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Fantasy (Isekai Hell) Eastern Empire: Weed Whackers Inc.

SqueakThe ground rumbled beneath him. Five of them, huh? He watched as Sasuke took off, and returned his focus back to the northern road. He'll clean up here first, then move over to the northeast. Just do the job. No point in overthinking it, just as he'd always done. Kill, move on to the next target. Different brush, same strokes.

The ground in front of him burst open, and what he assumed was what they called a See? came forth from it, weapon in hand. "Hello! There you are! Nice to meet you!" He greeted his new dance partner cheerily, brandishing his sword, holding it aloft over his head. "Please die." The sweet, cordial tone never once deserted his voice. Even in his plea for his foe to perish, it remained as polite and cheerful, and his sword came down, sending forth a blade that resembled a black cloud straight at the See directly in front of him.

Almost as if he were shrouded by the cloud itself, he stepped forwards, and swept his sword around, the blade slicing through the black clouds, straight towards his current opponent.

Act 1: Dust Cloud - Black Cloud E - Range F - Grade E - 1 post CD
An overhead slice that produces the image of a cloud and slashes up to a range of 10 ft.
Act 2: Move 5 ft forwards
Act 3: Basic Attack on same target
Narrative Post 4


In the center of Minima, where the makeshift wooden barriers had been hastily erected to form a defensive line, the villagers huddled together, their faces etched with a mix of fear and determination. The earlier sense of unity and resolve, bolstered by the presence of the garrison and Captain Lucius, now wavered in the face of the unexpected aerial threat.

Women clutched their children tightly, whispering soothing words in an attempt to calm their little ones. The elderly offered words of encouragement, their trembling hands gripping walking sticks or clutching amulets for comfort. Younger villagers, those who had not seen the horrors of war before, exchanged anxious glances, their hearts pounding in their chests.

Some of the more seasoned villagers, those who had perhaps lived through previous skirmishes or had heard tales of battles with the Fae See, tried to organize the others. They rallied their neighbors, urging them to stay together and keep their spirits high. Their voices carried a tone of resilience, a reminder that they were not without courage.

Yet, despite their best efforts to maintain composure, the ominous presence of the circling wyvern cast a long shadow of dread. Gasps and murmurs spread through the crowd as they watched the beast, its wings casting eerie shadows on the ground below. Whispers of prayers and appeals to the gods mixed with pleas for protection.

Captain Lucius, ever the stalwart leader, tried to maintain a facade of confidence. He shouted orders to his remaining soldiers and cadets, directing them to keep watch on both the ground and the sky. His gaze often flickered toward the wyvern and its mysterious rider, searching for any sign of their intentions.

The center of Minima was a swirling mix of emotions and uncertainty. The villagers, while frightened, clung to the hope that their bravery, the resilience of their community, and the determination of the garrison would see them through this dire hour. They knew that the battle had only just begun, and their collective strength would be put to the ultimate test as they faced the dual threat of ground and sky.

As the chaos unfolded in Minima, Captain Lucius and his soldiers were thrust into the heart of the battle, their training and instincts taking over.

Captain Lucius, though inwardly seething at the perceived lack of reinforcements, wore a stern and resolute expression on his face. He was well aware that the fate of the remaining villagers rested heavily on his shoulders. With a grim determination, he barked orders, his voice cutting through the chaos.

"Form ranks! Hold the line!" he commanded, rallying his troops. His years of experience on the battlefield had taught him to remain calm under pressure, and he led by example. His eyes darted between the ground and the circling wyvern above, assessing the ever-evolving situation.

The soldiers under his command, seasoned warriors all, displayed a mix of tension and readiness. Their faces were etched with grim resolve as they took up their positions behind the wooden barriers. They gripped their weapons, eyes scanning for any sign of movement from the remaining Fae raiders who might still be lurking nearby.

As the wyvern continued to circle ominously above, Captain Lucius called out, "Stay focused, soldiers! Keep your wits about you!" He knew that the threat from the sky was significant, but he also recognized that they couldn't afford to let their guard down on the ground.

The soldiers and Captain Lucius were a cohesive unit, bound by their duty to protect the village and its people. They were determined to stand their ground and face whatever challenges came their way, whether from the earth or the sky. In the midst of uncertainty and danger, they found strength in their training, their camaraderie, and their unwavering commitment to defend Minima.​

Perdict Perdict

The woman, perched atop the wyvern, regarded Shere and the Fae raiders with a disdainful sneer. Her amber eyes, sharp and unyielding, seemed to pierce through the chaos of the battlefield with an air of superiority. The fireballs she conjured into existence glowed with an eerie, otherworldly energy, flickering ominously in her outstretched hand.

With a flick of her wrist, she sent the first fireball hurtling towards Shere, her lips curling into a cold, thin smile. She had witnessed the destruction he had wrought with his bare hands, and she relished the opportunity to put him to the test.

The fireball streaked through the air with a fiery tail, closing the distance between her and Shere in an instant. Her eyes remained locked on him, her confidence unshaken as she prepared for the impending confrontation.

Meanwhile, the other two fireballs arced toward the farmland, her magic precise and controlled. The fields erupted into flames, casting a hellish glow across the landscape and sending plumes of smoke into the sky. The villagers who had been tending to their crops were now faced with a dire threat, their already precarious situation exacerbated by the relentless assault.

As the first fireball closed in on Shere, the woman's expression remained cold and calculating. She knew that the battle was far from over and that this confrontation was but a small piece of the larger conflict. Her loyalty to the Fae See and her unwavering determination to carry out her mission fueled her every action.

With a steady hand and unyielding resolve, she detonated the fiery projectile, the air around her crackling with the volatile energy of the spell. The outcome of this clash of forces was uncertain, but she was prepared to face whatever challenges lay ahead with the unwavering confidence of a true warrior of the Fae See.

Effectiveness Unknown! Caution!
Currently 50 ft in the air​

Voider Voider DarkKitsune DarkKitsune Swagkage Swagkage
Sasuke's continuous sensing had left him now confident that no more Fae would be approaching from beneath the town at the very least. However, something wouldn't sit quite right with him. This forward party had yet to receive any backup from outside the town. Though he knew not how the See usually fought, even a novice could tell this current force was lacking. So then, where was their backup?

Looking to the Captain, Sasuke would also notice he too seemed to be on guard, constantly surveying the area for another approaching wave of foes.

