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Fantasy [Isekai Hell] My Fading Dream

This is a story in the world of Iseakai Hell.

This story takes place after the events of [World RP - Progenitor of the Hive] .

The main goal of this RP is forging Aria a new set of legs and ridding her of [Maimed] title.

Second goal is for Enchanting [Mithril legs B] with the following enchantments.

  • Core 1 - Healing B
  • Core 2 - Jumping B
  • Core 3 - Tremor sense B
  • Core 4 – Special Movements: Water walking F, Untraceable F, Divine Path F, Wall Bouncing F, Running along narrow ropes and paths F.
  • Core 5 – Fast B


This RP follows the characters Aria Barlow RavenSong RavenSong / Regula Elvario Elvario Pierre Sulha AG - Madrid Sulha AG - Madrid with the possible addition of other characters that might/might not join in at various times. (Which will be added to this list as they do <3)



Somewhere between The See and The Eastern Empire...

The sun had begun to rise as the fiery chasm that was consuming the forest spread ever further and further away from the remnants of the peacekeeping party. Whether by luck or curse, the three who had been caught in the blast created by the terrorist Semetres were barely alive. Shielded within a crater made by the initial impact of the mentioned attack, and Regula's healing aura had been keeping them from being completely devoured by the heat, flames and smoke. Regula and Finn had managed to put out the flames within the crater but fatigue and low morale settled in fairly quickly afterwards, while Aria, the most gruesomely wounded of them lay unconscious, covered in ash, her hair charred and the bottom half of her body submerged within the soil. The air was difficult to breathe, and the terrain difficult to traverse with embers scattered about the place. The wind only making things worse with every gentle or gusty breeze.

The fires would continue to consume everything in its path, the canopies ablaze for miles in every direction, except north from which the morning rains made their way towards the wildfires. Along with their salvation.

The rain didn't seem to only herald the end of the wildfire, but the end of their seemingly eternal wait through the endless night as a small detachment of armored knights made themselves seen in the distance.

Leo had then appeared with a troop of eight soldiers ready and able on horseback. Clad in plate and mail, the regiment would bear a banner none of the peacekeepers would recognize. They'd be coming out of the forest onto the scorched plain to the north.


Leo Barlowe

The horses would neigh as Leo pulled on the reins of his steed and those in his company did the same. Their hooves digging into the wet earth beneath them as their brush-like tails twitched to sweep at the droplets starting to fall from the heavens. The young Captain's one eye would behold the amount of damage that had been inflicted upon the landscape, slowly looking out towards the crimson red dawn as ash rained from the sky. He'd notice a few details, before his second in command would lead his horse to Leo's side. "What is it sir? Why have we stopped?" The lieutenant said, eagerly waiting for his response. He was a rather hasty and anxious second in command.

Looking out towards the crater, he'd respond, "It seems there was a battle here. My sister must have intercepted the delivery." Then he closed his eye, "It's unlikely she'd been able to stop what was set in motion. However, I want you to spread out and look for any potential survivors in that direction." The young captain pointed at a hill not far from the crater. "Meanwhile i'll inspect that abnormal formation."

"Very well sir." The solider replied with a salute, before circulating the news to the other troops.

The sky would then begin to thunder and flash, soon the scent of decaying earth and ash would overtake the environment before a drizzle became a shower, which was threatening to become a downpour due to the microclimate the great wildfire had created.

The troops were unfazed by the change of climate however, in fact they seemed to welcome it considering it would be less of a hazard to traverse through the burning coal field. It wasn't long before Leo eventually climbed to the top of the edge of the crater where the peacekeepers had been, looking down he'd call out to them.

"We are an independent detachment under the service of Lord Marcus.." He began, but quickly noticed Aria partially underground. He'd turn around and call for the officer, "..get these people out of that crater and tell your men to fashion a stretcher. We've found her." Then turning back, "You're lucky to be alive. The forest fire would have surely been the end of you three should the rains hadn't arrived."

Leo's company quickly got to work, fashioning a stretcher out of still usable lumber, shaving down the trees with their tools to make poles, and using spare leather pieces to fasten their wool blankets in between them.

The companies healers would then go down to help them up, and inspect them carefully, casting effective healing spells to mend any burns and damages. They did their work quickly, before each of the healing knights gave them their cloaks as an added gesture to protect them from the rain. Leo however would head straight for Aria, stopping when he was able to better confirm it was her. Then kneeling down at her side, he took off one of his gloves to gently brush her face of his sister from the top of her forehead to her nose.

"You're such a fool.." Leo muttered regrettably as he bowed his head in disappointment. "..however a valiant one."

When the field healers were done, they'd take the stretcher fashioned by the other knights and brought it down to the Captain. Laying it right next to Aria, they pulled her out of the ground, then quickly realized her legs were missing.

"Gods.." Leo gasped with surprise, "..this is beyond our capabilities to help."

The two knights would then place Aria on the crudely crafted stretcher, fastening her across her torso and head to keep her steady as they transported her. Picking her up and resting the poles against their plated shoulders.

"Sir, if we are to transport the casualties, we must make camp."

"Agreed, we head back to the norther woodlands. Appoint our fastest rider and horse to send word to Lord Marcus. Specify our position and situation, and our plan to head to Ryken at once."

"Yes sir. Understood."

Leo would then turn to Regula and Finn, walking up to them dutifully stern and composed. He was obviously military, but dressed unlike any other known military leader.

"The name is Leo Barlowe." The captain said before his brow furrowed as he tried to recollect, "Have we.. met? Ah, yes. Back at the manor. You are Aria's friend." He said nodding once, "Care to explain why I'm taking but half of my sister back to Ryke?" He asked raising his eyebrow.

Leo wasn't very fond of Regula, but the captain wasn't foolish enough to openly insult or reprimand Aria's closest friend. The insight he'd observed back at the manor revealed Aria's kinship towards Regula. Since Aria's memory had been wiped clean of anything regarding her past Leo understood all too clearly that in order to gain her sisters trust again, he first had to better understand why Aria chose to follow Regula. Perhaps.. there was strong enough cause to sway even his own loyalty to their father.

Finn on the other hand raised his head to look at the captain.

"I'm Finn." The lone knight replied, "Things didn't turn out the way we thought they would, and now, many will pay dearly for our failure."

Finn was melancholy, caught in the turmoil of his thoughts, contemplating just what could have been done better to have prevented the cataclysm about to commence as a result of their failure. Finn wouldn't speak further and Leo, upon observing his state wouldn't press him. For now.



Aria, although unconscious, was caught deep within a feverish dream. Perhaps her psyche was desperately flailing for ways to stave back the unavoidably excruciating pain that awaited it in waking life. This was a unique circumstance for the sword maiden, as before during her darkest dreams would awaken with newfound powers and abilities. However, this time, she was trapped inside the hellish landscape of her subconscious.




The sound of a blade ripping through flesh..

A scream..

Then silence.

Then with a blink. Everything went dark again.


