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Fantasy [Isekai Hell] Into the Woods

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Tu'er Shen the Rabbit God
This roleplay is part of the Isekai Hell rp and universe. Fantasy - Isekai Hell Lore
Into the Woods will focus on Aria, Linneus, and Ciu'nan as they interact. RavenSong RavenSong Clyvelle Clyvelle

Time of Day: 10 AM
Location: Osun, County of Light
Weather: Sunny, Windy

Count. Linneus had yet again climb the ranks of nobility to become a Count, leaving behind the title of Baron and all the limitations that came along with it. Many were surprised by his advancement and he expected that his list of enemies would grow just as his realm did. Many changed were happening but he was prepared and eager to meet them all head on. There was also the excitement of making the people more happy.

The castle had been properly cleaned and new gifts from barons now under his jurisdiction were proudly on display for the world to see. Things had gone back to normal for the most part and many people had put the invasion behind them, although they would never forget the panic and destruction that occurred. But Linneus was looking toward the future and that began by lifting his people up.


To that end he invited several guests to the Light Castle. From the lowest of society to the most revered, invitations had gone out far and wide. Perhaps the most important of these guests were Aria, the young woman who risked her life to save the village of Highgrove. He had planned to elevate the woman, but would not do so without hearing her opinions on the idea first. And Ciu'nan, a fae who served as a go between for the forests and those who called them home. Ciu'nan was vital to ensuring the safety of his borders as they pertained to the forests. He didn't want woodland creatures to ever be a problem again.

In the meeting hall a small table had been ornately decorated with gold and flowers of every shade. Linneus and a handful of servants waited in the room for his first meeting of the day, Set to be Aria or Ciu'nan, whichever guest arrived first to the castle.


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Juliet Aramathia

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It has been a rather interesting time. The envoy of the great church and current voice of the Prime deity, the angel of the small town and current judge, a title granted by her station. Juliet was sent to this new nation. It was a very impromptu job. Apparently, a nobleman from this nation had requested an envoy from the church. Juliet was immediately hesitant. Generally speaking, nobles were the worst type of people. Always falling prey to their own greed or less. It was something that she simply could not stand. However, it was her very view on this subject that made her the perfect candidate for an envoy. She didn't trust anyone, she understood that humans and other sentient life had a tendency to be evil, falling to the senses of greed and power. She would not be turned. She would judge him fairly, based on his actions.

Julie had arrived not too long ago. She was escorted by an entire company of clergyman, each one bearing a sword in front of their bodies, unwilling to budge or leave formation. Some of them burning incense, some of them carrying the banner of the church, but all of them wearing matching robes. All matching her color scheme. Juliet walked within these escorts, people gazing upon her, mesmerized by the beauty of this religious movement. Equating her to the actual angel. Her stunning wings spread out in full at random intervals, the spear in her hand. She had a little reputation. People across the continent recalled meeting her, describing her as a beauty unmatched within the church.

As they walked towards Light Castle, people parted ways and bowed out of respect to the church and its beliefs. Once they reach the gates, the escort parted, allowing her to step forward. The cold, emotionless gaze of the angel looked upon the castle as she was then escorted to the entrance. A guard offered to take her spear, to which she ignored and strode forward with the escort.

The door opened to the meeting room and the butler announced to Count Linneus "Mi Lord, welcome Lady Juliet Aramathia. Bastion of the Light and Envoy of her church."

Juliet wasn't much for these kinds of things, but she stepped in looking at the table with her wings gently folded around herself. Sort of physical representation of the ring she keeps around herself, keeping people at a distance. Of course, her spear still in her hand. She gazed about the room, before her eyes finally fell on the noble. She gently bowed her head "You requested an envoy from my clergy. They have sent me. I do hope that is not an inconvenience." Her tone was cold and monotone, much like her attitude and demeanor.


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How does a mortal track down a fae who's as unpredictable as a herd of deer? Why, a courier, naturally! Unlike most fae who keep to their respective domains, Ciu'nan actively involved herself with the townships of Ryke. She monitored various herds and helped spread the word if she sensed malevolence in any particular part of the forest. The trees are known for their dark secrets, after all. In light of needing to keep in touch with various leaders the country over, she acquainted herself with the various couriers in a number of towns. Occasionally, she might have a feathered friend fly a message to a town if she was feeling whimsical, or simply couldn't tear herself away from a particular area, but Ciu'nan felt that showing up face-to-face was the best way to maintain relations with her various contacts.

Ciu'nan had met with several mayors and leaders of the commonfolk, but when a certain courier told her she had been summoned to Light Castle, she was admittedly nervous as well as excited. Count Linneus, the courier had said, wished to meet with her concerning the forests surrounding his domain. Ciu'nan was aware there had been an incident with otherworldly creatures recently, but she had been away during that encounter, only hearing about it upon coming back to the aftermath of the battle. If she could be of use to the Count, Ciu'nan would be thrilled!

Resisting the urge to trot all the way to the castle, Ciu'nan respectfully hitched a ride with some farmers and lesser merchants hauling various goods here and there across the country side until she had arrived in Light Domain. Hopping off the cart as the castle came in view on the horizon, Ciu'nan thanked the driver, and, of course, his lovely donkey, Beulah, before zooming off on foot.

You wouldn't guess that a major skirmish had taken place in the area by the buildings. The people of Count Light's domain were impressively resilient. Ciu'nan beamed as she realized how hard everyone must have worked to return to normalcy after such an ordeal. Humans were amazing like that. Of course, despite their hard work, there were some scars that could not be mended so easily. Cresting a hill, Ciu'nan spotted a graveyard on a neighboring hill near a village. There were unnatural divets in the surrounding terrain as well. She solemnly paused and gave a bow as she offered her thanks to those lost. Humans truly were amazing.

She mustn't dillydally, though. Someone important was awaiting her presence at the castle. Off she went again, leaping and bounding all the way to the front gate.