Meanwhile, both Erideth and Glacier would find themselves taking their first life in this chaotic mess of a battlefield. With Eridith's Molotov setting the raider in question ablaze, Glacier's frost fox had all the backup it needed to firmly set its fangs into the humanoid's neck and bring it down in a clash of fire and ice.

Though the group had a moment to catch their breath, they would see a number of See raiders approaching from all sides.

Eridith Molotov - Precision D - Molotov E - No ability = 5 Efficiency

Frost Fox Bite - Strenght E - Natural Weapon F - Ability F = 4 Efficiency + 1 delayed damage

Teamup = Eridith's 5 efficiency +1 from team up (frost Fox) + 1 delayed Damage (Frost Fox). Total Efficiency = 6 + 1 Delayed Damage


Raider Defence
E grade Speed + F Grade Armour + Ability F = 4 Efficiency

Winner = Erideth and Frost Fox = 2 direct Damage and 1 delayed.

Raider has 2 hp. The target is killed.

simj26 simj26
Squeak also managed to find some success on the battlefield having attacked a raider with quite an impressive-looking technique. Not only was it impressive looking but just as deadly. Having cleaved straight through the raider, Squek had also taken his first life on the battlefield, but unlike Eridith and the Fox, Squek had no time to catch his breath as another raider approached from behind to strike out at him.

Raising his sword high in the sky the raider brought aimed to bring it down with incredible speed and finesse. How would Squeak react? Was this the end of the tourist tour through the realms?​
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~Luisa O'Sullivan~

As Luisa's minions slaughtered the underprepared fae force, she continued to keep their leader at bay with a couple of her rooks supporting her. It didn't take long before the Fae forces had been completely wiped out save for him.

The forest was shrouded in an eerie silence as Luisa and the lone Fae raider faced each other, the tension between them palpable. The Fae's eyes blazed with a ferocious rage that seemed to consume him, his greatsword held aloft with a single hand, a display of otherworldly strength. In an eruption of fury, he roared into the forest, a primal cry that sent shivers down Luisa's spine. His rage gave birth to a thick, invisible mist, a malevolent shroud that whispered of danger and death. It hung heavily in the air, a menacing presence that threatened all who dared to remain within its embrace.

Luisa watched the unfolding spectacle with a steely resolve, her father's teachings echoing in her mind. The Eastern Empire, 'Otenzian,' esteemed those who brought victory, those who led it to greater glory. But it would never honor those who faltered in the face of danger. That was a lesson deeply ingrained in her family's ethos. Amid the swirling mist of bloodlust, Luisa recalled an age-old family motto, one that had been passed down through generations as a reminder of their unyielding spirit. With unwavering determination, she ordered her living chess pieces to fall back. She would face this formidable foe alone.

Taking a lance from one of her knights, Luisa braced herself for the imminent mortal duel. She held the weapon aloft, her eyes locked onto the raging Fae before her. In a voice filled with resolve, she spoke the motto aloud to herself, her words carrying the weight of her family's legacy and their expectations. "Weak or strong, Carry on, Show no mercy to them all!"

The forest seemed to hold its breath as the two combatants readied themselves. Every muscle in Luisa's body was taut, every nerve electrified with anticipation. She watched her opponent like a hawk, her senses honed to detect the slightest movement.

Then, in a heartbeat, a number of explosions echoed in the distance, and both fighters sprang into action. They moved with an eerie synchronicity, as if guided by some invisible force. The greatsword-wielding Fae charged forward, his blade gleaming with deadly intent. Luisa lunged, her lance poised to strike, their destinies converging in a clash of titans.

The world around them seemed to fade into oblivion as they met in a cataclysmic collision of steel and determination. Luisa's lance clashed with the Fae's greatsword, the impact resonating through her body. She fought to hold her ground, her muscles straining against the overwhelming force of her opponent.

Their duel was a symphony of clashing weapons, each strike calculated and precise. The Fae's rage-fueled attacks were relentless, but Luisa's resolve was unbreakable. She had a duty to fulfill, a promise to keep, and she would not be deterred.

With each exchange, Luisa's determination and her own bloodlust grew stronger. She could feel the weight of her family's legacy, the honor of the Eastern Empire, and the lives of the villagers in Minima resting upon her shoulders. She fought not just for herself but for a greater purpose.

As the duel raged on, the forest bore witness to their struggle, the invisible mist of bloodlust slowly dissipating as it clashed with Luisa's own. Luisa and the Fae raider were locked in a battle of wills, a test of strength, courage, and conviction. The outcome remained uncertain, but Luisa was resolute in her determination to carry on, to show no mercy to her adversary, and to fulfill her mission at all costs.

Character Sheet C3BEE6

Standing [F Grade Character] Titles [Construct, Homunculus, Visitor] Point Booster [Narrative Booster F]
Sasuke couldn't ignore the nagging feeling that something was amiss. His continuous sensing assured him that no more fae would be approaching from beneath the town, but the absence of reinforcements troubled him. It was as if they were facing only a fraction of the enemy's strength, which didn't align with his expectations. "Where was the See's backup?" he wondered. It was a question that hung in the air, unanswered.

As he glanced at Captain Lucius, Sasuke noticed that even the seasoned leader seemed on edge. The captain's watchful eyes swept the area, vigilant for any signs of another approaching wave of foes. It was clear that the uncertainty of the situation weighed heavily on everyone's minds. Despite the hesitancy stemming from the worry of unseen reinforcements, Sasuke refused to let himself remain idle. He had to trust not only his own abilities but his comrades as well. Stagnating now would be a disservice to Minima, its citizens, and those who chose to defend it; it would waste all the progress they had made. The enemy numbers were dwindling, and the momentum of the raid had shifted in their favor.

With a resolve born of his dramatic spirit, Sasuke decided it was time to act. Tactical logic might dictate caution, but his instincts told him otherwise. It was time to seize the initiative. "For Minima," he whispered under his breath, a quiet vow to protect the village.