When she opened her eyes, lightning branched out like a root, roaring through the sky. It rained heavily in the slums of this shadow world. A world seemingly made of nothing but cobbled alleyways.


"I wont let you. You will die by my sword tonight. I suggest to turn around heed my warning, demon." The sword maiden drew her sword, pointing it at the shadowy assailant as he did the same. His face was indiscernible, hidden by living shadows that emitted a roar with a fiery blur. Aria would glance behind herself briefly, looking into the fearful eyes of the innocent looking back into hers in the form of a little girl. None other than Aria as a child.

"Run." She said softly before teleporting towards the demon and clashing swords with the opponent.

The child ran. The fight raged on.

They were evenly matched, Aria teleporting to dodge while the demon would evaporate to do the same. It was then that the demon was aware that he wouldn't win. Taking off towards the fleeing child like a hungry pack of wolves. Aria would pursue, teleporting various times to catch up only for the fiend to continue its charge whilst dissipating to avoid any of the katana slashes to connect. Then when it got closer, Aria would land a strike. The demon being ripped out of a roar in agony from its ichor dripping wound.

The demon, now enraged would continue the fight, this time it managed to land a strike of his own, as shadowy blades stabbed straight through the sword maidens legs. Aria would drop to her knees and cry out in pain as her grip upon her weapon weakened and the sound of steel echoed through the alley.

Reaching out, Aria begged as tears flowed from her eyes.
"Please.. I beg you.. don't do it."

The sound of steel ripping through flesh would be heard..

A scream..

Then silence.
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Regula hadn't spoken a word for a long time. Pain, anger, frustration and worry were keeping her mind too occupied to verbalise anything. She was on guard when unfamiliar faces showed up, although she was in no condition to fight them. The name 'Marcus' rang a bell. Was this person related to Aria's father? When the man spotted Aria and called out 'we found her' it supported that suspicion almost instantly. From the fire into the rain and from the rain into the drop. She'd have preferred some other folk to find them, but at least these weren't out to kill them. She didn't let Leo out of her sight as he approached Aria, being on guard against every move he made like a valiant watch-dog, as she didn't trust him.

“Regula.” She introduced herself shortly. “If you're here, I'm sure you already know.” She didn't feel like playing games with this guy. There was no way he'd find them here this short after things went down by sheer luck. Finn, being the 'nicer' of the two, gave Leo a bit more, yet was equally cryptic.

She noticed Aria's features change in her unconscious state. She didn't look all that great. Was she having nightmares. “It's alright. I'm here. We'll get this fixed.” Regula whispered, as she put her hand on Aria's forehead, hoping it'd bring even the slightest bit of relief to her suffering friend.

She then turned to Leo. “She needs a better healer.” She stated, trying to come up with options. Would there be some church or hospital that could help them? If she gathered up all her savings or sold some of her gear, surely they'd be able to afford someone with high grade healing, right?

Location: Somewhere between the See and the Eastern Empire..

A red dawn rose on the horizon, its first rays soon covered by heavy nimbostratus that continued their flashing light show. The ground sizzled and whistled as the showers became heavier, slowly killing the embers as they mixed smoke and steam into the atmosphere. The setting, for which the remnants of the peacekeepers founds themselves in deliberating with the newly arrived Leo and his troop.


Leo Barlow

"I see.." the young captain said as his tired gaze rested upon the distraught knight known as Finn. "..well, at least you're still alive." He finished dismissively. Finn didn't give him even a glance before looking away in disappointment. He replayed the battle numerous times in his mind, hypothetically adjusting the strategies that could have lead them to victory. However, every single scenario he replayed in his thoughts could never change the facts of their reality. Failure, was a bitter affliction.

The captain then turned towards Regula who was less vocal, his gaze narrowed then, "Your suspicions are void. I had been sent on behalf of my father to gather a report from Aria. Considering we had an accord." He stopped there, and glanced at Finn who was already walking away, then back at Regula who gave the feverish Aria words of assurance as her closed eyes twitched as she was fastened to the stretcher and carried out. Leo would smirk very faintly. "Surely. I never considered you being such a significant piece of this puzzle. But you being here and Aria as maimed as she is must mean you have some sway to her decisions to potentially even die for a goal. This.. changes things."

A thunder clap roared through the sky, leaving in its wake the blinding glare of light imprinted upon their eyes. The knights would carry off the maimed sword maiden, making their way to the thick forest a couple of miles north. Regula and Finn would be loaned the horses the knights carrying Aria couldn't ride due to their current duty. The shower would become a downpour soon.

Among those free to serve, the knights quickly erected a larger tent, otherwise unfurnished save for a few animal pelts that served as rugs and sleeping rolls, but a shelter nonetheless. Then they'd set up their own individual tents while scouts were sent out to ensure the perimeter was free of danger. The horses were tied close by with blankets on their backs, serving as wind breakers they proved rather effective. Considering they were a small troop, they had the advantage of movement and quick deployment on demand if necessary. However, traveling with Aria unconscious would be immensely limiting with the topography and current state of climate.

Soon they made two fires, one by the large tent to keep the rescued and the captain comfortable, the other for the feast the knights began to
prepare. Finn soon joined in on a meal and a modest bottle of mead.


Aria had continued to toss and turn in place, her breathing uneasy but her eyes beginning to flicker open.

Leo would approach Regula outside of the tent, offering her a glass as he held another, "I assure you this isn't poisoned. You're much more valuable to me alive than dead." He took a drink from the bottle before offering it to her. Whether she'd take it or not was all the same, as the young captain observed his surroundings with a stoic stance, the trees rustling and creaking with every gust.

"I'll get to the point. Marcus, our father grows restless. Power hungry if you will.." Leo shakes his head as an incredulous grin forms upon his lips. "..he feels theres a growing power which could threaten his rule. Which I can't even begin to fathom the idea of an equal much less greater adversary.." He chuckles at the thought. "..the urgency he feels for Aria to come to her senses is growing. In fact he's been keeping me in the dark as to what he discusses in his private meetings with his war committee." He steals a glance at Regula before looking back out into the swaying woodland. "They've been keeping track of all your movements since you left the manor. Oh yes. We know of your mother. Of your affiliations in Light county. There are some who want you out of Aria's life. Permanently." Taking another sip, he calmly continued. "I don't share in that sentiment however. I believe our goals could be aligned. However, what are your goals exactly?"



Aria's nightmare had gone on for so long, endlessly repeating the same scenario again, and again until it had begun to spill over. No one noticed that tears began to drip down the sides of her closed eyelids. Her psyche which did everything it could to keep her from facing the cold hard reality, couldn't bear it any longer.

Aria would suddenly awake, bursting into a fit of screams that made even the horses uneasy as the neighed at the piercing sound of vocal chord's shrieking until every last but of air in her lungs had dissipated. Nearly passing out from lack of oxygen, Aria struggled to pull air into her lungs as she crawled out of the stretcher frantically searching for the weapon that had melted in that fateful crater that claimed her limbs. It was here that words couldn't describe the sudden horror striking realization as tears began to well in her eyes as her hand reached down to feel her legs. When they weren't there her eyes darted to look to where her limbs should be. Aria was horrified as she tried to scream again, but her voice was gone from the previous outburst. She pulled the woolen blanket over herself before looking around. Only whispers emitting from her broken voice. "R-regula.." she said with a whispery raspy voice, "..release me of my suffering.. and shame.. I'm.. of.. no further use."