"Ciu'nan....!" she gasped to the guards, having went a little too hard over that last hill. "...Ciu'nan, answering Count Linneus Light's summons!"


- Aria receives summon from royal courier; accepts
- Has a nightmare /vision of her forgotten past - as military strategist

- Arrives at Light Castle, notices the others. Salutes the Count.

Having participated in the events for the defense of Highgrove had brought Aria all manner of attention. Many stories were said about her deeds in battle as she attempted to return to her old life of bartending. It seemed futile. Her life would never be the same again. As bards sang songs about the battles she was in and locals incessantly asked questions about the things that she saw in the woods in those dark days. She wouldn’t entertain those questions, she simply shrugged them off and tended her tables. Adding even more curiosity and mystery to her deeds, which were often exaggerated.

Aria didn't consider herself anything special, in fact she beat herself up over the many failures she experienced. And the blunder when he got into a fight with the soldiers who openly expressed their distaste for the Counts' (then Baron) decisions. But deciding to not let anyone down she didn't do much to disprove anything. If her people wanted a hero, then fine. Her small village was safe, that’s all that mattered to the young shieldmaiden as she let out an assured sigh. The stories will eventually fade. She thought as she poured cold ale onto a large wooden mug and placed it on the bar table in front of a customer.

It wasn’t long before her situation took a different turn as she was called over from her shift. Her employer stood by the entrance with folded arms, stern as usual but curious nonetheless. “What is this all about?” He said as he looked at Aria, his brow furrowed with concern and some degree of surprise. Royal couriers were not very commonly seen in Highgrove village.
“Aria Barlowe?” The messenger asked, looking at her up and down, raising an eyebrow.
“I am her.” She responded with a nod.
“Very well.” He said plainly, as he began to read from a small scroll. “You have been summoned to Lord Lights castle, in commemoration of your deeds in recent months in service to the Count.”
Aria was speechless, she had assumed her shortcomings would outshine any sort of favor Linneus had towards her. After exchanging glances with her boss she finally managed to speak.

“I-i am at the Counts’ service.”

The messenger would give her a small piece of parchment and take his leave, before Aria set off towards her room to gather her belongings. She would soon, once again set off to Ryke.


The cold and cruel battlefield was lit with cannon fire, as muskets fired from calloused hands at their targets. It was raining, and the ground was muddy as troops marched towards the front lines while military drummers sounded their inspiring rolls. Flags painted by the various captains that represented their battalions, waved in the pouring rain.
“Sir, we’ve managed to break into their defense.”
“Good. Move the remaining auxiliaries to the left side of their walls, along with a canon. Bring down that gate and send the cavalry to the northern part of the fort. Tell them to wait for my command.”
“Yes, sir.”

Aria sprung up fiercely with a loud gasp as she awoke from another nightmare, clutching her chest as her eyes darted about the inside of the carriage that was taking her to Osun. She’d look out the window as she wiped the beading and dripping sweat off her brow, still catching her breath. This nightmare was different, she felt an almost magical awareness of military tactics all of a sudden. She’d shake her head as she assured herself it was just any other nightmare.

When the carriage stopped, Aria stepped out as she tightened the strap to her sheath snuggly against her back. Starting towards the entrance, she noticed there were people outlining the sides of the path towards the gate. Their expressions were that of reverence, not towards Aria but someone who had recently entered the castle previously. Aria was puzzled, but she continued to advance.

When she set foot past the doors, someone in the castle announced her arrival. “Aria Barlowe of Highgrove Village.” the chambers echoed as Aria held the parchment in her hand. She’d quickly noticed the other two who arrived before, almost gasping at the stoic angel who appeared to be a figure of utmost authority, surrounded by clergy.

She was glad to see the Count, a feeling that grew as she made her way towards the ornate table. She quickly acknowledged his position as a noble, saluting sternly with a fist across her chest bowing her head. "You've sent for me m'lord?"


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1648908524379.pngThe arrival of the guest excited not only Linneus but the people of Osun as well. Foreign visitors from the church were rare and while the people refrained from harassing them, they made sure to show their respects. Linneus himself was not a religious man, but even he was stunned by the angel's appearance and grace. She carried herself with confidence and if the church believed her suitable for the task then he would give her a chance to prove herself.

"Of course not." Linneus quickly replied. "Anyone who the church has chosen could not be an inconvenience, only a boon." He reassured the woman as he gestured to the empty seats at the table. Then came another announcement, the arrival of someone who called the region home. Linneus smiled as he looked up to the large doors to see Aria enter the room. She was a somewhat familiar face and her bravery had made Linneus a fan. "Ah, the Champion of Light has arrived." He greeted with a wide grin on his face. Before he could say anything more, another guest was announced.

Having been on the guest list, Ciu'nan was permitted entry to the castle and then escorted to the meeting hall by one of the many servants. "Introducing Lady Ciu'nan!" Cried out the guard as the doors swung open.

The Fae had arrived and that meant everyone was here. Linneus looked to her and kept his smile present to let her know that she was among friends and welcome in this place. "Thank you all for making the journey her on such short notice. This is Lady Aramathia, an envoy sent by the church. Aria, Champion of Light, and Ciu'nan is the liaison between Ryke and the forests and the creatures who call it home." With the introductions our of the way, Linneus finally sat down and made himself comfortable in his seat.

With a wave of his hand servants began to close the curtains as the early sun came in at a bothersome angle. "I have invited you all here because I am hoping to improve Ryke and perhaps even the whole world for the betterment of the commonfolk, but even as I am now a count, I cannot do it alone." As he spoke, refreshments were brought to the table and glasses of lemonade were poured for everyone. "Each of you represent a party who if we worked together would help reach that goal. Aria you are a member of the commonfolk and know what they need, what threats they face, and how they feel about the world."

