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Written by Nova.

It is the dog days of summer. The heat and sunshine are intense, but so are the opportunities for fun in the sun or otherwise.

Make a 1000 word or less post from the perspective of one of your characters experiencing this time. It can be from a time before or after isekai and does not need to be considered canon, so literary freedom is at a high.

Posts must be made on rpn where ever posts may be shared and supported in solo project form. Submissions for the event will take the form of links in the newly made "community event" channel.

Due date is August 7th.

Winner of event will be determined by community vote. Winner gets 14pts for character they wrote for. Number of entries will determine if follow up places will be determined. All participants will receive 7pts for their character they wrote for.

You may not submit an entry past due date. You may not write for multiple characters you control. Entries over 1000 words will not be considered.
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Getting an invitation for a 'meeting' in this location was rare. Who would arrange for something like that to take place on a beach? Regula had written it off as a silly prank at first. However, as time progressed, she'd gotten increasingly curious. She couldn't let go of the thought that there might be something more to it. The messenger whom brought the letter had been very well-spoken and polite. It indicated that there was more to it than just a prank. Perhaps this was someone from the nobility, someone supportive of her endeavours that wished to meet her off the radar, using a day at the beach as an excuse?

In the end, she'd given in to curiosity and travelled to the indicated beach. That said, just to be safe, she'd brought her trusty firearm. In a best case scenario, she'd be showing off her marksmanship on some watermelons. In a worst case scenario, she'd be glad to have her weapon with her. Either way, neither of those scenario's seemed to be reality, as she realized it was rather silent on the beach. Was it a prank after all...? She was about to give up when she spotted a beastman, who was standing out a lot on this beach.


For some reason, he was dressed fully in some fancy priest garb. It looked like it was hot as hell being dressed like that and like the sand would get stuck pretty much everywhere... Still, he was the only one around, so she figured she'd approach him. “Excuse me, were you, per chance, the one that invited me her for a meeting?”

“Ah, no ma'am, I'm here because I was invited to witness a sacred sun-worshipping ritual that someone told me was to be held on this location.”

She noticed he was trying hard to look somewhere past her when he replied. Was he trying not to stare at her? She wasn't sure, but before she could figure it out, both of them spotted an odd cloud of sand heading towards them. A bit nervously, Regula, hoisted up her gun. That's when she realised what had gotten the priest's attention previously, the weapon itself. Either way, it was no longer relevant, as she wanted to make sure to be ready for whatever was kicking up this much sand. Only to be shocked when it was just a little girl...


“Hah! I didn't even break a sweat this time!”

The girl pronounced it with a lot of pride, which only furthered Regula's confusion. Although the girl was dressed a tad bit more summery, she didn't seem to fit this beach either. Regula wondered if it was a child that'd ran away from their parents. “Excuse me, little girl, did you come here alone?” Regula hadn't even finished that sentence before seeing the girl fuming.

“Oh, come on! How can you bring a marksman's weapon and have bad enough eye-sight to not even notice I'm an adult woman. I'm a halfling for crying out loud! If you must know, I'm only here to investigate the rumours that some important people have gone missing in this area.”

Regula was rather taken aback by the furious response, taking a moment to regain herself. “I'm eh... I'm sorry miss.” She was starting to notice an odd pattern here. All three of them had been lured to this beach with some weird premise, which couldn't possibly all be true. She was about to say so aloud, when yet another person arrived.


The very tall redhead looked at them with a bit of surprise, before speaking up. “Are you also here due to the rumours of there being a siren in these waters?”

Regula shook her head. “It seems we've all been lured here under different pretexts.” From a quick gloss around, she noticed the truth had also settled in for the others. She was about to give a deep sigh and leave, figuring this had been a waste of time, when a fifth person showed up.


Regula assumed this was just another a victim of whatever prank was going on, but the person themself spoke up. “Greetings and hello~ Welcome! I'm so glad you could all make it!”

Regula was wondering how it was possible for someone's voice to sound so cheerful and syrupy. The halfling clearly hated it, whilst the beastman seemed confused beyond reason. She did notice his tail had moved around a bit. Was it the effect of the cheerfulness alone? How cute. In either case, she listened as the odd pink-haired newcomer kept talking.

“You may wonder why I've brought you all here today! You see, after thorough deliberation, I realised that it is cosmically impossible for us to ever meet under normal circumstances, it is a law of the universe itself! However, I also realised that a beach episode is imperative to increase the overall happiness of pretty much everyone. Yes, one might even say a life without a beach episode is not a life worth living! In fact, whatever subject I may or may not have lied about to get you here, you can forget it, for I assure you that merely the existence of our presence on this beach should statistically increase global happiness by more than enough to make up for any little white lies that I might've used to assure this most positive outcome! Now, why don't we get this party started! I brought got some amazing tobacco, some eh... let's say it's 'red wine' of Fae making, I possess some interesting books on a few lost religions and I promise that I can ramble on and on about proper noble etiquette for all those entertained by such talk! Surely we can all have a fun time hanging our, right!?!” Oddly enough, whomever this was, they sure knew how to lure in folks to hang out at a beach...

The end?


Tu'er Shen the Rabbit God
Seikatsu Mitsunari

Heat. The orges complained of it constantly and yet, Mitsunari felt it paled in comparison to the heat endured when he and the Goddess of the Mountain crossed paths. Within their ruined outpost of a home, the heat was not so bad, but even still the discomfort could not be denied. This wouldn’t be the first unhappy summer in Mitsunari’s life though and as he sat in the former ca[tain’s office, he could not help but think back to what the past few years of his life have been like.

“Come back and see us again!’ The flirtatious tone in the woman’s voice couldn’t be ignored, and no one could say that she wasn’t drunk. Loud, boisterous laughter played in the background, a common sound here at the Osaka Sakura Geisha House. Good food, quality entertainment, and equally good drinks. Music played and everyone enjoyed themselves, from the guests to the geishas and even the chefs. The only person who was not having the time of their life was Mitsunari.

“Sayo, please you must eat, it's been too long since the last time you ate.” That was the nice way of warning his older brother that his patience was wearing thin. Sayogoromo, or Sayo as everyone called him, was Mitsunari’s sickly older brother who he was charged with caring for while his parents ran the business. During this particular summer Sayo had been giving Mitsunari a difficult time as the oy had just turned 18 and had been talking about going off to university. Causing him trouble was the only way Sayo could remind Mitsunari that his sole purpose was to care for him.

“You’re being stubborn, Sayo. And wasting food.” Mitsunari said as his heart rate kicked up, driven higher by rising levels of anger and stress. There were many other things he could be doing right now and although he didn’t have any friends to be with, Mitsunari would much rather have been anywhere else than by his brother’s bed. His parents however, were not interested in what either of their children wanted, so long as they were both alive and not alone. He spent that summer enduring not only the scolding heat, but the abuse of his brother and neglect of his parents.

“Tsk.” Mitsunari sounded in frustration as he unwrapped his bandages. The memory served only to enrage and irritate him. He had missed out on so much, not only that summer, but in his life thanks to his brother’s antics and sickness. “I hope you’re a rotting corpse somewhere now, Sayo.” The venom in his words was lethal, but the kitsune didn’t focus on his brother much longer. Instead he climbed into a stone tub that had been filled with a clear gel that had a green tint to it. It was a substance he harvested from the plants in the area and found that it helped to soothe his burnt skin. His kimono lay beside the tub as he sunk into the gel, leaving just his face exposed.

Slowly his eyes closed and he thought back to another summer experience, one from this world. It was actually the first summer that he had spent in this reality, but things hadn’t gone to plan. His intentions were to use his geisha skills to land himself a nice, cushy position in a noble’s household as a head of staff or perhaps even as a form of lover. He managed to make it to a party for nobility, but as a slave forced to be a decorative piece of wall art. Again he was at the mercy of others, living for the comfort of those around him and being forced to forget about his own needs. That summer he slept on a futon on the floor in an overcrowded room with other people who were there against their will. He hated the smell, the heat was unbearable, and the shame was unforgettable. But working for that noble helped Mitsunari to learn how to seduce others and get people to do things that they normally would not.

“We are more than what they see us as, we are more than tools to be used by them. But we cannot be anything other than those things if we do not stand and fight back.” His managed to convince the other slaves to rebel against their master and persauded the guards to look the other away as he left them all in the chaos that followed the burning of their master’s home. It had been a terrible year in his life, but he was proud of the skill he showed. Even now it brought a smile to his singed lips.

“To hell with those imperialist assholes.” A soft chuckle left the fox as he floated in the tub. “Ryke is no better.” This summer had so far been off to a rocky start with his body being set ablaze and the departure of the people he’d considered his partners in crime. His only possession was a raggedy building that they managed to kill for rather than pay for, and his only company was a handful of ogres who barely understood him. He raised a burnt hand up from the tub, held high in the air. “I hate the summer.” He declared as his middle fingers extended and the others folded into a fist.


Do you hear it? The screams of Gacha salt?

