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Fandom Ishuziis New Year (Fandom) Search


Just a 'lil dumplin

'Allo y'all ~ Well I realize it's actually a few weeks into the new year but nevertheless I hope it's been good for you. I'm Ishuzii, nice to meetcha. It's been a decent amount of time since I've really found myself looking to role-play but, 'alas, the itch has found me again and now I need some partners to help me scratch it. I'm gonna do my best to actually make this thread as short and simple as possible so if you have any questions feel free to include them if you decide to contact me. I promise, I'm a pretty easygoing person.

Just a few rules
- I myself am in my mid-twenties and so I'd really prefer my partners also be 21+. I'm not looking to violate the rules of the site in any way but I'd also like to role-play adult characters primarily and doing that with anyone younger is simply awkward for obvious reasons.
- Yes, I'm primarily looking for canon x original character pairings and I'm obviously more than willing to double up. All I ask is that you put some effort into both characters and help me to develop the relationships between characters even outside of their 'love interests'. I want plenty of world-building and plots that are full of depth and interesting side characters.
- I'm quite alright with roleplaying both on-site through forums, private messages or possibly even discord. Just let me know what your preferred medium is.


- Resident Evil (I'm a little bit new to this series but I've played the first game, re:2 remake and the og re:4 as well watched a friend play parts of village. I know most of the plot points of the other games and related series through YouTube and other places but I'd really love to have our own spin or maybe au timeline.)
Looking for; Leon
Can Play; Chris, Carlos, Wesker, female canons

- Top Gun/Maverick (Really enjoyed the movie; and the OG is great too. I'm comfortable with either just using original characters or perhaps bringing in characters from other squads/allied nations and building on a wider plot.)
Looking for; Rooster, OC's
Can Play; Maverick, Iceman, Hangman, Others (Just ask), OC's

- Game of Thrones / House of Dragons (Just finished House of Dragons a few days ago, fully willing to create au timelines or settings for either series as well and take the world and story in our own direction.)
Looking for; Robb, Jaime, Jacaerys, Criston
Can play; Wayyy too many characters to list but I'd be happy to try my hand at pretty much anyone~

- Hunger Games
Looking for; Gale, Cato
Can play; Pretty much anyone requested~

- Teen Wolf (I have not seen the movie yet, albeit I plan to soon and it's already got me wanting to revisit my old guilty pleasure. While it's been a minute since I did anything with this source material I'd absolutely love to come up with some fun TW shenanigans!)
Looking for; Parrish, Theo, Liam
Can play; Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Derek, Malia, pretty much anyone ~

- The Boys (I love how this series mocks more problematic events and demagogues in our society. That being said, there are obviously things that are less than desirable while roleplaying that we won't be portraying and will tone down. Can still be plenty full of grit, good vs. evil and dark humor though.)
Looking for; Frenchie, Soldier Boy
Can Play; Billy, Hughie, Kevin, Maeve, Possibly others with thought out ideas.

- Dead by Daylight (I've just recently started to dive deeper into the lore of this game but I'm still not fully aware of all aspects ~ Wouldn't mind using what we know and expanding on it ourselves though and creating au's. Could be fun.)
Looking for; David K, Vittorio T, Leon K
Can Play; Pretty much any survivors/killers or other lore specific figures and original characters, just ask ~

- Marvel CU (I'm familiar with bits and pieces, mainly the mainline avengers films, Thor, Captain America, Jessica Jones, Shang-Chi, Spider-Man GotG and a few others. Primarily I like to play with the bits and pieces to come up with something of our own making as far as setting and story go.)
Looking for; Steve, Thor, Peter P.
Can Play; Loki, Bruce, Clint, Peter Q, female canons

- The Quarry (I thought this game was a ton of fun and would love to get into some spooky vibes with it, perhaps adding our own twists and plot alterations. Also totally down to just use original characters if you'd prefer, too.)
Looking for; Dylan, Max, OC's
Can play; Nick, Ryan, Jacob, Kaitlyn, Emma, OC's

- Stranger Things
Looking for; Dmitri, Jason, Billy
Can play; Steve, Jonathan, Robin, Dmitri, Billy

- Katekyo Hitman Reborn (It's been a hot minute since I've watched this, but I've started to do a rewatch and now it's got me thinking of ideas~)
Looking for; 10yl!Tsuna, Xanxus, Yamamoto
Can play; Gokudera, Hibari, Mukuro, Others~

If you're interested then please send me a convo and we can go from there ~ There are a few other series I'll do, so feel free to ask if you none of these are your cup of tea, but these are my primary interests right now.
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Just a 'lil dumplin
Currently watching Blue Lock and may very well add it when I'm finished ~ Hmu if you'd like to throw plot ideas around.


Just a 'lil dumplin
Added dbd as its own fandom cause I've been diving into the lore more and it's actually pretty great ~


Just a 'lil dumplin
Added Game of Thrones and House of Dragons since finishing the latter a few days ago ~

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