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Hello RPNation! My name is Carly. While I might not be new to RP, I am very much new to this site. Feel free to ask me any questions you have, as I more than likely forgot something. I’m seventeen and have been roleplaying on and off since around 2013. I’m from Ohio, USA, which means I am in the EST time zone. OOC chatting is welcomed and encouraged. My favorite band is 5 Seconds of Summer, and though most of my RPing has been based around them, I’m hoping to sort of branch out as much as I can! Now onto the good stuff.

RULES / PREFERENCES - Things you should know/consider before RPing with me.

  1. MxF only - This is simply a personal preference. However, this does not mean that your character has to be straight! If you’ve got any further questions or concerns regarding this, let me know!
  2. Response time/length - I’m pretty active all around when I’m not in school, and love rapid back-and-forth responses. I will adapt to your style and length. All I ask for is patience! Once I get more used to everything it should be a lot easier for me to meet requirements. I currently do not have any samples.
  3. Tense/POV - I tend to gravitate towards first person, present tense, but as stated earlier, I will adapt. I more often match the other person than ask them to match me. I am a people pleaser! I am also literate.
  4. Age - Considering content, site rules and such, I am comfortable roleplaying with those no younger than 15 and no older than 23. I am basing this off of the majority of my internet friends. I will trust that you will be mature, appropriate and honest about your age. Comfort for both parties is paramount in all situations. This age range is subject to change.
  5. Doubling - In most cases, I will require doubles unless you are comfortable with playing the male.
  6. Triggers - The only triggers I have overall are suicide and self-harm. Other triggers may be mentioned in relation to specific plots or themes. I will always respect your triggers.
  7. Communication, patience, honesty - The three things I will always ask for. If you are going to be away for an extended amount of time, let me know. I usually will give you a few days to respond before I send a reminder, but I would appreciate any and all updates you can give. If you could, I’d like replies within one or two weeks at maximum! Finally, be honest. Please don’t ghost for no reason. Let me know if you’re not enjoying something. I accept constructive criticism and want to make sure both of us have a good time. These three things will be reciprocated.
FANDOMS - As I’ve stated before, I’m looking to branch out, so this really isn’t a comprehensive or complete list. Honestly, feel free to introduce me to new things! I am open to researching. I used to do a lot of self-insert stuff, so I am definitely still a newbie (or at least rusty) in the world of OCs and Canon/Canon. My fandoms include (but are not limited to): 5 Seconds of Summer, One Direction (except Liam Payne), and other music artists (just ask), The Vampire Diaries, Heathers, Bird Box, You, Divergent, Nerve, Suicide Squad, and more! I tend to stray away from Canon/Canon, but can do all pairings. I do enjoy Canon/OC the most and am also open to self-inserts.

Another important thing to note is that I’m open to OC/OC; not everything has to be fandom or canon. I’m working on updating and adding OCs, so please be patient! When it comes to plots, I like a little bit of everything! I’m versatile. The only thing I would say I tend to stray away from is medieval stuff. I do like darker plots, but it’s definitely not a dealbreaker! As far as specific plot ideas go, my plots are pretty outdated, so mutual help on plotting would be awesome, as I’m quite frankly fresh out of ideas at the moment! If you’d like to at least see something, here’s a Tumblr post of mine that lists them, though I’m a little less likely to do most of these now. Some themes I like include (but are not limited to): Supernatural (werewolves, vampires, demons, etc), Caregiver/Little (little space will NOT be sexualized), Abduction/Stockholm syndrome/yandere, ABO/omegaverse, university/fraternities, gang/mafia, and poly relationships. This list will be added to as well. If you’re not into any of this, that’s okay! Feel free to pitch any ideas you have to me.


takes place in a world where royalty are not just chosen by bloodlines. two families govern; the eldest child of each new generation will go against the other in the battle for the crown. they must prove to the general public that they are the better fit. it’s a melting pot of campaigns, bribes, and rivalries. it is seldom that opposite sexes run against each other, but this is the case for the current election. muse a has known muse b her entire life, and the two have never gotten along. muse b gives muse a more than a hard time, already trying to control her before the election even begins. history has proven that male rulers are preferred, but muse a is determined to place herself in the throne. but is there more behind muse b’s constant need to pester her? is there a hidden layer of lust behind his anger, frustration and competitiveness?

muse a was kidnapped months ago. her captor is on the run for a number of crimes, and isn’t keen on letting muse a go. instead, he wants her in a place he can meet her when it is safe. so, he sends her to rome, italy. he has prepared a luxurious apartment for her - one that she cannot leave. to get her the things she needs - and to make sure she does not escape - muse a’s captor has arranged for muse b to look after her. both muses are expected to follow his rules, remain compliant - but muse b begins to soften. he feels guilty, but muse a finds solace in his help and his frequent visits. will muse b take the risk and get muse a out? may require multiple characters

I'm still figuring out the site, of course, so my replies on here, whether it be in threads or PMs, may be messy or spotty until I get the hang of things. Should you want to make things easier for us or contact me OOC/more quickly, here's a list of other platforms I am open to plotting or chatting on. Just ask! Also, if you want a particular platform that's not listed here, let me know. This isn't everything, and I might be open to downloading whatever for you. I am open to RPing and/or chatting OOC on (in no particular order): Kik, Discord, iMessage or WhatsApp, E-mails or Google Docs, Twitter/Instagram, Tumblr, or Skype.

Hope to hear from you soon!
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