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Fantasy [Isekai Hell] Tutoring Session with the Dead


The Last Curse

21% Delirious

Hope's eyes flared as Renee began lecturing her on her mistakes, frustration returning to them once more. What part of her outburst meant she needed to have those humiliating thoughts drilled back into her skull? Of ", she knew everything was her fault, that she put everyone in danger, and that she might very well be useless, but that's not what she wanted to hear. Just an apology - just something to tell her she wasn't all bad. But perhaps she wasn't clear enough, Hope thought. Or maybe she was never worthy of one, to begin with.

Hope felt her vision go blurry, but still, she kept her gaze trained on Renee. She had to say something. She had to stand up for herself! She took a deep breath, forming the words in her head, gathering them into scathing sentences, imagining everyone's faces when she finally spoke her mind, and then, "B-But I just wanted to..." Hope squeaked, "I didn't... that's not what..." She couldn't do it. "...never mind." Her gaze falling back to the floor, Hope shuffled back to her position in the rear. She said nothing as the group ventured deeper into the caves, thinking it might be best if she stayed that way.

Soon enough, they all ran into the newcomers. Hope had stayed silent as they relished in their reunion, but occasionally, her eyes would curiously dart up at them. They looked friendly, she thought. One was covered in some slime, and the other, Chandra, was far taller than any woman she'd seen in this life, but they both seemed nice. Iberies liked them too, Hope watching as she ran up and endearingly embraced one. "Awwww!" Hope thought, her eyes threatening to form into their cheerful arcs. They'd used one of her biggest weaknesses: utterly adorable hugs.

But Hope knew better. She'd already made the mistake of assuming someone's goodness twice over now. She knew this feeling wouldn't last. They'd move on, and she'd feel awful again. It'd be better if she'd kept her mouth shut. Maybe the others would do a better job at introducing her.

But, as Chandra addressed her, it was clear she wouldn't be able to hide any longer. "Uh...um," Her eyes constricted to pinpoints as they darted to and fro, "Y-yeah, I'm a fae! Shadow fae, to be specific," Hope stammered, "Though I'm still not really sure what neither of those are..." Was she supposed to admit that? She swore she must've looked so stupid now, "B-But, I prefer the name, Hope. Hope Mitchell. It's nice to meet you both, Chandra and Scylla!"

Was she supposed to appraise them next? Or make small talk? How did she lose all her social skills this quickly?! "So yeah, how did you guys end up here?" She asked, enclosing herself with her robes, "I got into a little mix-up, and I... fell. Kinda..."

When Kalina, disguised as Chandra found it in her undead heart to bestow some comforting words, Scylla quickly smiled as if with approval. “Brave?” the witch repeated when Chandra appeared to give some kind of hint at something Scylla wasn’t quite understanding. “..uhm, does it hurt? You know? Getting bitten by those fangs?” Pointing at her own teeth as if expecting to see them again if she did so. “All i ask is to please not bite me in my sleep, okay? I’m a terribly light sleeper.” A quick lecturing finger indicated she was fairly serious about it too.

Scylla couldn’t help but pout, and hop up and down a little frustrated. “Aw! BOO! Chandra! Hmph, fine..” She began to wonder what her name could be. Following closely behind her, “I bet it starts with an E, doesn't it?”

Scylla gasped, an indignant smirk across her face when the apparition blatantly called her ’stupid’. The smile wouldn’t falter however as the witch covered her ears with her hands, “Blablablabla! I cant hear you, sir!” She exclaimed with an underlying giggle. But she’d listen in on the part about keeping Kalinas vampiric nature a secret. She’d shrug as she scratched her head through her hat, “Uhm, no promises there mister Dahak. Im better at finding out secrets than i am at keeping them..” Scylla would bite her bottom lip holding back her incessant giggling. “..but.. tehee.. i’ll do my.. pfft.. best.” She’d been clearly enjoying speaking with Dahak in some strange way. He was obviously very serious in his ways, but perhaps the banter between him and Kalina really dilluted an otherwise spooky conversation.

When Dahak mentioned there’d likely be other threats in these caves she gulped, “Uh.. you mean there’s bigger, scarier, uglier things?” The witch Scylla, asked nervously, but before he answered, he vanished, all spooky like, leaving Scylla to imagine all manner of horrors.

They continued make their way up the fleshy cave, eventually hearing various footsteps. The witch, blinked a few times, still a bit freaked out at Dahak comments, when suddenly, to the withces surprise Renee’s hat appeared within her sights. She rubbed her eyes quickly, “R-Renee?” She said with disbelief, before running up to her, “Renee! Its.. its you!” Scylla would nearly run up to her teacher and hug her with all her might, but hesitated and simply waved, twiddling her fingers as she did so. It was then that Renee addressed the state of her image, which was definately fairly worn and icky. Scylla would look at herself, a bit embarrassed as she did so, “I.. well..” Then Chandra blurted out what happened, and she simply looked back at Renee and nodded. “..yeah, pretty much!” She confirmed with an inocent shrug.

“Oh yes! She’s quite nice, although a little mysterious..” She began in regards to Renee’s question about who Chandra was, “..actually, she saved me just a little bit ago! I actually agreed to-“ She suddenly paused, bringing a pondering finger to her mouth, fluttering her eye lashes, “..i owe her a big yummy cake for that.”

“Oh, Clarice..” She repeated her name, but decided not to mention anything about her, considering how Scylla knew about them not getting along well at all. In fact Renee might have even mentioned her intention to set Clarice ablaze, or worse, electricuting her with her mastery over lightning magic. Which Scylla suspected was likely leagues better than when she left on her expedition into the Marshes. It was best she didn't mention her much. Or at all. Lest she wanted her to go into a rage about her. Although, she still wanted to apologize for leaving when Renee had found some ancient dark magic tome. Perhaps, she'd ask about it later.

Scylla’s heart would suddenly turn to jelly however, but she’d do her best to hide it in Renee’s presence, especially in presence of others she didn’t know. “Eeek! I missed you two as well!” She exclaimed with a bright smile, making a heart shape with her hands near her chest.

It was then that Renee, by some sort of discreet instructions from Dahak began to make some kind of pentogram then filled it with various insignia and markings to complete some kind of ritual spell with an incantation. After doing so, Renee calling her name made the witch stand up straight, before surprisingly giving her the jacket her mentor had on. A blush slightly coming over the top of her cheeks at Renee’s comment to cover herself, “Yes, r-right ma’am. I mean, thank you.” She nodded, as she did so and smiled back a bit embarrassed.

While Renee began to introduce herself to Chandra, she quickly noticed Iberis walking up to her quite quickly, Scylla did the same and bent her knees a bit to match her height. “Hi! Cute stuff! I sure missed you!” A bright smile overcoming the witch, overjoyed to be with her closest friend. “I’m fine, i probably smell like slug poo though, here I don't want you to get gross like me..” Scylla broke the embrace, but held her hands in hers for a few moments as she continued, “..I have no clue! We were at the entrance to the Academy, straight on my way to greet you, of course! When some kind of portal magic suddenly had us appear down here!” She turned from Iberis to Chandra, then back at Iberis, briefly placing a hand gently on her shoulder. "Aw, aren't you the adorable one?"

It was then she noticed the other two in Renee’s new adventure party. She'd curtsy, before waving at them happily. "Hello there! Scylla is the name!" A bright smile illuminated her face at sight of the two. " Wait I remember you!" Scylla said with surprise to the gnoll. "Did you two come with Renee? Or did you also get teleported here like me?" An idea then swiftly overcame her mind. "AH! I brought cake! This seems like the perfect occasion! Although.." She looked around at the creepily eerie cave, "..not exactly the ideal picnic area, i'm afraid."

It seemed there wasn't much time for formalities or conversation however, as Renee began to gather everyone around to making their way out of the cave. "I'm afraid cake and tea will have to wait, come on let's go." She'd continue next to Iberis, following after Renee and Dahak at the front of the group.


Entity of Change
Dark Cave


Renee Nyx

After Renee had given both Chandra and Scylla their protection circles, the witch heard Hope, her eyes looked back at the Shadow Fae waiting for a response and when she never spoke it, the witch sighed and shook her head. What a joke. Can't even speak her mind when she wants to. She has potential but no backbone. Renee thought to herself as she began to walk to lead the group when she heard Kalina's voice, her eyes widen for a moment before she snapped her head around looking at Kalina. She was speechless for a moment before she straightened her posture. The witch walked up to her sister and smiled at her, " I saw through your disguise, sister. " Renee stated as she hugged the vampire smiling, although in her head the witch was wondering as to why/how her sister was here in this realm, Renee was pretty concerned how this was going to play out now, now that Dahak was around to guide her. Could this be due to her that voice...? Possibly. Renee released Kalina and placed both her hands on her shoulders, a sweet smile on her face. " I have been wondering where you've been. I am glad you are here. " Renee placed a hand on her cheek and looking her over with a concerned look at her face. " Oh my, sister. You look exhausted and tired. You haven't had your fill on blood in a while, huh? " She asked. She remembered Sophia's words back in that dungeon of Dahak, the bitch who destroyed her way of immortality, how she wasn't concerned for her sister. She'd prove that damn bug wrong... " You should have some of my blood, sister. Maybe when we get to the surface. We don't want any more creatures popping up in here. " Renee stated. " These companions of mine are trustworthy. The one you've met already, Scylla. And the smaller one, Iberis. These two are my students in witchcraft and magic. I've been teaching them for a while now since the school we are at doesn't teach us enough of what we need to know. I'd put my life down for them, and I'd hope the same in return. " Renee stated.

The witch let her hand out over to the small Gnoll and Shadow Fae, " Over there is Madeline Mawson or Mad Maw. " Renee then leaned into Kalina and whispered only for her to hear Renee. " Do not trust the Gnoll. She is not right in the brain. " Renee sounded dead serious as she then turned her head back to look at the two. " And the Shadow Fae is Hope- " Renee got cut off when Hope presented herself and smiled, " Yes. That's her name. " Renee nodded, and finally... The moment Renee was not looking forward to. Explaining Dahak. Renee had been making all this dialogue up to come up with a reason as to why he was here. She could tell the truth that she lied and gave Dahak a chance to escape which allowed Kananto to be razed and eaten by undead. An entire mile of village and villagers wiped out for her own greedy desire for immortality. But she could bend the truth. Reason why Dahak was here. The book. The Codexius Choaxirs. Or the Codex of Death, the book that Renee found in that chest back in Dahak's Torture chambers, where Atiifa was ripped in half. Renee kind of missed the little fuzzy guy... But he probably could have surpassed Renee in the art of magic, so she was glad he was dead. Renee then pulled out the strange black book, an ancient looking book that had unknowable wording and letters all over the cover, the pages looked ancient as well. " This. The Codexius Choaxirs. Or the Codex of Death. " Renee explained. " Dahak is imprinted on this thing, like a piece of him in within this world, this book got us here so he is only a vision that can relay information back to his real body. Similar to what we were encountering back in his cave. " Renee explained, hoping it made sense to her, which it should have. " But let us keep moving, you can ask more questions on the way up. " Renee pocketed the book and began to lead the group out of the caverns to the surface. That should work... Hopefully. Kalina is smart and perceptive, but that is the truth of Dahak being here. Renee thought to herself.

