit. He continued looking though the cabinet until he found what he was looking for. A few weeks back, his neighbor had given him a first aid kit for his house. Since he usually never stays hurt for long, he never saw a reason to use it. So he just put it in the cabinet, until he got around to throwing it away. 'Thank goodness I didn't do that.' He thought in relief.

He closed the cabinet and stood up with the first aid kit in hand. "Sorry.. for not talking. I was focus on finding my first aid kit." He apologized sheepishly. He hoped that he didn't appear rude in anyway. He just wanted to get the wound covered as soon as he could. Silently taking a deep breath, he turned to face to Fin for the first time since he came into the house. When he did see tiny bit of blood on the sink, his eyes turned red for a quick second before immediately returning to their usual grey. Thankfully Fin's back was turned towards him, so he didn't notice it. "Let's dry your hand off, and I can bandage your knuckles for you." He said as he stepped over to him.

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Normally this wind would be gone in a few days even though it would take a week for a human to heal. He would have to keep it wrapped even after it had healed around Ash. His golden eyes watching him as he searched the cabinet for the first aid kit. After a moment he turned back to his task at hand. As he turned back to him with the first aid kit in hand his voice met Fin's ears. The sheepish apology made him smile softly, and he couldn't help but thinking it was kind of cute. "You're alright I appreciate the help though." He said honestly as he finished washing off his hand in the sink.

Fin turned off the water as he turned towards Ash looking down at him slightly. He reached to the left of him as she dried his knuckles with paper towels wincing softly. Pain appearing in his eyes as he tended to his knuckles. The man smelled of a mix of pine and sage wafted to the other teen that stood in front of him. Fin extended his hand to Alexander hesitantly. He wasn't use to any one besides his sister treating him this kindly. Normally he wasn't as vulnerable around others, "Thanks umm for helping me..." He stammered sheepishly as a slight blush crept into his cheeks as he felt the other man take his hand.

He watched the smaller man wrapping his knuckles gently as the blush had made itself at home on his cheeks. There was a bit in him screaming to get away. He wasn't sure what part was setting off alarms. His touch was cold though as his nimble fingers brushed over his skin. "Do you feel alright? Your hands are freezing..." He said concerned for Ash.​


Alex relaxed as the other spoke, greatly relieved that he didn't come across as rude towards him. Yes, he does his best to avoid people whenever he can. But he wasn't someone would intently ignore someone talking. He would ignore them if they were trying to be rude and insult him or try to pick a fight. But Fin was his partner for the class project, so as much as he usually tried to avoid him before, he wouldn't do that while they were working together. Especially since they were in his house... that would just be awkward. 'It would also make him think that I was trying to hide something as well... I can't let that happen.' He thought as he set the first aid kit on the counter.

As Fin dried off his hand, the smell grew a slightly stronger again. But Alex was mentally prepared for it this time. As long as he forced on the task at hand, he would be fine. Opening the first aid kit, he got out roll of bandages and started to unroll them as other turned towards him. He forced himself to remain calm and relaxed as he gently took the offered hand and got to work on bandaging it. The moment felt slightly odd to him. He had never seen Fin so quiet or hesitance before. It was a new side of him that was for sure. But the vampire didn't really mind it. It was... actually quite cute. Alex didn't even realize what he had just thought as the male's voice caught his attention. He paused briefly to look up at him, surprised by the thank you. He wasn't used to hearing "thank you"s from anyone other than his cousins or neighbor. Though what mainly caught his attention was the slight blush that was on Fin's face. "Yo.. You're welcome... I'm happy... to help." He stammered shyly as he looked back down to continued working, a noticeable blush appearing on his own face.

He was almost done bandaging Fin's hand when the other spoke again. This time, his words caused him to freeze slightly as he grey eyes widened a tiny bit. Oh no, he had completely forgotten about the fact that vampire's skin were cold to the touch. That was one of the reason he was always so careful around other people. Managing to keep a relaxed demeanor, he looked back up at the male with a small smile. "Oh.. Yeah, I'm fine. My hands just get cold easily that's all." He reassured the male. It was a complete lie of course. But it sounded believable and that's all he needed. After another couple minutes he finished. Gently letting go of Fin's hand, he took a step back. "How's that? The bandages aren't too tight right?" He asked, wanting to make sure that the bandage weren't causing Fin any discomfort.

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