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Fantasy [Isekai Hell] Royal Dress-Up

Sol County, a day before A Fated Meeting.


Regula immediately insisted on hiring a room to freshen up after arrival in the Sol County, but there was one more thing of importance on her list of things to do. However... she wasn't quite so confident about it. After all, count Light seemed to value art and artistry, so he might not be the easiest man to impress. It meant that she should make a real effort to be presentable. However, the question was; how? The answer came to her in a flash. Clothes make the woman! She could dress up for the occasion. That said, she felt like she could use a second opinion on it. Pierre was out of the question, Dark Witch was a bit too eccentric and was probably drinking alcohol like water somewhere... That left Aria. After having washed herself, Regula went to look for the girl, getting straight to the point upon finding her. “Ah, Aria, I was looking for you! It's a bit of an odd request, perhaps, but would you mind accompanying me on searching for a new good dress to wear when we meet the Count? I'd rather make sure to make as best of a first impression as I can, after all.”
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After what seemed like an eternity, trekking through the hills and woods, at times even walking under terrible weather conditions, Aria awoke at an inn. A little sore, and lightly scratched, even sporting a few bruises on her side from sleeping with her side against a tree.

The Ryken sun light would make its way into her window along with the soft cool breeze which brought the various scents of foods which the populace prepared on their morning routines.

Getting up slowly, Aria undid her covers and sat as she rubbed her delicate eyes, “Hmm.. how long have I’ve been sleeping?” She muttered before yawning deeply.

Getting up she lightly scratched her side, reminded of the bruise, wincing a bit then leaving it alone before leaning on her elbows at the window sill, looking at the first rays of the rising sun. She sighed deeply, reminiscing of the journey she’d just taken as she turned to look into the room, noticing her muddied clothes draped over a chair.

Her attention then turned towards the door, “Who is it?” When Regula identified herself, a soft smile illuminated her face as she opened the door. “M’lady? You’re.. here.” She said surprised with a slight stutter, as she opened the door to have her friend come in. Aria then sat on the bed again, her legs crossed as she listened intently at Regula request.

Holding her knee she tilted her head with a bright smile. “I’d love to go shopping with you m’lady!” This whole time she was thinking her day would be spent rehearsing her introductions for the Count, although she didn’t seem nervous, there was a degree of anxiety surrounding the meeting, which she remedied by being as prepared as she could. But this was a welcomed distraction. And of course, to spend time with her most beloved friend.

“I’ll get ready..” she said, as she got up and went through her pack for a more, casual appearance. Surely, these were peaceful times in Ryken, and they weren’t exactly out looking to bring justice or travel through unknown and unfriendly lands.

As she got out of her clothes and changed, she’d ask, “So.. looking for anything in particular? If you don’t mind a suggestion..” she continued as she adjusted her dress and started on the buttons, “..I can see you wearing a cute ribbon in your hair..” her tone however serious, had hints of playfulness as she glanced at Regula with a smile. Evening out the creases at the ends of her dress she attempted a light pose, resting a hand at her hip. “..i must admit, I haven’t gone out to browse through fashion in such a long time.”

She made her hair quickly, shaking her head as she looked in the mirror to make any final adjustments and correcting those little strands.
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Regula couldn't help frown at the suggestion of a 'ribbon' in her hair. “I'm looking for something elegant, not something cute or child-like so ribbons are out of the question. I'd considering tying it up, perhaps, but that'd be it.”

She smiled when Aria said she hadn't gone to browse for fashion in a long time. “This would be the first time for me. I've just been wearing my mother's hand-me-downs, as I normally wear my armour over them anyhow.” In her previous life, she always had her dresses selected for her to top it off, so she couldn't really recall a time where she had needed to go fashion shopping.

