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Fantasy [Isekai Hell] The Arcane Proving Grounds


Scarletti Scarletti

Hearing Ivy's scolding, Orrius would sneer at her, taking a step closer to challenge the girl. "Yeah that's right, this is all just a little game to me. Why don't you mind your own business, princess?"

The boy let loose a scream as the monster stomped on him. The world seemed to blacken out for a moment, before he found himself lying on the ground helplessly with his body burning all over from the pain.

“Damn it… How did things come to this...” Orrius groaned. Just like how he thought of the creatures as ants earlier, now he was the one being stomped on like an ant. “Hahaha…” The boy laughed weakly at the irony of his situation. If only he hadn't been so stupid.

Was he in the wrong for having trusted the others to take it down before it had gotten to him? Or for letting Jason attempt to calm the bug down all by himself? The boy didn’t know… Although it was too late for regrets. He underestimated the bug, and now was the one who had to suffer.

Most of all, he couldn’t stop the rage from building up in him. How dare this mere insect humiliate him like this! While still laying down on the ground, he’d grit his teeth through the pain as he forced his broken fingers open, shooting a blue orb high up into the air. This time, it would explode just like a firework, creating a drizzle of blue light throughout the area near Orrius and healing the party's injuries, if they had sustained any and were within the area (50ft). Although in truth, the healing was mostly for himself to get back at the guardian. The boy then pulled himself up to his feet without letting a moment go to waste, although his body still swayed unsteadily. He was going to stake it all on this final attack. If he couldn’t take down the monster, then it just meant that he wasn’t strong enough.

“Begone!” The boy glared at the monster as he casted his [Disintegrate] spell once more, filling the area with blue light and assaulting the monster from all directions.

Drizzle of healing - Healing D, Magic D, Magic area of effect E, Selective magic E - Healing that can prolong life of dying and restore senses so long as organs are still present. Area covers 50ft in radius around the user, targetting all allies. - Grade D - 2 post cooldown

Disintegrate - Magic C, Mana affinity C, Magic area of effect D, Selective magic D, Duration F - For one hour, periodically release a burst of supercharged mana in a 500ft radius, engulfing all enemies and threatening to tear away at them - Grade C - 3 Post Cooldown
Ivy Redwood

SoftSmile SoftSmile
Seeing Mao regain her strength and take her hand, Ivy’s face lit up, glad that she was able to help the girl without the help of her persuasion skill. She didn’t like the idea of using a skill to change people’s minds; it was like brainwashing and it seemed wrong to her. But of course, if there was ever a situation where she had no other choice, she wouldn’t hesitate to use it, just like with her mind control. Or if there was anyone who was an asshole, like that Orrius boy. She ought to teach him a lesson later when the battle was over.

“Oh!” Ivy yelped as she was pulled behind the tree by Mao. It was only then she noticed the big insect charging towards them. “Why thank you.” She would say with a slight bow.

As she hid behind the tree, there was a shrill scream that was cut off abruptly. It sounded like Orrius. Even though the boy wasn’t exactly the nicest to her, she hoped he was still alive. Partially because she wanted to teach him a lesson herself, and also because it would suck to clean up a dead body in the middle of this forest.

However the insect was no fool, as it probably had seen her hiding behind the tree, slamming into Ivy nonetheless and throwing her onto the ground. As she struggled to get back to her feet, a light rain started drizzling down in the area. The aching in her body seemed to fade away magically. Was this magic?

As the guardian beetle was recoiling from its charge, she quickly hid behind another tree this time before it could spot her. She racked her brain, thinking of what she could possibly do in this scenario. Well, she could run straight in for the guardian, and so long as she touched it, she could use her mind control and perhaps command it to freeze in its tracks. But that wouldn’t work if the enemy was this overwhelmingly powerful.

In that case, there was nothing left but to place her trust in her comrades. She picked up her flute, playing an energetic, medieval tune this time to persuade everyone to remain courageous in this battle.

Energetic battle theme: Grade F ability with 0 post cooldown | performance F, persuasion F | Ivy plays her flute, trying to give courage to all her comrades.

- get up on her feet
- hide behind tree
- play music
Naomi Plumfoot
Lulidew Lulidew Novama Novama Scarletti Scarletti Eccentric_Undead Eccentric_Undead Voider Voider Ian Temero Ian Temero SoftSmile SoftSmile

The tables had turned in an instant.

None of them were able to halt the creature's advance. It tore through Jason like a wet paper bag and tossed him aside. It trampled over two-thirds of his insects. It clashed with Tannia's weapon and dented it. It shattered Glacier's armor. It damn-near killed Orrius. And, as for Naomi?

She didn't fare any better.

The best she was able to do was keep it from crashing into her directly. The mage palm shattered against it instantly. A pulse of arcane energy erupted from her ring, breaking open wide cracks all throughout it that rendered it useless. She took a moment to mourn the broken gift from her parents, clenched her fist, and forced herself to get her head in the game.

She ran over to Orrius placed a hand on him, and used [Healing F] on him, and helped him to his feet.