"Aight, worm on the hook... Swish and... Yah!" With a swift flick out off the boat, which swayed with the sudden movement of the would be fisherman, the hook flew off into the great blue waters. The young man sat back down onto the bobbing vessel, each wave rising and lowering the craft, the breif collissions giving a small spray of salty brine and refeshing coolness as he sat comfortably in the rented boat. He was happy enough to have some time to himself, sure enough things got abit troublesome now and again but far be it from him to put off a small venture for himself!

And what better than to take some time fishing?

He planted the rod in the holder on the side of the ship, and reached over to his icebox, a lovely thing that came with the boat, this thing was well stocked with bottled brews and was kept cool due to the magic of the doohicky at the back of the boat. Fancy contraption really, he pulled the cord, it makes a noise and he can guide it along!

Magic was a wonderful thing, he was assured it was called an engine, but, what does he know about magic anyways.

If its magic, and it works, who was he to judge?

He popped open a ice cold bottle of the Duchy's local brew and took a deep drink, the strange brew was popular, largely because it had a unique taste, accented by the strange.. Bubblyness of the liquid. The girl he talked to liked it, so he figured he'd give it a shot, turns out its pretty damn good to say the least! Takeing a deep drink he opened an eye to his pole and spots some irregular movement. Ah ha!

He downs the rest as swiftly as he could grasped the rod, and with all of his might he yanked the hook back, aiming to get that fish in with one go!

Instead, only a baitless hook came back, clinking against the boat with a disappointing tinkle. Finn sighed hard, maybe he pulled it loose? Abit more control this time. He baited his hook once more and tossed the line in, awaiting the next pull. He gazed for now above, he wasn't too far from shore, people were playing in the waters not too far off. There had to be fish still around, something to show for the evening would be nice. He was not great fisherman, but hey, if he can bring some good eatting in maybe he can have a warm meal and maybe a warmer bed tonight! Hehe...


Once again his rod twitched and pulled! Not this time.

This time with controll he gave a, still immensely strong, yank back to try and hook the fish... Only to get a hook in his hand as it flung back... The young man sighed, plucking the sharp hook from his hand. The sting not too bad but a nagging reminder that something out there was robbing him of his worms. He baited the line again, checked the waters and this time lowered it close to the boat. He'd pull it sky high, and wouldn't let his hands off the rod. His detirmination to catch something today at maximum, he will have this fish...

But... It didn't come... Not in a minute, or three... He started to wane abit in focus... But... Then... A tug... Not timed with the current! His eyes leered at the bobber, seeing it under! With a roar, the young onight brought the rod high and pulled! Bringing up a true catch! The first of today which sailed in the air screaming above him!



He looked around and then up at the currently sailing in the air merfolk child as he catch the kid falling into his boat with his own face, causing both to capsize the boat clear over. The water rushed and flooded Finn's life was quickly as the kid flew up. He opened his eyes under the water to see eight looking back at him, a bunch of fish tailed kids, looking with a mixtute of shock and worry at being caught, the one that fell on him wriggled in the water and flapped him across the face with his tail getting away, the hook dislodged from their hand it seems.

Finn floated for a moment... As he then noticed one of them stealing his bait before they scattered into the waters beyond his reach.

The young man resurfaced, panting and spitting up sea water, the boat, upturned, and still afloat, his only safety. He sighed, an apparrent victim of child banditry, he reached into the water and grabbed a floating oar.

"Someone shoulda told me about the Sea Monkeys..."


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Sage Litwile
Sage sat himself on a beachside, sitting in the sand with a big grin on his face, sipping away at a little drink he had. He had gotten a small drink of water. He wasn't old enough for wine or other alcohol, so his only option was water for the most part. He had always loved the summer. It was hot yeah, but he was small enough that his surface area kept him from getting too hot. But he didn't know that, he just knew the air was warm like a blanket, and the flowers always smelled the best.

He recalled all the things he'd been through up to this point as he kicked his feet-.... foot. Foot, around in the sand. He gently lifted his small hand to his face, feeling the bark on his face that felt more like Steel than it did bark, with how dense it was. He remembered the agony he went through as Zylf painfully drilled the pyke into his eye, but he knew this was all what this world did. No need crying over the spilled milk. Everyone went through things like that, so there was no reason to complain. After all, that just meant he was getting the full life experience.

He reached over, grabbing the hilt of his sword and lifting it up, admiring the giant blade some more, smiling to himself. He had worked for this, he had worked for everything. And now he was finally making progress. He'd find his parents one day yet. But for now, he was relaxing. The beach was peaceful, with the sun bearing down on the sand with a bright blue sky. He stood up, and decided to flutter around in the open air, giggling to himself and taking off.

He danced through the warm air, feeling like a blanket was perpetually wrapped around him. He began to toss his sword around, catching it like a baton and dancing with the sword in the sky. The silver blade shining in the sun, as he began to juggle it with the large scabbard, laughing a little bit as he saw how far he had come just from this little action. However, he tuckered himself out soon, and fluttered back down to the sand, sheathing the blade and stabbing it into the sand. He sat on the leather strap for holding it, taking a small nap in it like a hammock.

He had been through a lot, but in the end, he knew...

"Life is good."


evil is good
This story is non canon and takes place before isekai.

Summer had arrived, and yet on this very day, not a single soul could be found on this beach. It wasn’t because it was far from civilization. In fact, Melissa could recall a time when cries of laughter would fill the place, as kids ran around playing with the sand and teens gathered to play volleyball or go swimming. Now, the beach was entirely barren, save for the litter everyone had left behind.

Melissa briefly scanned the report in her hands. Mysterious beast spotted along the coast of this area, a total of 14 casualties thus far, some mentions of giant claws… She was starting to have some doubts coming here all by herself, and now she could feel her heart starting to race as her eyes darted around the beach, looking out for any hints of danger.

“Calm down now, you can do this.” She reassured herself aloud, while taking in deep breaths to calm her nerves. Then, pumping her fists into the air, she yelled, “for the sake of saving summer vacations!”

That’s right, there were poor kids out there who couldn’t come to the beach due to this stupid monster thingy! She had to resolve this issue herself, it was of utmost priority. It was why she had arrived at the scene in full plate armor, despite how hot it was getting.

However, after a long day of searching without any progress, she was starting to lose her patience. The water canteen she had on her was running dry, and her body was drenched in her own sweat. As well as having a poleaxe she was carrying on her back weighing down on her, she was about to reach her limit as she panted like a madman. Running right up to the sea, she would scream as loudly as she could.

“ARGHHH! I’m sick of this game of hide and seek! Just show yourself already, you stupid coward!”

A few moments would pass, with her still breathing raggedly and staring awkwardly into the empty sea like a loser. She would turn around to head for home, when suddenly… SWISHHH!

Glancing behind her, she would come face to face with a giant crab monster.

“It worked… IT FREAKING WORKED?! All I had to do was to call out for it this entire time?!” The girl clutched at her head, screaming and kicking at sand as she was mad she didn’t try it earlier. The monster didn’t pass up the opportunity to attack the girl at her most vulnerable state, swinging down his giant claw and attempting to crush her.

Fortunately, she spotted the attack coming from the corner of her eye and just barely rolled out of harm’s way. She was also starting to get pumped up, after finally finding the beast. The battle was just beginning!

“Hey! That was dirty!” She shouted at the crab, raising her poleaxe high up and wagging at it. Then, she charged right in, swinging at the crab’s skinny but armored legs. The crab would lose its balance as the poleaxe tore through its leg, collapsing onto the sandy beach. However, he retaliated by slamming his other pincer down on her, pinning her down in the sand while she raised her poleaxe to hold him off.

“Grrrrraaaghhhh!” She howled while trying to match the strength of the beast. She was slowly getting overpowered, as the pincer came closer and closer to crushing her, but she was able to shove the pincer to the side and tumble away safely.

“Great, now I have sand all over my armor.” She whined, before circling the crab slowly and carefully, scanning it for any weak spots. “How am I supposed to kill this thing? It has a giant shell, it’s cheating!” She said, totally forgetting that she too was dressed in full armor for protection.

Giving up on finding its weakness, she would make a run towards the beast once again, dodging its slow swings to get nearer to its body. Then, as she finally got close enough, the beast slammed its pincer down once more, kicking up sand everywhere.

She used the opportunity to run into the cloud of sand, climbing up the claw to reach the top of the beast’s head. After cracking her knuckles, she would proceed to smash the beast’s head repeatedly with the poleaxe.

It was a brutal scene, as the monster roared and tried shaking the little girl off. She would hold on tight to the cracks in the shell she made, continuing to swing down at its head. After a long struggle, the beast would finally collapse on the beach, motionless.

Huffing and puffing, Melissa would collapse onto her shaking knees, with her whole armor stained in blue crab blood. Raising a fist in the air, she would mutter. “Summer is saved! We… we got crab for dinner…” Afterwards, she would pass out atop the crab, until her team would rescue her later on.


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Eris laid down on she had a towel underneath there; her staff was laying in the sand next to her along with her pack. This was the first summer since she had arrived in this strange world. She was somewhat surprised swimming suits were around as she looked down at the black and white two-piece she was wearing. Sitting here on the beach was a nice experience as she sat up and placed her feet on the warm sand. A smile appeared on her face as the sensation reminded her of home. She would often go to the beach when she had the time; it was always fun; standing up, she brushed the sand off her legs as her long silver hair reached down to her thighs. Peering out she saw crystal clear water. She shielded her eyes from the sun as her grey looked out. "I think Lady Holfeel has led me to this beach as a gift, so who am I to throw that gift away?" She muttered to herself as her smile turned into a childish gleam before taking off towards the water with little care in the world.