Death's Realm

Upon reaching the surface, Dahak would be waiting for them staring over at the castle in the distance, there was distant fighting happening in that direction, the sounds of loud booming could be heard in rapid succession. In the air another body was falling down straight towards the Castle. " Interesting... " Dahak stated chuckling as the group appeared behind him. Dahak turned his head, " You're just in for some fun. Looks like you few are going to have to get to that castle. More company is showing up. " Dahak pointed to the sky, " Seems like your entrance into this realm, Renee, has opened up a rift. " Dahak stated, " More people are falling into this world, unprotected by magics, the more that person is allowed to stay without any protection, the worst horrors are going to wake up, you may have started the beginning of a battle of realms, the dead versus the living. Already have enough of that in our world. We don't need dead Gods invading. " Dahak said with disdain. Renee sighed, it had to be a few miles away, and whatever those loud booms were, they were being carried far. Scylla would recognize these sounds that sounded similar to Arthur's guns that he could conjure back when she was in the Underbelly, especially in the quick succession they were going in.

Renee sighed as she walked up to the edge of the cliff, trying to figure out a way to get to the other side. She had teleportation magic, but it would not be able to carry them that far out. Dahak sighed, " You are very much weaker than I thought. Use the book you have. " Dahak shook his head in disappointment in which Renee glared daggers at him which Dahak put his hands up. " oooooh, so scary. " He mocked her before letting them fall. Renee pulled out the Codex of Death and opened its ancient pages in which a massive rune appeared around the entire group; Renee then sat down almost mesmerized by the book. " Iberis, Scylla, Madeline and Hope. Sit around the rune and place your hands out towards the middle, we need magic of everyone to activate this spell. " Renee said strangely. " Kalina. Sit on the rune but do not participate. " Renee stated. " You'll destroy the spell and kill us all. " Renee released the book in which it floated in place, Renee placed her hands out front of her aimed at the castle in the distance, Dahak cackled as he faded away into nothingness.

As everyone participated in the ritual, the book floated higher into the air as the pages flipped rapidly, the book darkened as a voice came from it and an evil laugh. " So many new students, so many new resources. And you brought them to me, Renee. Good girl. " Although Renee spoke right after the voice did as the rune beneath everyone began to now glow and move. " They are not yours. They are my responsibility. My students. I killed you once, I'll do it again. " She was monotoned as the rune activated and for a split second the world around them all morphed and warped as they would now find themselves on top of the castle on the roof surrounded by torches were alit with cold flame. The book fell on the ground and the rune disappeared. Renee snapped out of the trance she was in and shook her head before holding her head with both hands. " Oh, gods I feel like I'm going to be sick. " She rose to her feet, picking the book up and placing it in her bag. The gunfire was now a lot louder and more prevalent, just below their feet. Renee shook her head just as Dahak appeared in front of them again, pointing at the top of a spire in the castle that was glowing on the inside, " There. That is the pinnacle of this castle. That will take you where you want to go. Using the book there will take you to the most important and forbidden place in this realm. And by the way- " Dahak was cut off as whoever was falling out of the sky, crashed into the castle, plowing through concrete and debris on the far side of the castle. Dahak stared at where he fell then back at the group. " -you better find whoever that was before more creatures awake. There's already an undying war happening in this castle, you may not want to deal with scarier threats. " Dahak continued. The group would find that they were stuck on a rooftop of the castle, almost like a bastion of sorts for archers or those with spyglasses. There was a doorway that led into the castle with fighting being the most prominent there and the sounds of this gunfire coming from there.


Sage, after his twenty years of imprisonment in Zylf the Horns' realm, he would be finding himself suddenly falling headfirst in a new realm after feeling a darkness consume, he was falling at a rapid speed towards this massive castle beneath him. Sage would not be able to control his flight, almost like he was stuck in a stasis as he fell into a new cold world. He would feel death all around him as he crashed into this massive castle, falling through as he bounced through walls and landed on the cold ground. Although Sage would find himself unharmed as he arose, in front of him he would hear loud growling and the cracking of bones, looking up Sage would see strange new creatures that probably shouldn't have existed. There was about two of them coming towards the newly arrived Sage, their jaws and strange sharp tongues crunching and biting while their tongues whipped around. They each got low and looked like they were going to leap at Sage unless he made the first move. This place looked like a dungeon where Sage had landed at.




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Sage Litwile
Sage felt himself descending into a new location, his eye snapping eye as his bark patch ignited with energy due to his awakening, feeling the invigoration of war, assuming this was simply where that bombshell Zylf was sending him next, descending down without slowing as the fall seemed to force him to, dropping onto the hard stone in this dismal dimension, a smile on his face as he let out a little of his new aura, detecting how strong these new foes were with an [Appraise] and smiling slowly. These were simply small fry, nothing compared to what he's been fighting for most his life.

"Come on doggies, show me what you've got!" He cried out as he summoned forth [Kleric's Will] with a green flash, swinging the blade casually with a downcast version of [Sky Piercing Hunt], casually swinging the blade with one hand at a D Grade Cast, leaving it weak enough to not put it on it's higher cooldown but hopefully enough to kill the dogs without much of a fight, due to the Area of effect it had on them.

He didn't know much of anything about what was going on, but that was most likely to change with the arrival of those who were near him with the burst of sheer physical power he employed upon the Dogs, a blast that went in 500 ft all around him. And with his excitement rising, the flare over his eye grew as well, resulting in music beginning to play from his body due to his [Music Man] title. Champions Blade

[Actions: Appraisal, Attack D Grade 2/2 cooldown]

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Chandra Jarmil
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Had Kalina been strong enough to resist the urge to head-pet Iberis prior, she was now too weak to continue to do so. After all, how could one not give a head-pet to the girl when she, oh so innocently, turned towards her to bond over their mutual friendship with Scylla and even ended up bowing towards her? “Oh, it's nice to meet you too~ I'm sure we'll get along great!” She said, as she gave a rub across the hatted head of the bowing witch.

Her attention was equally drawn to the Fae, though, as she was rather fascinated by this strange type of being. Shadow Fae? She certainly looked the part. “Shadow Fae? I don't think I heard of those, but that seems to add up. I can barely even see where your clothes end and your body starts... You are wearing clothing, other than that cloak and hat, right?” Kalina wasn't sure why, but she'd felt an urge to tease the nervous Fae a little by asking a random and embarrassing question like that out of the blue. Perhaps a [monster] mean streak? She was quick to decrease the damage. “I'm just joking~ Nice to meet you, Hope. You've got a nice name going for you~”

That left her travelling companion. That one made it particularly difficult not to tease her. She'd lean in to whisper to Scylla. “You're not eager at the prospect of a tall lady sneaking into your bed to bite you awake in the middle of the night? What a shame! You'd better sleep with one eye open, in that case~” Perhaps she was taking it a little too far, but Scylla just made it too easy. She just smiled at the suggestion her name would start with an E, seeing if it'd give Scylla a fake sense of being onto something.

At the topic of cake, though, Kalina raised an eyebrow. She hadn't eaten regular food for the entirety of her lifetime here, but the offer still made her question Scylla's mental faculties. “You're offering them a cake that got swallowed alongside you by a cave slug..?” That sounded like a good way to get the worst stomach ache in history.

When Renee revealed she saw through Kalina's disguise, it was a bit disappointing. The hug was nice though, as Kalina hugged her sister back wholeheartedly. “Oh, and here I was hoping to impress you with it~” She said, feigning more sadness than she actually felt. “Oh, I've just been playing around in some magic marshes with Scylla here~” She said to explain her long absence. The promise of blood was alluring to say the least, but to be promised it only to immediately be told to wait for it was... not the most fun. As much as she understood the reasoning, she wished Renee hadn't brought it up in the first place. Having so many folk with a lot of magic in their blood was like standing in a luxurious pastry store after having starved yourself for a week. She took the warning about the gnoll to heart. Flashy as she seemed, she did look a bit unreliable. Hope looked a lot nicer though.

Kalina listened carefully to the explanation of why they were here. However, it was a bit confusing. “He claimed he was somewhere atop a mountain with a hoard of undead and an undead dragon, but if he doesn't have this Codex, was he just lying? He'd need something like this to get that powerful again that quickly, right?” The whole 'imprint' of Dahak in a book seemed reasonable enough, but one thing she didn't get. “Wait, an imprint within this world... does that mean we're in a world brought forwards by that book?”

Kalina could only glare at Dahak when they encountered him one more. The sounds of battle were easily ignored, for now. Although she followed the instructions, she was a bit hesitant. “Are you sure we should be following Dahak's advise and book? We were fighting him to the death not that long ago, remember? It'd be easy for him to trick us and avenge our attempt to kill him.” Things got even weirder soon enough. “Who or what was that talking..?” That didn't seem like Dahak. There was a lot of stuff going on here that she really didn't manage to get a good grasp on.


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After the head pat Iberis looked up at 'Chandra' with a bit of pink on her face and a slightly awed look before it turned back into a smile, not expecting that either to say the least.She was very pleased to hear that from her, and certainly hoped that would be the case. She really hoped she could work with everyone there moving forwards. After the fact she was quite warm looking towards Scylla when she heard her say that she missed her, She definitely missed her too. and she couldn't. help but feel a bit more bashful at the positive comments Scylla made towards her. However when Scylla said she wasn't sure what had happened either that definitely set off some more flags in Iberis's mind that maybe there was some kind of magical imbalance or problem bringing them all to this realm, since while Renee, herself, and Madeline had come willingly, and all these people being brought unwillingly coincided with this it seemed.

Even with the slug knowledge in mind she wasn't particularly bothered after they broke the embrace, she was even more glad that she was okay after hearing that. "Well I'm sure if it's important we'll find out one way or another with all of us put together.." Iberis continued as she looked towards Scylla, a positive look remaining on her face. She still couldn't help but wonder to the extent of what Chandra and Scylla had been up too, one didn't just simply decide to go to a place like that she thought to herself. Hopefully whatever it was, it would bring more strength to the Coven.

"And...I hope that you both got the value you were seeking out of whatever you were doing even with this..interruption." She said in earnest to Scylla also glancing towards Chandra once more.

There were a lot of group dynamics at play that Iberis tried to keep track of here as she knew from her times on the streets it was important to stay vigilant with your surroundings and this was no exception. The fact that there had just been quite a bit of tension earlier was not lost on her and she wanted to be ready. She had a sense that there were a lot of things here that were not being outwardly shared with her and she wasn't sure how to feel about that, but she'd need to put up with it for the time being.

She did diligently perk up immediately when they stopped and Renee instructed them to partake in the Rune. The cackle from Dahak being a bit unsettling even as her attention had been on him and focused too while he had spoke and the powerful looking instrument of magical knowledge before them which awed her.

She nodded, "Right!" She made her way over and sat down near the rune, she put her hands on it like instructed and waited for the others to join in who had been instructed to do so. When the ritual started Iberis couldn't help but start to feel strange as the world morphed around her, why did traveling across foreign realms always need to feel so strange, as she felt a bit queasy from the unnatural shifting that she wasn't used too, empathizing with Renee's comment about not feeling great after. Thankfully no one seemed harmed by it as she looked around. What she hadn't been expecting was to be transported so high up, as she eventually stood up, picturing in her mind that they would have appeared in front of the castle, but it was no matter she would not be deterred.