He'd already shown himself to be the biggest gun that they had so, even with the healing rain falling down upon them, she wouldn't hesitate to use it on him. If he wasn't going to display much self-preservation, then she would do what she could to look out for him. After all, somebody needed to be alive and well to fight whatever the group encountered up ahead in the forest and, with her broken ring, it wasn't looking like it was going to be her. And she had yet to confirm whether or not that thing was still alive after that last blast.

"Guys, I literally just broke my only weapon on that thing's face and I'm not gonna be much help with the fighting from now on. So either those of us who can still fight need to focus on taking this monster out at quickly as possible, or we all need to get together and get out of here before something other than an insect gets killed out here."
Tannia Armor 2.jpg
Tannia Duellona

Character Grade - D

  1. Movement
  2. Basic Attack ( Effectiveness: 5+1)
  3. Basic Attack (Combo)
Claymore D -> E

Her sword wrenched away from the beetle Tannia stumbled back, struggling to stay on her feet. She winced as the vibrations from the sword jarred her wrists. That was not good. Swords were not meant to do that. Regaining her footing she turned her head to examine the carnage. Things were not looking good, the party having been thrown in all directions. The minstrel and the bug-tamer had been cast aside, most of the latter's bugs slaughtered. The fox appeared cracked while the elf's leathers were torn beyond use, and she couldn't see the cat-girl anywhere. The brat was the worst off, having taken the full brunt of the attack, though he was already picking himself up as a light aetheric rain fell around and Naomie tended to him.

And then there was the perpetrator of the whole mess, the beetle, rearing up as it prepared to attack again. Standing serenely in all of this however was Malik, preparing an attack of his own. With a grunt Tannia hefted up her claymore and charged forward once more, calling out "Whatever you're doing, do it fast!" as she passed him.

Tannia was aware of the shower of arcane energy tearing at the creature. She was aware of Naomie calling out for a plan. But they didn't matter. Tannia was focused on one thing as she ran underneath the beast. The beetle's mistake. In rearing up it had exposed it's underbelly and the armored woman took full advantage of it as she thrust her blade up with all her might, strait at its thorax. She may get hurt when the monster came down, but its own massive weight would only serve to push the greatsword further in.
Jason Ithbecka


Interactions: Naomi ( Gwen_Temi Gwen_Temi ), Glacier ( Voider Voider ), Zuì ( SoftSmile SoftSmile ), Novama Novama , Tannia ( Ian Temero Ian Temero ), Ivy ( Scarletti Scarletti ), Orrius ( Lulidew Lulidew )
Jason was in pain. Not paying because of how he felt or how he was thrown aside by this massive insect. Not even because a lot of his insects were killed. He felt so much pain for this Giant Beetle. This forced aggression it was in, it broke his heart. As he slowly set up and watched the beatle continue to fight, he knew that he would not have a chance to get through to it. This made him incredibly sad, so he wanted to put this beautiful creature to rest. To let it finally escape the aggression that it had in the aggression that was forced upon it.

He sat up, laying back against the tree. He was in some serious pain. He wasn't built for close combat. However, there was something he knew about larger insects. Their legs. Insects of that weight need their legs. It was the same with humans, but the difference being that an insect can survive without its legs. At least for a little while. He looked up, pointing to the guardian beetle "Take it's legs."

The Crypticrawlers shook themselves to get back in order. After they were ready, they dashed to the guardian beetle, wasting no time in attacking its legs as ordered. The front claws of some stabbed into the armor as much as possible, the others using their massive mouths to eat away at the legs.

Actions: 3 Crypticrawlers stabbing, 2 are biting.

Mechanic for the three: E Grade Strength - Fighting Style Relentless Stabbing F, #1 tech Penetrate Grade F - Natural Weapon Claws Grade F.

Mechanic for the remaining two: Natural Weapon Teeth Grade F - Grade E STR



Interactions: Naomi ( Gwen_Temi Gwen_Temi )

Glacier took a moment to look over himself, now that he was no longer under direct attack; the outer layer of his ice was now shattered and slightly jagged in places, with small, sporadic cracks having appeared deeper. Fortunately, the integrity of his body was still mostly intact, and his core completely unharmed.

Turning his vision back to the battlefield, Glacier took his time to assess the current circumstances. The beetle looked to be preparing for another charge, Malik seemed like he was beginning an attack of his own, Tannia went in for another hit, Naomi was healing a critical looking Orrius, Jason had ordered his bugs to attack the creature's legs, and he couldn't immediately see Ivy -though he could hear her music- or Mao in the vicinity.

As Malik and Tannia were continuing the fight, with Jason seemingly realizing that combat was inevitable, and that fact that Glacier did not have any support capability, he chose to join the fight once again. "If they wish to continue the fight... then so shall I." He quickly -though that was arguable- responded to Naomi, before running to the beetle; he again aimed for one of it's joints, whirling around to whack it with his tail, before swiftly giving it an ice empowered kick.

