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I'm going to put this bluntly and just tell you what your mission here is. Your first goal, is to become a criminal.

As a potential volunteer, you have a right to an explanation. Should you accept what I am about to say, we will begin immediately.

If not, you won't remember this conversation anyway.

There are only six Temples, each one on a different nation, each founded by a single figure of the legendary Last Demigods. To become a member, which you are, is to become an elite of society as well as an extension of the Founder's will. We are untouchable by all except the Temple itself, and it is this very reason why we are called upon by society when the paranormal threatens the peace.

Arcardia is a nation ruled by the 12 Hats, an aristocracy of twelve wizard families, run by a system of guilds and merchants. About a century ago, one of its major city-states was struck by a calamity. Being close to a volcano will do that, but having a massive earthquake follow up with a spirit army attacking on the same day...that causes problems.

Our job is to solve paranormal problems where no other could hope to. And we've been struggling to solve this one recently in a way that is actually quite embarrassing the longer it continues.

As the members of a Temple, despite our rivalries, we all have a unspoken duty to uphold the image of our Founder's will. That's why you're going to Dunderham.

It's the main reason why you're going to become a criminal. You're going to become one of the problems we're trying to solve with a team made up of individuals from the other Temples that our contacts in the city will set you up with. Something you should be proud of since this will be the first official time all six work together in millennia. Once you've done that, you'll give us all the information you can get about the criminal organizations in the city. Without getting caught by either the law or the scum causing us trouble.

More importantly, you'll find out what is the contact that keeps helping criminals get their hands on Temple technology.


Welcome Agent of Crime, to a world with one sun, four moons, and a lot of supernatural problems.

This RP is set in a futuristic world with fantasy and sci-fi elements. What your character falls under In the three categories that define the multiple species in this world, will grant them one of three different magic systems.

Your character will come from one of the limited number of powerful organizations known as Temples, which are autonomous groups of theocratic origin that accept new members from the nation they reside in. These new members are called Centurions, and across the globe if you are a Centurion, you are automatically considered an Elite of Society. A Temple's goal is to continue the will of its founder, which ultimately means to aid a society in any paranormal or unique event that goes above the power of government and requires something of more divine affiliation. In this RP, Players will have their Centurion characters become covert agents who have volunteered to participate in a mission that will turn them into criminals to investigate the villain network of Dunderham, and find the source that has been providing criminals with information on Temple technology, and save the cherished image of their Temple.

Characters will be put in a setting where they must not only keep their false image alive, but also avoid being captured by the law, while trying to gain favor in the criminal society to fulfill the duties of their mission.

If this interests you, feel free to leave a comment down below!

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I saw discord in an above post, just clarifying is the main rp going to be here or on discord(I don’t use it)


The Answer to all your problems!
I will pass then, don’t want to be out of context continuously. Thanks anyways and hope you guys have fun sounds like an amazing rp


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A few players dropped so we've got room for those interested, and currently it's all guys and 1 girl for those curious about the ratio

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