"Blinkstep." Teleporting down from the rooftop, Sasuke appeared right beside one of the remaining Fae raiders. He assumed a low stance, aiming to catch his target and their comrade off guard. Drawing from his lessons at the Adventurer's Guild, he whispered "Tenku Tenbai" as he extended his arm forward, jabbing his index and middle finger into the raider's leg as if doing a finger pistol. What followed as he pulled the imaginary trigger wasn't a powerful strike, but a different application of his teleporting capabilities. Sasuke attempted to teleport the fae raider a hundred feet into the air. In his heart, he believed his technique was sound, but he wasn't about to wait around to see if it worked. "Blinkstep." The adrenaline surged through him as he immediately teleported himself backward, closer to the center of Minima, where his allies were gathered. Every fiber of his being was committed to aiding the defense and ensuring their victory. "Together! For Minima!" he shouted, raising his fist into the air, hoping to rally his comrades with a spirited battle cry.
[1] Used Blinkstep to teleport 10 feet back down to the ground beside/infront of the fae raider.
[2] Used Tenku Tenbai (Skyward Translocation) on the closest fae raider to teleport them 100 feet into the air.
[3] Immediately used Blinkstep to teleport 10 feet back closer to the center.
  • Blinkstep | Teleport F + Energized F | Grade F | 0 Post Cooldown
    A swift maneuver allowing me to seamlessly traverse within a 10-foot radius in the blink of an eye.
  • Tenku Tenbai (Skyward Translocation) | Teleport E + Energized E | Grade E | 0 Post Cooldown
    This technique, born from the depths of my teleportation prowess, unleashes a mighty force upon the hapless target. With a mere gesture, I can snatch them from the earth, suspending them perilously 100 feet above the world below. From those dizzying heights, they are condemned to a descent as treacherous as the fall of a fallen angel, plummeting towards the unforgiving ground.



Glacier watched on as Shere went off to fight the other nearby fae, before Glacier turned his attention upwards towards the wyvern riding woman, as she sent fireballs into the area.

Glacier scarcely had time to ponder over this, however, as he spotted at east three fae entering the road to his immediate east. Glacier's first instinct was to either flee or prepare to fight, but his minions would dissipate as soon as he lost focus. It would be risky, but there was still quite some space between himself and the attacking forces; thus, Glacier let out a howl[1], investing more energy into his minions, the cost of which forced him to remain unmoving.

Action [1]: Used Ability [Foxes of Ice F]
F Grade Cooldown: 0/0
  • Foxes of Ice - Magic F, Minions [Foxes of Ice] F - Glacier howls, creating up to a total 5 Foxes of Ice to act as his minions, which he can give orders to. The Foxes of Ice will crumble and dissipate by the next post, unless this ability is activated repeatedly; in which case, those still present remain and those destroyed get replaced. - Grade F - 0 Post Cooldown

Foxes of Ice

Foxes of Ice.gif

With the eastern and northern approaches secured by the rest, the Foxes of Ice would see an opportunity to continue valiantly following orders: the undefended western approach, with multiple fae approaching. All of them would boldly throw themselves against this threat with speed [1], taking bites the first chance they got[2].

Action [1]: Movement
Action [2]: Used Ability [Frost-Bite F]
F Grade Cooldown: 0/0
  • Frost-Bite - [Natural Weapons] F, Continuing F - The Fox of Ice in question attempts to bite it's opponent, severely freezing the area of injury. - Grade F - 0 Post Cooldown
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Character Grade F - [Martial Artist]

The distance was long and the moment brief, it came suddenly and went explosively. But as the soldiers moved away from his challenge and the wyvern came around, Shere looked up into the sky. He did not blink as the spell came hurtling down, he remained steady, his mind centered. He counted long, deep breaths to time something only he could follow and shifted into a partial stance, just a slight shuffling of his feet to give himself a better base from which to spring. He kept his gaze skyward, and despite the distance and the brightness of the flames, you could swear he was looking at the woman in the eye.

A deep breath, a forceful exhalation, a wordless shout of spirit, and as the fireball burst into a conflagration he went forth fearlessly. Well, forward and up and sideways and through. Shere threw himself headlong into a pirouette, jumping into a forward roll while throwing his body sideways, so that his leg traced a perfect crescent arc through the air. A crescent arc that carried his entire might, all of his weight launched by his powerful legs, all focused on his foot come slicing down with a pressure that would smash stone and split the winds with its force. In answer to her challenge he would kick through the flames.

The technique had many names. But from the sound of its impact, he liked to call it the Rolling Thunder.

1-2) Countering with ability Formless [F] - Accurate F, Blight F (Bludgeoning), Blind Fighter, Contact F, Continuing F (Pain), Deflect F, Flexible, Hot Shot F, Linked F, Multidimensional, Penetrating F, Range F, Targeted F (Wyvern Woman) - 0 post cooldown. Strength D (3), Natural Weapon E (2), Weapon Mastery F (1) = 6 base combat effectiveness before Technique Core effects.

3) Follow through the roll and move north into the fae soldiers.

Uasal Uasal Voider Voider Swagkage Swagkage simj26 simj26 DarkKitsune DarkKitsune
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INTERACTION: Voider Voider Swagkage Swagkage Perdict Perdict simj26 simj26 Uasal Uasal

After watching the intruder fae go ablaze, she felt like there was a small break, a little extra time to make sure she had what she needed to continue fending off the raiders. Whilst a fae raider would be presumably falling to it's doom thanks to Sasuke and Glacier would send his minions to attack the three fae raiders who were between the houses. She had gone into the tavern briefly to make some more molotov cocktails, she had two left from earliers few but doubted it would be enough for what she was going to do, after she had poured more alchohol into some glasses she went back to where she had stood before and went 30ft forward which would result in her leaving her post, she had faith in Glacier's minions and hoped they could keep it up. however everyone else seemed too preoccupied to either notice or deal with this group of the fae. Eriedeth used her class sharp and the sunlight to light three molotovs. She attempted to throw one per raider within her view. Should this battle go into the night like she thinks it while Eriedeth acknowledges her need for a new method of defense, than wasn't now

Action 1:Eriedeth makes more molotov's in the tavern
Action 2:Eriedeth relocates 30ft
Action 3: Eriedeth throws 3 molotov cocktails at 3 fae raiders

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SqueakDeath was the same no matter where it took place. On this plane or the precious. Blood scattered like crimson petals across the earth, and the body crumpled like a wet sack of potatoes, the last breath escaping through the bloodied lips, like a babbling brook of red. The residual spasms of a body refusing to die shivered through the lifeless corpse.

"Not gonna let a guy take a break, are you?" Squeak turned slightly towards the sound of footfall. "I still have space on my dance card, so–"

His blade traced a circle through the air behind him in one smooth slash. A gust of wind issued forth towards his attacker, attempting to upset the balance of his own blade. Along with it, Squeak turned on his heel, stepped forwards, and followed through with another slash.

1-2) Shield of Wind- Black Cloud E - Deflect F - Range F - Grade E - 1 post CD
A slashing flourish of an odachi that creates a gust of wind that deflects ranged non-magical projectiles and even some melee strikes. It has a range of 10 ft, has a short, negligible duration, and disperses upon being struck once.