Some time would pass, and the messenger knight would return with instructions.

"Sir.." She said addressing the captain before giving him a scroll. "..we are to make way to Ryken. Further details are in that scroll."
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It was tough to believe Leo. If they'd been for just a report, how would they find this random spot that ended up being the smuggler's route? That made no sense. He was likely just lying to her. She wouldn't buy it. Still, openly fighting him had no purpose right now and her worries were with Aria, so she decided to let it be. That changed when he described how he perceived them to be. “We're friends. It's called friendship, Leo.” She tried to say it with some nicety, as she'd heard of how this boy might've been raised. If Aria's father was the one who'd been the one to raise him from a young age, she couldn't help but feel sympathetic towards him. Besides, it was still Aria's brother. She should at least try to get along and see if she could mend their relation, right? “We've been through a lot together.” She sighed, as some memories arose, some good some bad. “You should spent more time with her, to understand why she did what she did. Then you'll know your evaluation is wrong.” She told him, trying not to sound insulting and more to sound like she genuinely cared to help him, which she did, although it was currently difficult to express when her best friend was in such a terrible state.

As they travelled, she tried to stay close to Aria, even though she didn't have the [riding] skill and could barely keep seated on her horse, her complete and utter exhaustion not really making it any easier. As the others made up camp, Regula refused to leave Aria's side. She knew she couldn't do much right now, except perhaps hoping for her cloak to still be able to cast the [Safe Zone] (at whichever level her gear was even at after burning down a few grades) to give Aria whatever relief from the pain that Regula could grant her.

She gave a deep sigh when Leo approached her with a drink and immediately went on to convince her it wasn't poisoned. She'd take it, as a sign of trust perhaps, but his words didn't sit quite well with her. “I know the position I'm in. If you wanted me dead, you'd have had plenty of chances thus far. However...” Regula wanted to make one thing clear. “... right now, I only want what's best for Aria. If you're planning to use me against her, you'll have a bad time.” She started at him with a merciless gaze. Then she soften her tone. “Although, I'd rather work with you than against you, if possible.”

She was surprised by how open Leo was about his father. “Come to her senses..?” She really loathed how that was phrased. Aria was as well 'to her senses' as she needed to be right now. Her sense of unease grew when her mother was mentioned. His final question, direct as it was, was not easy to answer. “If you've been investigating me, what would you say my goals are?” Trying to make him guess first would likely allow her to figure out how much he knew and what type of 'goals' he was even asking about. Right now, she didn't have a confident type of reply to give him. That would have to wait, however, as she suddenly heard Aria screaming.

She hurried over to her friend, noticing her confused and panicked state and listening to her words in horror. She was quick to lift up Aria and draw her in for a hug. “Come on now, don't say such silly things. We'll get this all fixed in no-time. Besides, you're my closest friend, so I won't allow you to feel shameful or useless.”

Location: Somewhere between The See and The East Empire..


Aria looked into Regulas eyes, sobbing uncontrollably, her own eyes shut as her arms weakly embraced Regula. The reality that set into the sword maiden was bitter, eventually breaking the embrace with her dearest friend after seemingly endless sobbing. She'd look down as she pulled the woolen blanket over the bottom half of her body, she could almost still feel her legs due to the phantom limb phenomena which were really the scarred nerve endings above her knees. It was a burning feeling, as if her legs were still there that would continue to confuse her adjusting mind by maintaining a state of denial.

A gusty breeze would whistle into the tent, Aria's silvery and ash stained hair would sway a bit as she appeared to wake from her thoughts. Perhaps it was more like a realization as the maidens gaze turned from her lap towards Regula. Her face emotionless as her orbs welled with tears, "We.. failed.. didn't we?" she asked through the rasp in her voice, "This burden.. of defeat.. how does anyone.. overcome it." looking away suddenly, "..now, a war will begin."

It was a fact, that Aria being the rebellious spirit she was and pieces of her mind fragmented like this would change her, but not in a way one would expect.

Making a fist she pressed it into the soil. “And I can’t even move, to correct my failure.”


It was then that Leo entered the tent. “It seems father has a solution to your dilemma.” He said, nonchalantly as the emblem on his military hat dripped with rain, flickering with its golden radiance. His shadowy face contrasting the the gusty background as a single orb glinted like a sapphire. He stood over Aria for a few moments looking at her. Perhaps it was his recollection of countless memories that prompted pause. A degree of guilt washed over Leo, but he'd be damned if he ever exposed the truth. "Greetings, sister."

"You.." Aria looked out to behold her brother, "..you are behind this!" A scowl forming on the war maidens face. "I'll kill you where you stand!" Due to the nature of her not having legs, she simply fell forward, reduced to a crawl.

"I'm afraid that is impossible with no legs." Leo smirked a bit, "But don't worry, as I mentioned before, it's something we'll solve. You are a critical piece to our cause and returning you back to your agreement is equally as critical."

As for the comment about being behind the scheme that cost her, her limbs. "I knew about the scheme. But it's orchestration is beyond my level of sophistication. However, it seems you were no match."

"I am not your pawn.." She snapped back as she got back up, "If you are my brother, then you would know my heart, I desire nothing more than justice be brought upon the wrongdoers of this world. To give people hope to rise above their limitations and strive for a leadership that better suits them." Aria finally mustered, "All you want is death."

"Perhaps.." Leo stated coldly as he turned to exit the tent. "..but you are bound to me beyond duty."

The sword maiden's expression would change a bit, she didn't have the words to reply. Had she not considered that maybe they very much could be her, family? As much as that passionately disgusted her, she hadn't considered the possibility of potential goodwill.

Looking back at Regula, she'd lay down on the crudely made stretcher. A complex wave of emotions overtook Aria, "What do I do?" She asked like a helpless beggar scouring for pity. The very people she swore to protect. "I.. I cant move.. I think this time, I'll take a risk. And perhaps take my place at your side again."


The horsemen could be heard outside packing and getting their equipment in order for departure. Clamor and chatter erupted briefly before everyone was ready, Aria was carried by stretcher. The journey was arduous and slow, until they arrive at a waterfront.


More than halfway through to their destination, the troop scouts spotted a peculiarly different formation. There would be a clearing where the one known as Pierre would be unconscious. It seemed his engine was overheated as steam rose from the moisture in the air that surrounded the tank. For those that knew him, understood that his fuel source was water. Perhaps he had run out of fuel before reaching this lake.

Leo's troop however would spur into action, drawing their swords and getting ready for a potential confrontation. It was then, that Regula noticed their old friend. What was more however, was that a small girl was holding onto their friend Pierre.

"What in the hells?"
Leo almost yelled outloud, "What is that thing?"

