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Multiple Settings It all began with two lost souls...

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Soot the Remnant

Oath to Disorder
It all began with two lost souls, each seeking out "The City" for their own means, whatever they originally were. How did they know they'd get lost? All they'd ever heard was that it was magic, and that, possibly, it had just the thing to fulfill their every desire. How could they pass that up?! Will they give in to its alluring power and never leave, or will the best the mystery and find what they are looking for. We'll see. [Been watching a bit of Twilight Zone, so I thought I'd throw out my own nebulous dread. I worded it all that way so that it could either be adapted for Modern Noir, Fantasy Modern, or just plain Fantasy. Maybe even a touch of horror?]

It all began with two lost souls, can you imagine? Two! Death used to be so proficient about this kind of thing, you know? MILLIONS of years without a hitch, and boom, what a scandal! Kind of makes this whole hierarchy of death seem like bullshite, doesn't it? I mean, I understand we technically work for the embodiment of entropy, but why do ALL of us have to help her find them? Does this count as overtime? Wait, have any of us ever gotten a paycheck? I haven't, have you?! [Death's bureaucracy is a bitch, a few souls getting loose was bound to happen, right? This, like the other one, was left open to be adapted. We can go modern, historical, or otherwise, but due to the whole otherworldly aspect to it, it'll kind of have to always be fantasy.]

I'll make more later.
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Soot the Remnant

Oath to Disorder
Day Two~

It all began with two lost souls, each of different clans, captured by a third party in what one might call "The Triumvirate Yakuza Wars". No one expected it, honestly, it all began as nothing but a simple turf war... now this. There used to be a larger amount of territory bosses too, but now, after decades of assassinations and wonton drive bys, there is just the three. This story doesn't just begin with two lost souls, it ends with them, because now everything hinges upon how these two survive the last days of all out destruction. Good luck. [Who doesn't love a good mature Yakuza story? Two characters from different sides of a war, pushed together, forced to rely on each other or die. Mainly modern. It could also make a lovely romance.]

It all began with two lost souls, just now waking up in a forest on the crossing of space and time. How did they get here? How do they get out? And why does it feel like they are always being watched? Who knows, I'm just wondering why some of these animal tracks go UP surfaces, not even just small agile creatures either, those ones over there look like hoof prints! [Magical forest begets a more fantasy theme, of course, but that doesn't mean the characters have to have one initially. In all sorts of folk lore humans somehow end up tripping into the bizarre and unexplainable. Needless to say, though, I definitely love setups where we can really lean into the odd nature of the universe. Let's have fun with it.]

Soot the Remnant

Oath to Disorder
I must've lost my touch, I used to get all sort of messages in what feels like not so long ago. I guess I've just got to try even harder, and hope for the best.

The Dust - One November 3rd 1986, the world ended... Let me explain, you see, on that date everyone was just coming down off a panic. At 10:01 AM several hundred large devices were dropped from planes over every major city across the globe. Initially thought to be dud bombs when they didn't initially cause explosions, these devices were soon gleaned to actually be aerosol emitters. They hadn't failed to go off, merely, people just hadn't seen it as a crimson apocalypse washed over them in fine mist form. That mist, back then, was known in labs by tag C10H16O, but people now a days just call it "The Dust". Normally inert, when the dust comes in contact with certain biological matter it likes to "Connect the Dots" in a big way. I personally call it a "Meat Singularity", but the elders usually chide me saying I am too insensitive, fah! Tell that to the giant, amorphous, human faced tumble weeds blowing across the horizon... Right? So you listen to me, look for that shimmer in the sky kid, cause if you miss it. Well, I hope you like tight wet hugs that never stop, cause you'll be getting one. Oh yeah, you'll feel the love right good.

Cycles of Hate - "You don't see it? It's been the same day for weeks, are you blind? How many times does that plane have to pass for it to freak you people out?!" That's what I'd say every day just before the sun went down, every single day, but would they believe me? Of course not, nothing ever change here, the vending machines ALWAYS have 46 cans of soda. The deli ALWAYS has three ham on ryes, two turkey on whites, and a special on roast beef. Even if I break the machines the night before, even if I break into the deli and steal the meat, the next morning the machines are fixed, and the deli owner is gleefully making sandwiches. I'm going to go mad if I stay here, and every fucking time I try to leave by bus they tell me "It'll be back by tomorrow, kid." WELL THERE IS NO TOMORROW PAM, ALL THERE IS ARE MY CYCLES OF HATE!.... UGH! I just want.. I just want something to change is all... Anything.

Soot the Remnant

Oath to Disorder
Alright, new day, new possibilities.

  • More wants in the RP department...
    • Warframe - I fudging love Warframe, not just as a game, but as a self contained mythos. Psychic children commanding war machines, clones of clones of clones waging war at the behest of an all but dead civilization, living spaceships. I'd love to partner with someone on an expansive sci fi universe RP.
    • One Piece - Not playing any of the established characters, but the idea of high fantasy piracy. High cost magic that can either be unfair, or effectively worthless. There are so many RP possibilities, and we'd have a lovely map and mythos to build our specific world off of.
    • Sci fi in general!

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