Action 1: Movement- towards [Rhinoceros Beetle Guardian]
Action 2: Attack- with [Natural Weapons]: Body of Ice F
Action 3: [Frostbite Hit]- ability used

Frostbite Hit
- Whirling Ice [Natural Weapons] F, Blight F, Magic F - Glacier attempts to hit his opponent with a magically cold empowered strike, freezing the impact point. - Grade F - 0 Post Cooldown

Grade F Cooldown: 0/0
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OOC: soft skip 1. Good job on getting through first scene everyone. Use the caravan to regroup, repair your gear, reset cooldowns, chat and roleplay.
Time: evening supper time at sunset
Weather: the warm day gave way to a cooler evening. It was fairly comfortable in the breeze so long as one is dressed and moving.
TLDR: The party blew up the beetle and recovered an artifact. The met with a caravan just outside the forest to rest and prepare for their next task: guarding the caravan over night on its way to ryken.
Post Listening:

Ryke - Forest of Shadows


Orrius had cast his healing spell, the radiant blue light enveloping him, mending wounds and dulling pain. It was a spell designed to heal the living, the damaged. It could not restore life to the crushed bugs or mend the broken and shattered equipment, whether it be forged by man or bestowed by nature. As for his potent Disintegrate spell, it remained dormant, cooling down from its previous application.

Ivy's music rang out in the midst of the chaos, her flute's notes weaving an energetic, medieval tune. It wasn't magical, but its rhythm and melody had a special kind of potency all its own, bringing a semblance of unity to the harrowed party. The melody coursed through them, like a rallying cry amidst the tumult.

High above, Mao remained in the tree, concealed from the chaos. She was safe, but the opportunity to aid her companions slipped through her fingers as she remained in hiding. Her potential contribution to the battle went untapped, a lost asset to the party.

The gentleness of Naomi's heal, while small, provided Orrius with an extra layer of comfort. It was a mild salve against the raging pain he had experienced previously, a testament to the solidarity among the party members.

Tannia charged forward, a brave figure wielding her claymore against the towering guardian beetle. Her blade struck the beast's exposed underbelly. It would've been an ineffectual attack on its own, but aided by the combined efforts of her companions, her weapon pierced the bug, dealing significant damage.

Jason's horde of bugs, regaining order, launched an assault on the massive guardian. Their diminutive size proved deceptive as they relentlessly gnawed away at the beetle's legs. Their sheer numbers and tenacity were effective in causing damage, proving the adage of strength in unity.

Glacier, the icy warrior fox, joined the fray with a forceful assault on the guardian. His attack, although individually weak, worked in harmony with the rest, contributing significantly to the group's collective assault.

Then, at last, Malik's spell erupted, a powerful beam of shadowy light hurtling towards the guardian. The spell, fired in perfect unison with the coordinated attack of the others, collided with the beetle. In a grand spectacle of dazzling colors, bug chunks, and milky blue blood, the guardian exploded.

In the aftermath, amongst the remains of the guardian, a glimmer caught their eyes. One of the relics the party had been searching for lay exposed, a testament to their hard-won victory.


The acquisition of the artifact marked a significant victory for the party, but their trials were far from over. Time, as always, moved on, marking its relentless passage in the gradual healing of their wounds and the fading of the brutal battle from immediate reality into the realm of memory.

Meanwhile, in different corners of the forest, rival groups were locked in their own fierce battles, attempting to complete the first of the trials. As each group succeeded, they emerged from the forest bearing their own artifacts, expressions of triumph and exhaustion etched on their faces.

The second trial waited for them all: the safeguarding of a caravan on its journey from the forest to the city of Ryken. This trial, unlike the first, was not a test of might but of vigilance, teamwork, and the ability to protect others—qualities deemed indispensable by the Adventurer's Guild. The journey promised its own share of challenges, from 'bandit' attacks to encounters with magical beasts. Yet it also provided a valuable opportunity for respite.

With the commencement of the second task, the trial takers were introduced to the caravan—a motley collection of wagons, their sides emblazoned with the colorful insignia of various trade guilds. It was bustling with life, teeming with merchants, artisans, and several members of the Adventurer's Guild overseeing the operation.

In addition to providing them with a mission, the caravan served as a moving sanctuary. Here, they could rest, regain their strength, and have their equipment repaired by skilled caravan craftsmen. In the soft glow of the campfire and the gentle lullaby of the moving wheels, the party could find a semblance of peace amid their strenuous trials. Their challenge was not over, but at least for now, they could catch their breath and prepare for the journey ahead.

In the comforting confines of the caravan, Malik handed over his black leather armor for repair. The intricate fae design, with its pattern of flora and butterfly wings, had sustained substantial damage in the recent battle. As the artisan worked on the armor, Malik watched the rhythm of his hands, lost in thought. He replayed the fierce encounter with the forest guardian in his mind. His thoughts then meandered to their present task—defending the caravan. Finally, his musings led him to his companions, each grappling with their trials and victories. His eyes scanned their faces, those nearby that he saw, a silent promise to stand by their side through whatever was to come.


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The warm cackling of the fire was the only sound to fill her ears for some time. As she sat there, atop a fallen tree, she examined her newly repaired ring. There was a hint of relief that washed over her as she regained her only weapon, but her faith in the catalyst had been shaken. In one attack, it had shattered and failed her. It had no chance of getting her through school.

But, hopefully, it would last her through the rest of the exam.

Malik rejoined the group and, with everyone together, Naomi decided to start planning with the group for the next challenge.