As she reached the water, the cool sensation from the water hit her feet, causing her to jump a bit. She giggled as she started to jump around, splashing the seawater around. She wasn't paying too much attention until a child started to cry as some of the water splashed in her eyes.
"Oh no, I'm sorry, don't cry," she tried to soothe the child as she picked the young girl up out of the water. The child couldn't have been older than four or five based on appearance. She started to walk away from the water setting the child down as the girl stopped crying. "I'm sorry, I accidentally splashed some water around it and got in her eyes," Eris apologized as she bowed as the woman glared at her for a moment, grabbed the child, and walked away. Well, that was kind of rude, though I guess I did splash water into a kid's eyes. She thought to herself as she turned to look back toward the water.

After sighing, she placed her hands on her hips and looked triumphantly toward the water,
"Now here I come, water!" She shouted as she ran back towards the water, getting to about hip depth when she pulled out a black hair tie and pulled her hair back into a single ponytail. Taking her time as she slowly continued into the water, letting her body adjust to the water temperature. Eventually, she started to swim out from the shore as she moved into the deeper water. As she started to float on her back, she looked toward the shoreline; huh, I guess I really came out a little ways but the water is so pretty here! She thought to herself as she laid there in the water, looking up at the sky. After a while, she stopped floating and started to swim back toward shore.

She was about halfway back when some fish started to swim by her jumping out of the water as they looked similar to clown fish back on earth. She giggled as she felt a slight tug on the bottom piece of her swimsuit, which was tied with a string on the side. Which she thought was secured until one of the fish bit the string and pulled it off. Eris screamed as she looked around and noticed no one was around her. But she still instinctively tried to cover herself below the water. She then saw a fish jump out of the water with the black bottoms and swim toward the deeper water. "Hey! Get back here I need that!" She shouted as she started to swim after the fish, submerging under the water as she tried to catch up.

Swimming, she came up for breath as she realized she was getting further and further from the shore as she jumped as the fish with her bottoms leaped into the air. She grabbed one of the strings but not enough to get a good hold as it was ripping out of her hands as another fish grabbed it. This caused her to slam her fist down on the water, taking another breath as she started to swim again. As the fish started to swim around her in a circle, she felt they were playing a game with her. The fish started to jump out of the water around her passing her bottoms from one to the next. Eris attempted to get them back as she wasn't quite quick enough, and the fish got bored and let go of her bottoms as they floated to the top of the water as the fish swam away.

She quickly snatched them and retired the one side, and quickly swam back to shore. Upon reaching the shore, she let out a sigh and, standing up in the water, clasped her hands together and started to pray.
Thank you, Holfeel, for not letting me get embarrassed in front of a lot of people over not having my bottoms. She then returned to her towel and sat in the sun, drying herself off with the warmth of the rays.


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Pre-Isekai'd Raphael
Raphael wasn't fond of the summer time. He never got the appeal of the blistering heat, the glaring sun, and crowds of strangers flocking to one place. He'd rather stay indoors, keep the curtains shut, and crank up the air conditioning while sipping on a cold glass of coffee. He had his summer planned out, but life as an army brat came with uncertainties. Uncertainties that no matter how often occurred, Raphael couldn't get used to. Instead of wasting his days binging manga and browsing through Reddit, Raphael was on a plane bound to the Philippines. His father was one of the few who were chosen to participate in a joint military exercise overseas. And to his surprise, and dismay, Raphael had to tag along; he couldn't just let his father go alone.

These sort of trips would have been fine if the accommodations they received were any good, but given the hut-like hotel they stayed in, Raphael had no choice but to search for somewhere that he could at least call pleasant. While his father was off to work, Raphael wandered the streets, asking the locals for a place where he could relax for the day. Fortunately, there was a café nearby, just a jeepney ride away. Only taking a few minutes to commute, Raphael found himself quite the spot. It was a small shack manned by some Italian woman and her Filipino husband. They were a friendly couple who immediately understood what type of person Raphael was. He was in no way outgoing, and gave off the vibe of someone who just enjoyed his alone time. The place only had three tables and a few stools along a counter, but was located near the edge of a cliff facing the sea. Wanting to appreciate the view, Raphael took the only seat beside the window and got some freshly brewed coffee. Though the heat was sapping him of his strength, Raphael couldn't deny a good cup of caffeine. He preferred his drinks iced, but the owners recommended it.

Cool breeze and decent shade, mellow head-bobbing indie music, an aromatic cup of coffee, and to top it all off, Raphael was the only one in the cafe. He had his doubts about the Philippines, but it wasn't that bad after all. But you know what they say, all good things come to an end, and for Raphael, it came in the form of a loud elderly Caucasian. He looked like he was in his mid-fifties, and his haircut appeared similar to his father's. "British? Probably here for the military thing too." Raphael glanced before taking another sip. Then he saw who he came with. She was of Asian descent, possibly Chinese or Japanese, but also had a British accent. She was definitely younger, possibly half his age or more. Seeing how they had their arms linked together and the lack of personal space, Raphael immediately came to a conclusion. "A sugar daddy, huh?" He had heard these sort of stories from his father countless of times. Some of his uncles were married to Asians, it wasn't anything uncommon. But seeing the age gap, Raphael couldn't help but feel judgmental. However, this wasn't something he cared for that much. At the end of the day, he didn't know them and they didn't know him.

Though having no business caring about someone else's relationship, Raphael couldn't help but take glimpses at the unconventional couple. This time, he had an entirely different reason. They were incredibly chatty and wouldn't shut up. Being his non-confrontational self, Raphael stayed quiet and chose the path of the passive-aggressive. He continued to sneak glances at them, and with each look, felt more disapproving and condemnatory at the couple's relationship. He didn't really feel that way, but he was extremely bitter at the moment and had to displace his displeasure in some way. To make matters worse, the pleasing weather turned into a downpour, causing more people to head inside the cafe, seeking shelter from the rain. Raphael's anxiety rose as he grew more frustrated at the situation he was in. It wasn't anyone's fault, but Raphael wanted to put the blame on the boisterous couple. They were the black cat that brought misfortune to what could have been a bright and memorable summer day. Among those that ran into the cafe was an elderly Asian woman. She had a broken umbrella in hand and was soaked from head to toe. She made her way to the couple Raphael had grown surly towards, and apologized for being late. She too had a British accent. Raising an eyebrow, it looked as if he suddenly had a realization. "Hmm?" Putting two and two together, and the fact that she was referred to as "Mom", Raphael felt embarrassed and ashamed for how he acted. The elderly man wasn't her sugar daddy; he was her father. As soon as this dawned on him, Raphael's feeling towards the people he had momentarily loathed slowly dissipated and changed, especially towards the younger female. She was around his age if he guessed right and looking at her more, she was actually beautiful. She had a fair complexion, a cheerful laugh, and the sweetest smile he couldn't keep his eyes off. It got to the point where their eyes met, but given Raphael's personality, he was easily flustered, averting his gaze elsewhere. He was the opposite of being nonchalant, but no matter how many times he was caught, Raphael kept finding himself looking at her. Convincing himself that he had no chance with a girl as pretty as her, Raphael tried to distract himself but from a distance, catching his eye, was the last person he'd expect to see. "Dad?" He muttered silently, obviously confused. He waved at Raphael, but instead of heading towards him, he made his way towards the British man and gave him a hug.

"Raph, get over here! Let me introduce ya to a friend!" Raphael gulped as his heart sank.
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XXX Kimberly "Hermes" Parrish XXX

Mimicking the giant salamander he saw once upon a time, Kimberly lazily stretched out beneath the sun. Where the salamander had found solace on the rocky surface of the water's edge, Kimberly laid out on the cobbled stone roof of a local inn. The stone was warm against his bare back and the sun pressed down on his face, the heat making his shimmering skin flush pink and his thoughts settle. His mind was usually racing with idle nonsense, reminders of things to do, and lists of his wants, but the midsummer sun suppressed it all to a low hum that lost its importance.

Instead of his thoughts, insects buzzed about him. Flies and gnats flew about, diving down beneath the eaves, stealing sweetness from stalls and skin before flying back up out of the swatting hands and swishing tails of annoyed people and bothered animals. Small birds settled in alcoves, hiding in the shadows, as they watched carefully for any discarded items of value from the masses below. Those that were less concerned by the sun found better advantage points, with some even settling near the sunbathing fae as they adjusted to his presence and their desire outgrew their worry.

The streets below were a loud conglomerate of local gossip, children playing between peoples' legs, shoppers haggling for more items and less money, the movement of work animals, and just the daily sounds of life. Real, everyday, moment-to-moment life that sang and roared and laughed in the face of things like mortality. How could Death even dream of touching such beauty? Or perhaps it was the beauty of life that attracted Death? Nothing more than a desire to be part of something so real. Perhaps it was all just a mistake on Death's part - an attempt to be part of it all, rather than an attempt to tear it apart?