He turned his attention from the champion to the fae. "Lady Ciu'nan you may have heard of our recent troubles with forest demons and dark forces working from within the forest. I understand you have a great deal of territory to watch over and many nobles in your ear, but I wish to establish a system in which the County of Light can aid you in securing the forest without stepping on your toes and getting in your way." Finally he looked to Aramathia.

"I don't know how much the church has told you, but I would like to appoint someone bishop of my domain and entrust them with the governing of the faith. If you were willing to be present withing the County of Light and assist me in weeding out corrupt Barons and any corrupt officials, I would be extremely grateful." He knew he had said and lot and asked a lot of the women at the table, but he needed their assistance and he needed to start making plans sooner rather than later.


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Ciu'nan was ushered into the castle fairly quickly. She almost felt shy having so many people present to receive her. Other fae might have felt pride at such a reception, thinking they for one reason or another earned and deserve such treatment. Yet some fae might dislike it, having developed a distaste for the almost desperate admiration of the mortals, who often regard them as lesser gods. As for Ciu'nan, all this pomp and grandeur had the makings of a party, and she only wished that these stiffly posed people could celebrate as she did! Having resisted as long as she could, she broke form to grab the hands of a butler at the end of the line and danced in a circle a few times before releasing him with a small laugh. She hoped that at least some part of the child within him would appreciate the moment as she continued on. Humans were splendid things even if they hide their inner child behind stern faces sometimes.

This way and that she was led, never leaving the immaculate carpet beneath her feet. Well, that was until she noticed this, of course. Ciu'nan side stepped off the carpet, her feet softly padding on the flooring. This earned her a glance or two, but she just followed along behind her guide. She only returned to the carpeted path when they came to a set of double doors, which she ducked slightly to enter. Ciu'nan adored her antlers, but they did complicate indoor meetings at times.

Inside was the meetingplace where Count Light waited. Already in the room were two other females, one of which was immaculately dressed with what appeared to be some religious regalia. Ciu'nan almost mistook her for a fae at first due to her over the top appearance. In contrast, the other young woman was dressed more simply, practically. Ciu'nan especially liked her because she reminded her of the commonfolk she mostly dealt with throughout Ryke. Of course, being here with Count Light, both women were of importance to the proceedings. Ciu'nan beamed at them all before taking her seat.

Count Light, as most nobles tend to be, was direct in getting to the point of the meeting. Introducing everyone briefly, he dove into the heart of why each person was there. Meanwhile, his attendants provided a glass of refreshment, which they set in front of each guest. Try as she might to resist, Ciu'nan quickly became distracted by the glass of yellow fluid. She leaned over slightly to take a less conspicuous sniff of the drink. It had a sweet aroma, which resembled the sweetness of the fruits of the forest, yet it was different somehow. She thought a quick sip wouldn't hurt as Count Light was conveying his business with the other two. Upon the first drops touching her tongue, however, a shiver of delight coursed through Ciu'nan as she proceeded to uncontrollably guzzle the rest of the glass. She managed to not simply slam the glass down after she finished, but daintily set it down as she felt every fiber of her being vibrating slightly with the power of this unknown concoction.

Count Light had turned to her and was giving an overview of the matter he wanted her help with, but Ciu'nan found it impossible to pay attention after his 'many nobles in your ear' remark, which she thought was rather funny. She burst out in uncontrollable giggles while he was talking.

"I-I'm terribly sorry, Count." said Ciu'nan when she had recovered somewhat. "I'm...not sure what's wrong with me. Did you put a laughing potion in my drink?"

She wasn't mad, of course, but the fae was sorry for interrupting such an important meeting.


Aria eased up immensely as Count Linneus' seemed to be delighted with her presence. Her features went from dutiful to that of surprise as she slowly broke the salute when the count referred to her by title. It had seemed more like a fancy and quite meaningless title to her back at the village, but hearing Linneus use it as reference really made it set into Aria's mind. She was honored.

She would smile lightly before the count's eyes shifted towards another who had entered the chambers. Arias' own orbs followed to rest on the fae who seemed delighted; and delightful. Watching as she followed the guide towards them unfazed and lighthearted. Aria resisted a giggle, raising a hand over her mouth noticing her lively bearing. She didn't know what to think about the angel just yet, as she seemed quite solemn. She didn't expect any less from an angel though, then again she’d never met one. Aria's curiosity was piqued however.

After the introductions were made she bowed her head at both of them individually, should these be her companions in the coming days, then she was determined to strengthen relations. After all, they held promising positions which were all the more important in diplomacy and negotiations should the need arise.

She took a seat after Linneus did the same, taking a few sips of the citrus drink that was served as he spoke. She’d listen to the others' backgrounds and it was apparent that the Count was trying to assemble a cooperation between the various populi of the lands under his rule. Upon mention of her position among the common folk she pondered deeply. A plan was certainly possible, however some degree of resources would be required but it didn't seem difficult enough to disregard. Perhaps her reputation might prove useful after all. Aria wasted no time, it seemed the count was ready to hear out their thoughts.

“I am honored to be part of this assembly m’lord. I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity. In regards to the various issues that concern the villages, I believe communication between them must first be achieved through the towns voting for their representatives. Everyone must count, including the rural hamlets. Those elected would belay the concerns and worries of the communities they represent to a council who could then report directly to you, or me should you wish it. Once established, it could give us a better, much more streamlined way to meet the needs of the people. For instance, there's been much more crime in the last few months due to poorly equipped and trained militias, lack of resources, sickness or poverty. She paused for a moment. "I certainly believe any great nation must be supported by the strong foundations of a healthy working class. It's been long overdue to renew the faith in their governing body by taking direct action.”

Aria was elated, although she suppressed her excitement she was very pleased that the common villagers would finally receive the attention long desired from those with the power to make a meaningful difference in their lives. Generally their pleas, petitions, even rebellions were ignored, vetoed by corrupt leaders, and quelled by lobbying bureaucrats. It would require some effort to convince the skeptics among them however, but Aria wagered that her relations over the years working as a barmaid might just be enough leverage to get them to organize.