When Aria turned around, however, Regula was a bit perplexed. “Did Alex teach you her dark magic, to be able to pull of such a look without claiming to have gone fashion shopping in a long time?” She didn't think Aria could look as cute as she was looking right now, perhaps due to having seen her in layers of mud and grime most of the time for the past days.
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Regula had mentioned her distaste for ribbons and cutesy things, Aria just nodded as she finished her braid. “Very well, I suppose everyone has their taste.” She then reached to hold Regulas hair up behind her head. She’d otherwise ask permission to do so, but Aria by now was fairly comfortable with her rifle firing friend. With a hum she nodded. “Yeah.. I think your hair tied would be lovely. Hmm, you even have the most perfect ears.”
Upon mention of Regulas mothers hand me downs, she almost winced. “Your m-mother?” She repeated as the word, although familiar also felt foreign. “I’m sure you cherish her with all your heart, don’t you m’lady?” Her tone regaining composure after her question as she vaguely remembered that she also had a mother. But. What happened to her?

Then Regula inquired about her dress, she looked down at it, and scanned over her appearance a bit before looking back at her friend. “No.. I actually wish I had but half of Alex’s charm.” She confessed, “..I had this dress on when I arrived here about six y-..” she suddenly hesitated, and looked back down at her dress for a moment. “..I’ve had it for about six years. Its the only dress I own that I can’t seem to remember purchasing, however.” She realized she was starting to sound quite crazy.

Attempting to lighten the mood, and steering the conversation elsewhere, she curtsied as she held the edges of her dress, tapping the floor boards as she crossed her feet with the tip of her shoe. “I rather like it..” she smiled. “..now, shall we go m’lady?”

Should they step out now, they’d head downstairs, and out into the street. The buzzing city was immensely stimulating, and the air smelled of various foods. People passed them from both sides, most just tending to their daily routines.

Aria looked at Regula, “So.. any particular places you had in mind?” She asked, her tone of voice brimming with a silent excitement and a degree of impatience. “Otherwise, I can take you somewhere?”
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Regula wondered if 'ribbons' being associate with 'child-like' was really just a matter of taste, but decided not to bother mentioning it aloud. Instead, she just got confused at the mention of ears. “My ears? I'd have no idea how to begin judging someone's ears, out all all things.” It was tough to accept a compliment she didn't even understand the basis off. That wasn't the strangest thing that was happening though.

Such a title belonged to Aria's reaction to Regula mentioning her mother. “Is there something wrong?” She wasn't sure why Aria was so surprised. “I do, yes.” It was only logical that one would cherish their mother, especially since the one in this world was a whole lot nicer than the one in her previous life. Even knowing her mother's type of profession and how much it was looked down upon, Regula couldn't help but admire the woman that raised her single-handedly.

However, that topic was quickly exchanged for an excellent opportunity, as a coy smile adorned Regula's lips. “I'll admit that Alex has her charms...” She started, then moved in closer to whisper. “... but I don't think she's got you beat.” She said, before immediately drawing back as if nothing had occurred just now. Instead, she jumped back to the topic of Aria's dress. “You must've taken great care of it for it to still look in such a great condition after six years. I'm surprised it still fits you this well as well.”

By the time they'd gotten to the streets, Regula looked around after Aria's question. “I don't know a single thing here, so if you're familiar with this place, I'd gladly let you take the lead on this one.” She honestly couldn't tell where the clothing stores were, nor which ones were the scamming ones and which were the actually decent places.

As she let her hair down Aria tilted her head in surprise. “Hmm. Well, I suppose I’ve seen a lot of people working at an inn. Everyone has something unique about them, I guess I’ve seen enough ears to say yours are pretty.” She shrugged with a light blush, but not for long, as Regula inquired about her discomfort.

Aria looked away, not wanting to tell, “I’ll tell you about it on the way.” She said as she started out of the inn and onto the street.
After inquiring about whether she knew where she wanted to go, Regula didn’t seem all that picky about it. Resisting the urge to hop, she took Regula by the hand. “Great! Let’s go!” After containing some of her excitement, Aria looked back at Regula, “I haven’t explored here too much, but on my way out to the countryside some time ago I saw a few places I’d love to see! It might take us a bit however.”

They walked past some storefronts, looking at her reflection through the windows, Aria noticed she still had hold of Regulas hand. Quickly letting go she chuckled, before picking up where she left off back at the inn.