When Dahak appeared once again and was speaking She stayed Near Scylla and Renee pretty close, moving onwards when Renee did, stopping when she did for the most part, She knew he'd have some important information to bestow upon them. She really wasn't sure what those sounds were in the distance, but she'd be at the ready for whatever could be there. There was a sense of anticipation that she felt as they approached their goal, who knew what else they might need to fight along the way or who else they'd meet if people kept appearing just like this..and ultimately while Dahak's explaination seemed sound some more skeptical people in the group were raising good points, ultimately Iberis was more likely to defer towards Renee and Scylla's thoughts on the matter in such a high risk situation like this. For now she stayed quiet and looked towards Renee for further instruction, that was until she heard the crashing sound and jumped

"W-woah!" She'd exclaim gripping her staff, her heart racing immediately, Was it another person? She was on the ready to recieve orders and get on the move to investigate, it was clear to her now there wasn't time to stay up there and be passive, they needed to get the loot and return to their respective realm if she had it her way with this unpredictability of people appearing.

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The Last Curse

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Eyes widening at Kalina's jest, Hope bashfully pulled her cloak together, covering whatever indecency she was now sure she was exposing. "Wait, N-no! It's not-" Her words trailed off, a lightbulb flickering on in her head, illuminating the obvious. It was a joke. Didn't she like those? "Oh... T-thanks, Kalina! You too!" Hope replied cheerfully, though she heard the last two words begin to echo endlessly in her head. What kind of response was you too?! She had to say more than that! "But, uh, yeah," Hope stammered, "If I knew I was gonna drop into this place, I would've at least worn a bit of color..." Her eyes drifted to Mad Maw, a slight arc starting to form in them, "But hey, I've got MM! She's got all the color I need!" She also heard that sentence start repeating in her head and aptly decided to stop talking. Maybe it'd be best to leave the comedy to the others. Even if it did manage to make her smile.

Not soon after, Dahak showed up again. Turning, Hope got one good look at him and, with a stifled sigh, turned right back around. Why was he everywhere? His presence was already uncomfortable enough, but did he have to be around every single corner? Couldn't she just get away from him? Hope looked over to Renee, and was sure she'd found the answer. And an opportunity.

Hope's eyes gleamed. Maybe she couldn't prove her usefulness to Renee. Maybe she couldn't prove her usefulness to herself. But Kalina and Scylla didn't know that. They were newcomers, so they couldn't have known how much she'd messed up! Maybe if she helped Renee and everything went well, they'd think she was useful. Then everyone else would think so too! Then she wouldn't have to worry so much anymore!

Hope loved the idea so much she was practically beaming when she touched the rune. "Like this?" She asked, almost giddily, "Now, am I supposed to use my magic? Or-" The sudden, creepy voice that emanated from the book had silenced her before she could get her question out, and so did the new change of scenery. "Did we... Did we do it?" Her eyes scanned around to see they were indeed in a different place. But, Dahak was still here. At least there was one thing she could celebrate. "Yes! We did it! and I hel-"

Crashing, then what she could only describe as gunfire suddenly filled her ears. "Ahh!" Hope shrieked, her pupils retracting into tiny dots, "The heck was that?!" Her gaze fell upon a nearby doorway; from it, she heard only more of the commotion. And yet again, she saw another opportunity. Perhaps she could take the initiative! That would have to prove something, right?

"Right!" She thought, gulping down her trepidation and creeping slowly to the exit. "It's coming from down here..." She said, peering into the doorway, "We should go check it out, right?" Her eyes nervously passed over everyone, "Uh, if you guys want to, I mean!"

Scylla would blush suddenly, “A.. tall lady, in.. my bed?” She repeated, “..but you’re so cold.. I mean.. I-I think we should speak about this later, Chandra. This isn’t exactly a good time.” She replied nervously, trying to save face by smiling.

Chandra would give a smile of her own at Scylla’s guess then, prompting a confused, and somewhat serious pout. “No?” She asked in protest to her not saying anything about her guess. “Hm?!”


Scylla was beaming at Madmaw and Hope, they seemed interesting, and quite outlandish. A detail Scylla found refreshing in such a dark and dank place full of fleshy ground material and horrible fiends. Here were two non-humans. Fascinating.

It was then that she heard Chandra comment on Hopes attire, to which the witch couldn’t help but giggle softly. Her soft amusement would suddenly cease however, at mention of a new name when referring to Chandra.

She hadn’t heard Renee’s and Chandras conversation before, since she was too busy chatting with Iberis. “K-kalina? Who’s k-“ her eyes would widen suddenly, a beaming smile would overtake the witch, when suddenly turning to look at the vampire. “Aha!! She said pointing at Kalina. “Kalina! What a lovely name!” She exclaimed as she made a frame with her hands, closing an eye as if aiming with a camera, with Kalina inside her gesturing lens. “One secret down, I don’t know how many.. left to go, oh yeah!”

“Wait a minute. You two are sisters?!”
Suddenly confused, she'd look at Renee and Kalina, fairly astonished. “Wha- No way! You're joking, HA! Good one!” She said dismissively.

Scylla would adjust the coat Renee gave her, turning back to Iberis, “Yeah, I guess you’re right. Whatever it is, I just hope it isn’t malignant. Oh but dont worry..” She patted Iberis head, "..big sis Scylla is here!" She gave her little friend a thumbs up and a wink, likely trying to comfort and keep Iberis spirits up. However, Scylla didn’t feel quite comfortable in this place, not because of the atmosphere. But because of how diverse and random Dahak made it seem the monsters spawned from the darkness. Which quite frankly it certainly did appear like it. She wasn’t afraid about it, just nervous, especially because Renee, the most powerful witch she knew was with them now. She certainly helped feel a bit more at ease, even if she was a bit firm with her at times.

Scylla looked at Renee in awe as she explained how Dahak had been imprinted onto the tome like a horcrux, which she studied about in the academy, isle eighteen, row six, under “soul magic” to be exact. How peculiar. Although in theory, binding a fracture of a mages soul onto an item was immeasurably risky magic, this Dahak, had managed to do so. Suddenly, she became very curious about this apparition, although as distasteful, repulsive and as much of a pig as he was, it would almost seem he was a master wizard of sorts. However, Kalinas words about him laying waste to entire cities was still fresh in her mind. But this wasn’t a moral ordeal, Scylla was determined to learn more about magic than to shut the door entirely for some moral dilemma.

Her daydreaming would be interrupted by Renee asking her to contribute her magical power into the rune she’d create before them. “Sure, Renee, why not?” She’d say happily witha shrug, as she approached the rune with her delicate hand. Like a magnet, the witch would feel the pull as a mystic breeze ruffled her hair a bit. Green and purple hues would be absorbed into the rune.

Before she knew it, she’d appear where Renee had attuned the rune to, her head spinning with teleportation sickness. “Wheeeew!” She’d exclaim laughing, holding onto Iberis, then falling over until the side effects wore off. “It’s much worse when you close your eyes, try it Iberis!” She suggested to her little colleague as she laughed.

When she’d finally manage to get back up however, Scylla would notice the familiar sounds of fighting overhead. “How, peculiar!” She’d exclaim as she tilted and scratched her head at the sounds, “A-Arthur? Here!?” She pondered for a moment, looking at Renee, “Madam Renee, if I could be so fortunate to have your attention?” She’d begin regardless, as she began to explain, “By the sounds echoing about this great building it seems there’s someone here of note.” She cleared her throat as she began to piece together her thoughts, “I met this man in the Underbelly, following a lead for a lock wizard to free my old covens witches from wrongful imprisonments. His magical fiery wands sounded just like that.” He pointed to the air, referring to the sounds. “The reason this man is so interesting is because I managed to be close enough to see something in his eyes not very common in the average magic wielder. I could see ghoulish apparitions, spirits long passed, in other words, the spirits of the dead! It seems this man might be haunted, however, it’s puzzling he would be here of all places. Then again, it might make sense. And no.. before you ask, he’s not a love interest in any way, shape or form.”

Scylla would turn to Dahak, “Pray tell Dahak, are we in some kind of world of your own making? And please, no more foul talk, or creepy flirting.”
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Inquiry's Fall


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The necromancer chuckled at everyone's concerns, " Welcome to Inquiry's Fall, a castle that once was a part of the realm of living at one time, then was dragged here by an undead dragon named K'arath'raza. Now a derelict and haunted ruin that kills any of those interested, although the castle holds secret magics that are forbidden to the living eye. Best you find whoever that falling star was before more tears happen. Let us hope the dragon is truly dead. " Dahak stated as he then disappeared in a flash of mist while his laugh followed after him.

Renee Nyx

Renee sighed, there was many questions that were being asked, a few she found to be ridiculous or tedious to answer. But she would relent and do as she could to ease people's minds. Especially Kalina's, she would rather the information of her saving Dahak not get out, he owes Renee and both of them knew it. " Kalina, he isn't as smart as he thinks. He also can't do anything in his current form, no magic, nothing. He's similar to a ghost if you want to compare it to something. This imprint is a guide. While it is him, this vision of him has his knowledge and personality. Everything here will be transferred to his real self later on. " Renee gave a quick rundown, although she was avoiding the real reason why this was happening. Now an easy distraction from that line of questioning is Kalina's name being revealed to not be Chandra with Scylla yelling it out, Renee thought it a ridiculous thing to not give your name out when they know what you look like. They'll find out eventually. " Ah, you even changed your name with your disguises. Well sorry to let your name out like that. " Renee stated, although she did not sound apologetic. There were bigger things happening at the moment. Names were the least of her concerns, especially when power was just around the door. Or up this castle.

Renee heard Scylla mention this Arthur again, she has before in the past, he was a crazy bloodthirsty man who loved guns. This had Renee thinking, " Scylla, you think that Arthur is here? " She asked, if Arthur was here, he should have been mentioned by Dahak that he would need a circle of protection as well. Renee was now a bit confused, although with Scylla mentioning before that Arthur had power over spirits and ghosts while his arm was similar to a beacon of sorts. Some sort of cursed arm. That arm could be his own protection she supposed. Although they don't know if it is really Arthur. But now she had a plan. " Alright guys. Kalina and Hope you two are with me, we are going to go find this falling star of a man. Scylla and Iberis, I need you two to go investigate the gunfire. Scylla, if it is this Arthur, then try to recruit him, we'll need all the help we can get. " Renee stated, there was a doorway that led to levels below them, Renee pointed at that doorway, " Scylla and Iberis, head on that way. I will teleport the rest of us as close as possible to where that man landed. " Renee stated pulling out her book, " Good luck and be careful. I have faith in you two to get the job done. " Then a rune appeared beneath Hope, Renee and Kalina before the three disappeared suddenly and appearing on another platform on the castle not that far from them but with no way to get to them. As the three were now in front of a open stairway on the catwalk they stood upon, there were strange eldritch noises coming from below along with the sounds of sword fighting and roaring of beasts, gunfire in the distance as well.