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Pierre Rothel - Interaction open…
Kabnak River..

A dark green shadow loomed over the water as it was passing following the stream, small spots of beige were seen too, as the figure continued moving alongside it..

“..Hm.. Still so odd that I can feel the warmth of the sun and grass.. yet the feeling of movement.. like the warmth of the surface never leaves..”

A male deep voice with a heavy French accent broke the silence that consisted of the trees and water, presumably talking to himself as he continued forwards..

“I now know the full basics of moving.. still getting a grasp on looking with my turret.. As for armaments, it seems they’ve been compromised..”

This is Pierre Rothel, a Frenchman from the first world war who sacrificed himself to ensure victory for his allies to retake the Marne from the German empire.

He had been following this river for quite a while actually.. he believes he’s been rolling along for around 7 hours at best, as he didn’t feel any tiredness come over himself..

He hasn’t came into contact with any people yet, so that must mean he’s pretty far out..

Then again, it does feel peaceful, it’s been a while since the last time he simply just listened to the sounds of nature around him.

“..Reminds me of my childhood days..” He nostalgically said..

A few more minutes, and he began to feel that he was starting to lose momentum..

“Must be low on fuel.. The god did say that I just have to sit in a water source to do so.. let’s see..”

He decided to test out the refueling, as he turned to have his rear facing the water as he slowly backed up into the stream…

Bit by bit he was starting to feel refreshed.. guess he’s gonna be here for a little while..

"..This.. Feels.. Nice, actually.."

Pierre gave a content sigh as he watched some fish pass by in the water, letting the sounds of nature be his focus as he felt at peace for the first time in years..
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Juliet Aramathia

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Juliet sat at the table. Listening closely and taking in all the information. Now it made total sense. If he wanted to weed out corruption and appoint a bishop, her church was perfect. Her religion covered all other religions, so it would be the perfect religion to bring in and incorporate. It Also made perfect sense as to why they sent her. She, unlike most others, was a natural figurehead. People flocked to her for the very reason that the church found her so useful. However, it was also quite clear why the church sent her. She was the perfect person to clean things up. A judge fair and without bias.

She took the time to listen to everything. Her arms folded over her chest and she thought about the prospect of establishing her church here. Thinking on it for a long while, wanting to make absolutely sure she was willing to take the risk of trusting this person. Looking around, she took stock of everyone. The count, his guests and even his guards. The butler was also subject to her scrutiny. Her cold, monotone eyes danced over everyone. Taking this time to really think about the issues.

Eventually, she sighed and looked to the count "Your ambitions are lofty for someone so young. It impresses me. However, I do also see the cunning in your actions. Choosing my church was a very brilliant tactical move. A church that encompasses all religion would make a very easy Segway for your people." After a long pause she looked towards the window "I will help you. Even if I do not trust you, your goals in line with my church's doctrine. As such, I am obligated to help you in your mission."
in your actions


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Pierre Rothel - Mentions: N/A

Resting in the water for a good amount of time, Pierre found it was now time to continue his travels.

"As Much as I want to stay and thrive in this peaceful atmosphere.. I should save that for once I find some form of human or sapient life.. "

The tank noted to himself, before rolling back out of the river, fully refueled.. But before he started moving again, he turned his turret to the right to face the forest..

" My curiosity is garnered.." Turning with his treads, he started moving..

Into the woods, he went.
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A smile stretched across Linneus' face, full of confusion and slight irritation, but a hint of humor. Ciu'nan's laughter was contagious and were this not a serious matter with other parties present, he would have joined her. He had to keep a somewhat professional demeanor however, for now. Whatever it was that had gotten her going, he hoped that it wouldn't last too long. "It was just lemonade, Lady Ciu'nan. I promise." The Count said with a slight chuckle. Luckily the others at the table were not overcome with laughter.

Aria made many good points and Linneus nodded his head as she spoke to show that he was listening and that he agreed with her. Having her insight on the matter of bettering the lives of commonfolk would be invaluable. "I would greatly appreciate your continued wisdom, Champion, but there are greater paths for you to walk in life. You're meant to be a hero, not a bureaucrat." Linneus softly and honestly. People like Aria were rare and Linneus could not allow her to sit here in his county babysitting him when she could do more outside this realm. "I would love to hear more of your ideas and get as much of your help as possible before a greater calling carries you from here."

He was glad to hear Aria's words and they kept his smile going as he thought of how successful things had started out. Sadly the last guest was not as pleasant. Slowly his smile faded as the woman accused him of being calculating and tactical, as well as unworthy of her trust. "I did not invite anyone here to debate, but I will let you know that you have the wrong impression of me. I did not invite you here with the tactical decision of utilizing your church's wide demographic. And your lack of trust is understandable, we have only just met, but I will treat you..."

At that time a guard approached Linneus and whispered in the man's ear, alerting him to some developing news. "What kind of machine?" Linneus asked as he turned to face the woman with a puzzled look. Linneus would then explain the report to the women present at the table and give orders to his soldiers to prepare to investigate the unknown entity. In light of their previous troubles with the forest, Linneus requested that Ciu'nan accompany him and his soldiers and then asked the same of Aria. "Allow me to prove that I am trustworthy." He said to Arimithia.

Soldiers already on patrol would surround the forest and attempt to keep track of the tank as it rolled along on its own. Linneus and his guests who he was certain were all established combatants, traveled from the city to the forest line where the soldiers were waiting.

He dropped down off of his horse to stand beside his guards and looked around at those present. "Lady Ciu'nan I would like for you to lead the way and perhaps attempt to understand this...whatever it is and discern whether or not it means us harm. Aria, Arimithia, I hope you two will stand with my guards if anything should happen?"