3) Normal Attack

Narrative Post 5

As the fireballs detonated and set the fields of Minima ablaze, thick plumes of smoke began to rise high into the sky, casting a dark pall over the village. The billowing smoke, combined with the devastation of the farmland, pushed many of the villagers over the edge into a frenzied panic. Manic screams and cries of despair echoed through the village as the once-peaceful hamlet descended into chaos.

Minima, a tranquil and idyllic place, was now bearing the brunt of the conflict. The rag-tag team of adventurers and soldiers fought valiantly, holding their own against the Fae raiders, but the town itself was taking serious damage with each passing moment. The wooden structures that had stood for generations now smoldered and burned, and the tranquility of the village was replaced by the harsh realities of war.

In the distance, the wyvern woman began her descent, her ominous figure growing larger on the horizon. Captain Lucius, ever vigilant and determined, saw her approach and recognized the urgency of the situation. With resolute determination, he attempted to intercept her, his seasoned legs carrying him swiftly toward the impending confrontation.

The fate of Minima now hung in the balance, a small village caught in the midst of a brutal conflict. Whether Captain Lucius could reach the wyvern woman in time, and what would transpire in their encounter, remained uncertain. But the garrison's leader was driven by a fierce resolve to protect the village and its people at all costs, even as the fires of destruction raged around them.

That being said, the captain was not the only brave soul plunging head-first into danger!​

Voider Voider

As Captain Lucius rushed headfirst into danger, his determination unwavering, Glacier's fox minions mirrored his bravery with great haste. These loyal and fearsome creatures intercepted the approaching western force with fierce determination, their cold bites a weapon as deadly as any sword. With vicious strikes, they managed to kill one of the Fae raiders and seriously injure another. It was a bold and valiant effort, but not without cost, as two of the five foxes fell in the brutal exchange, their sacrifices not in vain.

Glacier, the formidable ice wolf, watched with pride as his minions fought fiercely against the Fae raiders. Their loyalty and willingness to defend their pack leader were a testament to their bond. Yet, Glacier's attention was soon drawn to a new threat.

A Fae raider, undeterred by the fate of their fallen comrades, was heading straight for Glacier, his intent clear. Glacier's senses tingled with alertness as he prepared to face this new foe.​

Swagkage Swagkage

Sasuke, the skilled and enigmatic adventurer, displayed his mastery of teleportation in a sudden and deadly fashion. With a flick of his wrist, he sent one of the Fae raiders hurtling into the air, an astonishing hundred feet above the ground. The raider's desperate cries filled the air as gravity took hold, and his life was abruptly extinguished in a spectacular and tragic fall.

Now, the sensory adventurer, the one who had detected the initial surprise raid, remained to face a solitary foe. The raider's ally, undeterred by the loss of his comrade, rushed forward with an axe raised high above his head. The glint of the weapon in the sunlight matched the determination in his eyes as he closed the distance between them.

The tension in the air was palpable as the two adversaries prepared for their final confrontation. The battlefield around them bore the scars of battle, with smoke rising from the burning farmland and the echoes of conflict ringing in their ears. The fate of Minima hung in the balance, with each life taken and each action determining the outcome of this relentless struggle.

DarkKitsune DarkKitsune

Erideth, despite the limited resources at her disposal, had managed to fashion an additional Molotov cocktail, albeit of a lower grade than her previous one. The item she held in her hands was not as potent as before, but it still retained the power to cause damage. With a flick of her wrist, she shattered the makeshift incendiary weapon, unleashing a burst of fire that sputtered and spread across the road.

The flames scorched the approaching Fae raiders, causing them to cry out in pain and confusion. However, the fire alone was not enough to halt their relentless advance. Erideth soon found herself surrounded, her heart pounding in her chest as the raiders closed in on her, their hostile intent unmistakable.

In her moment of desperation, two brave guards came to her rescue. With unwavering resolve, they intercepted two of the attacks meant for her, their bodies absorbing the blows that would have otherwise struck her down. Erideth felt a surge of gratitude for their selfless sacrifice, knowing that they had given her a fighting chance.

Yet, even as the guards shielded her from harm, Erideth was not out of danger. An incoming arrow loomed on the horizon, its trajectory aimed directly at her. Time seemed to slow as she braced herself, her survival hanging in the balance, with the odds heavily stacked against her.

(one action produces one molotov, last round i granted you an E grade molotov due to that this round only an F grade bomb was produced given cooldowns. Also, rushing headfirst into 4 enemies is not typically a good idea, especially not in the case of a character who isn't made for combat. By all accounts she should very much be dead.)

simj26 simj26

Squek, ever the resourceful warrior, attempted to harness the power of the winds to block his opponent's oncoming attack. However, it seemed that the fickle winds chose not to heed his call at that moment, leaving him vulnerable. With his blade producing no wind to aid him, Squek's defensive maneuver faltered, and he found himself on the receiving end of a deep cut to his shoulder.

The pain shot through him, a stark reminder of the perilous nature of the battle they were engaged in. But Squek was not one to stay down for long. With grit and determination, he pushed through the pain and turned the tide of battle. In a remarkable display of skill and tenacity, he managed to execute an attack of his own, catching his foe off guard and delivering a wound in return.

The clash of blades and the exchange of blows continued, each combatant fighting with unwavering resolve. The battleground was filled with the sounds of steel meeting steel and the grunts of warriors locked in a deadly dance. Squek's determination to prevail in this duel was evident, and he was proving himself to be a formidable opponent, even in the face of adversity.

(Ability failed due to cooldown from last round being in effect, this time I simply discarded your ability number and treated the defense as a normal attack so as to avoid a knockout. In the future be sure to keep track of your skill cooldowns as future ability failures will result in a 0)​

Perdict Perdict

Shere's valiant attempt to defend himself from the incoming fireball turned into a grave error. His swift and skilled kick connected with the fiery projectile, but to his horror, the ball of mana detonated with a force he had not anticipated. The explosion sent Shere hurtling deep into the earth, his body tumbling and rolling amid the chaos.

The fire from the explosion burned with an intensity that surpassed anything Shere had ever experienced. It seared his skin, causing excruciating pain that radiated through his entire body. The heat was unbearable, and he could feel his consciousness slipping away as the flames washed over him.

Lying there amidst the flames and devastation, Shere realized that he had suffered a defeat, a humbling and painful one. His challenge to the woman atop the wyvern had been answered in a way he had not expected. She was a being of formidable power, far beyond his current abilities.