Making their way down there would be cold torches as they made their way down the stairway there would large dung piles on the floor and old skeletons in the floor, bones splintered around like the people before we're previous mauled and broken. Renee looked over each body then up ahead were there was sounds of fighting, moving ahead they would come into a balcony into a large corridor, below them the three would see skeletons fighting each other with broken weapons and broken armor, the sounds of groans and incomprehensible moaning could be heard, like they were trying to talk. " What a sad show of fervor. " Renee sighed looking ahead of the many bodies where a room was at. Looking up on the same level and to their right there was a another hall that lead around the main fighting but there was fighting skeletons there too. A endless war Dahak mentioned this castle was in for eternity.

With that said, Iberis and Scylla when they then ventured into the castle, they would see cold torches lit up along the way of a ancient stairway, heading down this stairway the gunfire would get louder, reaching the bottom of this stairway they would see dead bodies of humans that looked like their skin was old, almost dried out, black ooze came out of each wound on their body which was littered with bullet holes, some had been cut with weapons in a brutal fashion. Sharp weapons like swords and axes were stuck in the bodies when they were dismembered. There was gunfire just up ahead further in, then the sound of weapons clashing against one another, like swords before gunfire erupted into the air again. Up ahead they would see the room light up with flashes as gunfire followed. Eventually it stopped and there was heavy breathing before the sounds of reloading as all noise had been suppressed. Each body wore a very modern suit with pockets, they could have something on their bodies. But then next to the doorway that lead to the next room sat a small body in a chair as they were flipping through a book, giving a huff or a sigh with each flip. The head of this body looked up from the book at Iberis and Scylla, " Ah, hello there! Didn't think I'd see living people here. " They were a fairy, with a green glow about them, they had ethereal wings on their back that were gently flapping while they had a gentle smile on their face, they sounded like a female as they had long black hair come down pass their shoulders. " How can I help you two? "



Sage would watch the two strange eldritch dogs running towards him, their sharp tongues whipping quickly as they came upon Sage. The fairy swung his sword with a quick swing of his sword, the first beast was reckless in pursuing Sage so quickly. The second stayed back, even stepping away but with Sages attack, it would matter not. Both would still be hit with the attack, the first was obliterated into small pieces, the second yelped as it was hit but quickly followed the first's fate. Silence filled the void for a moment as there was then large movement coming in the back and deep growl, Sage would see two large red eyes in the darkness of this crypt. Above Sage the castle repaired itself. A massive figure stood over Sage as it came towards him, standing at about fifty feet it was a massive troll. Letting out a growl it raised a foot and stomped down on the ground, letting a large shockwave follow as it threw Sage backwards farther into the crypt. Now standin at about sixty feet away. Sage would feel rumbling coming closer as the troll picked up a massive piece of rubble and toss it at Sage as it let out a roar.
Chandra Jarmil
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Kalina blinked a few times. 'I hope you got the value you were seeking?' What in the world was that meant to mean? She figured she'd just reply in general. “Don't worry, it'll be great, thanks for asking~” She replied to Iberis with a smile.

That's when she realised her sister had spoiled her name. Mostly by Hope commenting on it. “Thank you~ I do quite like that name, although I had hoped to keep it secret a little longer. Can't be safe enough whilst getting dragged into dangerous and unknown realms, after all... but if the name's out, I might as well...”

Kalina Chivernu

“...there we go. Much better.” She said, as she dispelled the illusion cast by her alternate identity (clothes and the likes as well as major features like height would stay the same, the rest changes). “Yeah, she does indeed have enough colour for the both of you. Then again, the monochrome can be quite beautiful in its own right, can it not?” Kalina agreed with Hope on the gnoll's part, but did like the results of her earlier comment too much to give up on testing out the Fae just a little bit more.

That left the final witch. “I'm sure you'd be able to warm me up straight away~” She replied to the sudden comment of her being cold. Secretly, however, she actually did feel a bit hurt by that painful reminder she'd never be truly alive again. She was quick to gloss over it, however, in order to accept her defeat at keeping her name hidden from Scylla. “Don't worry, you've got plenty of secrets left to go~ That said, I'll base how many I'll ever reveal on how well you can keep this first one. I'd rather not have my name and identity too widely known out there.”

Kalina did snap back a bit when Scylla laughed off her bond to Renee. “Maybe not by nature, but she's as close a sister to me as anyone could ever be.” Having her and Renee's history together written off as a joke was irking her surprisingly much. Maybe due to some doubts as to Renee's motives that had already managed to sneak in after the events in Dahak's laboratory and that Kalina had never managed to fully snuff out, even though she desperately wished for her sister to still be the same girl she met all those years ago.

She wasn't sure how to take Dahak's words. She still didn't really trust him. It's why she was a bit surprised when Renee brushed it off all that easily. “I don't trust him in the slightest... but I do trust you.” She'd made up her mind. If this was what Renee so firmly believed, she'd chose to believe it as well. As for her name... “I was mostly just teasing Scylla with it~ Although if we're ever in public, I would like to keep it a bit more hidden. I'd rather make a name for myself as Chandra than as Kalina, I'm sure you understand my reasons.”

As Renee told them to split up, she waved goodbye to Scylla and Iberis. “Good luck you two and see you later~” She'd barely finished her sentence when the rune made them teleport. It was a fair bit disorienting to say the least. As she regained her composure and took in her surroundings, she figured she'd get her hand-crossbow ready to fire.

When they arrived, however, she had no clue what to do. Undead fighting each-other for some reason. The dung piles on the floor weren't a great sight. “Do undead dragons still have a working digestive system, or is that of something else?” She asked aloud. She didn't wish to inspect if further, nor did she know her biology well enough to determine animals by their dung piles, but it was definitely something rather ominous.


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Before they teleported she had felt a bit more comforted by Scylla's words. She was starting to feel like Scylla was like an older sister which she appreciated A small smile forming, finding herself giggling a bit at the closed eyes comment. After Iberis was to the point where she was looking around the space concerned she immediately refocused upon hearing Renee start speaking to them, there were many people to consider here so her vision had been scattered, particularly after all of those sounds that were spreading throughout the space it really had put her on edge. The last thing they needed was for group tension and a hostile environment at the same time, but it seemed that Renee was back to restablize and give them all an objective which gave Iberis some more relief. She looked and listened, hearing their instructions, looking towards the door.

Even if she felt a nervous and her self preservation was kicking in just a bit on her instincts, she knew very well what she needed to do, if she wanted to get more powerful, and that was listen to Renee, the proof was there to her with how strong she had become, she wanted to do the same and then some, bring magic into new realms and learn all there was to learn, innovate and become stronger, until people would be forced to respect her. She nodded, holding onto her staff. She had already slain beings and the exam had involved gunfire, the main difference was she and Scylla were even stronger than before, so as far as she was concerned they would succeed in their stated goal. She then looked towards the rest of the group and then back to Scylla. She was a bit surprised when she saw how much Chandra had changed while she was looking away, she looked more elegant, in an upper class like those who Iberis wished she could get to know better.
She smiled upon hearing Renee state that she believed in them. "Alright then we'll get the job done and regroup when we all can." She stated matter of fact to Renee.
Before she looked back to Scylla,
"You know what we need to do then Scylla." She said sounding more serious and determined once again. Just as she started to head towards the door she heard Kalina call out to her as she turned around only to see the tele going, not really having time to reply with a thank you. Once the door was opened she started to head down.

"Watch your step these stairs look pretty old..and if there's an immediate ranged threat towards us I'll get ready to cast defensively if need be like during the exam.." She let out, looking over at the torches, hearing the gun fire she had to constantly be on the ready, with her staff gripped, looking around every now and again.. When they reached the bottom of the stairs She looked at the bodies with scrutiny and continued to move past them trying her best not to get in too close in range of them if the oozing bodies suddenly decided to come alive or something. "We should..be wary of those..could have a habit of waking back up if we aren't careful" She continued to speak to Scylla as they went down . She could feel her heart beat build a bit with the louder sounds of gun fire and melee sounds looking around frequently now.

What she really hadn't been expecting however was the Fairy in the seat who spotted them who was looking through some kind of text perhaps? Iberis was curious but she paused immediately and kept her staff at the ready at a moments notice but more lax as to not appear hostile. And her first instinct was to put on the friendliest demeanor she could towards the stranger to aid in not appearing more threatening as well, using Deception F with her tone, posture, and the way she spoke.

"Oh, uh..hello there! I hope we aren't bothering you. I must say we're a bit surprised ourselves..We were traveling through this realm you see..and we happened upon this grand building, and now we're trying to figure out where all of that gunfire is coming from, you wouldn't happen to know if they are friend or foe towards living like us would you?" She asked trying to seem innocent enough, before looking to Scylla hoping she'd know to also code switch to seem less threatening and hopefully they'd be unscathed.

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He saw the ogre rise from where it rested, a smile slowly coming across his face as he brought his blade to bare, digging it into the ground as he was blasted back by it's cry, slowly rolling his shoulders. "You're the toughest guy here? Man, Zylf's giving me an easy day I guess." He said, humming a bit as he decided to have a little fun with it and hold back some of his strength, as he suddenly grew to the size of an adult man, hefting his blade up onto his shoulder. He began to dash towards the monster, side stepping the boulder with his A grade speed, not wanting to bother cutting it since he had a bigger target this time, sprinting towards the ogre with his blade ready, jumping up with his wings fluttering and jumping up.

"Come here big fella! You're not even half the man I am!" He shouted, intending for it to be a pun as he brought his blade to bear, throwing it towards the side of the troll as he flew towards it, using one of his stronger techniques, his newly improved [Blood Drink], intending to sever the troll in half where it stood, the massive blade swinging directly at the beasts side.

Actions: Transformed, Movement, Attack B-Grade

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Although Hope's gaze was still fixed on the doorway, she felt a surge of anticipation course through her as Renee started picking teams. Then, she heard her name called alongside Kalina's, and she tried her best not to squeal in excitement. "This is it!" Hope thought, "My second chance!" She couldn't screw this up. Not in its delivery and definitely not in its acceptance. She needed to play it cool! Then she'd make an even better first impression! "Alright, get serious! Just calm down and-" Hope quickly spun around, her voice betraying whatever poker face she was attempting, "S-Sure! Lead the way!"

As the words left her mouth, Hope realized she might've played it anything but cool. And, as she saw the newly changed Kalina, she knew she was going to fumble this, too. "Wait, how did you - What did you...?" She mumbled before realizing she was answering questions with questions. She was butchering this. Maybe she should try a different approach. Hope drew in a breath, "Never mind, you look great!" Hope said quickly, desperately trying to form the next sentence in her head, "And, uh, you're right! Mhm!" She nodded, "A single color can have so much strength just on its own. It doesn't always need other colors to make it look..." The words caught in her throat as she felt space bend around her yet again, warping her to a new location. Though, for some reason, she couldn't get that notion of color out of her mind.

This time, Hope didn't feel so good. She felt her head swim with vertigo, all while a constant, grating noise assaulted her ears. Initially, she thought it was just a side-effect of the teleportation, but then she saw the troves of scrapping skeletons and realized the sound hadn't stopped. A chill ran up her spine, and Hope looked away immediately, trying to block out the pitiful moans with her thoughts. She couldn't let it get to her. She needed to be brave. How'd she look to Kalina and Renee if she started worrying again?