"That is our friend Pierre, please help him."


Looking at Leo, Aria nodded once. "Mhm.
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Although Regula had focussed on comforting Aria, she couldn't help grit her teeth at the mention of their failure. It was a tough pill to swallow to fail again. What did you say to that? That it didn't matter? That they could fix it? Those would likely just be lies. However, when Aria blamed her inability to move, Regula did have something to say. “Yet.” She said firmly. “You can't move yet. We'll find a way to fix your legs soon. We'll see what else we can do afterwards.” At that in that part, getting Aria's legs fixed, she was determined to succeed.

When Leo joined in, the situation got only more complicated. “Calm down, please.” She tried to reassure Aria. “He's helped us thus far.” She said, not really wishing to side with Leo, but also not wishing for Aria to only see him as an extension of her father's. Leo didn't make that easy though, when he mentioned her being bound beyond duty. Such ominous language wouldn't exactly help their cause.

After Leo left, she sighed. “Your father... he's up to no good. Your brother however, he might...” She was trying to find the right words. “He doesn't seem to agree with everything your father does. Give him a chance. He might be able to help us without forcing us to abide by your father's wishes.” She hoped Aria would at least consider it.

It was tough not to be surprised when they ran into Pierre of all people. Aria explained the situation, somewhat, but left out a crucial detail. “He's in my employ.” She added. She knew how few rights constructs had in this world, so if she didn't make it very clear this one was hers, there was a fair chance that Leo or Marcus might get funny ideas about using him. Hopefully claiming ownership of him as her [Supplyiere - Sentient Supply Transport] would negate some of that risk.

“Someone help me get him some water so he can make it to the lake and refuel.” She said, unknowing using [Leadership C] to command everyone as if she was the one in charge instead of Leo. As she was talking though, she uncomfortably tried scratching her back. Something was itching and feeling annoying on her back, for some reason. Although she had bigger issues to deal with, it was starting to really annoy her.

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.... Heat. Blistering, flaming, and painful comatose heat. The followed words to describe the current state of one unconscious Pierre Rothel were said in narrative spark. Something else was on his mind however, even despite the heat exhaustion and fuel depletion that consumed his ability to remain awake. It was a burning hope, hot as the flames which, ironically enough, were used at an attempt to end his blood and fire trailed escape from the Refuge turned blazing hellhole only just, to his discretion, between 4 to 7 hours ago.

This hope, was that of making sure that he did not fail. Hoping to the gods that the young girl in his protective grasp, possibly now orphaned, was safe from the burning hands of the very scum that ended the lives of many. Such story of these events remain yet to be known, but will be unveiled to light in due time. For now, all he could do, was hope. Through the burning headache more focused on the back of his turret, which had taken a nasty brunt from a blistering sphere of malice and deformed as a result, other damages were yet to be briefly noticed.

'...Please..[????]..Be alive..' His mind pleaded, fearing for his efforts being in vain. He vividly remembered what he had to do in order to make it out fully, as if the slightly cool feeling of mud, and the blood of already dead men, women, and possibly even children caking his treads weren't enough of an indicator to himself. The sound of bones crushing, mixed with the crackle of fire played on repeat throughout that whole ordeal, and it was something he wished to never relive again.

But.. If he hadn't done that, it would've placed immeasurable guilt on him, of failing a young soul such as [?????]'s. It was better to save one than nobody anyway, as it was your efforts that saved that individual. Even more that he had gotten to know so much about her in such a short time.. Sure, he could've been able to save others, but time was simply too fast for choices to be calculated thoroughly.

His thoughts would then be interrupted, as while he may be immobilized, that didn't mean he couldn't hear. First came the footsteps of horses, then voices.. Most of strangers.. But then he heard two familiar friends.

'..Aria.. Regula..?' His levitating appendages tightened softly on the girl latched to his front, as the other voices provoked caution within him.. Who the hell were they? Why were they with his friends?


What happened during their separation..?

He needed the answers, and he needed them now.

Too bad that when his attempt at starting up again initiated, all that came out of his engine was a stalled windup, ending with a noticeable *CLUNCH*. His hull rocked a bit from his Engine's jolt, though inwardly he sighed in irritation.

'..Of all times..'


Location: Somewhere between The See and The east empire; headed south towards Ryken..

The surprise and shock at such an outlandish [Construct] for the medieval times with which most people in this world knew, could only be described as some sort of magic golem. An amalgamation of various metals to give life to the one Pierre. Its engine revved to no avail, as it stirred to life when the soldiers , upon noticing its strange and outlandish sounds, grew uneasy.

It was then that Regula described how she and Pierre were bound by [Supplyiere - Sentient Supply Transport]. Suddenly, Leo wasn't so uneasy about this as he also reached for his sword with a slightly nervous smirk.



"Great. More of your so called friends.." Leo said, sheathing his sword at his side as Aria turned her head as she laid on the stretcher looking out towards Regula as she made her way towards the exhausted tank. "..where do you find such people?"

"You'll never experience the friendships I am so privileged to keep, Leo.." Aria said coldly, "..I dont expect you to understand, but someday all of Ryken will know who we are and when that time comes I'll expose both yours and my fathers schemes."

Leo grinned, part of him felt challenged, however he'd remain composed if only briefly. "That may be, but you'll never experience the horrors I have witnessed. The unspeakable things I've had to do. The desire for it all to end without the threat of execution. You don't see the risks I take even now, bringing your friends along like some chaperone." He then got closer to Aria, and sighed as he looked into her teal-green eyes. "I am not your enemy. As much as you want to draw me out to be one."

Aria searched the young captains eyes, for a moment her eyes softening before they became cold again. "No.." She replied, "..I know enough about you to know that you would lie to make me join your cause to bring further suffering to this world."

"Then why am I helping you? If you're so sure."

"You'd see me as someone to further your plans. I cannot allow that, nor that you seem to be convincing my friend. I can see past your facade demon."

Leo shook his head, "Then I suppose it doesn't matter if I help you."

Aria began to stutter, her calculating mind unable to answer his question, "I.. I dont know why you're helping me. Thats the only factor that doesn't add up at the moment.." Aria looked back towards Regula, raising her hand at Pierre when he called out her name continuing to refer to Leo. "..I suppose time will tell if you really mean what you say."

Leo followed Aria's gaze to behold Regula, his eyebrow twitching a bit at her ability to suddenly create cooperation among his troops. They did as Regula said, pulling out their water skins and filling them to the brim before following her command to put the water where it was necessary. the construct would rev up his engine again, failing. Then once more after yet another fill of water. This time the constructs engine fired up! It was then that most would notice what he was holding. A little girl. She remained unconscious yet alive, not showing any obvious signs of wounds the soldiers all shrugged at one another, clamoring a bit before returning to their horses.

Meanwhile, Aria and Leo continued the last bit of their conversation.


"You never did mention what your affiliation with your friend Regula is about.." Leo asked inquisitively, "..if anyone was spying on you I'd say they would be very curious about such close bonds with nobles. Then rumors about a would be descendant from a royal bloodline. If I may be so bold, I'd say you're serving Regula as a would be queen."