“I think that the key to passing this part of the exam is positioning. Unless someone here is comfortable jumping between moving wagons, we should all plan to start the journey somewhere where we can make the most of our strengths so that we won’t have to move around much. And I’ve put a bit of thought into this.”

First, she turned to Orris.

“You, in my opinion, have the most firepower out of anyone here. I think that you should be riding up front. With your range and wide-area attacks, you’re the best for blowing away any barricades or obstacles the caravan might run into that might force us to slow down or stop and leave us vulnerable. And I think that putting you anywhere other than up front would be wasting that power.”

Then, she turned to Malik.

“And I think you should be in the back for similar reasons. You’re also capable of hitting targets from quite a ways away, but you’ve also got those blinding lights. Using Those to blind or disorient anything that tries to chase after the caravan is a good way to lower their accuracy, cause them to trip and crash, or just outright force them to slow down. And I’d rather see spells like that thrown behind the caravan than ahead. So, I think your gifts are best used in the rear of the caravan.”

She turned to Jason, however many bugs he may have had left.

“I think putting you in the middle would be ideal. We can spread your bugs out between the wagons of the caravan and have you order them around from the center where your voice can best carry across the wagons. You can have them working to defend the wagons from anyone who gets past Orrius and Malik and tries to board us.”

Next, she turned to Ivy.

“I think you’re best in the middle as well. Possibly even with Jason. Your music can cover most of the caravan that way. And, even if we don’t get into any fights, It might be nice to have a nice serenade for everyone to lift their spirits.”

Then, she turned to everyone else.

“As for the rest of us? Well, I don’t have any ranged attacks and I haven’t seen any from you guys, so our best bet is to just settle in on the wagons that no one else is able to protect and fill in the gaps of our defense.”

Finally, she spoke more to her own ability.

“Admittedly though, I think I’m best suited up front as well. I like to think that I’ve got a bit of an eye for detail and I can help both Orrius and the driver of the front wagon to identify any less than obvious dangers so that either he can blow them away or the driver can lead the caravan around to avoid them. But, if anyone feels that they have a better eye for details, then speak up and take the front position with Orrius.”

She leaned back and fell silent, eyes scanning the crowd to see how they would respond to her words. They were all still relative strangers, but she had seen a little of what they could each do in that last battle and that was really all she had to go off of when it came to strategizing.

“Those are just my thoughts, though. Speak up if you have any other ideas you want to bring to the table, because I want us to all be on the same page before we get rolling.”
Gwen_Temi Gwen_Temi Ian Temero Ian Temero

As Orrius casted his Disintegrate, only blue sparks would fizzle out from his hand. His cheeks would burn red from embarrassment.

"Huh? That's not supposed to happen, did I get the spell wrong?" A sweat dripped from his forehead as he stared at his hands in confusion. Just then, Naomi came over to his side, casting her own healing and helping him up. "Ah, uhm... thanks..." He spoke in a soft, nervous tone, rubbing his neck as he did so. Even though the healing was nothing compared to his own, he was still grateful for her actions. The boy didn't think a mere stranger would ever show concern over him.

Thankfully for the team, their combined efforts were able to swiftly finish off the beetle guardian without Orrius' help. The boy was impressed with their skills, taking mental notes about them and nodding his head as he watched them fight from the sidelines. The one known as Malik seemed like a pretty capable mage himself, as he managed to deal the finishing blow to the boss.

Next up, the group were tasked with an escort mission. This time, Naomi was the one who decided to take charge and give orders of her own. "Geez, who made her the boss?" Orrius thought to himself, although he recalled what she'd done for him earlier and decided to keep his mouth shut for now to let her finish her speech. He normally didn't like it when others told him what to do, but this time he'd let it slide. Right afterwards, he would turn to Tannia.

"In that case, Tannia, right? I could use your help at the front. Please protect me as I cast my spells." Orrius pleaded, albeit reluctantly, but he was desperate. He knew that he was a vulnerable target, and after having taken heavy punishment earlier and having healed himself afterwards, he had a bad feeling that the next time he got injured, his healing may not be as effective as before and he might leave himself with permanent or even fatal injuries. He had to avoid that no matter what the cost. "Be my shield, and I'll be your lance. How does that sound?"
She froze again.

Looking down to the battle, she could feel the cold sweat on her back. It was at that moment she was reminded of her lack of armor, or any proper clothing for that matter. She saw that poor boy get absolutely blasted and suddenly she didn’t want to jump down and be a hero anymore.

They got this. She convinces herself as her body relaxes, ready to stay in the safety of the trees.


Caravan. They had to guard a caravan. Okay. That couldn’t be too hard, right?

Māo stayed silent as the others conversed, unable to even look at Ivy at all. She felt guilty. Again. It seems every time she’s in the forest people end up getting maimed around her! Scrunching up her nose at the thought, she takes a big gulp from her flask that had been unclipped from her belt ever since they were out of danger.

It was about half empty by now, throughout the entire conversation she would take a sip, wait a few seconds and then take another one, her bells chiming ever so slightly as if to alert others to her alcoholism.