Perhaps death really was just an accident.

After all, wasn't it an accident that caused Kimberly to be here in this fantasy world? This fantasy world that was just as real and just as alive as his life had been once before? He could remember doing something similar to what he was doing now but in a world that was louder and more modern. The sun was just as hot and the birds just as daring, but the roof had been metal and the horsepower less literal. His bag then had been something canvas, something drawn and painted on with pins and patches displaying his favorite sayings, songs, and bands. It had been filled with handmade stencils, used spray paint cans, and a lack of productivity. Now, the worn leather bag beside him was filled with clean parchment, newly designed maps, and a real direction. Kimberly had lost a family coming here, but this world had given him things in return - powers, purpose, and a second chance.

And yet, here he was, still laying in the sun listening to others live their lives below him.

A few of the summer clouds let fall a small bout of rain that seemed determined to remind people and Kimberly that the summer was not just about the sun. There was a burst of energy from below as people moved to hide from the sudden summer rain. Stall owners complained about their wares, farmers spoke words of relief, and children shrieked as they jumped into slowly forming puddles against their parent's wishes. Kimberly would have laughed if his body had any desire to move against the sun's heat and cloud's rain. Instead, he settled for a small grin that bared him no energy.

It was nice to be alive.


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In a cottage somewhere in the wilds of Ryke, Jareth was waking on the morning of his birthday. He lay in his bed a moment as a yawn escaped him; the significance of the day had yet to set in, it seemed. Sitting up, his legs slid out from under the covers and dangled off the side of his bed. Wiping the sleep from his eyes, he stood and blearily wandered to his door.

Upon opening the door, his parents sprang out, uttering matching exclamations, “Happy Birthday, Jareth!” Taken aback by the surprise, Jareth’s eyes slowly widened as the realization set in: today was his birthday–one of the most significant days in the life of a child!

“Oh, thank you, mom! Dad!” he replied with elated laughter.

“Come to the table, Jareth.” His mother beckoned him. “We’ll eat breakfast together then go out to the lake!”

Jareth’s eyes sparkled as his mouth gaped in excitement.

“Do you mean it, mom? Oh, I can’t wait!” The boy exclaimed.

Jareth couldn’t eat his food fast enough, but, oh, was it so delicious! The arrangement consisted of strawberry jam on toast with thick cut strips of bacon as well as oats topped with fresh honey. Jareth had his portion down in no time, unable to fully relish the taste due to his excitement. His parents were most certainly not ignorant of their child’s urgency, and so they made haste as well for his sake.

Father held the door as wife and son ventured out into the sunlight. Their cottage was positioned in a small clearing amid an expansive forest. Built into a hill, the structure itself was well-hidden save for the chimney. All around them were tall Ryken trees. They went on for miles, making the area rather nice for people looking to hide away.

Jareth marveled at the trees Living in a forest was exciting for a young boy! There were creeping things under just about any rock or log. All kinds of birds flapped around, here and there and everywhere, making all kinds of noise. Every once in a while, if he was extra quiet, he could wake up early in the morning, step outside, and catch a glimpse of a deer, or maybe even a fox!

Today, however, Jareth’s heart was set on one thing: the lake. It was a handful of miles away, easily walked within a day’s time, and it was the most magical place Jareth had ever seen. They arrived just before noon, Jareth force marching the lot of them at double time due to his incurable excitement.

Even from within the treeline the sun could be seen shimmering majestically off the water's surface. The lake itself was just shy of two miles in diameter, broken only by a small, wooded island at its center. Beneath the surface were plenty of fish to catch for supper later. If one were lucky, they might even snag one of the beautiful salmon that appear during spawning season.

Jareth dashed from the treeline, stripping down to his undergarment as he went. His parents laughed lightly at their son's freedom.

"Careful, Jareth! And don't wear yourself out too soon. We have all day!" Called his father.

Though he only half heard what was said, Jareth inherently understood, as he dove wildly into the water. Being about midday, the water provided relief from the heat of the day as it accepted Jareth wholly into its bosom. The child would not be constrained, however, as his arms and legs thrashed wildly to propel him through the drink.

Below him, the deep unfurled its secrets before him. A sunken log lay neatly tucked into its bed of sediment and algae. Over there, a glint of metal caught Jareth's eye as he discovered a weathered shield. The floor itself was littered with several holes and crevices in which any number of ancient watery creatures could be hiding. As much as these things demanded to be explored, Jareth's heart was set on the island, so he breached the surface and took off once more.

After much struggle, which was felt as nothing in the face of the virility of youth, Jareth took his first steps on the island. Of course, it was no mere island, but an entire jungle island complete with a cursed temple, and only Jareth could unlock the mysteries therein. Fueled by the boy's imagination, sticks became magic swords, trees became tall spires, and the stray crustacean on the beach or squirrel in the trees became monsters in need of slaying. His exploration of the island was thorough, and as fate would have it, he did find a small treasure in the form of a single ryke pressed into the dirt in the island's center.

Jareth finished his adventure with a mad dash back to the far shore where his parents awaited him. As the day waxed late, Jareth quieted himself in the arms of his mother, while his father sat nearby coaxing a fire. As he sat there in his mother's lap, a sudden yet familiar sadness overcame him as tears streamed down his face.

"I've really missed you…." He said weakly. "It's been so hard without you. I've really needed someone to lean on…but it's just me now…." Night descended unexpectedly. His parents listened quietly, morose smiles of their own displayed in the fire's glow. Jareth swallowed hard as he pressed into his mother's bosom. "Would it be alright to meet like this again…?"

His mother leaned down and kissed his forehead, resting her cheek on his crown. "Of course, Jareth. We're both always here, waiting for you to return. We'll stay with you until the sunlight returns to your heart."

A rare smile appeared on Jareth's face as he slept soundly in his bed in Ryken. His arms wrapped all the tighter around the pillow he had unconsciously cuddled with in his sleep.


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It was the middle of Summer and the streets of Guifei were abuzz with preparations for the annual Berry Harvest Festival. The festival was a minor holiday that preceded any written record of Guifei's history, and as such no one really knew why it was called the "Berry Harvest Festival". Very few kinds of berries needed to be harvested in summer and those that did were native to lands no where close to Guifei. This had created a anthropological back and forth on whether the name was a deeper metaphor or a practical joke on the part of farmers who wanted just another excuse to throw a party and get drunk.
Regardless of 'why' the Festival was given its name, the reason it had lasted all the way to modernity was thanks to the ancient hero Melon Boy, who's battle against the evil POK (Pig Ogre King) had been immortalized in an annual play Preformed at the Berry Harvest Festival.

"But what does this have to do with me?" Alys asked, looking down at a brown and bristly costume with a crown a mask the resembled a cross between a pig and an ogre.

"Everything!" The exhausted man in front of her replied. "You attacked the man who was going to play the Pig Ogre King with a spear and stabbed him in the leg!"

Alys pursed her lips and looked away from the Man. "Yeah, well, he looked like a monster and was menacing a bunch of children!"

"He was wearing a costume! And those were His children!" cried the man, as he threw his hands up in the air. "A costume that, by the way, is two sizes too big for anyone else who works here. Which is why I'm making you fill in for the man that you injured instead of calling the city guard like I really, really should be doing."

Alys gave the man a somewhat confused in response to which he just let out a sigh before thrusting the wadded up Pig Ogre King costume towards her. "Just put that costume on and be ready to come out when we need you! All you gotta do is stomp around, look scary, and let Melon Boy cut you down to save princess Twenty Seven Flowers. It's dead simple. now put that blasted thing on by yourself because I've got actors to direct" Alys nodded as the tired man left the room in a final huff. She stuffed herself into the bristtly costume (taking care not to worsen the blood stained tear on the constume's left leg) and quickly donned the crown mask and cape as a voice called her to come on stage.

The man had fortunately been right when he said the POK was dead simple to play. All of Alys' lines were menacing oinks and regal growls, her stage direction being read aloud by the Play's narrator who told of how the Pig Ogre King terrorized the land and kidnapped princess Twenty Seven Flowers. Eventually the scene where Melon Boy would Kill the Pig Ogre King and save the princess came around. The kids in the audience were all cheering for Melon Boy to slay the monster but Alys couldn't help but feel something was missing. Alys thought to herself 'Final battles weren't supposed to be over in a single blow! If Melon Boy wants to take my head he should earn it *oink*'.

And so before Melon Boy could strike the Menacing Pig Ogre King down, Alys dodged with superhuman speed and dashed past the actor playing Melon boy in a Flash. With her Kingly cape blowing in the wind, Alys tried her best to give a deep and menacing voice.
"You may have the strength of both a Melon and a Boy (oink)! But I have the speed of a pig and an ogre and a king (oink oink)!"
yelled Melon Boy, the Actor legitimately terrified that Alys was going off script but trying his best to stay in character.
"Let's fight for real now!" Oinked the Pig Alys King, "I'm going to turn you into a fruit salad and then eat you melon boy!"
The following fight scene between the two went shockingly well. Alys' skill at combat far exceeded her conventional acting talents and as an lifetime fan of adventuring, pretend final boss fights were a substantial part of her childhood. By the time that Melon Boy struck the final blow to the inexplicably fast Pig Ogre King, the audience couldn't help but feel like there was some deeper tragedy to the beast, that they would never truly know.

