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Fandom It Was a Dark and Stormy Night


The Almighty Panda Eyes
The rumbling of thunder echoed across the mountains. The heavy downpour had caused small spots of flooding in the forest. The twins had found themselves underneath an awning, shielding them from the rainfall. "Awning" was used loosely, as it seemed to have been some sort of stone structure that now sat a ruined mess. Maybe from long ago, but now? Now it was only a tool being used to keep (relatively) dry and nothing more.

"Come on," Sol hissed, glancing around, eyes squinting to try and see through the fog that had rolled in. A feat near impossible, but he'd see movement at least. "We don't have time for this."

And his smaller twin stood unmoving, arms folded across her chest with a look a defiance. "No." She stated, staring him down. The incredulous look on his face was almost priceless. She would've laughed - would have. If it weren't for the fact he was currently trying to drag her out into that mess, she'd be having a ball. His shoulders sagged as he shook his head, eyes widened.

"You're being ridiculous - a little rain isn't going to hurt you!" He whispered harshly, his voice just barely audible over the sound of rain and thunder. "We can't just sit around here, we're out in the open; not really good when you've got people hunting you down, is it?" To emphasize his point he motioned around them. Openings on all sides. While it was dark, it wasn't pitch black; they could still be spotted. Logic dictated they needed to move, but, right now, logic was the last thing that mattered to Cynil.

She gave a sidelong glance to the side - to what lay beyond their little refuge. Her lip curled up with disgust at the sight, before shaking her head. This seemed to grate at his nerves even more. "You can just magic yourself clean can't you?!" He was now actually yelling at her. "So get your ass out there and start -" He stomped and a rumbling not from the sky but beneath them could be felt. It was....stone? And hollow underneath, apparently. And the twins stood frozen, breath caught in their throats as they stared at the floor, waiting for it to come crashing down. After a few moments of utter silence passed, they released those breaths in relived sighs -

The rumbling sounded again, and, this time, the feeling of standing on nothing ever apparent. They only had time to widen their eyes and take a collective gasp before gravity took hold. Tumbling down into the dark they went, almost utterly silent save for the "What the hell?!" at the beginning and a few other curses yelled. Those were drowned out by the stone colliding with just about everything, making them seem like mice in comparison. The two hit the ground at the same time.

"So," Cynil groaned as she sat up, rolling her shoulders. "Pretty sure they heard that and are probably on their way to kill us." She dusted herself off once on her feet. Despite the pain, the repulsion from lying on the floor was much greater. Sol only gave something akin to a low growl in response as he pushed himself off the ground. His eyes seemed glued to something. As she followed his gaze, she noticed that it was his sword. Emphasis on was.

It lay on the ground, shattered in three large pieces with smaller bits broken off. Sol picked up the hilt, mouth curling into a snarl as he examined it. His head slowly turned, glaring at her with daggers in his eyes. She just shrugged. "You can get that replaced," She gave a dismissive wave. "'we can't just sit around here', right?" She mocked his voice as she turned on her heels. She heard a huff behind her and feet trailing behind.

So, an underground chamber of some sorts? Cynil eyed the walls, trying to find something that would tell her what time period this was from. All she could tell was that it was old. Old enough that she'd never seen anything like it before. Old enough that it would fetch quite a price. If they could find something - anything - then they'd be able to bring it back. That would make them a fortune, but also selling their knowledge of the location would also add to that. Yes, this was all turning out very nicely; a happy accident, if you will. However, she was pulled from her number crunching by the faint sound of a body hitting the floor softly back from the way they came in. Seemed that their pursuers were still determined to catch them. She caught Sol glaring at her once more from the corner of her eye, shaking his head.

"What?" She whispered, snickering. "You don't need a sword to take care of them." He rolled his eyes before looking ahead. It seemed the hall split off in four different directions from here. Sol took charge and turned down the rightmost path. He walked at a brisk pace, glancing over their shoulder every so often. He took various twists and turns - at some point they found themselves going further down - to the point where Cynil swore they were lost; they'd find their way, though. They always did.

It wasn't until they found themselves standing in a large, almost empty chamber. It would make for a great final confrontation should they be caught in here. Fighting in cramped spaces was a hassle and far more annoying than either of them cared for. Though, Sol often ended his opponent's life before they even saw him; it was the way of an assassin, after all. That didn't mean he didn't like a bloody fight or two.

Cynil started walking in deeper, smile creeping up her face. There had to be something here - just look at the place! Alas, it was far too dark to see and she was sure trying to light up the place with magic would earn her a swift punch to the shoulder. One that would probably bruise, knowing Sol. Thankfully he had a knack for seeing in the dark that she didn't; she slowed her pace long enough for him to take the lead. He was focused on something up ahead, his face showing a hint of wariness as he approached. "So, you know how we've got a rule of being careful to mess with objects sitting in the center of big rooms alone?" He turned his head a fraction, though his eyes remained fixated.

"That's a rule we have?" Cynil quirked an eyebrow, frowning.

"We should probably make it one."

"There's something sitting ominously in the center of the room, isn't there?" Cynil tried to focus, to see what there was. All she could make out was a vague shape, but that could've been anything.


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