“I’ll take the middle.” She finally spoke up, hiccupping a bit at the end of her sentence. She was confident in her abilities to jump from cart to cart, well she was, right now her vision was blurring a bit. Māo shook her head, her necklace chiming loudly as she did so. Blinking a few times, her vision settled and she smiled again. “Woo! This is going to be interesting, huh?”


Interactions: Naomi ( Gwen_Temi Gwen_Temi ), Mao ( SoftSmile SoftSmile )

Glacier lay under a nearby tree, somewhat away from the fire, but still within talking distance with the rest of the group. While the sensation of damage to the outer portion of his body was not pleasant, his mind was relieved in the fact that his core and form remained intact, even if many chips and shallow cracks were visible.

As Naomi began discussing a plan, Glacier silently listened until she was finished. "I have no objections to this proposal... I volunteer to take a wagon between the front and center." He then looked towards Mao as she spoke, though she appeared to be drunk. "'Interesting' is one way to phrase it... but yes, I suppose it will be."

With planning in mind, his thoughts turned towards everyone's capabilities, including his own. From what he knew of this world so far, it would be important for Glacier to increase his fighting abilities as much as possible, lest he ever face a stronger threat that he couldn't potentially flee. The obvious way to do so would be his natural powers towards ice, which he would continue to harness and shape into weapons and defenses for himself.

This train of thought led Glacier to pondering what else he sought to do, and his vague recollection of the request of improving this world. Other than increasing his combat capability, what did he want to do? What place did an [Abomination] such as him have in this world?

Focusing back on the present, Glacier gently lowered his head to the ground, content to rest and listen to the group converse, chiming in if he had anything to say. Perhaps those questions would be answered in time, but regardless, they were worries for the future; there was no point in pondering possibilities if he didn't survive to reach them.
Ivy Redwood
Novama Novama Gwen_Temi Gwen_Temi

Right when the guardian was finally defeated, Ivy played her final notes, before setting down her flute and taking in a deep breath. She was glad that she didn’t have to resort to using her other skill in front of the others in this battle. Seeing how none of her companions had that skill, she wondered if it was really taboo to use it here. Maybe it would be best for her to hold off on it for the remainder of the journey.


Ivy stood with her back leaning against a tree, her arms folded and her eyes closed as she took a moment to take in the calming ambience. Her thoughts were still racing from the battle earlier that day, and so she was using this time now to calm herself down.

Even while Naomi was explaining her plan, Ivy wouldn't bulge, but she was making sure to listen to every word attentively. After most of the group had finished speaking, Ivy would step in to add her piece.

“Hmmm… I’m afraid there’s a problem with this plan. No one else will be keeping Malik company.” She glanced between the different members of their group, before making up her mind. “In truth, there is nothing magical about my music. I’m not even sure if it’s of any help in battle. I will join Malik at the back.”

It was only then did she notice a drunk Mao holding a sort of flask in her hand. Wait, was she drinking alcohol this entire time? Would she really be okay? Ivy started to have some doubts all of a sudden, but she was sure the others could take care of Mao just fine.
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OOC: soft skip 1, ian skip 1, fantasy skip 1. really appreciate the direction and teamwork I'm seeing.
Time: evening supper time at sunset
Weather: the warm day gave way to a cooler evening. It was fairly comfortable in the breeze so long as one is dressed and moving.
TLDR: Malik goes along with the plan as the caravan readies to move. Assume next round will be on the move
Post Listening:

Ryke - Forest of Shadows Edge


As the discussion wound down, Malik, his armor fixed already, studied the faces of his companions. He noted their tentative agreement with Naomi's proposed strategy, the shared determination in their eyes. Ivy had offered to accompany him at the back, an offer he felt a pang of gratitude for. His gaze moved to the caravan that was being prepared nearby, the rhythmic clatter and clink of metal and wood echoing the impending journey. It was time to move on, time to brace for the challenges that lay ahead.

The company they were assigned to protect bore the proud name of the Silver Star Trading Company, known for its transports of exotic spices and fine silks from Ryken to distant lands. The company brought 6 wagons for the caravan which consisted of dozens of wagons, each bearing their own company insignias. Silver Star Trading Company used a radiant star on a field of blue. In and around the wagons, several figures moved busily, tending to the beasts of burden and tightening the straps on large trunks. Trial takers like their group milled about, planned, or otherwise got in ready positions. Malik found himself intrigued by these individuals, their faces as varied as the lands their goods hailed from.

Taking a deep breath, Malik stood, a sensation of anticipation stirring within him. "Alright," he called out, his voice clear to their group in the forest clearing, "The caravan is ready. We should take our positions." The words hung in the air, a clear prompt to his companions. He met Ivy's gaze and gestured with a nod, a silent affirmation of their shared role at the back of the caravan, before turning his attention back to the procession of wagons.

In the front, the wagon's driver, a burly man with a thick, gray beard, handled the reins with a practiced hand. Beside him, a spot had been cleared for Orrius, who would lead their defense. In the middle of the caravan for Silver Star, space was allocated for Jason, his bugs, and a somewhat wobbly Mao. Naomi was to help guide the caravan from the front with Orrius and Tannia. Ivy would join Malik at the rear, where they would guard against any threats that might pursue them or provide long ranged support if necessary.