Aria's gaze suddenly turned to Leo, "Are you done?"

Leo got closer, "They only suspect. But this could be our secret. In fact, I support your small endeavor. As someone so close to fathers ear, I'm sure intelligence from the so called, 'Merchant of Death'' would be an invaluable stream straight into the queens ear. I'd be willing to help. In exchange for your trust." Stepping away, he'd mutter finally, "Think about it."

Aria made a fist, part of her felt he was right, but the other couldn't shake off the feeling that her so called brother could be up to something sinister. And with good reason, considering his affiliations. However Aria's mind was being swayed, if only for his offer, it would seem he anted to join their cause to see Regula upon the throne. But towards what end? That was the question.


Pierre, Aria and Regula would get each other up to date on the latest in their travels from country to country. From saving a burning city, to spending a wonderful day about the streets of Ryken. They'd all share whatever they wanted here. Aria was mostly silent the whole way to their destination. She was in deep thought about Leo, partly thinking about whether or not to trust him. And the other part was simply staving off the pain she felt at the bottom of her knees. And finally, whether or not to sate the young captains curiosity with a confirmation about his very well thought out guess.



Location: Off the Southern District of Ryken, overlooking the river..

Once they arrived at the southern district, the sound of the horses hooves upon the cobbled ground change the atmosphere. The loud clamoring of horseshoes upon stone was like an announcement that a great troop had arrived. However, they wouldn't go into the main part of the city. They'd be on the outskirts, among the more suburban and rural parts of the county. It wasn't policed as heavily as other places.

The building turned into a base of operations quite quickly, as Leo dispatched another scout.

It would remain fairly uneventful, as the guards took turned in their shifts outside. It wasnt until dusk that a hooded few whose long shades inaccurately drew upon the ground as gigantic people.

IMG_8096-2.PNGThose inside would be provided with everything a well stocked home would have, should they had done so would be up to them, but eventually they'd observe out the window, a shadowed and heavily cloaked person. Dismounting from his black steed, he sighed as he took his hood off before entering the house.

Marcus wouldn't say a word, as he simply observed everyone within the building as he made his way towards Aria. Who was laid on a bed.

"Look at what you've done to yourself my dear." Marcus said, as he held his daughters face. Aria would resist however, "Dont touch me! I'm here because of you!" Aria snapped back, "Regula. Get him out of here." The sword maiden commanded.

"Oh there will be no need. In fact, we could use your friend's.. professional trade." He would then walk up to Regula pulling out four large parchments rolled up and fastened with a string to keep them from coming undone. He spoke under his breath then, "I have a small shipment of mithril atop the horses outside. My men are unloading it now. If you so desire to help, then see to it that these plans are executed to the letter, Miss. Smithy." He smiled a bit, then turned to Aria.

Regula would have already found the smithy area by now, but after one of the horsemen brought in a crate of mithril he'd also give Regula a few tool rolls. Nodding at her in salute. The tools were actually her own tools, apparently they found the way to bring Regula all her familiar tools of the craft.

"My dear, have I not done everything for my daughter?" He asked with nearly a tone of sadness that was impossible to tell whether it was sarcastic or genuine. "I've recommended you to the best academy, even arranged for large sums of rykes to your name. And I am to blame for your misfortune?"

Marcus would step closer, sitting down on a stool as he crossed his arms looking at her daughters stern expression radiating from her, "Naturally, you would think it was me who incited a war. I assure you, it was the idea of a colleague of mine." Shaking his head he'd continue, "Your faith in such things as justice, and what is it? 'Humanity' is what brought you here. Should you have let hang such foolish ambitions I wouldn't be here and you'd be a great general!"

Aria, grimaced at his words, "I could never get someone of such blatant ignorance to ever understand why I do what I do. I have no intention of explaining anything. I.. lost. People died because of me, but at least I tried to the very end!"

Marcus would shake his head, "Foolish girl. You clearly have a lot to learn, and yet you waste your time on pathetic ideologies."

Aria's eyes begin to well as Marcus's words, cut what remained of his daughters hope like a sprouting seed. "I cannot help.." She said in between her tears, "..it.. I cant stand that most have to suffer in order for the few to live lavishly. I.."

"You cannot help them. No one can, it's simply the way of this world."

"I refuse to accept it!"

"Then you refuse reality! Stop this nonsense and return to your rightful place! Become an agent of terror, become what you were born to be! The soul that is encapsulated within you will come forth soon, and I will not lose such a precious weapon to false hopes of charity!"

Marcus had nearly been slipping from his stool. His words were not getting him anywhere at this rate. He would simply scoff and get up and start out the door pausing for a moment. "If you weren't my daughter I'd kill you where you lay, even in your miserable state. However, at this rate, you'll end up here again soon at which point you will understand. And someday.. you'll thank me for my perseverance." Turning his head to face the maiden he retorted, "Dont think for one moment that I haven't forgotten our deal, You WILL join the academy and you will get things done! I leave Leo to make sure you do." Marcus turned to Leo and gave him a nod, which prompted the young captain to nod in return.

"Yes, sir."

Marcus would leave, only leaving behind two men and a woman, they were the specialists that approached the party to explain. "I'm afraid master Aria, will need these mithril prosthetics.." One of the men said, before the woman started after, "..but we promise your limbs will feel just as if you had your real ones."

As Regula forged each piece and they were completed, the specialist team would get to work, pulling out various thin cables that connected to various parts of the prosthetics. It would almost seem like they were creating legs that connected to a persons nervous system to replicate the sensations of pain, tickling, touch, ect. They all worked arduously, while others would interact and pass the time as they saw fit.
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Regula could only wonder what in the world the tank had gone through after looking at him more closely. It surely hadn't been much more pleasurable than the hell-scape she and Aria had escaped from moments ago. She was surprised to see him 'hold' a girl. Both the girl and the 'holding' part were surprising, for that matter. She wasn't aware of Aria and Leo's bickering as she commanded Leo's man to help out the unfortunate tank boy. She also made sure to check up on the girl, confirming she was alive and relatively okay. “I'm not sure what you've been through, but she's alright.” She told Pierre. She wasn't sure what else to say. She felt no desire to explain to him the horrors of what they'd been through and she assumed the feeling would be mutual. Instead, she figured she'd fill him up on what they were up to right now. “Aria's... injured her legs. We're taking her along to her father to get healed.” That was... one way to put it.

- - - -​

Regula had spent most of the waiting time cleaning up and trying to get her mind off of things. She had no clue how to deal with Aria's father, yet she'd soon be forced to do so. When the moment finally arrived, she was still clueless. To make matters worse, Aria instantly called to get him out of here. It was odd to hear Aria command her, instead of the other way around, but it only served to show how much Aria hated her father. She gritted her teeth as she looked through the plans. That... could work. No, it would work. She hated working with this man, but saw no better option right now. Forging the legs wasn't too difficult, although she did wonder who's tools they brought. They looked an awful lot like Rossle's tools, which she always made use off back in Ryken...