The crowd was deeply pleased by the performance and even gave a standing ovation by the end. Alys wondered if perhaps she had a successful acting career in front of her before being scolded by the whole cast and crew once the curtains had been drawn. Apperently her going off script had almost given the director a heart attack, and no one had forgotten the part where she attacked the Pig Ogre King's original actor in front of his own children. The crowd's cheers were enough to not just call the city guard on her but the theater troupe wanted nothing more to do with the person they still saw as a giant spear wielding pyschopath.

"Look, I can tell your a good kid." Said the emotionally drained man/director. "but you've gotta think before you act or else people are going to get hurt, probably in ways much worse then a cut up leg."
Alys impulsively scratched her head. "yeah, I get that a lot. Though it rarely gets this bad thanks to my best friend here! He's always by my side and...." She suddenly paused, her thumb pointing to a whole bunch of nothing perched atop her shoulder
"OH CRAP I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE LOOKING FOR VEN!" Alys shouted, having just remembered why she was dashing around Quifei to begin with.
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Getting out of the bus, Aria appeared in a small town. Up in the mountains, the air was thinner yet smelled deliciously of conifers. She stood for a moment near the entrance of the bus, taking it all in as people walked past her. She had arrived at a town near a massive lake and numerous rivers weaved through the mountains like snakes slithering in the sand. It was hot and humid yet there were numerous great clouds in the sky. And the people were all mostly in swim attire due to this heatwave. Some carried floaters, and were simply ecstatic to take the gentle rapids down a certain river a few miles before it got really dangerous to continue. Others simply went for a swim, carrying their towels and bags full of things for their outing.

Aria smiled sweetly as she noticed families that walked past, their children closely beside them, likely annoying them with questions due to the look on their parents' faces. A certain feeling of loneliness would overtake her suddenly.
Aria looked up into the great sky above, and leaned into the feeling. Letting it overtake her as an unknowing tear trickled down her cheek. Perhaps it was the fact that she was here for leisure and not duty or errand. She didn’t feel emotions very often either, yet there she was, happy as ever.

She began to entertain the idea of dying, what would she do if she reincarnated again? If she did she’d simply love unabashedly, without fear, letting her guard down completely. But being reborn out of sheer vengeance in this world had fragmented her ability to feel, which helped her think clearly in dire situations. Yet she held onto a hope that she’d soften.



As she made her way down to the river she found herself walking behind a trio of a much more professional gait, carrying a heavy inflatable boat. Aria tilted her head a bit at these confident people. Carrying her belongings in a backpack, she quickly followed after them, tapping one of them, clearing her throat before speaking. “Excuse me, where are you going?” She asked with a gleam of curiosity in her eyes. “Are you taking that raft past the breaking water?” She pressed.

The man looked at her for a moment. “Uh.. yeah.” Then another would interrupt. “Yeah! Hey, do you want to join us?” He asked flatly, as if not expecting her to accept. “..we have an extra spot on the raft.”

Aria thought about it for a moment, looking down at the rocky path, careful not to trip as she followed. “Uhm..” she hesitated, as the river came into view, the breaks and rapids could be seen from their current vantage point on the trail. “I’ve never rafted..” She said finally. “I wouldn’t want to put you in danger should something go wrong.”

The three laughed. “Ha! We’ve saved so many people at this point, it wouldn’t even be a surprise!”

Aria nodded. Before she was handed a life vest, putting it on while juggling her belongings with either of her hands. Before she knew it they were at the river, and to her immediate surprise found herself boarding a raft. Yet before they took off, a lady sat beside her, suddenly teaching her how to steer and any details she had to know. “..last thing, if someone falls off don’t go trying to save them and steer towards the shore.”

Aria nodded. “Right.”

Once the others were prepared they got into the raft while one of them pushed the raft towards the middle of the river. The water was pristine, blue, with a hint of turquoise, you could even see fish swimming about the shallows. All contrasted by the vast forest on both sides of this river and the sound of moving water, free and uninhibited by the tinkering of modernity.

It had all gone fairly smoothly, Aria didn't realize just how fast a raft could move in water, so part of her was quite anxious but she followed the others movements, commands and suggestions as best she could.

“That's right! You're doing great!” one of them called, yet after a successful plunge into the rapids, by now soaked in the water splashing all over the rafting party as they navigated through the numerous obstacles the river threw at them.

It wasn’t until nearly the end of this small voyage, that the raft got caught onto the branch of a recently fallen tree. They struggled and tried everything possible, until it finally came loose, yet to the bewilderment of everyone present the lady to her side fell off. In a split second, and without hesitation Aria jumps in the water after her, barely grabbing hold of her hand already in the water as the current took them down river.

Struggling to keep their heads above the water Aria reached with all her might towards a small shore where the river turned. After pulling, and tugging and using the rocks bellow as a means to propel forward Aria finally managed to save her new acquaintance. Wheezing, coughing and tired Aria collapsed on the small beach amazed to still be alive. “Lets.. Do that again.” She said panting.

“YOU DIDN'T LISTEN TO WHAT I SAID!” the lady replied as she collected herself. “You could have gotten us both killed!” she finally managed. Aria looked at her blankly, then proceeded to squeeze the water out of her hair. “Hmm. As far as I'm concerned, I just saved your life.” she explained, disregarding her anger.

The lady then went out looking for the others, while Aria sat at the shore, drenched yet refreshed. She once again took in the scenery for a few moments before smiling to herself.

“Finally.. Some time alone.”

Leaning back and laying on the shore she looked up at the drifting clouds, serene, peaceful and eternal, closing her eyes she sighed.

“Hmm. That was fun.”
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Summer had always been the second season Dayle hated the most. He can keep warm in winter, but there was simply no reliable way for him to keep cold in summer! The shade his flimsy shack could provide was not even enough to keep the heat away! So it was decided, that Dayle would pool all of his gang's treasuries to finally buy an item that could keep the harshness of nature away. It was a simple device called an "Tempstabilizer" which allows the area around the device to have a constant temperature as set by the user. Dayle's shack can finally get the coolness it deserves.

There was only one problem.

"Boss, there's too many holes in the shack." One of his men commented, with Dayle blankly looking at the miserable state of their shelter. "I thought it works in a certain radius!" Dayle shook the device, as if it had wronged him. "Boss, I think it's because we bought the cheapest one." Another said. Dayle slapped his own forehead, feeling scammed. "I guess we go to old man Bartins?" Zeke suggested. "Right, old man's got a house!" Dayle exclaimed, earning a nod of acknowledgement from his men.


"Old man!" Dayle opened the door with a loud thud, but the person addressed only slowly turned his head to look at the man daring to enter without knocking. "What ze fuck ye want, Dayle?" Bartins scratched his back, taking the moment of interruption to rest from mashing herbs. "I bought a tempstabilizer! Let me and the boys use it here!" Dayle put the device in front of Bartins as it finally did it's work. Cool air started to exude from the device as it glowed, with Dayle and his gang finally getting a rest from the heat of summer. Only Bartins had their eyes on the device, and after a moment, spoke. "Zis ze cheapezt one ye could buy?" Dayle nodded with closed eyes, lounging one of the only chairs in the house. "Eyup. Almost made us broke, let me tell ya." The rest of his gang nodded along with him. Bartins stroked his chin as he observed the device. "Ye do know zis is almozt close zo empty?" Dayle widened his eyes. "What?!"

As if on cue, the device dimmed and the air became stagnant from the cold. Dayle and his gang was stunned in silence, and it was only after a while that they realized the device had no more fuel. "Fuuuuu-!" Dayle could not help but yell his frustrations. Already used to his loudness, Bartins only picked his ear as he observed the device more. "From ze lookz of it, it needz mana az fuel. Any of ye know magic?" Dayle, dejected from his futile efforts, replied to Bartins. "Dream on, old man." Bartins shrugged.

Then knocking came at the door. "Sir Bartins?" It was Roy's voice from the other side "Do you perhaps know of Sir Dayle's whereabouts?" Bartins snorted. "Of courze I know. He's inzide my houze!" There was silence, before Roy spoke again. "Pardon me." He opened the door, only to find Dayle and his gang deflated on the floor. "Sir? What happened?" Dayle only pointed at the table, and Roy's eyes traced towards the device. He was able to guess what happened, and he looked at Dayle in confusion. "But sir, couldn't you just come at the headquarters?" Dayle shook his head. "You know I don't like staying near those guys." Roy only gazed at Dayle with a straight face. "But sir, we have better tempstabilizers." Dayle and his gang widened their eyes.

And thus, Dayle found humility and dropped his pride for that sweet sweet cold air.


"And that's why tempstabilizers are needed."

In a room full of luxurious decorations, a single man stood at the head of the table. His dapper clothes and classy aura seemed to ooze off from his stature, but at this moment, his authoritative image seemed to be in juxtaposition with the fact that he is currently presenting a ridiculous storyboard involving the use of tempstabilizers, emphasizing it with the aforementioned device resting on his palm. The only two other people in the room were Dayle, who had a incredulous and confused look, and a thin man who had been doing his best to not break his straight face.