They were an odd team, Malik thought, but somehow it worked. His gaze slid over his companions, all getting ready, before settling back on the caravan. The journey would not be easy. But they would face it together. As he moved towards the back of the caravan, the forest's edge bathed in the soft glow of the setting sun, he knew they were ready for the road to Ryken.


Tannia Armor 2.jpg
Tannia Duellona

Gwen_Temi Gwen_Temi , Lulidew Lulidew
Character Grade - D

  1. N/A

While the party members with broken gear had handed them off to the caravan to fix, Tannia had chosen to handle the repairs of her sword herself. Not only did she know how the claymore needed to feel as the warrior wielding it, but as the smith who forged it she knew exactly how to fix it up. By the time the crew had gathered together had already mostly finished up, having borrowed one of the caravan's forges to hammer and grind out the nicks, dents, and small cracks in the blade.

As Naomie began going over her plan, Tannia found a stump to sit on, pulling out a waterskin and a whetstone, and set about sharpening the sword. Constant repetition of sliding the stone up the blade at a forty-five degree angle, then switching sides and repeating until all for edges were done. It was slow work, but Tannia had done it thousands of times before, even before coming to this world, so she didn't even need to pay attention to her hands as they knew what to do.

"Didn't take you for a strategist, girl." Tannia commented, impressed after Naomie finished up. The red head lifted up the claymore and peered down its edge to check that it was sharp, but when Orrius made his request she paused. She examined him out of the corner of her eye, deciding if she should bring up the useless comment, but she figured the beetle had taught him enough of a lesson. So instaed Tannia nodded. "Classics pairing, mage and vanguard." She said as she finished sharpening the tip of the blade. "Good thinking."

Malik pointed out that they were ready to start moving and Tannia once again nodded, putting her tools away. Standing up, she slipped her sword onto her back and took her position at the front.
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“It’s settled then.” Hearing Tannia praise his good thinking, Orrius wondered if she really meant it or not. It was hard to read her serious expression. At least she was fine with going along with his plan - that was more than sufficient for him. Although for a guy to ask a girl to protect him… Orrius was unsure if he had lost his dignity from doing that or not. Survival was his priority for now though, and this was no time to be complacent and worrying over pointless crap like that.

Truth be told, this whole situation was all new to him. Throughout most of the boy’s journeys thus far, he’d often taken the role of a side character. He’d never imagined being the one entrusted with the most important task before. Now that the others had high expectations for him, he could feel the nerves returning once again.

Turning to Naomi, the boy stuttered. “Uhmm… I… I guess I’ll be counting on you too.” Next, he would pull Ivy to the side, whispering. “Y’know, about earlier… You have every right to laugh at me. And umm… I’m sorry.” Right after finishing his apology, the boy would run off to his position beside the wagon’s driver, too embarrassed to hear her response.
Naomi Plumfoot

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The group seemed to be receptive to her plan. They immediately began to talk amongst one another, admit their weaknesses, and ask those with corresponding strengths to compensate for them. Naomi couldn’t help but smile as the semi-dysfunctional group began to truly feel like a team. She sent a confirmatory nod to Orrius. Then, she turned to Tannia and chuckled as she called her a “strategist”.

“Well, I’ve gotta find some way to carry my weight, you know?”

Malik made the call to board and Naomi made her way up to the front with Tannia and Orrius. As the caravan began to move, she’d move to the front of the wagon and peer out into the distance ahead. She’d continually use [investigation F] as they advanced to scan the area for anything suspicious or noteworthy that might’ve signaled or hinted at upcoming danger.

She didn’t want for anyone on her team or in the caravan to be caught by surprise.
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With a plan in motion, Glacier got up from beneath the tree. "I will assume that any problems ahead or behind us are being sufficiently dealt with... if my assistance is required with anything, please shout so." With a quick word to his team, he made his way over to the "Silver Star Trading Company" portion of the caravan.

Climbing onto one of the wagons, Glacier took a seat next to the driver, who he then spoke to. "I hope that my presence is not disturbing... if you would prefer, I shall walk alongside the wagon instead." Seeing as most his group were on the lookout, he elected to take a relaxed manner until whatever inevitable challenge appeared.
Zuì Dàmāo
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DM5xzsbV4AEh59J.pngMāo quickly settled in the middle of the caravan, stretching her legs out before sitting down. It was at that moment she realized who she would be sharing her space with.

“Um, Jason, dear–” She squeaked out, looking at his bugs, audibly retching at the sight of them. “Could you maybe go into the erm–Back wagon? Please?”

Yes, she was a grown woman who had dealt with many messy and bug-filled apartments and motels but those things had to be a crime against god! Backing up against the wagon wall, she would visibly jump every time one of the minions would move. Her bells would chime incessantly as she moved, filling the wagon with light ringing noises as she visibly shook from fear.
Ivy Redwood
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"Huh...? Hey, wait!" Ivy called out after Orrius, but the boy quickly vanished from her sight after making his apology. Shaking her head, she decided to let bygones be bygones, although she never expected the arrogant brat to apologize himself. Looks like he didn’t need her to teach him a lesson after all, she’d thought to herself.