As he teetered on the brink of unconsciousness, Shere's last sight was that of the wyvern descending and the woman atop greeting a villager that had run toward her as if to greet her with purpose.

(Damage calculation will be unavailable. Her damage far outscored your own. I will however tell you some interesting facts that may be of use. Firstly, Targeted F requires you to know the name of the target or their alias hence it failed. Deflect is for nonmagical attacks. I actually wouldn't have allowed you to hit this attack had you not used Multidimensional. Wyverns are a somewhat high-grade monster. If she commands a wyvern then she is presumably a high-grade threat. You have been knocked out, but feel free to write how Shere feels having been defeated. He will be healed prior to the final round)​

The RP will be concluding within 3 rounds​

Character Sheet C3BEE6

Standing [F Grade Character] Titles [Construct, Homunculus, Visitor] Point Booster [Narrative Booster F]
The battlefield had erupted into chaos, with each of his steadfast comrades engaging their own fierce adversaries. In this moment, Sasuke chose to place his trust in their unwavering capabilities, believing wholeheartedly that they were more than capable of handling whatever foes they faced. There was no room for doubt, no time for hesitation; he couldn't afford to be a burden.

He had already dispatched one of the fae raiders in a spectacular fashion, sending him hurtling into the sky, a breathtaking hundred feet above the unforgiving ground. The raider's cries of desperation had faded into the distance as gravity had claimed him, snuffing out his life in a tragic and awe-inspiring fall.

Now, there was just one adversary left, an axe-wielding raider who remained undeterred by the loss of his comrade. He charged forward with the deadly weapon raised high, determination blazing in his eyes. The tension in the air was palpable as the distance between them closed, and they readied themselves for their inevitable showdown.

As Sasuke locked eyes with the axe-wielding Fae, a sense of determination surged within him. He would not falter; he would not yield. Drawing inspiration from his beloved anime and manga, he assumed a stance reminiscent of the legendary Doppo Orochi. His feet were firmly planted, shoulder-width apart, and his knees were bent, creating a low center of gravity. His hands were clenched into fists, positioned at his sides, ready to strike or defend at a moment's notice.

With a resounding shout that echoed across the battlefield, or so he believed, Sasuke's voice sent ripples of sound through the air, guiding him in the dance of combat. "Echoflux..." Sasuke thought to himself as he stood his ground, unwavering, as the fae raised his axe high, ready to deliver a devastating strike.

But in that crucial moment, just as the axe's deadly arc was set to meet him head-on, Sasuke summoned the power of his teleportation. "...Relocation!" With a swift and calculated move, he vanished from his original position and reappeared just behind his foe. "Tenku Tenbai!" He shouted as his hand swung forward aiming to make contact with the raider's back. In an instant, if fate allowed it, the fae would find himself soaring a harrowing hundred feet into the vast, unforgiving expanse of the sky, just like his ill-fated comrade.

As Sasuke executed this daring maneuver, his mind raced with thoughts of conviction and resolve. There was no turning back now. The fate of Minima, of his comrades, and of every soul in this village hung in the balance. And Sasuke Blackheart was prepared to face whatever challenges lay ahead, no matter how daunting or dragon-like they may be.
[1-2] Used Echoflux Relocation to anticipate the fae raider's attack and dodge with a teleport, relocating just behind him and within arm's reach.
[3] Immediately followed up with Tenku Tenbai (Skyward Translocation) to teleport them 100 feet into the air.
  • Echoflux Relocation | Supersense [Echolocation] F + Appraisal F + Energized F + Teleport F | Grade F | 0 Post Cooldown
    With my echolocation, I hone in on impending strikes, swiftly evading them through pinpoint teleportation.
  • Tenku Tenbai (Skyward Translocation) | Teleport E + Energized E | Grade E | 0 Post Cooldown
    This technique, born from the depths of my teleportation prowess, unleashes a mighty force upon the hapless target. With a mere gesture, I can snatch them from the earth, suspending them perilously 100 feet above the world below. From those dizzying heights, they are condemned to a descent as treacherous as the fall of a fallen angel, plummeting towards the unforgiving ground.



"Common" "<Beastial>" "[Analog]" 'Thoughts'

Glacier could feel that some of his minions had fallen, their connection cutting off; he was proud of them fighting valiantly, and hoped their success would continue. However, while Glacier's minions fought to prevent the far from reaching the village center, he had is own problem. That is, one fae who decided Glacier was a prime target; which was somewhat true, considering his isolated position from the rest of the defenders.

Using the fallen minions to his advantage, Glacier let out a howl, re-summoning the two to his defense[1]. "[Pincer maneuver on the approaching fae: strike him from the sides simultaneously. Execute!]"

Action [1]: Used Ability [Foxes of Ice F]

F Grade Cooldown: 0/0
  • Foxes of Ice - Magic F, Minions [Foxes of Ice] F - Glacier howls, creating up to a total 5 Foxes of Ice to act as his minions, which he can give orders to. The Foxes of Ice will crumble and dissipate by the next post, unless this ability is activated repeatedly; in which case, those still present remain and those destroyed get replaced. - Grade F - 0 Post Cooldown

Foxes of Ice

Foxes of Ice.gif

The three remaining Foxes of Ice at the village center would continue their relentless assault, running through fallen friend and foe to reach the other fae[1]. Without hesitance, they would continue biting in a frenzy, following their orders to keep the villagers safe; though from their wild attacks, they'd hardly appear to be under control[2].

Meanwhile, the two fallen foxes rematerialized at Glacier's position. Seeing the approaching threat to their leader, and having been told what to do, they got to work immediately. Running forward, they split up to reach the approaching fae's sides[1], before attempting to sink their teeth into him[2].

Action [1]: Movement
Action [2]: Used Ability [Frost-Bite F]

F Grade Cooldown: 0/0
  • Frost-Bite - [Natural Weapons] F, Continuing F - The Fox of Ice in question attempts to bite it's opponent, severely freezing the area of injury. - Grade F - 0 Post Cooldown


Character Grade F - [Martial Artist]

Heat. Haze. Pain. The fields were ablaze and there were bodies, buried and fresh. The sounds of battle filled the air, calling.

There was no conscious thought.

Memories distant and near melted together with the present in overwhelming, disjointed cacophony of crossed-up senses. Sight was a blur of half-blackened smoke that took over smell and taste, hearing nothing but a loud ringing buzz through which everything else swam.