She didn't want to think about it. Nor did she want to think about an undead dragon lurking in the castle. "M-maybe that's been there for a while?" She chipped in, though she didn't sound particularly confident herself, "I don't think we should worry about it. The new guy is who we gotta be looking out for." She took a few steps away from the dung piles, keeping them out of sight and surely out of mind. It'd be better if Kalina didn't know about her squeamishness, either. Hope clasped her hand around her catalyst, "Um, just to be safe, though, let me see if I can find anything..."

Channeling her magic, Hope's eyes glow brighter, translucent streams of erratic energy starting to fill her vision, "[Chaotic Reckoning]." Maybe she'd be able to spot wherever the newcomer was, or maybe she could detect whatever left those piles.

  • Chaotic Reckoning - Sixth Sense F + Empathy F + Affinity F (Chaos) + Magic Range F + Magic Targets F + Magic E + Insight F - By scanning around her, Hope can sense the feelings of a living being, allowing her to roughly detect their location. Works up to 30t and up to 5 targets. - 1 post Cooldown - Grade E

Scylla would listen in on the necromancer apparition for a few moments, quckly putting a name to the abyss she found herself in. “Inquiry’s Fall.” She repeated under her breath as she strode along. What Dahak said after that was a bit unsettling for the witch, the thought of a dragon being so powerful as to submit an entire region into some kind of underworld was both terrifying and inspiring. Surely, such a creature possesed a great deal of magical power. Power, that she aspired to one day posses, harness and wield as she’d see fit. She entertained the idea of volunteering for more work in the field such as this, but not before a great deal more of study and experimentation, however.


The witch would stutter further, she didn’t mean to let that many words out, but it seemed this accident was costing her, “I.. i am quite warm.. but that’s besides the point-“ Then Kalina made Scylls’s mind spin, finding out secrets were quite the obsession, it made her feel very much out of control. She’d simply bite her lip however, lest she’d go on a giant verbal discourse to try and get Kalina to speak.

When Renee coldly responded to spoiling Kalinas name, the witch raised an eye brow. Then Kalina appeared oddly uneasy, jabbing back at the witch by insinuating she could never be as close to her as Renee. “But i thought-“ she stutterer, visibly hurt for a brief moment.

Suddenly her dismissive stance on Kalinas and Renee’s relationship would all but shatter. “Wait.. you really are sisters!” She gasped, but quickly regained composure as this wasn’t time to gossip and pry on how Renee wasn’t a vampire as well. It seemed like there was an entire book’s worth of mysteries to solve between Renee and Kalina, a fact that the witch committed to memory. Then it suddenly appeared that Kalina was simply playing around with Scylla with her other identity. “Hey! i heard that! I’m right here you know?” She rolled her eyes and sighed, mumbling under her breath, “Vampires.” She was beginning to feel a strange feeling in her heart. Jealousy, wasnt something she could manage very well, however, she'd let it go for now.

When pressed by Renee to explain further about whom Scylla suspected to be Arthur she'd promptly respond, “I cant say for certain madam Renee, all i know is it sounds like Arthur's weaponry..” Scylla brought a finger to her chin, a devious smile slowly drawing upon her face, “..i will say, studying one of those magic wands would be quite invaluable as a topic of research, of course. Maybe i could 'convince' him to share.”

When arranged into partnering up with Iberis, Scylla was surprised Renee had such trust in them as to throw them into potential danger. She might just trust in us that much?
She thought as her posture straightened as their coven leader began to give them instructions. Scylla would nod, looking at Iberis beside her as she spoke, then back at Renee. The witch would give her mentor a thumbs up, “Don't you worry about a thing Madam Renee, we got this!” the witch said happily, even blowing them a kiss goodbye, with a wave. “Bye!!”

Turning to her companion Scylla beamed, "Well! This was unexpected, but it's a pleasant surprise to be along with you again Iberis." She nodded, "I have a few tricks up my sleeve I cant wait to show you!" She winked, before starting towards the castle. Listing off the objective she began, "Of course! We're going to find out who is causing all this racket!" She chuckled, then cleared her throat, matching Iberis sense of duty. "Very well, this way." She said as she then entered the castle. Heeding Iberis's advice Scylla tapped a booted foot onto the stairs, one of them crumbling after even a little bit of weight. "Excellently observed!" She said approvingly. Then the plan should they run in trouble, "I hope it doesn't come to that, but if it does I'll keep that in mind, I attack and you defend!" She giggled softly, "It should be ME defending, you've probably learned entire libraries worth of magic by now haven't you?"

They'd go down more stairs, anxious and nervous as they were, however Scylla wouldn't falter. Her resolve would be tested furthest so far when the sheltered witch saw real dead bodies, whether or not they were dead was debatable but it was surely a blood freezing feeling. It didn't help that the gunfire made Iberis feel uneasy, and admittedly Scylla felt a bit the same. Gasping a bit as the gunfire echoed throughout the castle after a few moments of silence. Patting Iberis' on the head she continued, "Come on, its just up ahead." Heading further into the castle.

When finally coming in touch with a mysterious robed fairy, it nearly made Scylla absolutely die of adoration. But she resisted such urges with a curtsy, "Hi there!" She called out, but before the witch could speak, Iberis seemed to have things fairly under control. Scylla nodded along, until she found an opening, "Yes. You see, we don't want to wake up anymore things that could be awakened by these little explosions, and well, it might be in your convenience to help us, maybe you could read your book in peace for once?" She couldn't help but feel a bit of curiosity, "What are you reading anyway?"
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Inquiry's Fall


Renee Nyx

Renee didn't care too much for what Kalina was talking about of names, she understood of course but she doubted they would be together after this quest, hell, Kalina shouldn't even be here. How she got here was beyond Renee, unless that voice was involved, that old nuisance that tried to use her. It had to be her master, only she and Kalina knew the extent of her history. There was no one else besides maybe her village that she came from but even then, they hated magic and its ways. Those ignorant fools. Renee thought when she heard Kalina speaking again about how she didn't trust Dahak, which Renee understood. Although he offered Renee great power in which Renee wanted, she didn't trust Dahak either but whatever he had in store would be worth this. Hopefully. If it was a trap, she would survive it and find what secrets this place had ready for them. As the three looked over the chaotic scene of an endless undead war, Renee would hear Kalina ask about this undead skeleton dragon, Renee looked back at Kalina, " They usually devour your soul and life essence if it's an undead dragon, although I would assume the dragon Dahak spoke of was bigger than this castle. Especially one that belongs here in this realm. The real question is what if it's still around? " Renee corrected, " Considering these skeletons are still fighting one another, an endless undead war, the dragon may have had hold on their souls a long time ago. Empty husks fighting empty husks. " Renee stared at the dung piles as Hope chimed in about the dung piles being around for a while. " No. These are recent. Very recent. Although if we stumble into beasts, we should be prepared to face the threat. " The witch stated to Hope, her eyes looked at the Shadow Fae, " You should always know who your foe is in case you have to take them out. " Renee spoke ominously.

As Hope casted her spell and used her ability, she would feel the world silence around her as her magic kicked in, quietly she would feel the presence of three beings behind them, closing in slowly on them. Ambushers. Although as Hope's magic gave her locations behind her, she would not be quick enough on giving a warning as suddenly three strange looking canine monsters ran straight for them. Two of them tackled both Renee and Kalina from behind and knocked them through the railing and down into the fight below them. Hope would be able to move out of the way and avoid the tackle as the strange dog smashed into the railing and backed up shaking its head, stunned. Renee and Kalina would hit the ground below them as they landed in the middle of the fighting skeletons. The canine monsters fell onto the ground and rolled to the side as Renee and Kalina would find themselves in a situation with these strange creatures, luckily for them the skeletons paid no mind to them as they kept fighting their pointless and unending war and the two were okay besides minor bruises on their bodies from the fall and soreness in Renee's body for being alive. The strange beasts circled around the two as their weird tongues flickered wildly like they were smelling the air. Renee growled as rage filled her eyes, " I will make sure you are each obliterated from all of existence! " Renee clenched her fists as she held a wild smile on her face, her eyes glowing red as magic began to conjure in her hands.



These strange eldritch dogs made grotesque noises with their maws as one of them crept in closer to Kalina, its tongue flicking at her. The dog would charge right at Kalina, tongue lashing, and maw extended as it was hungry for food, living or dead. Hope's problem would eventually face her, it was able to shake the stun off as it reared itself ready to attack Hope with a deep gurgling growl coming from its strange maw.



The fairy was smiling at the two witches, looking to Iberis who tried to show that they weren't threatening, although the fairy looked over her staff with a raised eyebrow and smile. " You sure? You have a staff, and you are dressed like a witch. Don't mind me though, I'm not here to deter you or attack you. " The fairy stated looking back to her book for a moment. " Oh yes, the gunfire. Well. That's a bit of a story in of itself. The gunfire is coming from the person that killed me. Although it isn't actually them, say, the same person but a different soul? It's a hard thing to explain to the living. " She stated with the same smile and sweet tone of voice while she kicked her feet in the air on the chair. " Surprisingly enough they are living like you. They should have been dead from the scary horrors, but they woke up here and began killing all of the occupants of this fallen castle. Although he doesn't know that they will eternally revive and try to kill him and each other. " The fairy spoke sadly.

When Scylla spoke up the fairy looked up to Scylla then to her book. " Oh this? This is the book that has the names of the occupants of this castle, of Inquiry's Fall. " She smiled as she showed the page she was reading, as the gunfire continued and the sound of metal clashed, names would appear on the page for each death that their target was killing. " Poor guy. He wanted to get away from the killing but now has to kill eternally. " The fairy pulled the book back. " I guess it's like a Death Ledger. " The fairy stated with a shrug. " My name is Cytha, by the way. Pleased to meet you! " The fairy stated before pointing a thumb to the next room, " The man in there is named Arthur. He's a pretty angry guy but he's a big softie on the inside. He just doesn't want to show it. " Cytha mentioned. " I'd make your presence known if you're going to go in there. Otherwise, he may just slaughter you like the rest of his victims without a second thought. " The ghostly fairy explained.

Although once she finished talking, there was sounds of a struggle before the sound of metal slicing through flesh and blood pouring onto the ground. There was quiet muttering before a pale and cut up upper body was thrown into the room from the darkness as a figure began to make his way towards the doorway. " Oh, never mind, he's actually coming here! This'll be great! " Cytha smiled just as the figure of a man walked into the room, a man with cold and dangerous eyes, tired eyes. Scylla would recognize him as Arthur. Arthur Verg. Although something was different about him, he didn't have the arm. The weird monstrous arm he had before. And he looked a lot younger, no scars. The man did sound like Arthur as he stared at both Iberis and Scylla, having a very intimidating presence about him. " Who are these two? " The man asked with a cold tone, the fairy shrugged, " I am not sure. I think they are just here to explore. " The fairy shrugged. Arthur's amber eyes gazed at the two, he wore a very cruddy and ripped suit, he had blood all over his clothing while he wielded an old looking sword in one hand and a metallic contraption in his other hand that was smoking on one end. " What do you two want? " He asked with a growl while pointing the metallic contraption at Iberis and Scylla. The body before them began to rise up slowly, raising a hand up at Arthur as it began to growl at him.