Malik then prompted everyone to take up their positions, before showing his approval of Ivy joining him at the back with a single nod. A man of few words - that’s how she’d best describe him. Capable, yet mysterious. “I’m glad to be of assistance.” Said she.

Heading into her wagon at the back, she took out her flute once more, playing her music while the crew awaited their next challenge.

Jason Ithbecka


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Jason was still reeling from everything. He understood why everything was happening the way it was, but he still felt awful. These people were sick. They would fight before looking at facts. So many innocent insects had to die. It just wasn't right. He could have saved them. No, these neanderthals didn't realize the beautiful way insects lived. Unfortunately, now he was stuck with them.

Sitting in the caravan, he heard the voice of the half naked cat girl. He looked up, emotionless and dry. Of course he could see that his remaining bugs took up a lot of space, but he scoffed, knowing that wasn't the reason for her asking him to move. It was always the same. They saw nothing beyond looks. If he had a small army of cats, there wouldn't be such an issue. But, he simple left the wagon, climbing onto a Crypticrawler and sitting. He didn't want to be around these people anyways.
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OOC: soft skip 1, ian skip 1, fantasy skip 1. Time to see how the preparations paid off.
Time: night time
Weather: cooler evening. It was fairly comfortable in the breeze so long as one is dressed and moving.
TLDR: night has come, the caravan is under attack by over 50 attackers surrounding the caravan. A brilliant light on top of the wagon made by Malik illuminates the scene and ensures hiding will be difficult and visibility is at a max during the conflict.
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Ryke - Forest Wilderness


The sun was setting on the horizon, painting the sky with shades of fiery orange and soft purple. Malik, perched at the rear of the caravan, had spent the last few hours watching the world go by with heavy lidded eyes. His gaze never strayed far from the path behind them and the wagons on it, always alert for any signs of danger. It had been an uneventful journey so far, but Malik knew all too well that peace could turn to chaos in a moment's blink.

In the time since they'd left, the group had settled into a rhythm. Those in front would need keen eyes to lead the caravan and skillfully navigate the forest path. The wagon driver of the Silver Star wagons seemed fine enough with Glacier around but could use more banter to ease his nerves as nightfall was coming. Jason's bugs worked together to carry their master and not let his weight slow their travel. Ivy's flute tunes kept the atmosphere serene.

As the forest darkened with the fading sunlight, Malik's attention was drawn to a flickering light in the distance. Squinting his eyes, he discerned several shadowy figures approaching the caravan. Bandits, he deduced. Their audacity to attack the caravan wasn't surprising, considering the precious cargo they were carrying.

He sighed and looked over at Ivy, giving her a quick nod before taking his violet flower shaped catalyst in hand. His quiet, measured voice cut through the evening air as he addressed the rest of the caravan. "We've got company. Prepare for a fight," he called out, alerting everyone to the looming threat. He knew the gravity of their task and its significance for their standing in the Adventurer's Guild.

In the dim light, he began to chant in ancient fae to his catalyst, its violet coloring suddenly pulsing to life with mana that defied the growing darkness. He knew they had to protect not just the artifact they had acquired, but also the people of the Silver Star Trading Company who were entrusting them with their lives. This was not just another combat opportunity; it was a test of their team’s competence and their potential as guardians. As the bandits drew nearer and the last of the light from the sun slipped behind the horizon, Malik stood on the back of the wagon he was by at the back of the Silver Star train and slapped the top, declaring, "Light!"

A brilliant beacon of light, as if looking into the sun, appeared on top of the wagon. While the growing darkness had prompted the wagons to get lanterns lit for the remainder of the journey, Malik's light was far brighter, illuminating the shadows in which the bandits crept. There were far more of them than anyone was likely to notice: at least 50 in front with more in the back. They surrounded the caravan's front half from the forest overgrowth on both sides. The brilliant light would potentially dazzle some of the bandits, but for the rest, they knew the time to strike was upon them, and strike they did. With wild shouts from dozens of voices, those without bows charged the caravan from all sides while those in back aimed to try picking off key targets. Their armor patched leather if they wore any at all. Most used crude weapons like farm implements while a handful used and wore finer gear like that of a guard or soldier.

Trial takers would quickly move to contend with the bandits assuming they were not caught off guard too badly. The caravanners would do their best to keep animals under control and the hired help for the caravans would do their best to stay out of the way and risk getting shot or stabbed. The Silver Star wagon driver was getting very anxious. It seemed like he may whip the mounts and haul out of there at any moment, the consequences and risks be burned for all he would care.





Glacier, who had been laying next to the driver on the wagon's seating, perked his head up at Malik's call of warning. He turned his head side to side, searching for the threat, until a bright line shone from the back of the caravan.

With the surroundings now luminated, Glacier could clearly see at least dozens of bandits from his position. Suffice to say, if he still had eyes, they would have been very wide at this moment. "I will attempt to protect the wagon... if I cannot, then I will separate in order to delay them." He briefly spoke to the wagon's driver, and as the bandits all began to attack at once, he prepared himself.

