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Fantasy Isle hidden in blood (medieval fantasy/jojo inspired) ((open and in need of players))

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"I choose to live life bound not by laws, but bound by Freedom, Opportunity and Treasure.
As anything can be found in the ocean, we live knowing anything can be taken at sea"

Edward Rahull, 1600--1672
A rather romantic view of piracy, tis a quote from a legend bastardized by criminals to this very day.
Edward Rahull made discoveries that changed the world during his life of adventure. From the Harmon nation to the Wulla empire, Captain Rahull was seen as either the devil in human form or as a inspiring hero who champions for the unfortunate. Rahull was neither but welcomed the rumours.

Our tale isn't about the storied captain but he certainly helped set it in motion. You see, so inspiring was Captain Rahull, so large was his fleet that when they landed on the island of Tapyoka the natives had no choice but to surrender their homeland, this land held many secrets... all of them taken to the grave.AC4_Nassau.png
The town of Rahull was built in the northeast, growing larger over time as criminals and settlers from both the Harmon nation and Wulla empire flocked to the island. Though Edward Rahull would not live to see it, Tapyoka became a place of renown and legend due to its natural resources. Rahull was known not only as a pirate haven but as a exotic trading hub.

(Tapyoka is a island that grows a tremendous amount of runes due to mana flow from the equator. Unfortunately this also effects monster growth.
A rune is a magic stone that can be found in nature or inside a Monster.
Runes come in many varieties and sizes.)

(Rahull the town, 1700)

Our story begins at the start of a new century, negotiations between the Wulla empire and Harmon nation have broken down and war has been unofficially declared. This news while horrible is also a grand opportunity for the people of Tapyoka. War means business and while all involved understand it to be dangerous business... None expected the horror that would come to pass.
The skies burn with darkness as the waters turn red and the weather becomes violent.
Through the chaos and noise everything is destroyed.
This is the Monster of the Blood seas.
The blood seas takes everything,
The monster consumes all...

You can notice it from a distance, one might smell the burning clouds or see twisters towering like titans thrashing amongst blood red waves.
Mortals feel it in their soul, when the monster gasps for air it steals the breath from your lungs.
Some say the blood seas is a cursed monster, a hideous whale larger than the island tied to it. Constantly bleeding never dying, always moving in search of food and calm waters to stain with dread.
Some say the monster is humanity's curse, the gods way of punishing such cruel hate filled beings.

But the ancient natives of Tapyoka call it "Abhisapta rakta" (meaning Cursed Blood whale.)
The natives believed the bloody whale would appear every century to show judgement on the mortal world, doing unto it's inhabitants as they would the land and water.
Any who survive a encounter with "Abhisapta Rakta" would be called, "Rakta śakti" as any who survive the blood seas emerge as a different person. (Rakta śakti meaning Cursed Blood power.)
The story/rp is about the mysterious Cursed whale, your character is one who survived a encounter with the blood Whale and you have emerged as a different person with a cursed power.
A man named Joseph Bostar wishes to save his family and by extension the world but to do so he believes he must have as many of the Rakta śakti that can be recruited.

I'm looking for eight (or less) players to start with.

The posting requirements are two paragraphs or more twice a week.

If you have any questions please ask them here or in a PM.
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