Arthur's eyes didn't leave off of Iberis and Scylla as he pointed the contraption down and shot a rapid flurry of gunfire into the head of the undead before him. Flashes and loud noises filled the air for a moment, looking to the body, the head was gone in a bloody mess just as Arthur raised it back up at the two. Arthur's eyes were checking out Scylla for a moment, mainly due to her clothes being burned out and barely being able to cover herself, only having Renee's jacket to help with that.




The ogre roared as it took a few steps towards the fairy watching him grow in size but still not caring as it readied a fist to throw down at the fairy. The troll slammed his fist down at the ground, creating a massive shockwave on the ground traveled across the floor he was running towards, Sage would throw his sword into the air as he launched himself up into the air. The troll stood back up as Sage would catch his sword and fly towards the Troll, swinging his sword in one swipe. His weapon flew like the wind as he flew pass the troll. It let out a mighty roar as it then fell over into two pieces, slamming on the ground with massive thuds as dust flew into the air. There was a moment of silence before there was laughter that could be heard. " Hmm. Zylf has a new toy it seems. Brought here to see what they are capable of. " A very silky voice spoke; it was very angelic. " How desirous. " Sage would see a figure on the beams above Sage. A tall figure with angelic wings and hair, fair skin but have a devious personality about him. The figure flapped his wings and jumped down landing on the ground as the dust around him flew away quickly as this man stood there. " And what is your name, fairy? It seems that Zylf always attracts the smaller ones. "

Kalina Chivernu
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With Scylla and Iberes sent on their own merry adventure, it was just her, Hope and Renee now. Things already started off quite fun when she managed to dazzle Hope with her new talents. The reaction was so much better than how her own sister had reacted! How could she not use it to once again go on the offensive? “It's one of my many tricks, my dear Hope~” She was fairly flattered by the comments on her looks though. Being undead had the one sole perk that you didn't have to worry about ageing and getting wrinkly and you could perfect your look and stick to it.

She nodded along with Renee's explanations, but didn't really manage to piece it all together. As Kalina observed Hope's eyes glowing, she couldn't help but comment. “You seem to have quite a few fancy tricks up your sleeve of your o----...” She couldn't finish her sentence as some weird dog-like thing rammed into her and sent her spiralling down. Well... that explained the dung piles.

She got up and checked if her bones were all still in place. Not that it mattered too much, as her regeneration would soon fix it if they weren't, but still. She'd best know what she was in for. Confirming everything was still as it should be she grimaced. “Bad dog.” She said, as she drew her rapier, ready to make dog kebabs out of these muds. From her peripherals, she could confirm that Renee was mostly okay. That was a relief.

As one of them was charging at her, she'd intercept it using her [Precision Strikes Style] by jamming her rapier straight its head whilst side-stepping to avoid its maw (parry, action 1/2) after which she'd drive her rapier through its head a second time with single [Precision Strike] to ensure the beast was dead and would stay dead (attack, action 3). That was (hopefully) enough to bring the beast down, allowing her to turn to Renee. She didn't doubt the witch would soon burn and/or fry up the other one. “Did we run into these mutts by coincidence or do you think someone might've sent them after us?” She had no clue if these mutts were native or domesticated or just wildlife. Either way, she checked up where they fell from to see how the Shadow Fae was doing.

D Grade Cooldowns: (0/2)
Precision Strikes Style: – Fighting Style [Precision Strikes] D, Accurate F, Penetrating F, Range F – Character strikes at a target accurately and with the full force of the fighting style. Accurate F - the technique makes it so the target's speed is treated as though it were reduced by 1 letter grade. Amount reduces increases by 1 grade each time technique is upgraded.
Penetrating F - weapon can ignore grades of an item when it is used to defend. F - 1 grade, E - 2 grade, D - 3 grade, C - 4 grade, B - 5 grade, A - 6 grade, S ???
Range F - gives weapon attacks longer range. 10ft/3m at rank F. 30ft/9m at rank E. 100ft/30m at grade D. 1,000ft/300m at grade C. See magic skills to enhance range further. Required technique to apply fighting style effects at ranges beyond 5ft.
- Grade D – 2 Post Cooldown.

F Grade Cooldowns: (0/0)
Precision Strike: – Accurate F, Penetrating F, Range F – Character strikes at a target accurately and with the full force of the fighting style.
Accurate F - the technique makes it so the target's speed is treated as though it were reduced by 1 letter grade. Amount reduces increases by 1 grade each time technique is upgraded.
Penetrating F - weapon can ignore grades of an item when it is used to defend. F - 1 grade, E - 2 grade, D - 3 grade, C - 4 grade, B - 5 grade, A - 6 grade, S ???
Range F - gives weapon attacks longer range. 10ft/3m at rank F. 30ft/9m at rank E. 100ft/30m at grade D. 1,000ft/300m at grade C. See magic skills to enhance range further. Required technique to apply fighting style effects at ranges beyond 5ft.
- Grade F – 0 Post Cooldown.


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Sage smirked as the troll fell to the ground in two parts, simply twirling his sword a moment to get the blood off of it, placing it on his shoulder as he took a bit of focus to maintain his size. He calmed the flame in his eye a moment, turning towards this new voice he heard. He smirked a bit as he made his sword vanish, this being the first time he's had a conversation partner that wasn't Zylf in 20 years. "Not sure why she would send me here to test that, she's been testing me long enough." He said with a small groan, twisting his shoulders a moment.

"My name's Sage, what about you mister angel?" He asked, popping his back a little bit as he decided to throw out an [Appraise] to the man, smiling a little bit since he wanted to know what's up, since this might be the first peaceful encounter he's had in a long time, or it would be another fight. He was admittedly more prepared for the latter, he hasn't exactly brushed up on conversation skills.

"Speaking of which, do you know where I am? I can tell this isn't Zylf's place. She usually has a lot more green. I like blue a lot more, but everything was like green or red back there." He said, casually starting to ramble now that he had an actual person he could talk to, though the vocal cadence of this newcomer reminded him of whenever Zylf was outside of her giant tree mech. As his mood calmed from the adrenaline of battle, so too did the flame echoing from his missing eye, and the music that played from it.

A Moment of Respite
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She had been quite pleased to hear Scylla's banter once more, as she nodded with a smile at one point when she heard Scylla mention tricks learned , she was certainly counting on it that Scylla still had the power to yield. She was sure Scylla still had it like she showed in the entrance exams, she had definitely become more cheery since they first met, which was kind of ironic given her powers, but Iberis appreciated it nevertheless as it was nice to have someone in the group who could be so optimistic. She was also glad that Scylla seemed to have good intuition as well as for not instigating anything with this newcomer which she appreciated.

Iberis looked towards the fairy still guarded, but the fact that she hadn't immediately attacked them was probably a good sign, it felt like you could never know with those who came to or were from this realm it seemed so far, what their agenda was. So she listened carefully to what the fairy had to say. Iberis perked up when she heard the fairy mention that it was the person who killed her but not really, this was becoming increasingly intriguing for her. Assuming this intelligence was accurate, the fact the person was alive like them was probably a good thing, It sounded like whoever this was person, was currently stuck in a cycle of killing, she couldn't help but wonder if this fairy had tried to tell him the futility of it, or remained silent, perhaps he just didn't care or she couldn't be bothered. It sounded like they were going to have to interact with this guy sooner than later regardless if he was a softie inside or not.

Iberis nodded,
"Uh Cytha, nice to meet you, the name's Iberis, and..thank you for the information, I'd definitely prefer if me and Scylla remained living longer we still have things we need to achieve.." She responded in part due to the last part about them getting killed in the crossfire if the guy shooting didn't know who they were or what they were.

However when Cytha said that he was coming Iberis couldn't help but feel a bit of anxiety take hold of her, gripping her staff tighter once more, a theme which liked to repeat itself in dicey situations like this it seemed. This guy looked like an actual soldier to Iberis was the first impression she got as she tried her best to hold her resolve and not look put on edge. If he wanted to kill them he could have done so already. And what Cytha said wasn't exactly untrue, they were exploring, of course Iberis had just omitted the fact their party was looking for a specific item, since she didn't think leaking that sort of information to just anyone was a great idea, who knew how any realm native of here would react? Arthur for Iberis was not familiar so she looked to Scylla and then back to him, however she didn't look away when he finished off that undead.

Iberis tried her best to seem less concerned and nervous than she actually was with the way she presented herself.

"Hello, we just heard about the situation from Cytha, As you can probably tell we aren't from around here, in part we're here because we're traveling through this realm...as for why we came over here..we wanted find out what was going on with all those loud sounds, we aren't looking for any trouble or anything.." She said truthfully this time around, before looking to Scylla and then back to Arthur. hoping she'd have some insight to add, noticing he was lookin towards her. While all true in part, she was not going to give the bigger picture until she knew who she could trust.

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The Last Curse

21% Delirious

Hope could feel something start creeping in behind her. She didn't know what it was or why it was moving so slowly, but the three wispy strands of orange that floated into her vision felt oddly familiar. Didn't she see that before? Back with those poor wolves? Those poor, hungry wolves? "Oh no..." She muttered, her eyes constricting into pinpoints at the terrifying realization. That couldn't have been the newcomer; those were monsters! And they were so close too! "Wait! Guys!" Hope spun on her heels, hearing panic starting to well in her own voice, "There're monsters behind us! They're-" Her words trailed off, interrupted by the sight of the beasts ramming her allies down the railing. Now she saw one was coming after her. And now, Hope realized, she was all alone.

Hope swore someone must've taken control of her body because she didn't remember jumping out of the way. Yet, as she lay on her side, watching wide-eyed as the monster crashed into the railing beside her, it occurred to her that she really did dodge! "J-just like that?!" She thought, hand clutching her pounding heart, "Did I really just do that?!" But she couldn't celebrate now. Kalina and Renee were who-knows-how far underneath her, doing who-knew-what. She had to find out what had happened to them! "Kalina! Renee!" She called out, crawling slightly closer to where they fell, "Are you two okay?!"

With her plea, she heard the sounds of growling next to her. Right where the monster had crashed. Hope's gaze snapped over to it, gasping as she saw the beast ready itself for yet another charge. What she going to do now? She'd already felt tired after that spell, and surely she couldn't pull off that dodging maneuver again! "Come on! Think! Think!" The thing was some sort of dog, wasn't it? Maybe she could distract it! "But with what?!" Hope wondered, "I don't have any-"

The jerky! Hope reached within her cloak and pulled out the bundle of something-jerky, waving it alluringly in front of her, "H-Hey! Hey boy!" She said, filling her voice with [Empathy - F], "I know you're hungry, but look! I've got something for you!" Getting to her feet, Hope slowly approached the creature, still waving the something-meat in front of her. She couldn't believe she was doing this. Did weird, tentacle dog-things even eat jerky? Would it even try to taste one? She tried pushing down the question with a smile in her eyes, "It must be so mean down here, right? Everything's out to get you?" She asked softly, drawing ever nearer, "I know how it feel, I wanna run away from it too, but that doesn't mean we have to get all rowdy, do we?"

When she finally got within range, Hope chucked the meat in front of the canine. Though her eyes formed arcs, she knew whatever peace this offering could hopefully bring wouldn't last. She'd have to defend herself, regardless. Nothing in this dreary dimension could be solved by compassion alone. "Oh, God, forgive me..." She thought, channeling her magic into a shadowy, whip-like tentacle on her arm, lashing it the monster. Hopefully, knocking it off the platform, or at least giving it a quick death.