“Hm. About earlier, I just want you to know that I I trust you..” she began, “..you see I don’t know who, or where my mother is..” an introspective tone overcoming her voice, clearly confused and a bit bewildered by what she was saying.

Aria felt her situation was unique to others in the world, her memory and her ability to feel emotions were fragmented - either on accident, but likely on purpose.
The thought of having a mother really conflicted with her reality. Everyday she would see people struggling, enduring hardship, and she observed how the current state of this society was especially hard on mothers.
It reflected in her desire to belong and to defend a world that she couldn’t relate to, she didn’t feel like everyone else. “..I don’t even know her name..” she muttered. ..”the only lead I have is a letter from someone who claims to be my father, I received it before starting on our journey.”

Looking at Regula she continued, “..if it doesn’t interfere with our mission, I’d like to request you come with me to meet him, m’lady..” she wasn’t one to ask favors, but this was clearly very important to Aria, clearly seen upon her features, and the passion in her voice. “..I just don’t know what to expect.”
After some time, they arrived to a storefront, the name of the shop written above the cobbled building read, “Willow Clothing Company.”

“This is the place!” Aria exclaimed before entering and beholding the various clothing articles. She quickly pulled a dress out of the hanger, contemplating as she examined the piece. “Hmm, courtly, yet..” she lifted the dress up next to Regula, as she closed an eye to visualize the fit. “..practical. Or fancy, and not practical?”
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Regula felt a bit like a kid a gain when Aria suddenly started pulling her along by the hand. If she was in any official capacity right now, she'd have stopped the girl. However, with her being very low-profile, she didn't mind it too much. If anything, it was quite fun to see Aria this excited. Contra to what one might think, Regula had no knowledge of fashion at all. After all, her dresses had been hand-tailored for her in the previous life and she'd been living in hand-me-downs in this one. All things considered, she could only rely on what she thought looked elegant and what Aria would lead her towards.

Before that, however, there was a sudden heavy topic they needed to discuss. Regula was a bit surprised, but not for the reasons one might think. “Let me stop you for a moment.” She said, when Aria mentioned 'interfering with their mission'. “I'm already feeling bad for taking you with me on this weapon transport despite something so important having been delivered to you. We'll try to make meeting that father of yours our next priority.” She stated it in a way that left as little as possible room for arguing as possible. After all, Aria had grown important enough for Regula to care about what was going on in her life and few things could sound more important than this.

That said, they had to push it to their back of their minds for now. The meeting with the count was up next, after all, for which Regula had to be prepared. Regula wasn't sure why the place Aria chose was what it was, as it didn't stand out too much... That said, Regula just went along with it. “It's only for meeting the Count, so it doesn't have to be all that practical. I've got my usual gear for that.” Regula said, looking around a bit for herself, but nothing stood out all that much.

As Aria had opened about her concerns, Regula interrupted her midway at some point, looking at Regula she paused, a hint of surprise upon her features due to the abruptness. “Hm?”

As Regula explained her opinion on the matter she bowed her head at her feeling bad for such a gurueling journey. She bowed her head lightly, “It’s the least i can do for allowing me to assist you, m'lady. Please dont worry yourself of my hardship, it was of my own free will. I’m just glad we succeeded.”

Once Regula agreed to making it their following priority, Aria smiled faintly, a look of uncertainty lightly coloring her features. “Very well, thank you for accepting my request m’lady.” Aria was grateful, and quite frankly ecstatic that Regula would want to accompany her. Her sense of duty would keep her from fully showing it however, but her eyes said it all.


To the matter of the dress, Aria pulled another dress and made the same comparisons, holding up dresses to her front and looking over the fit as she pondered the right aesthetic.

“Hmm. Would you like to try this one?” she asked as she held up a fancy black dress, with some flowarl accents but nothing over the top.


Just then one of the shops attendants approached the two, she bowed and began, “Greetings, and welcome to Willow, anyway i can be of assistance?” She looked at the two before Aria started, “Yes, actually..” she glanced at Regula, “..we would like a booth to try these on.”

