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Fantasy Isekaied and Shanghaied

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A group of friends are shanghaied by (facepalm) fantasy chicks. Sad, but true. However, our group of friends are limited to a bunch of college students. Keep reading. The story gets a bit more serious.

Most of the group is from NW Georgia, in the area of Kennesaw State University. They do all sorts of things together:

SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) - a Middle Ages re-creation society. They would be part of the Canton of Owl’s Nest. (That is the local SCA group there.)
LARP (Live Action Roleplay)
Airsoft and paintball
Role Playing (tabletop - AD&D, etc)

My Human group had been friends since their teens and moved to the area for their last year of high school. Then one went into the Marine Corps. Two went to GA Tech. One went to Emory. They made a pact to come back after college to meet up and take a long vacation. The plan was an ocean cruise aboard a private superyacht (belonging to Kaylee). Their plans were interrupteed by a freak storm of the Bermuda Triangle variety. They ended up shipwrecked, beached. Where they couldn’t be sure.

The NPC’s (My Characters)

Rae short for Raeaeae’Uss
Race: ¼ Elf, ¼ Drow, ½ human
Profession: Alchemist - Monk
Experience: Veteran - Journeyman

Rose nickname for Rasitah
Race: half orc, ¼ elf, ¼ drow
Profession: Thief
Experience: Journeyman

Kar short for Karoshi
Race: Half orc
Profession: Warrior
Experience: Veteran

Race: Strix aka Itarii in their native language
Profession: Wizard/Ranger
Experience: Journeyman

There are two other NPC’s. These are Elite. One is secretly the mother of Rose and Rae. The other is a great mage who hires the group from time to time, mostly to obtain raw materials.

Kevin Nolan aka TLC
Grew up on Wisconsin Dairy farm and a processed meat farm/plant
Long heritage of US Marines in his family

Chase Madison aka Gumbo (by her friends only!!!)
Both parents were CIA Merc assets.

Xavier Thompkins aka MacGuyver or Ralph (gets seasick a LOT)
Grew up in a family of off grid doomsday survivalists
Left home as soon as he could

Kaylee Thompkins aka Bait (as in gator bait)
A former Miss Teen Louisiana
Heiress to a large shrimp and rice farm (6000+ acres in southern Louisiana).

Xavier and Kaylee are married.
Kevin and Chase pass themselves off as a married couple. But the truth is that they are still in the closet. Kevin has been a US Marine. Chase has been working to become a member of the CIA.

I also have Chase’s mother and new stepfather. But these are Elite characters. If used, they would serve the role of trainers.

I have set this up so that everyone can have roughly four years of college, give or take a year or so. The cruise will be during summer, so … no school. Ages should be about 22 +/- a year or so for variations. Everyone should have a Major if they have finished college. All should have some skills with swords and other melee skills, as well as small arms (airsoft). Airsoft is a surprisingly good way to train shooting skills.

Blank CS

3rd person, past tense
Good content that adds to the story

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