"Any questions?" The head man asked, looking at his only two audience. "Sir Loren..." The lanky man finally spoke after a moment. "...what is this supposed to accomplish again?" Loren, an executive of Red Star, revealed his smile "It's summer! I'm only informing why tempstabilizers are needed for this wonderful season!" Dayle sighed, with the man beside him hiding his face as he tried to hold back his laughter. Day by day, it was getting harder for Dayle to take his superior seriously. It looks like this summer, it won't be just heat that he needed to pay attention to.



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The sun shining.

The laughter and cheer of common folk.

Music, Food and Art coming together in a combination that astounds the senses.

“Now this is a Beach Festival!” Tyrmar found himself cheering as he joined a number of villagers in carrying barrels of alcohol for the festivities. It had been only recently he’d found time to personally venture out of the lands held under Linneus’ purview, on top of exploring the surroundings and beating whatever bandit or random beast which found its way in his path he’d taken to interacting with the townspeople as much as possible.

The city of Throngdale was a welcoming sort despite his obvious out of town appearance, and while staying in the local inn he’d been made aware of their summer festival.

The Tide’s Rite. A celebration of the bounty of the Seas and a three day festival celebrating all the hardships the people of the town go through to make a living and survive.

The fact that they were enthusiastic to say the least about introducing others to their tradition just made him joining in all but inevitable.

The Rite began with a group prayer to the Seas, not any divine presence but the Oceans as a body in and of themselves. Then came a series of performances, many involving water sports or even synchronized routines. The dancers and singers extolled their passions for all to hear for hours one end and those of a mystical persuasion or even artisans of more mundane sorts showed off their talents for all to see until the late hours ending the first day.

The second day, if he had to be honest, might've been his personal favorite out of bias; after another prayer they began a series of challenges and demonstrations of physical strength and martial talent. Trident users clashed above the shallow depths, archers and marksman shot targets over crashing waves, and those like him seeking further challenge were allowed to dive further out and bring back a beast of the water to prove their worth.

It would be an hour before he would return, tired, bloodied but satisfied and happy at the congratulations that awaited him.

The last day was the most solemn of them all but no less important, for while in the first two they celebrated their growth and demonstrated their ability, in the last they mourned all they’d lost in the year since.

Lost relationships, Lost opportunities, Lost friends and family.

All of the regrets and sorrows were poured out on the same beach; where there'd been nothing but drinks and laughter before, Tyrmar found himself commiserating with the feelings of the people and his own feelings towards the beautiful sensations and sights Summer could bring.

He walked amongst the sands at night staring into the stars, resting on the calm seas and stared at the blue skies, at one point he even slipped below the waves on his lonesome to see the beauty that lord beneath them.

It was moments like this that cemented his ambition in seeing what more the world had to offer, what more he had to offer himself as he walked through the world.

He’d do it, and after he did he’d have another summer like this one where he could relax and move under the sun as he wished.
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July 25th 22xx, Musutafu, Japan

Hello viewers, this is the daily broadcast of HNN Weather. Today we have blue skies with no clouds. No sight of rain in sight. As for other news…”, came the voice of the newscaster on the TV.

The news continues on, as Stormbreaker stares out the window of her agency while sitting on a chair beside her desk. She seems lost in thoughts as she just seems thinking about things. So far today it has been relatively quiet. Little to no crime, an ideal thought for one such as herself. The Armored Dragon Hero sat in her chair, relatively confused on what to do today. She hadn’t had a break in a while, and it seemed like a good idea to do so.

Sighing deeply, Stormbreaker turned her office chair back to the desk. Maybe a break will do me good, not like there is much to do after all. Like, what could I do in this situation? Sleep? Read something for once? She pondered to herself over everything. What if… the beach? I like the sound of the beach.

Stormbreaker looked at the computer she had on her desk and went to boot it up, going to email her second in command and cc her entire agency‌.

Hey all, I’m taking a break for today.

Since it’s quiet and all. Since that’s happening, I’d like everybody to take a mandatory vacation of 7 days from the end of the month. This depends on which shifts everybody takes but, I want no less than 10 people in the agency at all times. Your PTO will be denied if there’s too many people off.

If anybody has any suggestions, then give me a shout. We could relay the info and crime fighting to another agency.

Signing off,

That was that, at the very least. A sign of relief. Stormbreaker sighed and went over to her room, taking her armor off. She messed around with stuff in her wardrobe for a few minutes, picking out clothes to wear in the meantime.

Shirts… shirts, what else is there in this damn wardrobe? Surely there can be something I can wear…? Finally, something caught her eye. A white shirt with cacti. This looked nice, she thought. She wore those along with her shorts she had with a flame design on them, along with sneakers and black sunglasses.

Stormbreaker made her way out of her agency, down the elevator and outside to go to the beach. Along the way, she overheard civilians, who took one look at her and was immediately convinced that she was in fact cosplaying as Stormbreaker.

Ugh, look at that woman. Who does she think she is? Cosplaying as one of the worst heroes of all time with the tail and the height… Talk about a desperate fangirl.” the young man angrily spoke out loud as she passed. His girlfriend pushed him further away from the dragon, as she saw him staring at her with that disgusted look on his face.

Now, dear, what have I said about talking bad heroes?” his girlfriend asked, as she walked down the street with him, hand in hand.

If only some of them did their jobs… Stormbreaker, I swear, that woman…I wish she’d end up retiring…

You need to be open-minded about heroes. I know you like the number 1 hero a lot and dislike seeing the number 4 hero make fun of her, but…” his girlfriend replied. The conversation seemed to trail on. Stormbreaker walked away at that point. Other bystanders had noticed Stormbreaker and were staring as she walked away. She didn’t reply at the moment, only wanted to draw attention off herself.

Making her way downtown, Stormbreaker stopped and stared at a TV as she did so. It was a newscast of the number 1 hero having an interview about a rescue. The red and blonde hair was easily recognized from a mile away and somebody Stormbreaker was most familiar with. Stormbreaker looked annoyed as she walked by, only to overhear a young boy aged about 7 talk to his mother about the broadcast. He seemed to hold his mom’s hand as he pointed to the tv.

Look mom, it’s the number 1 hero!” The young boy exclaimed as he looked at the tv. “She’s the coolest!

She’s your favorite hero, isn’t she? I’ll tell you what, you get good grades in school and I’ll take you to meet her at some point.” The woman looked at her son, smiling.

She’s also way stronger than Stormbreaker! Stormbreaker is a big meanie!

Stormbreaker looked over, overhearing the discussion, if not looking a bit disappointed. It’s not like she could say anything that’d give herself away, let alone just look disappointed. Water Hero this, water hero that. Does all the broadcasts have to do with her! Ugh, if only I was number 1 instead, but I’m stuck in 4th place. Not good enough. I’ll never be stronger than her. This is just a game that we win by beating up villains.

Stormbreaker eventually made her way to the beach, sighing as she eventually found a bar to sit at. Sitting on the bar stool, the middle asked guy bartender looked at her in surprise, noticing the depressing look on her face.

Rough day?” He asked.

You could say that. My job is stressful. Being an office worker working with heroes will do that.” Stormbreaker said. “As for drink, an Old-Fashioned will do just fine.

The bartender nodded and gave the drink to her. Stormbreaker pulled out her wallet and paid with yen.

Since you work with heroes, have you heard about Guardian? Rescued some kittens lately. Good guy. Seems to be a great hero that wants to help people.” said the bartender.

That sounds accurate. Heroes are always looking for ways to boost their reputation.

Stormbreaker laughed as the bartender said that. “Sounds like him. My favorite hero.

This was an eventful start to the day.
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Ninelle Lifeblossom

The Festival of Sun and Flame, a grand celebration that takes place on the hottest day of the year. Small wooden carvings, made by children and adults alike, are sacrificed to the great pyre erected in the center of the village, in honour of the burning flames that keep warmth on winter nights. Elaborate dishes, thick with vegetables, herbs and fruit, are prepared for a grand feast, as thanks to the glorious sun that nurtures all plants and wildlife. And finally, a ceremonial dance, clothed in vibrant reds and painted with swirls of gold, takes place within a ring of fire around the great central pyre, in gratitude to the sun and flames for warding off the dark.

"Inelle... Ninelle. Ninelle, wake up!"

"Gah... w-what is it?"

"What do you mean 'what is it', Hurry up with your carving! At this rate, you won't even be done by sundown."

The twin-tailed ruby-haired fairy stomped her foot in frustration, staring Ninelle down with exasperated tangerine eyes.


Ninelle questioned in a drowsy daze, though she could almost see the veins suddenly pop out of the fire-winged fairy's head, as she stomped on over and smacked her right on her noggin.

"Awake yet?! C'mon less dreaming, more carving, Nini!"

Rubbing her forehead aggrievedly, Ninelle blinked a little, before finally continuing work on the shabby half-done owl figurine in her hands. Carving out the individual feathers slowly, she glanced sideways for a moment to catch a glimpse of Rin's sculpture, a majestic lion with a sun-like mane. Even its expression was life-like, its limbs vivid in a leaping posture... "You could've left some talent for the rest of us y'know."