Aria shrugged at Regula as if saying ‘might as well’.

The tailor took the pieces, “Please, this way..” she said, turning around towards the back, the shop was surprisingly busy, yet due to its size people usually brushed shoulders as they navigated the various articles on the shelves.

Following after the woman, they finally stopped as she opened a door in the back, the room was fairly spacious- room for about four or five people. A trifold mirror laid in the middle of the room.

Having settled on going on a dad-hunt later, it was time for a dress-hunt right now. Regula, unsure of where to even start, just nodded to Aria on suggesting which one to try first. The store was a bit too crowded for Regula's liking, but she'd gone through worse. Having founds a changing room, she was quick to put her armour aside. The cloak fell to the ground with a surprisingly loud 'thunk' as it was a lot weightier than it looked. It was reinforced with metal threads, after all. If anything, Regula didn't dare to hang it somewhere in the fear of breaking whatever she'd hang it up on. Her greaves were dropped equally unceremoniously. The only thing put down with care was her gun, which she'd only brought to assure it wouldn't be stolen.

As she put on the dress, however, she shook her head. “I'm not sure about this one. It might be a bit too dark for something that should be celebratory.” As she was taking it off again, however, her eyes caught a glimpse of an outfit that was really outlandish compared to anything she'd seen before. “Hold on... I don't think this will suit well for the meeting, but I've got to try this...” After a quick change, she walked up to the mirror, feeling pretty confident. “I'll have to keep looking for a dress, but... I think I want this. I don't know why, but it's... I don't know. I really like it.” It was love at first sight.

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Aria observed as Regula undid her various equipment, a look of surprise upon her features as she did so nonchalantly. A light blush flaring up through her cheeks. The tailor assistant noticing and chuckling lightly. Aria quickly looked away almost distracted too long for comfort before picking up her equipment and setting it on a chair beside her. Neatly, and impeccably. However she didn't reach for the weapon, it seemed too precious to Regula to be under anyone else's care.

Tilting her head after Regula's displeasure with her suggestion, Aria began pondering as she scanned the shop for other potential options. Just then the black dress was thrown aside, landing on Arias head. Not even flinching Aria continued to speak through the fabric. “Hmm. yeah, you're right.. were not going to a funeral. Let's see.. I’m sure theres something that would work for us here..” Taking the dress off her face and hanging it over her arm neatly she continued, “..theres always The Gentle Flower, a few streets down.” She suggested, “..but lets see, maybe ill try-“ Her trail of words interrupted as she walked out of the booth and reached for something else.

It seemed different for the era, but Aria agreed with Regula's assessment. “Hmm.. Yes, that does look quite lovely..” She confirmed, “..however, if were trying to blend in with the general populace, perhaps something less revealing..” Aria shrugged sheepishly, “..I’m certain, there are some who would be immensely attracted. And that sort of attention, although stimulating has it's.. inconveniences.”

Aria then had a request to the tailors assistant, "We're looking for something to dazzle a noble, would you happen to have anything that could serve that purpose?"

The tailor would look at Aria with some degree of astonishment as she spoke, "I don't believe we have anything that specifically addresses that purpose, but perhaps we might have something that could serve as an alternative."

Aria then stood by the mirror Regula was evaluating her newest wardrobe addition in, shortly after the tailor would arrive with a few pieces. "Hmm. I kind of want to try one of these." She said admittedly.

Regula was still pretty obsessed with the odd outfit she'd found. “I don't think I've ever seen, let alone worn, this type of clothing before. It's pretty comfortable though.” That said, Aria made valid points. “You're right, it's not suitable for what we're getting ourselves into, lovely as it is.” As for the revealing part, Regula wasn't too embarrassed, but had to admit that showing stomach cause that was definitely the most troublesome part would be pretty uncommon for the folk here.

A smile adorned Regula's lips when Aria admitted to wanting to try some dresses for her own. “Then why don't you try them? We've got some time left and I'm still trying to decide on some things myself... I think I'll try on that one. Why don't you try out something as well in the meantime?” Regula said, not awaiting an answer and picking out a next dress to try on whilst expecting Aria to do the same.