All this meant feeling nothing at all. A void nowhere calling for life. But there was only the heat. Haze. Pain.

One of the bodies still moved.

Covered in consumed, smoking rags, a hand gripped the scorched, hardened soil. Fingers that felt nothing pressed on powerlessly. Nothing was achieved. But the body moved. An inch? Less? It dragged across the floor and burning eyes looked ahead, seeing perhaps nothing at all.

Even now Shere did not avert his gaze. He stared deep through the wyvern witch's eyes, and refused to die.
INTERACTION: Uasal Uasal Swagkage Swagkage Voider Voider Perdict Perdict simj26 simj26

Eriedeth now had a mistake to learn from, and also decides, should she survive the raid, she should probably learn how to fight. Adding that to her mental to do list she had a situation to get out of, fighting wasn't in the field of engineering so both particularly and unfortunately she wasn't used to having a stregetic mindset. She was used to a more practical way of thinking. Regardless, Eriedeth had to figure out a way out of the situation. She hadn't noticed the arrow. This could lead to issues later, as it wasn't like she could sniff it out and her attention was mainly on the raiders attacking her and the guards whom she was grateful for. She would have to figure something else out, but recognized that the here and now wasn't the time nor did she have the resources to do so. Even someone as inexperienced as she was could figure it was time for a retreat, giving it her best shot. She threw another molotov-- though this time it was not lit on fire. That had been her weapon up until that point, so she thought it would be an okay distraction. She hadn't lit it, figuring if It didn't work the last time it wouldn't again. As she threw the bottle of liquor she proceeded to grab the two guards who had provided her with the safety and lack of injuries. She was lucky to be alive and she figured she owed them. While it maybe bold if she could survive, she would try to make sure they could as well and if they didn't make it. Well, all three wouldn't make it. Grabbing the guards, she attempts to run as fast as she could with them to the nearest house. She could only hope they'd make it.


ACTION 1: Eriedeth throws a non-lit molotov in a attempt to distract her attackers unaware of the arrow.

ACTION 2: Eriedeth grabs the two injured guards who saved her.

ACTION:3 she attempts to run.

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~Luisa O'Sullivan~

The clash of lance against sword continued unabated, a furious ballet on the precipice of life and death. Luisa and her Fae adversary moved with a grace that defied the exhaustion that had begun to creep into their bodies. Each step, each strike, was a delicate dance on the edge of mortality.

As their duel raged on, fatigue threatened to claim them, but the fire of bloodlust and adrenaline surged within. It was a relentless push, a test of physical and mental endurance. Both warriors knew that only one could emerge victorious, and they were determined to be the one left standing.

Luisa's expression underwent a startling transformation. Her initial determination had given way to a wicked smile, a malevolent glint in her eyes. The thrill of battle had unleashed something primal within her, an unbridled thirst for combat and triumph. In this moment, her inner demons and true nature rose to the surface.

Her parents, relentless in their pursuit of raising a formidable heir, had subjected her to countless beatings and slashes, pushing her to the brink of death time and again. But she had never yielded; she had grown stronger with each brutal encounter. Weakness was not tolerated in her family. Only through unwavering determination and relentless strength was she permitted to exist.

The only opponents she had ever been allowed to lose to were her parents, the formidable figures who had molded her into the warrior she had become. And this battle, this exhilarating clash of steel and will, was unlike any other. It was a reminder of her lineage, a testament to her resolve, and a declaration that she was no ordinary warrior.

The forest bore witness to the spectacle, the sounds of their battle echoing through the trees. Luisa and her Fae adversary were locked in a deadly dance, neither willing to relent. Each strike was met with a counter, each move countered with a calculated response.

The world around them faded into insignificance as they fought, driven by a relentless thirst for victory. The stakes were high, and the outcome remained uncertain, but neither combatant was willing to yield. The bloodlust that coursed through their veins was a testament to their unyielding determination, their unwavering commitment to emerge victorious, no matter the cost.

It that moment, as the battle raged on, Luisa knew that she had found herself in the crucible of true warfare. The thrill of combat, the rush of adrenaline, and the intoxicating taste of triumph fueled her every move. She was a warrior born of the fiercest determination, and she would stop at nothing to claim victory in this brutal contest of wills.

The battle had raged on with relentless intensity, both Luisa and the Fae swordsman pushing their limits to gain the upper hand. Fatigue had worn them down, but their unyielding resolve had kept them in the fray, a testament to their unquenchable thirst for victory.

As the Fae warrior's abilities came off cooldown, he seized the opportunity to launch a devastating counterattack. His strike sent Luisa sliding back, creating a brief window for him to ready a finishing technique. Raising his sword high, he prepared to unleash a deadly blow, his voice laden with anger and hatred.

"Die, you Eastern DOG!" he roared as he brought the blade down with incredible force, aiming to end the battle in one fell swoop.

Luisa's wicked smile only broadened when she heard his words and saw his attack unfolding. She had spotted an opening, a chance at victory. With a calculated lunge, she chuckled to herself, her eyes locked onto the Fae swordsman.

As the man's blade descended toward her with immense force, Luisa seemed to vanish into thin air. A loud clang echoed through the forest as the sword struck not Luisa but one of her rooks. The mighty rook, despite erecting a protective barrier, was cleanly sliced in two by the Fae's astonishing attack.

Turning his head in confusion and surprise, the Fae warrior realized the truth. Luisa had employed a brilliant tactic. She had unsummoned her living chess pieces and, in the same instant, resummoned them. The rook that had seemingly taken her place had been summoned in front of her, concealing her from view as she swiftly darted to the left.

The Fae warrior cursed his own vulnerability and inexperience in the face of such tactical thinking. His blade, having been aimed to block the lance Luisa was now lunging toward him with, only managed to scrape Luisa's cheek as it passed by. Not meeting metal but air as the lance vanished from her hand.

Fear began to creep into the Fae warrior's heart as he realized the gravity of his mistake. He was exposed, out of stamina, and unable to react. His eyes locked with Luisa's, and he understood the inevitable outcome. In his final moments, he marveled at the impressive display of combat skill exhibited by the young girl before him, who had remained composed and unflinching throughout the battle.

"Checkmate," Luisa declared with unwavering determination. Her lunge continued, and her fist struck the Fae warrior's gut with a resounding impact. It wasn't enough to end his life, but that was precisely where her summoned minions came into play.

Five lances struck simultaneously, piercing the Fae warrior from all sides. His body hung limply, held up only by the lances of Luisa's living chess pieces. It was a brutal and decisive blow, sealing his fate.

