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A Very strong fantasy opener that is much appreciated. Every rp I'm hoping for some fantasy epic. The visuals and setting were definitely nice for this one. Unfortunately, the rp seemed to drag somewhere. Much of the rp felt like characters were meeting each other. The opener was a grand fantasy stage and it was merely backdrop for a tea party of sorts. The mystery of the lake provided something to do, but it felt like the lake was an after thought with how it was resolved. I did like the diverging culture presented through the fae. Perhaps tricking humans into death doesn't result in criminal titles in fae lands.

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Haruki - 27 points (narration bonus included)
  • optional title acquired [Remnant] - character is special as the last of something. Simply by being the last, the character has been given elevated worth and purpose in the eyes of the world. Character is more difficult to destroy until their goal is complete while they carry the wishes of their people.
Eris - 18 points
  • optional title acquired [Judgmental] - for better or worse, the character is quick to judge others and they can feel that judgement being passed over them. Can make characters behave in a more reserved manner around the character. Will be more difficult to get others to open up to the character in a meaningful way. Has an easier time identifying an antagonistic individual.
Tia - 18 points

  • optional title acquired [Obsessive] - when character finds something they like, they embrace the urge to cling to it at the expense of everything else. Character will find gaining trust to make rational decisions when obsession is involved to be very difficult. Character is prone to driving away obsession. Presence or lack of obsession can heavily impact mental stability of character to the point of bolstering or weakening their mental faculties.
Ceylan - 18 points
  • optional title acquired [Daddy] - Character is acknowledged by children and those of the fairer sex to be a daddy. What it means varies according to each individual, but it leads to favorable treatment by those who call the character Daddy and in turn favorable treatment is expected from Daddy. Losing the title of Daddy can be surprisingly painful.
Tupu - 18 points
  • optional title acquired [Fresh Meat] - Character is new to the world and its ways, but is flexible and capable of learning. Character has an easier time adapting to the their new environment and learning what will help them survive and thrive. There will be those that will try to take advantage of that freshness when possible if character leans to heavily on being new to things.
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Wonton - 8pts

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