  • Umbral Grasp - Affinity F (Chaos) + Affinity F (Shadow) + Magic F - Hope extends a veil of shadows on a surface and imbues it with chaos once it reaches a target, striking them with a dark, tentacle-like appendage. - Grade F - 0 post cooldown
Scylla Reinhart

Unbeknownst to her companion, Scylla had continued to hold her fascination with this fairy. What was it about cute, adorable beings in this world that made the witchs heart flutter uncontrollably. She’d almost appear to lean in closer as the fairy spoke, if one could look into her eyes closely, she’d have pink swirls for pupils. She’d half mutter and mumble, her hands getting tangled with eachother, translating outloud, “N-no, please, dont mind me, i’m not here to try to hug you so sweetly or apprec-“. It was then when the fairy mentioned that whoever was just down the way had killed her she immidately snapped out of her self indulged trance. “Wait, what?” She recoiled, “You mean, all of these living corpses are locked into some kind of eternal battle?!” Suddenly, Scylla began to get a little nervous, this sort of time magic was something she was beggining to feel ill equiped against. However, Renee had appointed them to this task, if she was to fail her covens leader would surely ban her from making a cake for at least a whole month! Or worse!

Then the fairy revealed the nature of the book in her hands, soon after revealing her name before revealing that of the one making the noise in the other room. Scylla’s eyes would follow the fairys thumb, before slightly flinching at the horrible sounds echoing and roaring through the partially destroyed castle. The witch would regain composure however, straightening her back and moving her weight to the side.

“Pleased to meet you, Cytha, the names Scylla!” Giving the fairy a thumbs up, “I.. uhm.. well i know Arthur. It’s so strange that he’d end up here though, i guess calling out to him couldnt hurt right?” She pondered a bit, before the fairy would interrupt her trail of thought by announcing that the one mentioned was arriving. “Ready or not here I come?” She said nonchalantly as her shoulders rose with a shrug.

A facade that would instantly fade upon beholding Arthur’s physical state. It looked like him, but this Arthur was much different, he was younger, but scarier. “I-i..” She stuttered, upon his question. “Arthur..” She almost asked, “..you dont remember me? I’m Scylla, you saved me from a giant war in the Underbelly, you dont remember?” Part of her hoped he did, otherwise she feared he’d simply attack. However, she continued, “And, this is Iberis..” the witch said, taking Iberis by the forearm and making her wave.

For Arthurs second question, she’d do her best to answer before withdrawing a little at his growl, “W-well, y-you see, we were sent to investigate the sounds coming out of this part of the castle-“ Arthur then rose his weapon at a rising undead. Scylla would gasp before quickly pulling on Iberis’s cloak, standing slightly infront of her. Then a fiery bullet would explode the animated corpse's head, splattering random brain matter all over the ground before them.

Scyllas eye’s darted from the still twitching body before them back up at Arthur. “How long have you been here Arthur? W-why are you here?” She’d then quickly notice him gawking, pulling Renee’s cloak around her better. “Hey! My eyes are up here.” She said snapping her fingers, sparks flying from every snap then pointing to her own annoyed face. “Ugh. Look.. we’re here to bring you with us, It’s not just me and Iberis, Renee is a very powerful witch along with a few others that make up our company. We could use your insight, I mean, they would..” She looked down at Iberis, an expression upon her features as if to ask if what she was about to say should even be mentioned. But if this new Arthur didn’t remember Scylla, ordidn’t trust them, or otherwise found them to be a threat then she felt it would be best to not leave any stone unturned.

“Someone responsible for creating this world is with us too, someone by the name of Dahak..” She tried smiling, albeit nervously, “..does that name ring a bell?”
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Inquiry's Fall



Renee Nyx



Renee's eyes were burning as she moved to the side, grabbing her journal out of her small bag, her hands generated with mana as the strange hound in front of her moved around her with its lashing tongues. Renee quickly generated fire in her hand as the hound charged for her. Renee placed her hand out to quickly fire a fireball but the hound was already on her, her eyes had widen as the maw of this hound opened up around her hand and arm. Renee's eyes burned with hatred as she knew what was to come, as she blasted a small fireball into the maw of the beast while it bit down on her arm at her elbow. Renee felt the sharp mandibles of the beast shred into her skin and flesh releasing a roar of pain as the fireball went off. Blasting the beast into blood and pieces that knocked Renee backwards causing her arm to separate from her body. Renee hit the ground as her hat fell off her body, the witch growling in pain whilst tears rolled down her cheeks. The witch turned over holding her lost limb, trying to not scream, seeing her bone sticking out of the bloody stump. " You fucking bastard...! " Renee yelled through gritted teeth. The witch was almost laughing as she slowly got up, blood was spraying on the ground in front of her as she stood up, her eyes were glowing red with intensity looking at the hound on the ground, barely alive as its upper torso twitched, and its maw was making sick wet noises that sounded similar to whimpering. Renee looked at her bloody stump of an arm as the tears on her cheeks stopped, her arm began to slowly reform while the sick witch watched with fascination [Regeneration E]. " But it'll take more than that to take me out of this plot. " Renee cackled a bit as her arm kept on regenerating. (Action/Ability 1/3)

  • Fire Bolt - E - Magic Affinity E, Fire Affinity F, Magic Range F, Energized E: Renee conjures a flame out of thin air and can fire it at 1 target up to 10 feet away. - 0 post cooldown.

Looking up from where she was standing, the witch picked up her hat and watched Kalina fight off her opponent. Kalina's attacks against the beast would prove to be efficient. The first strike did not fully connect, it did damage the beast, but it kept coming, it would release a disgusting snarl lashing its tongues at Kalina but missing, Kalina would then give the final blow and elegantly jab her rapier through the skull of the beast again, this time getting in deeper, the beast would succumb to the attack and drop over dying, it's body twitching and tongues lashing still while a pool of grey blood surrounded the dying beast, letting out noises that sounded extremely pathetic and sad. Kalina would turn to see Renee with a missing forearm that was slowly growing back while on her face she was smiling and eyes glowing a deep red. " Oh, if someone sent them after us, they should have sent more. They should have made sure we would be killed. " Renee said in a cold voice as her face turned serious, she looked crazy and in pain. Renee held her bloody stump as her book floated besides her. Renee grabbed the book and placed it in her bag while her missing arm was trembling. The beast that had exploded laid in front of her, the upper torso barely alive as it twitch, Renee kicked the head of the beast with a growl, " I wish I could put you in worst pain. " Renee stared with a deep hatred. She then clenched her eyes shut while her arm healed. But quickly opened them while looking up at the balcony above them. " Gods damn that Shadow Fae... " Renee muttered in pain. Looking around them, the skeleton warriors then turned their hollow heads towards the two outsiders, stopping their eternal battle to turn on the two sisters.

A few skeletons began to lumber towards the two with their weathered weapons ready to strike and attack. " If I could burn you all I would! " Renee growled as she took her journal from her bag, the witch then made her way over to Kalina and stood beside her. (Movement 2/3) " I hope she's still alive up there. " Renee growled. Activating her journal and accessing her mana, a rune appeared below both the vampire and the witch, with a sudden shift of reality, the two would teleport back on the balcony, back where they had originally stood. (Teleportation 3/3) [Magic Affinity D, Teleport E, Magic AOE E: 2 Post Cooldown 0/2] Although this would cause Renee to fall onto her knees from severe pain in her arm and shock. The witch looked pissed off, despite blood being on her body and face.

Hope would have the strange eldritch armored dog turning on her, growling with its maw extending and shrinking while its tongues lashed around in the air while growling deeply at the Shadow Fae, moving sideways while facing Hope. Although Hope's empathy would prevent the creature from attacking her even as it fake charged her, letting out a snarl as saliva flew from its maw and splashed on the marble floor below them. Hope would toss a piece of meat on the ground which the beast was upon in a moment, one tongue stabbed the meat and pulled it back into its maw as it disappeared into the darkness, now distracted. Hope then conjured magic as the distracted beast was unaware after eating only to be betrayed by Hope who whipped the beast across its head which earned a yelp and caused the beast to move to the side which ended up pushing it over the edge where it gave a loud yelp. Whoever looked over the edge, they would see that the skeletons were upon the beast, stabbing it repeatedly with their weapons as the creature screamed to its death, unable to get away. In which Renee and Kalina would then teleport behind Hope where Renee fell to her knees, holding her arm that was missing, bloody but beginning to grow a limb.

" Ah. I see you met my canines. My Botched Wurms. " A voice spoke the direction the three women came from, looking up there would be a tall slender figure with a face but no mouth with long black hair, he had handsome features besides a mouth and eerie looking eyes, yet his voice could be heard. There was a tattoo on his chest that was glowing, he wore trousers with boots and had pauldrons made of bone on their shoulders. " And now you dare infiltrate and sabotage my show of eternal dead, whilst you killed my pets. " His voice sounded angry, " But. I got three gorgeous women here; I may be a bit forgiving if you're willing to be my pets for a time. " The man tilted his head in a unsettling way.




Cytha stared at both Scylla and Iberis, still having her sweet innocent smile, although it was clear she was far from innocent, " You two are adorable. I'd give you an hour before you meet a grisly end. " Despite her sweet and caring tone, her words spoke a different story. Although what piqued her interest was that Scylla claimed to have met Arthur before and raised a brow, " What? You met Arthur before? " Then her eyebrows ruffled showing that she was unpleased, " Then you met the one that killed me. I would like to have had him here rather than this one. " Cytha puffed her cheeks out. " Then we'd have a lot of fun. " Cytha giggled innocently although, for some reason, the two would doubt it'd be as fun as she made it sound like. Then Arthur would come in.

Arthur Verg
Arthur was staring down Iberis, although his eyes would shift to Scylla where he was checking her out, even having a little evil smirk for a moment before his eyes rose to stare at her face. " Well, maybe don't come in here dressing like you're asking to be fucked. " Arthur huffed as he moved over to a table beside the wall where there was equipment, screws and tools, a strange magic pool that had small metallic cylinders floating in it. Even with Scylla's responses, Arthur didn't speak as he was fumbling with his tools and such, taking strange clips and pulling the metallic cylinders out of this mana pool before pushing them into the clip. It took close to a minute before he would finish where he turned around to face the two. He sighed like he was bored. " No. I don't remember you. I don't know who you are besides that you look like a work girl I used to pay every week to stay in my bed for the night. Even dress like her too. Since Scylla is a dumb name, I don't know who you are. " Arthur looked at the smaller child, his eyes still cold as they looked away letting a grumble as he loaded a clip into the weapon he was holding, mechanics within the weapon snapped and clicked as Arthur pulled back on the barrel a small lever before it snapped back in a loud and sharp noise.