Luisa straightened herself upright, her gaze unwavering as she regarded the dying Fae warrior. This was her first victory in the war, an exhilarating and hard-fought triumph.

"In the name of the emperor and for the fatherland, may you forever suffer in the realm of the dead," she proclaimed solemnly. With those words, Luisa delivered a final punch to the Fae warrior's skull, mercifully ending his suffering.

As the life left his eyes, Luisa knew that this battle was not just a personal victory but a declaration of her prowess on the battlefield. She had emerged victorious, having faced danger head-on and emerged stronger than ever. Her family's legacy, the honor of the Eastern Empire, had been upheld. The war continued, and Luisa O'Sullivan was ready for whatever challenges lay ahead.

But as the woman looked around at her minions and the corpse-laden forest area, one question surfaced. As she wiped the blood from her cheek Luisa thought aloud to herself -
"Where am I? I could have sworn Minima was around here somewhere..."
What a surprise! It didn’t work! Seems like the things run on some sort of cooldown system or something! And all he got from his attempt to look cool was a nice blade to the shoulder. He winced, and stepped back from their clash, but the serene smile never let his expression.

Pain wasn’t a strange feeling for him. He enjoyed it, as a matter of fact. It was a sign that he was still alive and breathing. The blood dripped down from his limp arm, pooling with the one from the dead raider behind him. He steadied his blade, forcing his arm back up, gripping onto the hilt. His opponent wasn’t looking too good either. One of them was eating dirt for dinner tonight, that was for sure.

“You sure you don’t wanna back down now, buddy? Could always try and sit down for a talk, right?” A dark cloud traced his blade’s arc as he twirled it in the air, and took on a stance, blade poised above his shoulder, aimed straight at his opponent.

He winked, and snapped forwards, his blade and the clouds tracing through the air- the deciding blow. It was all in.

1) Attack
2) Attack
3) Attack
Narrative Post 6


With the final clash of blades and the last remnants of the Fae raiders vanquished, a heavy silence descended upon the village of Minima. The battle had been fierce, and the cost had been steep, but the defenders had emerged victorious. The once-tranquil hamlet had been marred by fire and conflict, but its spirit remained unbroken.

The wyvern-riding woman, who had proven to be a formidable adversary, had fled the scene, carrying with her what appeared to be a villager. Her swift and mysterious retreat left a lingering sense of unease in its wake. Captain Lucius, valiant to the end, had made a desperate attempt to halt her escape, but his thrown blade had fallen agonizingly short, leaving him with the taste of bitter defeat.

As the dust settled and the fires were extinguished, the villagers and soldiers alike gathered in the aftermath of the battle. The wounds, both physical and emotional, were raw, and the toll of the conflict weighed heavily on their hearts. They stood amidst the smoldering ruins of their once-peaceful homes, the charred farmland, and the memories of the fallen.

For better or worse, the failed surprise attack had come to an end. Minima was secure once more, but the cost had been great. The defenders had faced the fury of the Fae raiders with unwavering courage, and they had paid a steep price for their resilience.

Captain Lucius, his face etched with a mixture of exhaustion and determination, surveyed the battlefield. His soldiers, bloodied and bruised but unbowed, stood with a sense of pride in their accomplishment. They had protected their village, and their loyalty to their leader and to Minima had been unwavering.

The villagers, too, gathered in the town center, their expressions reflecting a wide range of emotions. Some were visibly shaken, their faces pale with the shock of battle. Others bore the scars of physical injuries, tended to by those with healing skills among them. But there was a prevailing sense of relief that they had weathered the storm and that their community had not been lost.

The aftermath of the battle was a somber and reflective time. The villagers and soldiers began to take stock of the damage, assessing what could be salvaged and what had been lost. The charred remains of homes and crops were a stark reminder of the devastation they had endured.

The fallen were not forgotten. A makeshift memorial was erected in the town center, a collection of stones with the names of those who had given their lives to protect Minima. The villagers gathered around it, offering prayers and paying their respects to the brave souls who had made the ultimate sacrifice.

Captain Lucius addressed the gathered villagers and soldiers, his voice steady despite the weariness that weighed on him. He commended their bravery and determination, acknowledging the high price they had paid for their victory. He assured them that the village would rebuild and that they would continue to stand strong against any future threats.

The villagers, though still shaken, found solace in his words. They knew that their community was bound by more than just bricks and mortar; it was a community forged by shared hardships and a deep sense of belonging.

Yet one thing still weighed heavily on the commander's mind. What had happened to the main force the fae had undoubtedly sent?

Stepping down from the makeshift stand he had spoken from, the Commander moved to address the adventurers who had come to the aid of the village. Stepping away from the villagers and those soldiers who were moring the lost souls, the Captain spoke with thanks and praise. His eyes clearly filled with a sincerity. "without your aid this village would have undoubtedly fallen victim to the see raid. I cannot thank you all enough for helping us weather this storm. I extend to you all an offer to join the empire's ranks. It is the best I can offer you at this moment in time, but rest assured should you join you will receive my backing and praise whenever you may need it. Actually, you may rely on that fact whether you take up my offer or not. You're each a hero in my book. Every last one of you. Especially the charred one... ahem... no offense."

Out of breath and sprinting nonetheless a pink-haired woman appeared in the distance making great haste toward the village. Her clothing was covered in greenery and twigs, shrubbery, and everything in between clung to her buttons and pockets giving the clear expression she had been traveling off-road for quite some time without hesitation or delicacy. Stopping some three feet from the captain the woman stood to attention and offered forward her name between pants of breath.

"Luisa O'Sullivan, Cadet! Reporting for duty Captain! I was sent to reinforce the village by order of Captain Aliquem. I may have gotten a little lost Captain, I apologize for my tardiness!"

Turning to Luisa the Captain looked completely bewildered by both her appearance and more importantly the direction from which she arrived.

"Cadet. How exactly did you end up on the southern road? You understand that's the route the See front is correct?"

"No Captain, I assure you I came from the North. Directly from Aliquantum Significantes. I left the barracks there this morning."

"Cadet? Aliquantum Significantes is to the North... Forget that for a second..." Pinching his nose the Captain looked to the road and then back to Luisa with a sigh "You're one lucky cadet, Minima was under siege, you could have run into the main force or anything out that way. Didn't you have a compass with you?"

"That would explain the ambush I encountered and their numbers..."

"Excuse me? Cadet did you run into a group of See raiders on your travels?"

