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Desert Rose

Adored Muse
Well I went into hiding for the last month so lost some of my partners. However, my muse is back and inspiration is at max! So let’s write together!!!

What I’m looking for is the type of person that can challenge me to be a better writer and not be lazy. So multiple paragraphs good descriptions etc... I tend to post match depending on what I’m given.

I am also looking for someone not afraid to get down and dirty, gritty, etc... but some light fluff is always nice as well. I’ve given up on finding male characters seeing how everyone I come across would rather play female. That being said I don’t mind having a male character but it won’t be my main and I won’t make one just to sate your need for love interest. That being said I don’t mind mxf or fxf.

I don’t like always being the antagonist in order to push the story along, if I wanted to just do that I’d be writing with just myself. So please contribute, and like I said don’t be afraid to get down and dirty.

Some cravings I have. (Star is the role I would like to play)

*fairy x elf (I have a specific plot in mind)

*experiment x doctor

Experiment x experiment (expect to play a doctor as well)

*assassin x hunter

*rich girl x gang member

*runaway x .....

*hunter x vampire/witch

*angel x demon

I’m always up for new ideas so feel free to let me know what you have in mind. Go ahead and pm me or comment here.


Timezones are a mess
I'd be up for something to do with experiments. Honestly, as long as I get to play mad scientist I am happy.

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