She looked in a combination of fascination and worry as eventually, the others got to work on 'hooking up' Aria's legs. She had no clue about that part of the process. The only thing that distracted her from staring at them was the continuous itch on her back, which had grown to the point of being awfully uncomfortable.

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To be frank, Regula and Aria of all people were those who Pierre least expected to have came across him at this moment. He was grateful nonetheless however, as seeing familiar faces after what had happened brought a sense of comfort to the Tank. It is true that his interactions and encounters with the two were rather short term, but it still left that mark on him which oddly saw the two as grown daughters that he is proud of. Speaking of daughters however, alongside hearing Regula confirm [????] was alright, reminded him of his current focus. That, and also the new situation at hand: Aria's injury.

"..I hope so... But of Aria's injury.. How did it happen?" He softly asked in concern. One thing Regula would notice was that his voice was a little more hoarse and deep. As though his logically nonexistent but somehow still present vocal cords had taken punishment in some form as a result of his recent mutual endeavor. Eitherway, Pierre ended up finding his question unanswered as the journey back continued.

Well, for the others at least. Pierre stayed back to refuel for a little longer before following after the rest of the pack.. and maybe also tending to [????] a little more as a last minute check to see if she's really okay.

On the arrival back, Pierre parked himself underneath the tree right across from the building the others had entered. Logical enough that he'd likely be charged for property damage if he were to try and enter. It was there that he also decided to at least have a look at himself to assess the damage he had gone through.

He started by feeling the back of his turret, but recoiled his floating hand off as the metal still felt like a hot skillet. But also lumpy and jagged like rock. '..Gonna be a while until I cool down fully.. At least it's a time in somewhat peace..' His mind talked, as his Turret currently faced towards the building again, only to see a man on a horse (Marcus) enter it.

He wondered who the man was, but stowed that curiosity away for now as he continued. He felt over his hull next, wincing slightly at the small patches of heat here and there, alongside rough segments which were likely to be chipped paint.

He sighed, which turned to a yelp as he felt [????] begin to fall off his front, quickly darting his hands onto her back and saved her from that little fall. With a sigh of relief, he turned his sights back to the building, only to see the man Depart.

'Is he related..?' His mind once again questioned, before deciding to roll over and stand idle by the door. Not blocking it as he waited for the others to head out.


Location: Marcus' Ryken Hideout..

Regula was obviously skilled, her muscle memory suddenly engaging through her body as the countless hours of forging came into practice. From the start of the blazing fire to begin then to the smelting of the mithril ingots, pre-forming the pieces into their intended design and finally the cooling and polishing. Regula labored the pieces with immense precision that it would nearly seem like destiny had brought Aria and Regula together for this act alone. Even for having Rossles tools, once in the rhythm of things she did her best to reduce any blemishes or imperfections. Once she was done, and the components cooled, Regula would place them in a crate where the other two would come to inspect.


Lee & Melie

"Lee! Come look at this!" Melie said as she picked up one of the polished pieces, "You miss, are indeed one talented smithy. I commend you as a fellow craftswoman!" Then Lee, the much more stern one would approach, his expression somewhat impressed. "Hmm, yes, this will do. Now, stop buttering up this woman and come along." Stealing a glance at Regula, "You'll have to forgive my so called 'partner', she's absolutely mad!"

"Am not! You're definitely the crazy one! He reads books on marine biology for HOURS!"

"Your foolish attempts to slander me are pathetic. Now, come along, Miss Aria needs to get back to her duties, and we our own. Last thing I want is Master Marcus to have reason to send us off to investigate pathogens. Gruesome work indeed.

"Oh, whatever.." Melie said as she smiled at Regula with a wave, "..I'm Melie and this is Lee, it's quite the pleasure to meet you. As you can tell, we don't do fieldwork very often, due to the nature of our profession."

"Thats enough, Melie."

"I'm just introducing us, jeez, you're such a snob."

It was then that Melie gave a final glance at Regula before taking the box to another room, where they'd diligently place all manor of apparatus, "Maybe someday.. if I ever lose my legs, I'll have THESE legs! They'll be just as beautiful!"

Lee slowly looked up at Melie and raised a very annoyed eyebrow. "If this is your way of making fun, its in absolute ill taste.." Looking back down, "I didn't-!"

"Even if you wanted something like this, we would need to sell all of our research, patents and publishings on our mana core reactor, and it likely still wouldn't be enough to afford them."

Melie sighed, as she spliced two strange looking threads together, the ends of her fingers turning red hot like a soldering iron before fusing the ends of the thread. "Well, a girl can dream. Right?"

After a few hours, the prosthetics were ready for the final touches and applying them to the Aria who still laid on the bed, in deep thought. When the two would come in, Aria turned to look at them and blinked a bit before sighing with a nod and looking back up at the ceiling.

"Oh cheer up m'lady, we need you out here." Aria just kept looking away, indifferent as the two placed the ends of the prosthetics in place where Arias legs would be. The couple would join their mana together as a sort of glyph like circle hummed with ethereal wind all around them, the couple would entwine one hand with the other and placed their free hand next to where the prosthetics would fuse with the sword maidens body.

Aria jolted a bit, and looked down as the device fused and then slowly seemed to control the prosthetics, albeit weakly.

Once the ritual was complete, Lee and Melie would take Aria each by one hand and help her to sit up.

"Now, we wait."

"How do you feel miss?" Aria, now sitting up would look down at her newly fused legs, then would place a hand on her thigh, nearly expecting her to not feel a thing. But when she felt the nuances of her touch, her eyes widened with surprise. "I.. I can feel my.. feet." Aria muttered as her toes began to come to life. "I admit, I am quite impressed by this.. but who are you two?"

"Oh! were nobody, we just got hired by your dad to help you thats all. The names Melie!"

"Lee, at your service
Lady Aria." With a small bow of his head, Lee would tug her to stand. "Perhaps you feel confident enough to walk." Aria nodded and got up, stumbling a bit as she did so, however she was caught by the two tha were assisting her with this new adjustment. "You're doing great. You'll be running in no time!"

"If it means, I get to keep fighting for those that have no voice. Then, I have nothing but gratitude for this privilege."

"Wonderful, I'm grateful that you are satisfied."

"Look like you did it!"

Aria would quickly figure out her new life, it would take some getting used to
but she was determined to continue her journey throughout the land. It was then that Aria pulled a small leaf from her top which quickly became large enough to be her personally wheelchair if not until she felt good enough to travel. But this was all still so new.


Back outside, Pierre appeared to be expecting something or someone, when it became clear that a young little one appeared in his ghostly hands when further inspection allowed it.


Leo had then come out of the building, standing guard upon the residency. However there was quite a few neighbors wondering why they're there and what they're doing.

To hopefully put to rest any suspicion he openly began a conversation with the tank, not that it helped much.