As she finished putting on her dress, she walked up to the mirror to check it... and realised she'd missed a few details. “Oh my... that shows a lot more skin than I thought it would. The count is sure to confuse my intentions if I approached him in this type of dress... do you have something of a similar colour and design, but a bit more modest?” Even though the dress wouldn't make the cut, Regula couldn't help make a few spins in front of the mirror. She was pretty sure she could pull this off, but she looked a bit too much like her mother on a working day, which was saying a lot.
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“Hmm, some of the clothing here is.. different..” Aria said as she browsed through a few of the pieces that the tailors assistant brought. “..It’s hard to imagine who would wear these here..” looking over to the assistant she asked, “..how long have you been in business if I may ask? And where do you come from? Some of the clothing here isn’t exactly common.” The assistant smiled brightly, “Yes. We get that a lot. We’ve only been open for around a month, we’re tailors from the eastern empire.” She bowed. “Our designs seek to challenge the current trends with something, more expressive.”

Arias eyes widened a bit with surprise, this tailor appeared quite passionate about her craft, she then looked back at Regula. “Well, that explains a lot..” she said smiling, “..no wonder some of these outfits are a bit out of the ordinary. I wonder if people in the eastern regions dress more like this.”

Not really expecting an answer she continued to browse, “I say, even if it wouldn’t be appropriate here we should still consider it! You never know, we’ve traveled quite a bit. I wouldn’t be surprised if our travels took us far through the eastern plains and into the eastern territories.”

She tilted her head at Regula with a slight confusion for a moment as she invited her to also try dresses on, to her delight it seemed she didn’t mind. “Oh.. hmm.” She turned, and began to look at the dresses from a whole different perspective. Up until now, she was helping Regula. But this changed things a bit. Hopefully she wouldn’t get too carried away.

“We.. have.. time?” She repeated with controlled but growing excitement. “Very well!”

She remembered the dress Regula had worn earlier, although her friend didn’t like it very much, Aria asked for it in a smaller size. Once the assistant returned with her request she, undid the flower in her hair and unbuttoned her attire, letting it fall, coiled in the changing room floor. Carefully picking it up she placed in on the chair along with Regulas armaments.

She quickly changed into the matte black dress, “Hmm.. this feels..” Aria said as the assistant helped with the fasteners in the back and Aria tied the drawstring in the front, the flower now resting on her lips as she did so. She pinched the fabric over her waist to make any extra adjustments as she observed her figure. “..kind of liberating.” She turned around to look at Regula, “M’lady?” She asked, requesting her attention and spun delightfully before swaying for a moment as she waited for her friends answer.

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“Hm. It fits you.” Regula concluded. “But why are you eating flowers?” Even so, it did look a bit formal, maybe even stiff. Regula figured she might as well be honest about it. “Although it looks a bit too formal on you, if you were to ask me. I bet you can find something that draws out your natural charms more.”

As for Regula herself, she was simply looking through a few more options before trying anything on again. She wasn't all that used to clothes shopping, so whilst it was fun, she was starting to wonder if she'd even succeed in finding something suitable to meet the count in.
Aria chuckled at Regulas comments, “You really think so?” She said in response to Regulas comments on it being too formal. Aria paying attention continued to sway, her eyes fixed upon the mirror, before taking the flower in her mouth and throwing it at Regula. “I don’t eat flowers.” She said with jesting indignation, a playful smirk drawn upon her face.

“Hmm. You’re right though, this IS a bit too formal.” She said with a playful frown, “..hmm.. But I like it. I think I’ll take it anyway.”

As Aria continued to browse she found something that really caught her attention, all while other thoughts crossed her mind, then of the possible outcomes of this meeting with the count, and what could he bestow to Regula and the possibilities.

Aria began to take the dress she had on and decided try something more practical, more for her everyday outings and adventures. Arias curiosity overcame her fascination to play dress up however as she put on a skirt and undid her braid.

