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Fantasy [Isekai Hell] The Ethereal Luminary



Elysia Wentworth from Shiei no Sona-Nyl ~What a beautiful memories~

Honestly, he had no clue if he was doing well or not. She said it was remarkable, which was granting him slight optimism. Never did he expect he'd have S-grade potential. Sure, he'd been confident to a degree, but to know he could achieve the peak of magic? That was... exciting. Yes. He felt some sort of weird-feeling excitement well up inside of him at that statement. “Thank you ma'am, I'll do what I can to live up to my potential.” He replied to her compliments and descriptions with what he felt was most appropriate.

As for the familiar, he nodded. It sounded like a difficult thing still, but he'd probably make it work. Somehow. One way or another. Hopefully. At least one thing he could so; letting the magic guide him. Perhaps he could find something or Ethereal to serve as a familiar? On the topic of that, he didn't have to think long about what his aspiration would be. “I wish to join the upper ranks of Ethereal magic researchers, both in theory and practice.” A short moment of silence. “It's... a grand goal, I know. Yet your words regarding this test made me realise it would indeed be possible.” He figured it might be best to add that, as most people wouldn't have taken him serious for having such goals.
Isekai Hell Grade
Novama Novama Elvario Elvario Pet Panda Pet Panda

We had a mission. We came. We saw. We got one enrolled in school and the other sent packing. There are many options for how things could progress. This is generally how easy it is to acquire most things that are considered first steps in long term goals.

Deliverance was a late entry to the Ethereal Luminary's semester. He would be enrolled into the highest grade class with peers around his current potential with years more schooling and skills under their belt. Some would be nice allies. Some would be bitter rivals. All would be learning opportunities for growth. It would be up to Deliverance how he made use of his accomplishment.


Novama - 7pts

Deliverance - 14pts
optional title acquired [Etherealness] - character seems to be strongly aligned with the term Ethereal. Hard to follow or relate to, the character comes off a bit odd to most. Only ones not impacted by this title are other odd ones.
optional asset acquired [Ethereal Luminary Student] - character is a student of the prestigious magic academy in the the magic capital of the world Aslan/Duchy. Character has access to the resources therein and any perks available to Ethereal Luminary students.

Liu - 14pts
optional asset acquired [Aslan Backdoor] - character is familiar with the backway into Duchy's Aslan that bypasses the monster eradicating barrier as well as how to navigate Aslan.

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