"Say I couldn't help but notice, that.." A hand coming up to his hat to push it back a little to better inspect the tank before him,
"..well, that you are capable of speech. How did you become an animated.. construct." He asked curiously as he rubbed his fair chin. "Forgive my boldness so soon, but it would seem that you're some kind of war machine. Am I right?"
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Even in this awful situation, a compliment was still a compliment. She couldn't help herself from feeling pride in her work. “Thank you.” Then again, she had to return the compliment. “I can't say I've met many able to do work as precise and complex as yours either.”

She could only stare in silent awe as Aria's legs started to do 'leg things' again. Even though it was metal. It was like magic. Well... it was magic. Probably? She honestly didn't understand where the tinkering ended and magic started. That said, she did know one thing. That was made of mithril and it didn't look like getting those legs to work had taken up any room for enchantments...

“You know... this is made of mithril, so, unless I'm missing something, I could probably enchant it.” She pondered about the options. “Enchanting them to make you go fast, like I did with my boots, seems like a good option.” (Fast) “Same for letting you jump far.” (Jumping) “And letting you run across water or swim fast.” (Water Speed) “I personally also like being able to sense vibrations through my boots.” (Tremorsense) “Or some special ways of moving, like wall running, wall bouncing, ceiling bouncing, running across uneven terrain, running across ledges... I think there's a way to even make your legs navigate for you, to a degree.” (Special movements & Divine Path) “Although maybe it's worth to give it some healing magic as well, like what I've put on my cloak.” (Healing) “Or perhaps give it one less enchantment and make it so you can use it more often.” (Energised) “Perhaps even add some more staying power to them.” (Magic Affinity, Spell Duration, Area of Effect, Magic Targets, Selective, etc. “Or maybe make your kicks hit like a truck, although that'd be a more difficult and costly one to enchant.” (Superstrength) “Or maybe even enchant it with offensive magic...” She wanted to keep going for a bit, but suddenly stopped. “I'm sorry. I'm going a bit overboard. I'm sure just having new legs alone is already a lot to take in. It'd be best for you to get used to them first, before doing any of this.” Her inner blacksmith and enchanter had taken over for a bit there.

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For the time being, Pierre remained in a slightly uncomfortable silence while waitng outside. Normally he’d be indulging in a good ol cigarette, but since he’s now.. well.. chosen to become what he is now, he can’t really do that anymore due to not being able to actually blow. At least he won’t have to worry about his lungs. ‘*sigh*.. A good conversation would be nice to pass the time.. If only you were awake, [????]..’ The tank softly complained through his thoughts, not minding the few other folk around giving looks of curiosity at, to his assumption, him. But then someone came out and asked of his sentience.

He just wanted someone to talk to at this point, so his mind went ‘Fuck it.’ And decided to indulge im quenching this young man’s curiosity.

“For as long as I remember, I have been capable of speech.. Though faint snippets of those memories for some reason point to me once being in an organic body.. Still trying to figure that out..”

He started off with that, bringing a hand to his turret in a thinking position before continuing the conversation.

“Your assumption is correct, good sir. Though I’d preferably say that I was once meant for war.. I simply wish to no longer partake, as the battles I’ve fought were leading to an end not worth the cause.. I simply now pursue a life of peace, although some run ins had occurred.. My most recent endeavor had ended in me now likely becoming the caretaker of this child.”

He emphasized this as he gently brought his other hand to rub small circles on [????]’s back to soothe her.

“If I may ask in return, how do you know Aria and Regula?”

Location: Marcus' Secret Hideout..

It would seem the fusion ritual was a success, evidently known as Aria took a bit to calibrate and adjust to her new way of walking. She was a quick learner; figuring out how to best regulate her posture for an easier step. The assistants at her sides would be rather impressed by how quickly her nervous system appeared to sync with the mithril now connected to her body. Impressed, but in silence. Perhaps even a devious plan was beginning to bud within the minds of these ambitious technocrats.


"This.. is strange I must admit." Aria stated, still a bit melancholy, "Hmm, but I think I can manage." She added shortly after as every step became more and more defined and certain. Aria exhaled deeply, the feeling of shame lingered but at least she had the ability to move. The war maiden only hoped that with time, even the failure that weighed heavy on her heart would dissipate. This would appear like an opportunity to rise above it, and someday meet her horrid nemesis. Perhaps then, she'd be victorious.

As the trancelike nature of her daydream began to dissipate, Regula made herself known, previously unaware of the nature of the material her legs were made Aria was actually quite humbled to have Regula offer her mystical abilities.

Aria's melancholy gaze softened as Regula began to name off the enchantments, then at the end Aria nodded.
"I'd be most honored for you to bestow enchantments upon, hmm, well.. my legs." The words didn't taste very well as they escaped her lips. Surely, it would take some getting used to.

She continued to walk, then without assistance she began to pace back and forth. She had been clearly in her thoughts, when she finally stopped at Regulas side. "Considering my lack of foresight in battle. I've chosen what I believe to be the best options."

[Healing B] "To help those with me and around me should injuries ever be too great."

[Fast B] "So I can arrive to my allies aid, or quickly catch our enemies."

[Super Sense - Tremor sense B] "Inspired by your prowess in the field Lady Regula, I take this one in your honor. Especially useful where sight and sound is not possible, hence would I locate anyone within my reach."

[Special Movements - Water walking F - Untracable F- Divine Path F - Wall Bouncing F ] "I hope these aren't too many, but I believe these to be the most likely movements I would use at my disposal."

"I.. I must express.. that I am deeply humbled by your offer, these will be put to good use, if only to further ours and those with us towards a better world."


Melie would put a hand on her hip as she shifted her weight to the side, while Lee would cross his arms in deep thought.

"Well, well, well.." The deep blue haired woman would gasp, obviously astonished. "..you are a woman of many talents! Very, very, interesting." He voice growing with a brimming curiosity.

"Beyond the use of our fusion magic we don't know very much about enchanting, so this is quite the treat."

Lee was seemingly the least amused or impressed, but the man was very much amazed before a similar expression of shrewdness crept into his psyche.


Outside people continued to whisper, but eventually after a few cold gazes in part of the guards the neighbors returned to business as usual. However, anyone who would walk past would definitely look over with an astonished and amazed expression upon their face, especially if the tank made any sudden movements, sounds or the capacity to speak.


"Well that is quite the shame.." Leo said coldly, "..there is much war necessary to better shape this world into what we one day wish it to be.." He'd smirk, "..for better or worse, at some point even the most peaceful step in to defend those they love. Am I wrong?"

He then chuckled and swatted his hand amusedly, "Please, forgive me.. " he said as he sought to control himself, Leo was quite fascinated by this war machine, "..say, would it ever be possible to come out to our manor and perhaps. You know? Give us a demonstration of what you're capable?
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Regula was glad to see her friend able to adapt to her new legs quickly. “Alright!” Regula stated, enthusiasm clear in her voice at being able to work her craft in such a spectacular fashion on her friend's legs. However, she did make a few notes. “I should warn you, the range on the healing won't be great. You might be the first person that can heal someone by stepping on their toes.” Although she was sort-off joking, there was a truth in there, as the healing would be as good as touch-based without any additional magic to extend the range. “You'd have room for one more small enchantment (F grade on core 4.) and one more big enchantment or group of smaller ones.” (B grade on core 5.)