One soldier stepped forward from the tree line and bowed his head. "The creature was last seen headed away from the river my lord. We have established a perimeter but...we have never seen anything like it before. The men are afraid."

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Pierre in the meantime was just enjoying the scenery of the forest, sometimes stopping to watch a caterpillar wriggle about on the leaves, or maybe even follow after a few butterflies. It was a loved pastime of his to watch insects and other small critters go about their lives as a child..

“..Brings.. pleasant, memories..”

He said in a positive calm tone as he rolled up to some low branches, letting the leaves rustle against his turret..

(For reference, this is what Pierre’s engine sounds like. 0:00 - 1:00)

Aria was surprised by the Counts' response. A hero? She wondered. The thought had never crossed her mind. All she ever sought to do was to alleviate the suffering and pain of the lower class. Having spent a considerable amount of time among them, their struggles were hers. So much still didn't make sense, but it felt right, as Aria felt the aura of Linneus' smile instill a deep sense of trust within her. Ultimately, she sought to serve the people, but if she could reach a high enough standing among warriors, nobles and leaders alike then all the better to help those in dire need.

“Whatever use I may be Lord Light, I am at your service.” she said as she softly bowed her head.

Arias allegiance to the Count was that of respect, she saw something in his eyes and that of his actions which expressed a sincere desire to build up his land; to prosper. She only hoped to be useful in accomplishing that dream.

She’d take a few more sips of the beverage that was served as the angel Juliet expressed her criticism. She expected her distrust, considering her demeanor yet she didn't expect her to be challenging. Aria assumed it was just her way of doing things, in view of the position she represented. She’d look towards the not so numerous, but disciplined zealots, armed and seemingly expressionless. The chambers were somewhat hazy from the incense they were burning.

Aria didn't think much of religion, her standing was mostly neutral with the church. Missionaries would arrive in her town but most would be passing by on their way to more densely populated regions. On many occasions she’d provide shelter for them, and they would attempt to convert her to a more pious life, which Aria repeatedly refused.

When word arrived about some kind of machine Aria leaned forward as her arms rested on the table. As the count briefed everyone on the whereabouts. She set off at once after the call was made to make haste to the forest line.


The cold, damp forest definitely reminded Aria of the battles that earned her the reputation she now possesed. If only the myths about her were true; if only she’d single handedly took on twenty plant demons at once. Surely they must have mixed those stories up with the silent warrior among them during those fateful days. She sought a definitive fight as much as she sought to believe the stories.

Upon the Counts inquiry Aria nodded. “Agreed.” Drawing her freshly made sword from its sheath on her back. She was beginning to observe the terrain by the river when a soldier stepped forward and updated the party on the recent state of events. She would start towards the river, noticing strange tracks adjacent to the flowing water.
“I-i..” she stuttered, her eyes somewhat wide with bewilderment. “I’ve never seen tracks like these before.” The silver braid in her hair would sway the opposite way as she gazed out following the tread tracks in the ground, looking back at the others. “Which way do you suppose is forward, or backward?”

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Pierre Rothel - RavenSong RavenSong LadyOfStars LadyOfStars Eccentric_Undead Eccentric_Undead

'Relaxing, indeed..' Our fellow tank in the meantime found a small pond not too far from the group.. Best to keep your fuel full just in case. (Close enough for them to hear his engine should he rev it or move.)

It was until now that Pierre made a realization.

'Wait..' His thoughts began, '..The god DID say this world was medieval fantasy... How would they react to a metal construct meant for war? Not to mention a sentient one.. DO they even have guns in this world? Or is it just bows, arrows, magic, and whatnot?'

After a few seconds of silence.. He settled on the Latter.


"..Merde.." He gave a small groan, before rolling out of the pond...

The sounds of his engine, would attract attention, unaware to Pierre...


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Ciu'nan managed to calm herself down after meeting Linneus's gaze. He seemed conflicted about her outburst, both in favor and opposed to her jovial nature. There's a time and place but now was neither. There were serious matters to attend to after all. Folding her hands in her lap and straightening her posture, Ciu'nan tried to embody the quintessence of Count Linneus's formal address for her: 'Lady Ciu'nan'.

The other guests offered their thoughts on the Count's proposals. Aria was eager to help, but Lady Aramathia was more begrudging in nature. Her stoic presence made Ciu'nan want to provoke her, but the fae, with great difficulty, refrained. A time and a place.

The tone suddenly changed drastically when a female guard came to Count Linneus and gave a report about a machine of some sorts. As soon as Linneus announced that it had something to do with the forest, Ciu'nan was on her feet. Her stomach fell at the news, but she was determined to get there and offer aid in whatever way she could. Following the Count outside, horses and carriages were brought for those who needed them. Ciu'nan approached a horse and reached a hand to its muzzle. When it pressed against her palm, she came in close and nuzzled it.

"Will you be my legs for a moment? I'm not quite fast enough yet. I'll find you a juicy apple in return." she whispered to it.

The horse's nostrils rattled as it blew softly, nuzzling her. Ciu'nan hopped up on the horse, who seemed eager now to race across the country for her. Or perhaps for the promised apple. Either way, with the company now ready, they made tracks getting to the place of the sighting.

The party pulled up to the edge of the treeline a couple miles outside the village. Ciu'nan dismounted and gave the horse a final pat as she left for the trees. Nothing stood out to her immediately, though there was a low roar emanating from within the forest somewhere. The fae's ears perked up as she tuned into the sound with her [Heightened Sense: Hearing]. Count Linneus was issuing orders from behind her, finally volunteering her to lead the expedition.

"I'm familiar with most beasts in these forests, Count Light...." she said in a wavering voice, "...but I do not know the sound which I'm hearing from within these woods. If this machine be of the forest somehow, it is unknown to me. Everyone exercise the utmost caution."