" How long I've been here for is of no concern of yours. " Arthur stated in a annoyed tone as he adjusted his weapon, pointing it at the ground, like he was tuning it similar to a musician with their instrument. " But you state you've been sent for me. " Arthur had a cold expression as he looked back up at Scylla and Iberis, " By this Renee bitch who I don't even know. By people I don't know or trust, but one says she does know me. Hmm. A bit strange don't you think? " Arthur asked as he then leaned back against the table with his equipment on it. Cytha was watching him carefully. " Why should I trust you? What can you even offer me? " The cold man asked, this was not who Scylla knew from the Underbelly, while the Arthur she knew was a very cold man, he at least was kindhearted under all the stone in his heart. This one was a hard man who cared little for others. " I know what I can offer, my services and violence but everyone needs or wants that. " He then held his weapon in both hands but had it aimed elsewhere, " As for this Dahak bitch you speak of, no. I do not know. " Down the hallway there was groans and moans in the distance, Arthur's eyes didn't move off of Scylla and Iberis. " They are coming back again. Better give me an answer before I head off to go do more killing. Or better yet, convince me. " Arthur stated.



The angel stared at Sage, almost like he was deciphering him. Even as he spoke, the angel did not speak, like he was choosing his words " My name is Malik, The Angel of Grace and Blood. " Malik greeted Sage as he bowed gently, although his icy blue eyes never left Sage, his voice was magnificent and had an elegant tone. Sage would see that this Angel had a B grade catalyst on him, being his wings and a B grade enchanted trident that had vampirism B, penetration B, Blight B, Drain B, Reach D, Knockback B. Then along with that he had B grade armor being his angelic skin. Then even had B grade Claws and Fangs. Finally, he had vials of blood on him that were listed at C grade. This angel was packing heat and was not to be messed with although he didn't seem hostile. " As for where you at, you are in your first challenge by Zylf the Horns. Welcome to Akrob'Kenoreth. Or Where The Dead Go. " Malik stated.

" This is an opportunity for you to leave this realm. Usually, you are supposed to stay here for a century, but lucky for you. I can smell the blood of outsiders. Travellers. Trespassers. And another vampire. " The angel smirked looking up at the ceiling of the building they were in. " This once was a chapel. This realm once used to be full of life. " The angel stated looking at Sage. " A witch is here seeking power. She will be your way out. " Malik stated staring at the fairy, eyeing him, almost like he was sizing Sage up.


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Sage Litwile
Sage listened to what the angel had to say, humming a little in acknowledgement of what was being said, groaning a little bit. "Ah geez, did Vrel have to go through all this junk too? I already killed her without Zylfs blessing, so obviously I'm better than she was. More testing is just dumb." He said with a childish pout, crossing his arms a little bit, before shrugging a bit. "Well, if what you're saying is true I think I'll just skip it. Zylf likes ingenuity, so me thinking my way out of this dumb training will probably be fine." He said with a grin, giving a thumbs up. "Thanks for the tip Milak, hopefully I'll catch you around sometime! Normally I'd stick around a bit longer, but a hundred years is a bit too much and I don't wanna miss my ride."

With his thanks out of the way, he began to flutter off, figuring he'd just look around for any excitement to go towards, since obviously the witch would be wherever the fun stuff was happening, using a bit of focus to maintain his new size. However, as he fluttered, he began to hum a little bit and start walking, since he figured he should do that more, his eye flame dimming down now that the excitement was gone, leaving the normal bark patch and the music gone.

He began to combine walking and fluttering to keep himself entertained, keeping his eye out for any monster that might try to ambush him, keeping his blade ready to be summoned the moment that any tried to attack him, both eager to get in a fight and wary, since he knew he was on a bit of a time crunch to find this witch.
Kalina Chivernu
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Kalina was wiping off the dog's blood on its own fur after slaying it, before turning to Renee and being rather shocked by what she saw. “Whoa... are you alright?” She said, rather shocked by the gruesome sight. That must be hurting like a bitch, so she was surprised Renee replied rather calmly. Even with the arm growing back, someone normally didn't react so casually towards a limb having been ripped off of them. She did look in pain, for what it was worth, but perhaps her anger was stronger than the pain right now? She certainly had enough 'crazy' in her eyes right now, the smile on Renee's face sending some shivers down Kalina's spine. Had her sister gone off into the deep end? Either way, she had to agree on one thing. “They should indeed have.”

She was surprised when the skeletons suddenly, or perhaps finally, stopped their battle to focus upon them instead. Kalina readied herself for a fight, but got teleported by Renee instead. A little disoriented, Kalina tried to figure her surroundings out, whilst she noticed Renee fall to the ground. So much of her sister's precious blood being spilled was really frustrating her. Whomever had send those dogs was looking forward to a slow and painful death. Upon noticing the Shadow Fae was at least okay, Kalina showed some relief. “Glad you're still okay.” She said the Fae, before being interrupted by a newcomer.

“Bloody hell you're ugly.” Her first reaction came out the moment she laid eyes on this guys messed up mouth and eyes. When she heard him speak, she scoffed. “Fuck off! Why is every bastard in this godforsaken place so desperate to get his rocks off? Didn't you have enough fun shagging Dahak or getting railed by these mutts of yours?” She made up the insults, but at this rate, it wouldn't surprise her if it'd be true. This place was weird and full of creeps. That was the one thing she was sure of. Either way, she had no patience for fools like this. “Tell you what, if you're a masochist, we'll make sure you'll have a very pleasurable time dying a long, slow and painful death. That's the best I can offer you.”

With that said, she'd back off into [Stealth Mode] hoping to pretend to flee and vanish from the man's sight so that she could make her way towards him and strike him whilst he'd least expect it later on. She might not be too great at open confrontations, but if she could make up for it by striking from the shadows, this man would soon regret picking a fight with them.

C Grade Cooldowns: (0/3)
Stealth Mode: – Stealth C, Concealment F, Disguise F – Character quickly hides away and (where needed) disguises and conceals any traces of them having been somewhere. - Grade C – 3 Post Cooldown.
D Grade Cooldowns: (1/2)
F Grade Cooldowns: (0/0)

The Last Curse

21% Delirious

Hope shut her eyes the moment her magic made contact with the canine. She hoped the attack was enough to dispatch the beast quickly, and after two pained yelps reached her ears, she was sure it had. Shuddering, Hope took two steps back. Should she even look? "Come on, Hope, get it together. Focus!" She spun around, eyes still shut, "Think about something else. Think about what you did good!" Like how her legs had somehow wobbled her out of the monster's way. Or how she'd used a piece of jerky to save her life. The thought brought a smile to her eyes and gave her a well-needed laugh. Kalina and Renee would love to hear about all that. She just had to find them first.

Luckily, Hope wouldn't have to look too far. As she turned to find a way to descend, she spotted the two standing behind her. "Oh! Guys! You're back!" Hope cheered, running up to them, "I'm okay! Are you alright? Oh, you're not gonna believe what just happened!" She stopped right in her tracks as she finally got a good look at the mess that was Renee's arm. And the blood. So much blood. "Jesus Christ, Renee! Who did that to you?!" Hope cried, her hands flying up to her face, "Was it one of those dogs? Or one of the skeletons?" She reached out and grabbed hold of the witch's good arm, "Where are they?! Come on, let's go and-"

She heard someone else speaking behind her. She turned, laying eyes on the monstrous newcomers and subsequently rolling them after their offer. What was with all the men in this dimension? She'd seen plenty of poor game back in her previous life, but at least there was some effort. This was just straight laughable. "Hard pass," Hope said emphatically, "Lose the Halloween costume and throw a bag over your head. That'll help, trust me."

For a moment, Hope's eyes widened. Where'd that come from? How could she be so mean? Sure, the guy was a sleazeball, but there was no need for that! She couldn't talk that way around the others, even if it did feel amazing to finally talk smack! "S-sorry, that was harsh. We're all a bit on edge..." She murmured, though her eyes were still locked onto the newcomer, "So the last thing we want is another fight. And if you've any sense, you won't want one, too." She slowly reached for her catalyst, "Do the right thing. Or else you won't like what comes next."


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While Iberis did have a self preservation mechanic kick in earlier, she couldn't help but scoff a bit when Cytha said they'd only last an hour at most. She'd find out sooner or later just how much more capable Iberis and Scylla were than that. There had already been so much more growth they had, had. It took some effort for her not to scowl then and there, instead she kept her determined look throughout. She took note of Cytha's apparent unpleased view of Scylla knowing the Arthur who apparently killed her. This was all most curious to her, because Scylla spoke like she knew this person well, and yet it didn't seem like he had the faintest idea of who she was, When Arthur started speaking, about Scylla like that. Her look was unwavering now clenching her hand that wasn't on the staff now.

She had heard all kinds of people on the street, probably run into plenty of criminals when she was even younger than this, and the way this guy spoke reminded her of some of the thugs she had seen. With his apparent little concern for violence. He didn't seem too keen on being sociable with Scylla, and Iberis doubted there was much better she could say to him considering Scylla had the prior advantage of knowing..some version of him perhaps, she still hadn't figured that bit out yet entirely of what exactly happened there but there were more important things at hand at the moment. Perhaps the language he spoke in was violence Iberis reckoned. That she could deal with in her own way indeed.

She knew that Arthur had saw that she saw the types of things that he had been fighting up against up close with that execution style kill. So many unnecessary negative vulgar value judgements coming out of his mouth too about Renee who he hadn't even met yet, and even Scylla who he had just met. She would show him what Renee had opened up to Iberis already in such a comparatively brief period of time, yes she would. Upon hearing his request to convince him a steely glint of conviction shined in her tired gaze, she started to move down the hallway quickly as much as in the range of 30 ft to see if she could get a sight on any of the undead he had been attacking earlier that they were hearing. Before their conversation went farther verbally.

"Do you see me Arthur?!" She'd call back, holding her resolve.

"Do you think most people my age can cast like this?"

If Iberis could get a visual, She'd start moving her staff around in the circular motion once more to build up the red arcane energy, before the circle of moving runic symbols appeared in front of her bathornstaff and she unleashed an energy stream at a target within 30 ft from her.

Energy Stream- Magic Affinity D, Arcane Affinity F, Magic Range E, Magic Targeting F, Energized D,Focus D- A more focused advanced attack than a simple Mana strike, Iberis focuses a red concentrated beam of energy from her staff to use offensively against a target up to 30 ft away,- Grade D - 1 Post Cooldown (Energized)

After that she'd quickly follow up with a zig zag shift of her staff firing out an Energy bolt, building up more red arcane energy before the shiny bolt shot forth, at the closest undead if any were within 10 ft of here now.

Energy Bolt- Magic Affinity E Arcane Affinity F, Magic Range F, Magic Targeting F, Energized E, Focus E -A more refined more powerful variation of Mana strike, Iberis sends forth a bolt of energy to strike a single target up to 10 ft away. Grade E - 0 Post Cooldown (Energized)

"If I told you that I could barely cast only weeks ago, and now I can do all of this because I met Renee, aren't you just the slightest bit curious what she could do for you?"

Of course Scylla had also helped, but the fact of the matter was Iberis was so content on pleasing Renee and meeting the objective, that she was willing to go up against these foes to prove a point. Iberis was only 16 and she just casted an academy graduate level spell at Grade D with Energy Stream, following it up with an academy member in training spell with Energy bolt she was so focused on destroying her foes that the fierceness in her movements showed true this time. Even now she stood ready with killing intent ready to cast the next batch of spells if need be.


1. Move up to 30 ft down hall towards presumably more undead.
2. Cast Energy Stream on target within 30 ft range of stream if possible.
3. Cast Energy Bolt if another target available up to 10 ft away.

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