She couldn't help but smile at Aria's words of thank. “No, no, I'm already really glad I'm able to help you get out of this stronger than ever. Let's show the world it can't bring us down with setbacks like these. That we'll get out stronger each time until we won't have to face a loss like that again.” She said, filled with renewed determination.

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If it were so that one such construct as Pierre Rothel held the features of a fully expressible face it would convey nothing short of a perplexed result with a tinge of minor confusion, before the realization dawned on him about what Leo was implying. Pierre remained silent for a moment before answering the questionings of this suspicious Captain, as discomfort and slight cautiousness warped around in his mind.

"In my opinion, I do not have an exact response to your question yet, sir. However, I will confirm that should my death be required, I will see to it that my friends make it out alive at that cost. Furthermore, I am under Lady Regula's Employ. She did me a favor, and so I shall do my part in return with full commitment."

He decided to start off formal, as unsettling as Leo's words were. To be frank, this man was getting quite on his nerves, evident as he kept a fist balled behind his turret.

As Leo laughed, Pierre internally sighed in frustration, No way in hell will he ever tolerate being treated as less of a person because of how blocky and big he was. Well.. that was one way of putting it. Alas, he knew what he was thinking, and sure as hell he was not gonna be convinced otherwise! However, since he seemed to be taking care of Aria, he took it upon himself to speak nothing but the truth to this Captain, as mentally draining as it was to deal with this guy.

"I believe so that it is a certain component within me that you wish to observe of function, Captain. As flattering as it is however, it is not my say within the manner that it is my judgement that will satisfy your request. I can only assure you that I'm capable of doing so, but I show absolute resentment and refusal if it's for the glorification or motivator of a war effort. Of all manners, War is my only enemy. Aria and Regula, I am a sworn ally of theirs and a dear friend, I wish nothing but the best for them, but if it is you who impedes, so be it. I will make no exceptions to those who try to hinder the lives of the two people I see as family."

A fiery resolve burned in Pierre's words. He didn't like where this captain was going, god forbid if he was a contributor in putting Aria in her current state..

Location: Marcus' Secret Hideout..

Aria continued her conversation with Regula regarding enchantments..

"Hmm, very well.." She said as a pondering index finger reached towards her chin as her eyes went into deep thought. The war maiden was a calculating being, her decisions were final, especially when it came to combat as its where Aria took pride in the most. "..I've made my choice, it will be, [Special Movement - Running along narrow ropes and paths F ] should we ever traverse through impossible landscape."

Looking away a bit in thought she continued, "As for the remaining larger enchantment, I’ll manage with a good fat jump. They won’t see it coming. Hmm. [Jumping B]." She smiled a bit, but only briefly. "I will see to any payment as required." She bowed her head, out of respect for the immense favor.

The scientists, would observe for a few moments before heading to their work area and began to pack their things not the horses they had arrived. Fairly soon, they were on their way without so much as a wave goodbye. Perhaps Aria would hear of them again, it was impossible to say..

Meanwhile outside, the conversation between Leo and the tank would grow a bit tense. It seemed Leo had struck a nerve within the Construct, however Pierre was no ordinary construct, he was much more human than he lead on, much to Leo's miscalculation. He would attempt to mend any misunderstandings however.


"Please, please.." The captain said as he lifted a calming hand, "..I'm just fascinated by the fact that you're a sentient machine! This world could be cruel to animated beings, I'm sure it hasn't been easy." He looked towards the house, deep in his thoughts for a moment then back to Pierre. "If i'm being honest, I somewhat envy your little troop. I'm beginning to see why my sister holds you two in such high regard." Looking down with a stern expression upon his face he would conclude. "Forgive any unintended transgressions, or misunderstandings. Allow me to introduce myself, the names Leo Barlow, Captain of the guard of Greyside Manor, and brother to Aria Barlowe." As he raised his hat from his head, a shadowy black snake would circle around the captain, "And this is my friend Ebony." The snake hissed before returning to his dwelling within Leo's heavy coat and uniform.

Meanwhile back within the hideout, Aria made any final preparations after the enchantments. Thanking her friend, she would rise from the bed, and make her way outside. To where Leo's and Arias gaze's would lock in place for a few moments.


Aria sighed as she approached her brother, "I do not plan to join the academy just yet.." She began, "..I have some matters to attend to first."

Leo grinned, "I knew you would say that I-"

"However, I don't trust you. But.." She slowly looked away towards Pierre then to Regula and nodded. "..but its because i don't know you."

Leo would shake his head softly, "Perhaps the opportunity will reveal itself soon enough." He replied as he started towards his horse.

"Perhaps. Where will you go?"

"Back to father to tell him I convinced you to join the academy." When he mounted the horse he steered it to best look at Aria with his good eye, and nodded. "I'll cover for you while I can, wouldn't be the first time either, but don't make the mistake to lose any other limbs sister. Otherwise, I lose my head."

Aria would look up at the captain surprised, "I.. very well.." She stuttered a bit with uncertainty but finally managed, "..thank you.."

Leo would nod before suddenly picking up the pace and storming back to the manor.

"..little brother."

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The rp had a mission. Mission accomplished. Aria got new legs and further established her family lore. Somewhat concerned about the family connection being individuals of rank and influence. The way they were used in this rp would count as an asset, so I'd recommend not leveraging or mentioning those connections much until you do some rp's to build up that relationship for Asset rewards. Arguably this rp would have been a good one to do it in, but the reward this time around would be the new legs rather than special connection assets.

Aria was restored with 2 new legs and conspired events would have time to unfold.


Aria - 22 points (narration bonus present)
  • Mandatory Title acquired [Maimed] - has been afflicted with a case of no legs ( burned off and incinerated) and now has a speed stat capped at H grade (without points rewarded for deduction). A grade healing or equivalent can heal her body by restoring the limbs. Lesser skills, abilities, items may give partial comfort or remedy. Maimed title may be used to narrate your own rp to quest for a healer capable enough to cure or otherwise relieve the mechanical part of the affliction on Aria. Alternatively, the Maimed title may be used to run an rp where you play out Aria's affliction and cash the title in for x2 points as if it were a world rp, but doing so will leave Aria afflicted indefinitely. (does not stack with other point boosting rps, skills, or titles)
  • Equipment acquired - B grade mithril legs. (costs 42pts as indicated in the marketplace transaction)
Regula - 15 points
  • acquired optional title [Mad Scientist] - character has used an opportunity to experiment on a living subject. For better or worse, there was no practice run before hand. Character will have less qualms about doing things that may seem unethical or risky to others.
Pierre - 15 points
  • acquired optional title [Pacifist] - character is at war with war itself. For one reason or another, character is aggressively anti-conflict. Character will find their actions for peaceful resolutions will be occasionally more effective than not. In contrast, their actions for war will more regularly falter.

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