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Fantasy Isle of Elysium ((CLOSED))

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((Thank you for visiting our RP! I hope to update this intro in the future but I’m in a rush to start it so apologies.
Story Premise: Fantasy - Elysium Premise/Recruitment))

The Beginning
TO SEE HIM STANDING THERE, leaning on one hip in the street market, you could never have guessed Ura Nagy washed ashore the day prior in tattered clothes and ship wreckage.
Certainly you could not have guessed that by Thursday he would be running from the Elysium Guard and a good many of its citizens wanting answers.

But then, he himself did not have the answers, they were buried with the wreckage of the ship....
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Only ever visiting the market to buy spell components or dog food, Hecate was surprised that anything out of the ordinary was missed in this rushing mass of people. Certainly not the most talked-about new person in Elysium. She didn't see him at first, then brushed off the sighting as simply a lookalike, before doing a double-take and simply casting an Identity spell from within one of the small crowds near a stall. "Just to be... sure."


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Nagy knew there was going to be trouble, though.
Big trouble, if someone found out he was not from here.
He went up a rise in the market looked both directions, caught a glimpse of a stranger in the distance, paused.
But Ura just slowly slung the sack of his belongings over his shoulder, looked down at them, and stayed where he was.
He studied her as he himself had been studied, but she looked away.

SHE DISAPPEARED INTO ONE of the booths, Ura watched, and with his sack slung by its rope around his shoulder, started toward her.
The air was sticky with frying grease and perfume.

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