"Hah, I could say the same to you."

Rin rebutted almost immediately, though with a mirthful smile on her face as she indiscreetly glanced between the two wooden carvings. Just when Ninelle was about to lose her temper with her antics, Rin abruptly stood up from her little stool and pat her shoulder playfully.

"Alright alright, I'll leave you to it. I'll help you out with the ingredients, but remember to do your part for the feast later!"

"I will, don't worry."

"Oh, and remember our matching outfits!"

"I will, okay! My memory's not  that bad!"

"Who's to say?"

"Rin, yo-"

Ninelle could only suppress her anger as Rin quickly disappeared from sight, her little wings dancing like cheeky fire wisps in the distance. It was no matter, she would pay her back tenfold during the feast, after all, Rin was exempt from bringing dishes... because she seriously couldn't cook to save her life...

With a small peaceful smile, Ninelle tirelessly continued carving away at her shabby little owl figurine.


"Ah, when'd I fall asleep. Not good, it's already nearing sundown."

She scolded herself quietly, stretching out her aching flesh and gears. Though she found the whirring of her insides somewhat therapeutic now, it was still somewhat jarring waking up to a mechanical racket.

The stifling weather was especially torturous today, even under the shade of such a large tree. Fortunately she had refilled her waterskin just before her little inadvertent nap. Sitting back up on the tall branch she fell asleep on, she reached out to the wooden sculpture by her feet after hydrating. It was a small figurine of an owl, though this one was admittedly in much better shape than the one from her dream.

"I'm sure she'd be proud to see it."

Ninelle chuckled softly, before carefully adding the finishing touches. When she was done, she quite simply started a tiny spark of fire with a few twigs, and immediately set her hard work alight. Watching it burn slowly in gentle flickering flames, she placed it atop a bed of rocks to avoid other things catching fire before clasping her hands together.

"May the sun and their children burn bright forever."

She briefly mumbled a few auspicious words, before quickly digging into to the little feast she had prepared just for this day. It had been a while since had cooked, so elaborately at that, with finely sliced vegetables in a golden curry and a beautiful platter of small berry pies and almond cookies. She couldn't help but relish all the fruits of all her hard work, not leaving even a crumb behind.

"Hm, next up was the dance..."

She muttered to herself after digesting for a bit. In all honesty, her memories were still sporadic and vague, and she often felt as if she was mixing events and timelines up, but the bright orange flames that surround these particular memories could only be for this festival.

"Red... we wore red, with gold jewellery and paint..."

Too fearful of exposing her mechanical half, she opted to use a strip of red cloth as a symbolic bandana and painted her visible limbs with symbols of the sun, using a natural pigment formed out of pollen and daffodil petals.

"This is good enough. Oh, just in time too!"

She smiled happily, peeking at the skies of indigo and violet through the leaves, as well as the orange hues fading over the horizon. Testing her movements slowly, she tried to recall the ceremonial dance, and with time, the steps came naturally back to her.

As her limbs flowed, so too did the memories, leaving a single tear in their wake as she celebrated a village tradition that only she would remember.


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A Childhood Summer Memory
None of them knew who the other was when they first met that cloudless day in the forest, just a few miles from where Vanta was staying for the summer. The future elven adventurer was nine, and he had been sent to stay with his aunt, the owner of a local business. While he didn’t exactly have any friends back home, aside from his elder cousin who felt more like another parent, Vanta was lonelier than normal during the hours his aunt worked.

There weren’t any other children around since the hotel was most popular with young couples and newlyweds, so usually he’d just end up taking long walks on the trails riddling the remote mountain area while he waited. Waited for his aunt to put her work clothes into the washer, for his mother to call and see if everything was all right, or for something, anything, to just happen.

Nothing ever did though. So, Vanta took walks.

It was on one of those walks that he met Arya. She was sitting on a large rock that the stream curled around, a baseball being thrown up, higher than Vanta could see with the sunlight in his eyes, only for it to be caught again by agile hands that oozed of confidence that she’d catch it without fail. Vanta didn’t have that kind of confidence, not in anything, so he couldn’t help but be mesmerized as he continued watching from his position at the turn of the path.

The young girl had heard him though, a snap of a twig and he was caught like a deer in headlights, eyes wide and he considered running away as the blonde turned her head around so fast that her hair flew out to the side like those commercials Vanta had seen of pretty women. As he took in her features, Vanta couldn’t help but find her stunning, but then she faced away from him again and proceeded to ignore him.

Vanta's heart fluttered as he hesitated, not sure what to do. On one hand, he was lonely, and utterly, unimaginably bored.

On the other hand, the girl didn’t seem to want company, and there was the underlying fear of her being one of those bullies that Vanta always had the misfortune to meet. He did not want to be bullied on his vacation, thank you very much.

In the end, the desire for company won out and he cautiously walked forward until he was perched on the slightly smaller rock a few yards away from the other the young girl had occupied. He kept his head tilted slightly downwards, peeking up at the blonde-haired girl from under both bangs and eyelashes.

She seemed older than him and was at least a head taller, and Vanta would perhaps have been jealous of that if he wasn’t so used to being the smallest kid in class. Most of the girls could already reach higher in the sky than him as it was.

In the end, he spent the next several hours just sitting there, watching the young girl throw and catch her ball in silence. Lost in the moment, Vanta's focus had made him fail to realize that the sun had begun to go. If he didn’t go back soon, his aunt would be worried and then she would call his mother and that would like to avoid. So, just as tightlipped as when he had approached, he quietly shuffled down the side of the ragged piece of stone, and sprinted back down the trail towards the hotel. All the while, Vanta felt the girl’s eyes burn into his back.

Not a word had been exchanged between them that day, but when he was back at his aunt’s, sitting with his legs dangling under the kitchen chair as he waited for her to finish dinner, he couldn’t help but feel much less lonely than usual.

They continued for the rest of the summer, no words at all slowly evolving to single ones, to a sentence here and there, to lengthy conversations that were about everything and nothing at the same time. Whether it was conscious or not, neither of them told the other their name, seeming to be alright with simple nicknames. At nine, that didn’t matter much, Vanta never thought about it as strange, he was simply glad he finally had a real friend that didn’t try to mother and coddle him.

Then the summer was over, and he had to go back home, but when walked away from their place for the last time that season, he found himself not wanting to leave. It had been like a sanctuary, a haven where none of what happened back in the real world mattered, where a kid who was normally bullied got to hang out with the popular one without anyone else having any say.

He quickly turned back around and ran over to the taller girl, throwing himself in the other’s arms as a way of saying goodbye without words. The young blonde startled slightly, not prepared to be jumped at in such a fashion, but it didn’t take long until she wrapped her arms around Vanta in return, a slight smile formed, on her usually emotionless face, when they separated a few moments later.

Being used to her not smiling much, Vanta couldn’t help but feel a little proud that he had managed to put it there, and it was with a slightly lighter heart, than he went back to the hotel to pack for his trip back home.

When his mother asked him the next year if he wanted to go back to his aunt this summer as well, he didn’t hesitate to answer yes, hoping that the blonde would be there this time too.

He was.



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Rowan Thorn
The sky was a shining blue, the sun was shining on the lapping waves, and Rowan was enjoying her break on the shining shores of the beach. Thankfully, her employer had gotten to their destination- a castle by the seaside- and that meant she could take a little time to herself on this gorgeous day. So here she had found herself a lovely patch of beach where she could relax while also being alone. Take the morning to sit at the beach and rest, before exploring. She had heard whispers of a festival that would happen at night- a welcome place to wander around to see the sights and try the food.

Her magic was good for something- keeping herself off of the sand, so it got in the least amount on her. A barrier was above her head- 5 feet by 5 feet squares melded together by magic to create an umbrella-shaped barrier- protecting her from the burning sun. Two longer 5 feet by five feet barriers were flat, and about a foot off the ground so the least amount of sand would get on them- one in the shade created by her barriers, the second out in the hot sun.

Rowan was in the shade, lying flat on her back in a drowsy stupor from the heat. She had changed into bathing clothes- covering the important bits, but leaving pale, bare skin to be exposed to the sun.
She liked looking on the tan side- it implied the tanned person worked outside. Sure, the skin on her face, her hands, etc., were tan, but it wasn't consistent throughout her body- and this was a time to work on that. Besides, it made the few scars on her body stand out more- the tanned skin making the pigment on her scars lessen- thus making them stand out. IT was always better to look tougher than she did, considering she didn't look the most threatening.

A drink was in her hand- the one drink she had splurged on while at this seaside castle/tourist attraction. It was what she could afford- a fruity concoction that mostly hid the taste of alcohol under the fruits and additive sweeteners like sugar and honey to make it taste better- she wasn't the biggest fan of drinks that tasted like fire or pisswater.

Either way, this was the life- getting to relax for a bit longer under the shade before going to tan, barely needing to walk before getting to the barrier that was on the opposite side of the barrier providing shade.