Aria pointed out a bizarre track assumed to be made by the creature. Ciu'nan stared curiously at it. The mechanical nature was apparent as even its tracks were uniform: forward and backward--it was all the same. No flesh and blood creature makes a track like that.

"Look." Ciu'nan whispered as she pointed to where the tracks led off deeper into the woods. "You can tell direction by how the foliage is flattened under the tracks. This contraption must be enormous to destroy some of those adolescent and older trees like that. Thank the gods none of these were dryads."

Here Ciu'nan took the lead. The tracks noticeably stayed close to the river. Was the machine amphibious? Or simply using it as a guide? Maybe it was mindless and simply moving on a whim? Ciu'nan couldn't be sure. There were too many questions without answers yet. For now what concerned her most was whether or not creatures were being harmed by this creation. It was possible that the machine could wander into dryad territory eventually if left unchecked, which would be unfathomably tragic given the amount of damage to the trees already.

They hadn't travelled far before approaching a clearing where the river had pooled into a small pond. Ciu'nan crouched behind some bushes raising a hand to signal the others to halt. There beside the pond was a suprisingly small contraption that at a glance appeared to be made entirely of some kind of metal. Based on the paired tracks they had followed, movement was given by its outermost parts on either side. As Ciu'nan watched it, the topmost part swiveled slightly, moving up and down, side to side.

An...eye of some kind...? Like a cyclops perhaps.... thought Ciu'nan as she tried to puzzle out what she was looking at.

She moved closer to Aria, whispering, "I'll move around to the far side of it from here and make contact. If I suddenly disappear, move to engage. That's my temporary cloak activating due to danger."

Creeping through the underbrush, Ciu'nan maneuvered around to the far side of the clearing from Aria's position. Once there, she hopped up to a high branch and moved out into line of sight to the creature below.

"You there, uh...Crawling Boat! What are you doing in this forest?" Ciu'nan called out attempting to sound serious despite stumbling on what exactly to call the thing.


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Pierre's sight had been following some dust particles that were visible from the sun's rays before he heard a voice call out to him.. wait, Crawling Boat?

He looked towards the source of the voice, only to see a woman up on a high branch looking down back to him.

"Crawling.. Boat..? I don't think boats are supposed to do that.." He accidently blurted out loud.

"U-uh.. Aside from that, I'm actually quite lost, Ma'am. I've been rolling alongside this river but then got sidetracked into exploring a bit of this forest.. It's been so long since I've seen flourishing plant life... Untouched by flame.. So I couldn't resist.. I apologize if that was an offense.." His voice rang out to the woman, sounding calm and sophisticated... The woman would've saw Pierre grimace if he had a face at the mention of fire, but alas, his thoughts trailed back to a certain battle he had fought in his human days...

'Verdun... I pray that your soil will regain it's purity from the blood and flames brought forth from our accursed enemies... Let yourself, and your nature, regrow to it's former beauty.. Make the heart of France whole again...'
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Linneus was thrown by the appearance of the machine and as he and his party made their approach, he was instructed to keep his distance by his guard unit. The unit rushed forward while the unknown machine was distracted by Lady Ciu'nan. The quickly surrounded the machine, but did not show any signs of aggression or hostility. "You are trespassing in the land of, Lord Linneus Light. Who are you and what brought you this far from your land of fire?" The five guards maintained a circle around the machine, unafraid after what they had recently overcome in the forests. "If you are in possession of any weapons.....we must insist that you disarm right away."

The approaching carriage drew the attention of the young Count and he turned to look at who emerged from it. Yet another unfamiliar face and he felt a bit of exhaust start to set in. What had started out as a conference was now a mess and Linneus found that things might spiral even more out of control if they did not act quickly. Machines showing up in the forest, accompanied by more strangers it was a complicated situation. He tugged on the reins and guided his horse in the direction of the unknown carriage. "My name is Linneus Light, leader of the County of Light. Who are you and what business do you have in these forests?" He looked over the woman with untrusting eyes and a tight hold on the reins to keep his horse under control. "Are you alone?"

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Setting his sights on the guards, he looked around to see they were on all sides, before deciding to look back at the one who spoke, remaining silent for a small bit as he thought things through...

Eventually, he started talking.

"My name is Pierre, for last name I do not remember unfortunately.. I do not know how I ended up in the land of this, Lord Linneus Light however, as all I remember recently up till now was waking up on the side of a river at the dead of night.. I've been following the river to try and find civilization.. Until I took more adept notice of the plant life you see around us, and as such, I found myself enamored by the scenery, for it inflicted memories of what the 'land of fire' once was. I will once again apologize if I’ve caused disturbance with my presence. I intend to inflict no harm unless provoked by malice.”


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Ciu'nan could not restrain the laughter that bubbled up from her diaphragm. Turning her head, she coughed out the laugh until she could become serious again. Not only could the machine talk, but its voice had the most peculiar sound. Ciu'nan cleared her throat and was about to inquire further, but the Count's men stepped in as the Count himself stepped into the fringes of the clearing, only being held back by the urgence of his men.

When questioned more pointedly about its presence in the forest, the machine introduced itself as Pierre. Again, Ciu'nan had to stifle a laugh from her perch in the tree.

Seriously? "Pee air"?! Is this an otherworldly jester? she thought.

Ciu'nan lowered herself as she shook from repressing her laughter. Feeling her legs about to give out from internally laughing so hard, she attempted to jump down from her branch so she could crumple safely on the ground while dying of laughter. Instead, her legs gave all the way out and she fell from the tree like a sack of wet potatoes. Sprawling out on the ground, she could no longer contain herself and erupted into a fit of giggles.

"Oh...Oh my gods! You all heard that, right?!" Ciu'nan wheezed as tears welled in her eyes.


Aria had been following the fae closely upon her evaluation of the tread tracks that were mentioned moments before. Ciu’nan seemed to have a better grasp on the situation, she knew these woods better than her. Trailing behind the fae with sword in hand, she noticed the many fallen trees as they lay splintered with jaggedly broken branches. What kind of mechanical beast would do this? she wondered as they followed the trail deeper into the woodland.

