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Fantasy Isekai Patrol, multiverse correction squad 5

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The Flowiest on site
At the dawn of creation, a higher power which we may as well call God created a tree.
For simplicity sake we shall call this the God tree or Gtree

The God tree is the center of the mulitverse which is named Elsewhere, maintained by gods children the G-tree grew larger and more grand each time God would come check on it. The last time God was alive though, the G-tree bore life! From the branches dropped five different coloured fruits!
Arcana, Chakra, Mana, Power, Spirit....
These would be the energies that fuel new life, it was these fruits that each exploded into its own universe.

Five big bangs to put it easy.
Five universes with countless worlds in each...

God bid farewell to his children deciding to split his power into pieces to spread throughout each universe. A piece of God for each world...
Gods children became split into two factions.
Those who believe that God was a loving sort who wanted to rest easy looking over his creations.
Calling themselves the Overseers, for like God they wish to watch over the life that has sprouted.

And those who thought God was a selfish piece of shit for pushing all this work onto his kids...
They called themselves destroyers, for they wish to wreck everything they had been forced to work on
The two factions argued and fought for lifetimes before the Overseers stripped the destroyers of their power and spread them out into the five universes.
(God's children are basically the Kai from DBZ.)

This story is about you and five others chosen by the overseers for your dormant abilities, to become a C.A (correction agent) and enter various worlds within the universes to put down destroyers and other problems the Overseers notice...
Easiest thing I can point to is time patrol from the DBZ xenoverse game. The Good Kai's send out the isekai patrol to fight unnatural evil caused by the destroyers in various worlds/universes.

The Isekai Patrol members are chosen for their skill with whatever energy they have and transported to elsewhere as they die.
After you get fixed up and complete orientation you shall be trained to be good and ready for traveling the mulitverse.

You might arrive in a fantasy where pirates fight each other with devil magic...
It could be a place where space wizards battle with laser swords...
It could be a world where humanity built a economy on catching monsters and forcing them to fight...

The only thing that is consistent is your characters abilities, honed in the academy etc etc

Sound off with enthusiasm or questions below. I feel I could maybe explain it better then I have but I don't want to write walls of words to describe what is basically...
"A isekai fantasy involving multiple worlds"
Energy is what causes magic but each one works differently. Each universe has a main type but all five are capable of using any energy. It's believed by God's children that each energy trumps another, rock paper scissors put simply.

Arcana, the magic of this universe is inherent in all races. To use Arcane magic one needs to study or create their own spells. Depending on the effect of your spell it would be classed as either a 1st 2nd 3rd or 4th level spell.
Summoning a bunny = 1st level spell. Summoning a bone dragon from the depths of hell = 4th level spell.
While all Magi, Skalds, Wizards have the potential to wield arcana in the same way it's not uncommon for different incantations or preparations to produce similar results. To be a arcane master one would need to study and practice for decades...
Most users of arcane magic are proud to fill just one magic tome.

Chakra, the energy of this universe split into multiple types. While chakra is in all sentient beings they are generally limited to one or two types of chakra. Wind, Fire, water, electric, ground, darkness, light.
Some mix to create subtypes of chakra...
light and darkness form illusion chakra, wind and water form ice chakra etc
Warriors of all sort use chakra to battle, it is with physical movements (generally the fingers and hands) chakra is charged formed and utilised in techniques or jutsu.

Mana, the energy is much like Arcana and the universe itself has similarities. Mana is in all beings however it is mostly genetic or at random when it comes to what sort of mana a person has. From invisibility, fire, telekinesis... Mana is what the user makes of it, some are more powerful/useful than others but with enough practice and time one can master their mana and be nigh unstoppable.

Power, the energy of this universe similar to chakra was split into types. Not all creatures are equal, and not every creature can use power. Humans of this universe have the inherent potential to befriend monsters with actual power!
These monsters are not equal, some are normal types some are ghost types some are Dragon types... they all have strengths and weaknesses but some will decimate others in any competitive sense.

Spirit, the most unique energy of the five universes... in all living beings but one needs intelligence and discipline to correctly control ones spirit energy. Spirit is used to enhance oneself in one of three ways... Speed, Strength, Senses.
When one is in control of their spirit energy they are capable of amazing feats. What other universes would call impossible those with spirit say possible.

Spirit beats power
Power beats mana
Mana beats chakra
Chakra beats arcana
Arcana beats spirit.

Some are similar to each other and that's ok, if this picks up I'm happy to settle shit whenever it pops up

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