She would try to get a massage later- and if they tried anything funny, they would get stabbed in the eye. Sure, this was a vacation weekend, but it was also a time to stay as safe as possible. She could buy delicious treats, more drinks, and listen to music later, but safety was kind of her thing. Who know when she was going to get another chance to relax like this?


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Michael was running.

"Welcome to camp. While you're here, we will be making you into athletes worthy of your scholarships."

Michael was running on a mountain trail.

"When you aren't sleeping or eating, you'll be training."

Michael was running on a mountain trail in the rain.

"Your training will be split between body conditioning and races."

Michael was running on a mountain trail in the rain at night.

"Your races will determine your pecking order for this camp and your place on the team during the next season."

Michael was running on a mountain trail in the rain at night during a thunderstorm.

Michael was alone while he was running that evening. Even before the storm rolled in, he was running by himself. He preferred it that way. He was a teamplayer as much as the rest, but running alone helped him clear his thoughts. Summer Training Camp was not going well...

"On your marks! Get set! Go!"


Goes the starting gun. Michael was already in free fall. Once his brain registered the starting gun, he kicked off the blocks positioned at his feet and was racing down the track. With muscle memory controlling most of the details associated with reducing wind resistance on his body and getting as much traction and distance on each step, Michael occupied his mind with his breathing and control of his pacing. Was difficult to do when he could see he was already losing the race.

Ahead of Michael on the track were a few other competitors in his heat. They were taller, but they supposedly had similar times to Michael. Why were they so far ahead already? Michael was tempted to pick up the pace to catch up to them, but that would mean expending energy he needed for the later half of the race. Deciding to assume they were just being cocky, Michael kept to his own pace and rhythm and watched as they all competed with each other for first while leaving him in the dust.

Michael was good at his high school. He was one of the best if not the best. He wouldn't call himself a natural at running, but he never slacked off in training and consistently got good times. He had a method and his method worked. Why then was camp going so poorly?

"On your marks! Get Set! Go!"


Goes the starting gun. Michael had heard that gun and raced hundreds if not thousands of times now. His running career was still early, but his training method was to take training as seriously as if it were the real thing. Despite that, he was falling behind the runners in his heat again. These guys were not as consistently taller, but they all were displaying a superior athletic performance to Michael.

Lighting flashed overhead and the thunder echoed in the hills as Michael ran through the muddy mountain trail. Rain dripped into his eyes, stinging them because it mixed with the sweat from the day. Despite the evening storm, it was still warm out and was blazing during the day. They had been grueling conditions, but so long as one stayed hydrated, they were manageable and preferable to running in other types of weather. The fatigue of the day did not make Michael's steps falter.

"Michael! If you lose this one, you're on timer duty until further notice."

"On your marks! Get Set! Go!"


Goes the starting gun. Michael had trained too long and developed habits too deep to change them now. He put all his trust in the regiment and consistency he had built up to that point. He would not be swayed by the thought that the other athletes were taller or had other contributing factors that would make them better runners overall and into the future. He would win. His effort up to this point would be enough...

The timer's watch bounced occasionally against Michael's chest, slapping the rain on it into his already damp shirt. No longer able to train like the others and instead made to run errands and perform tasks like an assistant manager rather than an athlete, this time of night in this horrible weather was the only time Michael had to train. His training would follow his method. His method demanded consistent training. The storms could rage, his teammates could laugh, and his coaches could underestimate him. Michael's persistence that evening paid off. The rain stopped and the heat broke. The stars came out to better light the path. Michael was still lost in his thoughts but his stride picked up the pace.

Michael was running on a mountain trail at night after a thunderstorm.


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Skin of stone warms wonderfully under summer sun. It is a lovely feeling, being trapped inside a blanket of delicious heat that lasts hours after you have already gone inside. The sun climbs through those miniscule cracks of your skin and swims through your veins until it finally finds the sweet relief of your heart, where sunshine can rest for a while after its long journey. And your melting heart sings for every second of it.

Summer, where Amba came from, was nothing short of delectable. Basking in the warm sun alone was enough reason for joy. Yet almost comparably wonderful were the celebrations. Brilliant fireworks the size of mountains lit up the night skies on every horizon. Marvelous music reverberated throughout the crystal walls of the cities without ceasing. The sounds of joy and delight could be heard from miles and miles away, even by the sea folk of the distant shores. Summer days were nothing short of heavenly.

But in hell, they are practically torture.

With clammy flesh and sticky sweat and stinging sunburns, summer is barely even tolerable, let alone wonderful.

“You must come inside,” called the seamstress from the door, “you’ve been in the sun too long, Amba.”

Amba paused her work for a moment, contemplating. She again felt uncomfortable with the familiarity in which the seamstress declared such a notion in contrast to the utter unfamiliarity in which Amba heard it. She was regrettably inclined to add it to the list of such such odd phrases she kept in her mind, one which grew relentlessly. It was certainly a chore, keeping up with each of them as she slowly accepted this strange new reality.

Don’t touch the fire, Amba.
Don’t let the needle prick your finger, Amba.
Don’t forget to breathe, Amba.

You’ve been in the sun too long, Amba.

Amba often wondered how her companion never tired of her ceaseless blunders. She imagined how irritated she would be if some stupid creature from another realm fell into her lap and couldn’t come to terms with basic realities unless she reminded them constantly.

You can’t swim here, silly human, she would tell them.

You needn’t be afraid here, silly human.

Amba let out a sigh, a new habit she had picked up soon after she mastered breathing a few months ago.

“I will, Ma’am, as soon as I finish-” she grunted with effort as she tore down the last web of ivy that had managed to crawl its way into the skin of the cottage. It’s tendrils caught desperately on the ragged bricks of the home on the way down as a pitiful attempt to remain secure upon the wall. She looked down at the carcass of the plant at her feet that she had successfully vanquished.

Something oddly familiar bloomed within her heart. It was a queer thing that she felt every so often on this earth, something that would surprise her every time. It was almost similar to the feeling she would get on those summer days, when the sun could find rest in her heart…

Under the seamstress’ insistence, Amba was on her way to the stream to wash up. Sweat was a new trait that she had to come to terms with during this dreadful summer, and it was pretty low on her list of tolerable things that this world had to offer. Alas, she was dripping in it.





Before her mind could even rationally follow this sudden succession of thoughts, a pang of almost tangible sorrow hit her like a log to the chest. She stumbled a moment as she suddenly recalled the summer of another age with such a crisp clarity that it became hard to breathe. That sweet, delicious heat of her past life was so foreign here, here where the sun burned, here where she had no family and here where people could be evil. The muggy heat of the woods suddenly became suffocating. The pressure building up inside her and the intensity of the heat around her seemed to be battling for her very sanity.

She was stumbling through the dense, forbidding trees, unable to tell if the water in her eyes was sweat or tears. Panic stabbed into her lungs like icy blasts. A desperate longing for relief settled in her mind, a kind of longing she had never felt back home.

Something that could never be satisfied back home.

“Ahh!” Amba yelped, as a cold hand grabbed at her ankle. She was shocked awake from her painful delirium. She yanked away her foot and felt the hand slide away, making no effort to hold on. Amba hastily wiped the sweat and tears from her eyes and peered through her dimmed vision to see the rippling water of the little pond she had set out to find, now lapping gently at her toes upon the grainy sand.

The sobs she didn’t know she was releasing began to subdue as her reason slowly returned. Then, as if with a mind of their own, her feet moved her forward back into the tender grasp of the pond. It was cold, but not like the ice that had stabbed at her lungs. Not at all.

It was seconds before she was fully enveloped in the cool embrace of the waters. Gentle ripples tickled her neck as she came up for air.

She had never been able to swim with stone skin.

The relief of the pond was as sharp as the pain she had felt moments ago. Her remaining sobs ceased and she began to feel the comforting silence about her. The woods that seemed so unkind now felt like a shelter, guarding her and her pond.

As she swam she felt the softness of submerged hair swirling gently about her neck the light linen trousers brushing shyly against her legs. It soothed her tumultuous heart like a mother soothing her baby.

The relief was like nothing she had ever felt back home.

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This concludes Isekai Hell's summer writing prompt contest for August 2022. Thank you all for your efforts in writing and participation in voting. There were some real run away hits and some that "said" something.

The winner is LadyOfStars LadyOfStars writing for Mitsunari (14 points rewarded).

The list of participants and their prizes:
Elvario Elvario with Regular (7pts)

Orikanyo Orikanyo with Finn (7pts)

NeramoDJI NeramoDJI with Sage (7pts)

Lulidew Lulidew with Melissa (7pts)

saxon saxon with Eris (7pts)

swagbert swagbert with Raphael (7pts)

Malacina Malacina with Kim (7pts)

Clyvelle Clyvelle with Jareth (7pts)

squidpeanut squidpeanut with Alys (7pts)

RavenSong RavenSong with Aria (7pts)

Shatter Shard Shatter Shard with Dayle (7pts)

AbenSur AbenSur with Tyrmar(7pts)

Shirokane Shirokane with Stormbreaker (7pts)

SilverFeathers SilverFeathers with Ninelle (7pts)

Blackish Blackish with Vanta (7pts)

slifer37 slifer37 with Rowen (7pts)

Novama Novama with Michael (7pts)

rager rager with Amba (7pts)

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