It wasn't long before Ciu’nan raised the signal to stop, which Aria then quickly teleported behind a bush not far from the fae’s location. Aria’s blue orbs quickly distinguished the culprit, her amazement would manifest upon her features as she observed the metal beast before them. “Now I've seen it all!” she thought as her free hand began to reach for her dagger.
She was beginning to consider moving out to meet it head on when Ciu’nan arrived at the same bush Aria had been taking cover. Seemed she wanted to make contact with the iron box. Upon mention of her plan Aria agreed to follow up on her signal with a nod as she whispered in return. “Agreed. Let us hope it's friendly, for its own sake.” she said determinedly.

As the fae went out to meet the contraption Aria crouched behind the bush, peering through the openings, vigilant about any danger that could potentially erupt. She was once again astonished by the voice that emitted from the metal beast, it was - foreign sounding. The machine would go as far as apologizing for its intrusions and the destruction of the local trees. It almost even seemed. Innocent. She raised a brow in near disbelief. What was such a machine like this even doing here? She wondered as the tension in her shoulders eased and her sword rested loosely in her hand. It didn’t seem to pose any danger. For now.

Lord Light's guard would soon appear, surrounding the mechanical beast, their familiar voices echoing about the forest floor as they commanded the iron box to disarm. A bold move that didn't seem to aggravate the iron carriage very much, it only continued to explain itself. Now that the guards surrounded the machine, she decided she no longer needed to stand by.

The shield maiden then quickly noticed the Count and his mount, galloping towards something outside of where the interrogation was taking place. He had seen something and she decided to follow. Without his personal guards at his side Aria assumed him vulnerable to a sinister plan should the machine be some kind of distraction. She moved quickly, but had lost the Count on account of his horse being much faster. Teleporting between the trees Aria discovered a more ornate carriage. It seemed to have been restricted from moving further upon making out its conductor was attempting to move the fallen tree to no avail.

“Hey you!” She called out, sword in hand, somewhat sternly. “You are in Light territory, state your affairs!”
The carriage conductor seemed somewhat shocked, but not showing any ill intent.
“I-im simply following orders from Baroness Orbeye to deliver lady Porpentina to Ryke but this tree is in the way.” He responded as he took his hat off profusely sweating and kicking at the fallen tree.
Baroness Orbeye? She never heard the name, but this man didn't seem like he would lie about it either. She examined the carriage closely, it certainly looked like it would belong to a nobles’ carriage fleet. Only thing that was missing was the passenger. A fact she considered as she returned her gaze to the carriage conductor somewhat suspiciously.

“Well, where is this Lady Porpentina then?”
The conductor suddenly appeared very concerned as he searched frantically in the carriage.
“S-she was just here, i-” he stuttered. “She must have gone out somewhere!”
Perhaps Aria followed her gut instinct, but she had refined it through her years in bartending and determining the troublemakers from the well meaning ones.
“Hmm. I’ll take a look around.” She said as she started back towards the others but orienting her direction from the carriage, into the forest.
After a few minutes of traversing through the forest floor Aria found Linneus and Baroness Orbeyes favored one. She teleported towards them just as the Count inquired about the delicate looking lady.

“She’s of the court of Baroness Orbeye m’lord..” She said as she sheathed her sword on her back. “Her carriage is but a short distance from here, they’ve been stranded for some time now behind a fallen tree.”

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The guards were convinced that this machine, although bizarre and potentially dangerous, meant them no harm nor anyone else for that matter. They were relieved to know that they would not have to combat this thing, but were still incredibly curious as to what it was. Before they could continue to question, the fae fell from her branch in boisterous laughter that changed the entire atmosphere. smiles came to all of their faces as they too found the name to be somewhat strange and funny. Their quiet smirks turned into soft laughter as well, dropping their guard in this now amusing situation.

Linneus was caught off guard by Ari's sudden arrival, but glad that she arrived when she did and with answers. The sound of laughter caught his attention however and he figured that things were going just as well with the machine as they were with this pedestrian. "Very well. We'll send my guard to assist them and we will go see what this machine truly is." It seemed this encounter was far less dangerous than Linneus expected it to be and as he and Aria headed over to Ciu'nan and the machine he felt a little silly for having dragged his guests out to investigate when several soldiers would have done just as fine.

"There is a fallen tree on the road not far from here, please remove it before bandits make use of the blockage to rob travelers." His voice brought the guards back to their proper form and his command sent them on their way to help the occupants of the stalled carriage. Descending from his horse he looked to Aria and then to the machine. "I'm confused. What kind of machine can speak? Are you a weapon or a jester?" Judging from the laughter he heard he was betting on the latter of the two, but still felt that was wrong." He looked to Aria with a look of confusion and then to Ciu'nan, hoping they were just as confused as he was.

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To be frank, Pierre looked to the woman who fell in concern, but it washed off when she was laughing..

That relief turned into slight annoyance as it seemed the pronunciation of his name struck hers and the guards' humor, as they all laughed.

"Truth be told, that IS my actual name. And in my homeland's tongue, it means Stone. If you want to avoid breaking composure with comedic outburst, then you may refer to me as Rothel. A personal Alias."

He told them in the middle of their laughter, before another voice called out to the guards to help out with a tree that was blocking a carriage..

Turning his hull to face the new person, he listened as he asked whether he was a jester or weapon..

"As the laughter you heard may make it seem otherwise, I am by no means a Jester, but rather a sentient weapon. I do not wish to engage hostility, but only combat against those with malicious intent. My name is Pierre, or you may also refer to me as Rothel, if you would like. If you may introduce yourself as well?"

He kindly asked, looking down slightly at Linneus with his barrel.. But his Croix De Guree would also pike some more interest as well..