Silently baring his teeth of ice, with his paws spaced across the small area of the wagon, Glacier watched as a portion of their opponents ran towards his direction. Attempting to dodge [1] -as much as he could while on a wagon, that is- any of their initial attacks, he then snapped forward in order to bite one [2], before turning to face away from another bandit, with the intent of giving an ice empowered kick [3].

Action 1: Evasive Maneuvers [Speed E]
Action 2: Basic Attack [Natural Weapons F] > Random Bandit 1
Action 3: [Frostbite Hit] > Random Bandit 2

Grade F Cooldown: 0/0

Frostbite Hit
- Whirling Ice [Natural Weapons] F, Blight F, Magic F - Glacier attempts to hit his opponent with a magically cold empowered strike, freezing the impact point. - Grade F - 0 Post Cooldown​
Naomi Plumfoot


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A call from the rear wagon announced the new threat to any who hadn’t been paying attention. Bandits encroaching from all sides. It took but a glance for Naomi to confirm the new development, but Malik’s light definitely made it easier. She lowered herself within the wagon so as to allow its walls to act as cover from the archers, then crept forward to the front of the caravan and slapped the side of it with her hand to get the driver’s attention.

“You might wanna get in the wagon with us,” she advised him, “At this speed, you're a sitting duck out there on that horse.”

It was his call, though. As far as Naomi was concerned, the situation was no different than it had been at the entrance to the forest. Danger seemed to pop up out of nowhere and they had no choice but to meet it head on. At least, this time around they had some semblance of a plan.

Keeping a low profile, she moved over to the group’s heavy hitter. She flashed him the repaired ring, put a hand on his shoulder, and sent him a smile that might, hopefully, ease his nerves.

“Deal’s a deal, Orrius. So now’s the time to make a choice. Anyone tries to get into this wagon, they’ll have to go through us before they lay a hand on you. I’m not gonna ask you to stick your neck out or get out of cover or to risk your life. But I would definitely appreciate it if you could cut a few dozen of them down with that crazy magic of yours before they’re on top of us.”

She let her hand slide off of Orrius’ shoulder, turned away from him, and shifted her gaze back out towards the battlefield. She had faith in his power, but it was his power to use in the end. All she could do was support him.

“You protect us and we’ll protect you. I’m sure that Tannia agrees.”

Naomi glanced over at Tannia, sending a nod towards her that carried both her faith in the girl and her resolve to serve the team. Then, she moved just in front of Orrius. Not to block his line of sight if he chose to unleash his magic, but to make it so that the person anyone saw if they made it to that wagon was her. So that she could intercept them. For the second time danger descended upon them, but it wasn’t quite so unexpected this time. They had some semblance of a plan going for them.

So Naomi chose to make the best of it.
Jason Ithbecka


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Jason was just sitting on his crypticrawler, moving alongside the caravan he sat to himself. It must have looked pretty odd. Jason himself was not the most attractive person, given the fact that the entire left side of his body was scarred, then add on the fact that he was surrounded by a bunch of normal insects that were just buzzing about and finally add the fact that he was riding on top of a human sized bug. He was just enjoying himself. Relaxing as the bugs followed the caravan. Still a bit reeling from the death of the Guardian Beetle and was generally avoiding everybody. However, his attention moved over to the bandits approaching them. An audible sigh escaped him as he slowly stood up on the back of one of his remaining bugs "Move to the wagon."

The bug moved over just enough and kept speed, allowing Jason to simply step onto the back of one of these wagons. He turned his head, seeing many of them trying to flank from the front. He knew if he left them alone they would make his life a lot more difficult. His hand raised, he pointed to some of the bandits approaching from the woods to stop the caravan "Eat up. Get them out of the way."

His five remaining bugs wasted no time, skittering off towards the group of bandits and starting their attack. Each bug picking a different bandit to attack. Their claws stabbing in and some of them starting off with attempting to eat bandits legs. A truly gruesome sight for those who weren't ready for it.

Action: Crypticrawlers Attack

Mechanic for Two: E Grade Strength - Fighting Style Relentless Stabbing F, #1 tech Penetrate Grade F - Natural Weapon Claws Grade F.

Mechanic for the remaining three: Natural Weapon Teeth Grade F - Grade E STR
Māo was sitting in the third wagon, downing the last of her gourd flask as she drank simply out of boredom. Everyone interesting was busy being proper adventurers, so there she sat in silence, almost alone. Her vision was starting to blur and she was getting tired of the inaction, her ears sagging as her eyes closed as she stalked closer and closer to the sweet feeling of unconsciousness.

The sound of Malik’s voice startled her awake, her body jumping as she did so. “Ugh.” She put her fingers on her temples, massaging them in an attempt to get the swimming feeling out of her head.

“Alright.” It had taken her a few seconds to get herself on her feet, but once she did she stretched out her limbs before observing the situation.

Māo goes to the edge of the wagon, digging her claws into the wooden supports and hurling herself on top of it. Drunkenly she stands up, looking at the bandits and calling out to them as a distraction.

“Hey, boys!” She waves her hand in the air, her bells chiming loudly as her body moves and sways. Blowing a kiss to them, she attempts to use her [Seduction E] to distract at least a few of them to give her teammates the advantage.

Action 1: Climb on top of wagon
Action 2: Use
[Seduction E] as distraction

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