“If you don’t mind me asking m’lady, what if Lord Light isn’t able to provide what you seek?” She turned to look at Regula, putting on the top, then the vest, “I don’t mean to add any further anxiety, but it’s certainly a real question.”

As she added a black bow to her hair she continued. “I for one, would very much like to speak to him about the Looming Circles we encountered on the way here.” Although she only observed them briefly, the mystical islands and strange formations had intrigued her deeply. “Perhaps in his evaluations with considering potential threats, he’d have something to say about it.”

Brushing the front of the skirt with her hand, she then turned to look at Regula. “What do you think? I think I’ll be changing my look.”

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Partially why Aria had been so excited to come to this particular shop was to find something else to wear on her usual outings. With the added bonus that she had her best friend by her side.

Regula shrugged. “Perhaps it'll be a good dress to put on when we meet your father.” All things considered, it seemed like a formal enough event for such a dress. Aria's question would force me to retcon stuff wasn't something Regula had really thought about. “At the very least, having a noble with a positive view on me might be helpful in the long run. Even if he can't give me what I want right now, perhaps he'd be able to provide me with something later.”

She was a bit surprised when Aria brought up the Looming Circles again. “I agree those were very interesting, but I'm pretty sure they're out of the Sol County, so I'm not sure how much he'd know about them. I'm also pretty sure I've heard they've been 'dormant' for very long, not really showing any signs of doing anything, ever.”

She then looked at the latest Aria outfit and nodded very approvingly. “That looks great on you! Green really fits you.”

That said, Regula still hadn't succeeded yet... until her eyes noticed the latest dress that was brought in for her to try. “Wow...” She said, eager to try it on. “I think I found a winner~” She said, upon having put on the dress and made sure it was fitting.

Untitled310_20220821224525 copy.PNG

“Of course!” She replied with attentive curiosity at her comments about the noble. “I trust your resolve in these matters with nobility m’lady, I for one don’t have much to pull from. I’m but a simple countryside barmaid, you on the other hand..” Aria looked at Regula and smiled softly. “..well, you’re more than a noble. You’re my friend.”

She exclaimed softly, nodding in return, at Regulas compliment. As to the suggestion of wearing such a dress to meet her potential father she looked away. “I’m.. uncertain about what to expect..” she said, repeating what she mentioned earlier, “..I would much rather be prepared with my usual attire m’lady. After all, I looked into the location of this man’s residence. To my surprise it appears to be a manor. Although, I can see where it would be appropriate..” Aria hesitated as she searched her mind for words to describe her thoughts, “..my heart tells me I should be ready. For anything.”

A certain expression of concern enveloped the war maidens features, it wasn’t a face she usual showed anyone. Yet, her eyes revealed her inner determination and unwavering will.

Brought back from her worries however, when Regula pulled out the dress. The deep blue piece as if reflecting the eternal star adorned sky, fit on Regula perfectly. Aria’s mouth separated in awe upon her enchanting figure. “M’lady Regula..” she gasped, as Aria stood there in her modest green outfit. “..I’m charmed- I mean.. you look incredible!” Moving her weight to the side, she nodded softly with approval. “Yes, I think this will do.”

With their outing looking like it was a big success, Regula was ever so slightly more confident about going to meet Linneus. Besides, with Aria suddenly being so heart-warming, it was tough not to calm down. “Thanks, you're a great friend to me as well. It's odd to think that we've only known each-other for a few months. It feels like it's been years instead.”

As for Aria's father, Regula nodded. “Go with whatever gives you the most confidence. If he's really our father, it's better to show him who you really are.” She wasn't exactly sure how, but she wished to support Aria in this endeavour just like how Aria was supporting her meeting with the count.

With one final twirl, upon receiving Aria's compliment, Regula was quick to pay for the dress. “Let's hope the Count thinks the same of this~”

The End


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Another great read, it's good to see Regula and Aria shopping for clothes for when they visit Lineuss, I love their interactions, it's great stuff as always. Regula's regal attitude and Aria's innocence is a great blend. Despite both of them being very kind. I love it y'all, keep it up.

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