Aria exchanged a glance at the newcomer, she didn't strike her as a warrior, or a military leader, she seemed rather delicate and very clean. If she is in fact connected to Baroness Orbeye then this Porpentina is someone of note, perhaps even of some political interest. She wondered silently.

Aria nodded in response to Linneus' command, “Agreed. I th-” her trail of words were suddenly interrupted as the echoes of laughter rang through the trees. Her eyes briefly scanned through the canopies as she discerned the voices. She finally shrugged as she gazed back towards Linneues, “Seems like the metal contraption is no longer a threat. But what in the world is it?” A puzzled expression drew upon her features. Her frame relaxed as she shifted her weight to the side, but remained composed as the count started back towards his guard. The Count had already started back towards the initial rendezvous point when Aria addressed the fancy looking lady by name.

“Lady Porpentina..” She began. “..my name is Aria Barlowe, welcome to Light Province.” Bowing her head slightly as Aria’s fist came over her chest in a militant salute. “I’ve just met with your carriage conductor, he mentioned you and your route. Please rest assured you’re in safe hands here.” She stuttered somewhat as she continued, how do nobles like being spoken to anyway? she didn't want to seem uncouth in her choice of words. “If it interests you, I'd like to extend an invitation to the Count’s court. As an honored guest of course. I’d be happy to escort you.”

If Porpentina would follow, Aria would guide her through the woods towards the others in the direction of the laughter, when they arrived Linneus had just ordered his guards to manage the fallen tree. The guardsmen immediately set off on their stride towards the carriage and the conductor from earlier, but the voice emanating from the iron beast was possibly the most distractingly unsettling. As it spoke it was difficult to understand where the voice came from, Aria would quietly search for some kind of mouth, but it didn't appear to have one. “What kind of twisted magic is this?” Aria exclaimed in disbelief. She was concerned, especially at the mention of it being a sentient weapon. She immediately thought of her psionic dagger but this was different, her dagger was directly connected to Aria. This ‘thing’ was a living inanimate object.

She’d look back at Porpentina, probably having as much of a hard time wrapping her mind around what was before them as everyone else. Aria then stepped forward walking around the iron box as it explained itself to Linneus, examining its features closely. At some point during her inspection she noticed Ciu’nan, still reeling from the laughter, the shieldmaiden couldn't help but break into a grin herself. As Aria came to her wits about it though she glanced back at Linneus with possibly an even deeper puzzled expression as she shrugged in confusion. But the most pressing question within Aria materialized from her mouth. "What do you suppose we do with this.. machine, Lord Light?"

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Ciu'nan had a right good laugh, which was prolonged as even the guards joined in as they stood around the machine. Every human regardless of how serious they may be is just wanting a good laugh. It was yet another reason why Ciu'nan thought humans were so amazing. Those fleeting moments where the inner child comes out were altogether beautiful to the delighted fae.

Yet there was a time to be serious also. Ciu'nan's laughter subsided as she sat up, her stare fixed on the tank as it announced itself to be a living weapon. She grabbed her spear and used it to stand. Rising to her full height, she tapped the ground with the butt of her spear.

"Hear me, sentient weapon Pierre!" No longer was there laughter in Ciu'nan's face, but a deadly serious glare. "By your own words, you have admitted to being a creation intended for hurt and destruction. Regardless of your morals and intentions, such an abominable creation cannot be permitted in this forest. See how you have already crushed these trees beneath you without a second thought! What if these had been dryads? How would you have answered for their destruction? What could you possibly offer that is of equal value?"

Ciu'nan's glare suddenly softened.

"Even so, you are just a lost child yourself. As such I cannot turn away from you. Your gift of laughter just now was graciously received by those present, so I intend to return in kind if I am able." Her eyes drifted to the sky for a moment before descending on the Count who had joined them. "My lord, if it pleases you, I know of a farm on the border of your lands. An elderly couple...well, just the gentleman remains now, a widower, maintaining the farm as best he can by himself. If this creature would like, I can show him to the farm where he can perhaps help the farmer for a time. Meanwhile, you can see if there might be a better place for him elsewhere in your domain?"


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Linneus was shocked, as he listened to the weapon explain itself to him and everyone else around. The words seemed sincere and his actions supported his claim. So far he had trampled a few trees, but even in the earlier report there were no mentions of the machine having attacked or harmed anyone. Ciu'nan seemed to have a place for the machine, but the idea of leaving it alone on a farm with an elderly man was not appealing. If the machine turned out to be hostile after all then there would be no one present to stop it or if someone showed up to take the machine no one could protect it.

"Pierre will accompany us back to the castle, where he will be offered a place to stay if he so chooses after seeing it." The Count looked to Aria and then to Ciu'nan. He had just enlisted the help of the two women in transforming his territory and although things had not gone to plan, he would still value their assistance and input in the future. "I apologize for our initial mistrust of you, Pierre, we were recently troubled by forest demons and I could not risk that type of danger again." Linneus bowed his head at his end of his explanation and apology. It was unfair to treat the machine as a criminal or monster when it had committed no crimes and endangered no lives.

"Lady Ciu'nan, Lady Porpentia, I hope that the two of you will join us at the castle? And if not today then very soon." Both of them were women of respectable status and while Linneus cared little for such things himself, his territory might benefit greatly from their presence. This Lady Porpentia had connections with other nobles and that was something that Linneus could use as he has few friends among the Ryke nobility.

As he turned his horse back to the road, Linneus' guards finally returned after having managed to move the tree out of the carriage's way. Their eyes were on the tank as they encircled their lord. "Try not to destroy too much of the forest on your way out, Pierre." Linneus requested in a lighthearted tone. "How will we explain what this machine is to the commonfolk?" The young noble whispered to his guards. They only responded with shrugs and looks of confusion unfortunately. "What a long day." He let out a heavy sigh and spurred his horse onward.

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