Looking through her satchel, Luisa produced a compass and her eyes went wide with amazement

"I had a compass?"

"Cadet! Did you run into a force of See raiders! Where are they now, how many did you see, are they heading this way? Was a woman and wyvern among them?"

"Apologies Captain! Yes sir! I ran into a force of about fifteen See raiders in the forest not so far from here. I accidentally wandered into them when investigating a corpse I had found. The group attempted to ambush me but I slaughtered them all and made haste for the village thereafter. No woman was among their number nor was there a wyvern."

Reaching for her grimoire Luisa produced the head of the group's leader and passed it to the captain who was only going from confused to flabbergasted.

"You took the time to sever the leader's head?"

"But of course sir, I hadn't the time or resources to interrogate those in the group for intel. So I took the leader's head. Captain Aliquem instructed us to do so in times such as those. Apparently, the grand healer at the capital can use their magic to bring back the dead and interrogate them. Though only in cases where it's absolutely necessary."

The captain couldn't help but chuckle at the absurdity of the situation. Today had been full of surprises, good, bad, and obscene.

Turning his focus to the adventurers the captain smiled and said

"You may all go rest up now. I shall see you all in the morning"
Returning his gaze to Luisa the captain placed his hand firmly upon her shoulder and said

"You did well today Cadet. Go rest up, I'll write to Captain Aliquem and inform you did your job well."

"But I was late?"

"Please, just go to bed... my head is already killing me"

"Yes sir!"

With Luisa and the adventurers out of earshot, the Captain looked to the head and then the other road before chuckling again

"What kind of Cadet takes on a full platoon of See alone... Aliquem, what the hells are you up to... what kind of monster did you recruit... Gah! Dammit, I'm getting too old for this shit! That Wyvern woman, she looked familiar... tsk, this damn head better knows something else were all in trouble! I can feel it!"

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Character Sheet C3BEE6

Standing [F Grade Character] Titles [Construct, Homunculus, Visitor] Point Booster [Narrative Booster F]

With the battle finally concluded, a sense of both relief and solemnity washed over Sasuke. Their victory was hard-fought, and he couldn't help but feel proud of the bravery displayed by both the villagers and his fellow adventurers. However, he was acutely aware of the price they had paid - the scars left by the conflict, the lives lost, and the destruction that surrounded them.

As a mere passerby who had arrived to lend his aid, Sasuke didn't feel it was his place to either celebrate with the empire soldiers or mourn with the villagers. He had a sense of detachment, understanding that this was their community, their fight, and their loss. Instead, he kept to himself and the fellow volunteers, acknowledging their efforts with heartfelt congratulations.

Captain Lucius approached them, gratitude evident in his weary eyes. Sasuke felt a deep respect for the commander who had led with unwavering determination. He knew that Minima owed its survival, in part, to the trust placed in him and his comrades. When the offer to join the empire's ranks was extended, Sasuke felt a surge of joy at the recognition of their efforts. But at this juncture in his journey, he couldn't commit to such a path. His desire to explore the world, widen his horizons, and make more allies outweighed the allure of immediate security.

With a respectful bow, Sasuke declined the offer but conveyed his sincere gratitude. "Thank you, Captain Lucius," he said, his voice reflecting his appreciation. "I'm honored by your offer, and I deeply respect the empire's cause. For now, becoming comrades in this battle is a reward in itself. I hope our paths may cross again."

Facing Captain Lucius and the friends he had just made, Sasuke raised his clenched right fist to his chest and with unwavering determination and gratitude, he uttered the word "Sasageyo."

Sasuke understood that his journey was far from over, and there were still many adventures and challenges awaiting him beyond Minima's borders. As the village began the process of rebuilding and healing, he knew he had made a difference, and that was enough for him in this moment.



Interactions: Shere ( Perdict Perdict )
Mentions: Sasuke ( Swagkage Swagkage )

Though Glacier was incapable of becoming physically exhausted, he still felt worn out in the aftermath of battle. He had never expected to be in the middle of a warzone, but with it ending in the villagers' safety, Glacier certainly did not regret it. "I sincerely appreciate your offer... but my calling lies solely with the cold." Glacier said to Captain Lucius, slightly bowing his head in respect.

Once the captain had essentially dismissed them, Glacier decided to approach Shere; though they were separated not too long after the battle began, he still felt inclined to check on the one he had originally been assigned with. "I am sorry that I did not assist you further in battle... are you going to be well?" Glacier inquired; he believed that making excuses for himself, even true ones, was a pointless affair.

Glacier's attention was briefly sidetracked though, as Sasuke declared a word to them all. "...Sasageyo...?" Glacier repeated in an uncertain tone, his head tilted.
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INTERACTION: Uasal Uasal Swagkage Swagkage Voider Voider Perdict Perdict simj26 simj26

The battle after what felt like eternity had finally ended, and luckily Minima came out on top. Everyone had regrouped and Captain Lucius basically gave everyone a speech in thanks and gave them an offer to join the Eastern Empire's military ranks. Eriedeth, as it was, didn't think he could handle it. She felt like she hardly did anything and that she needed proper fighting skills before she should ever take up such an offer. She got lucky this time. And she did plan on learning how to fight. What if she ended up in the same situation again? Her main focus was engineering and inventing, though learning self defense at least would seem to be very much in her own interest. On another note, Eriedeth had originally planned on talking to Sasuke about catalysts and seeing if he could give her any ideas. However, she ended up with some catalyst ideas that she wanted to explore and didn't figure it would be necessary. She goes and denies Lucius's offer.

"I'm sorry, but I don't think I can accept the offer."

Her original intention when coming to Minima was to buy supplies, and time to brainstorm ideas for inventions, but as it came, the village was clearly not in such a state to provide them. So she didn't ask the village and its residence needed to recover. As everyone gets dismissed, she remembers that Shere had a very rough encounter with the wyvern and decided to check up on him. She sees Glacier talking to him. Eriedeth walks over and tells them both.

"Hey Shere I hope you're okay after that, and Glacier, your minions did great."

Character Grade F - [Martial Artist]

Shere lay on a stretcher, a far cry from his usual self. Clothes torn to let the healers work on emergency treatments, wrapped in bandages from head to toe that spoke of the extent of the damage, the acrid smell of sulphur mixing with the sickly scents of salves and ointments and other remedies. And for all that, he was still alive. "Gentlemen, please. Anyone...anyone that fights should...expect to get hurt." His eyes gleamed still, and he offered something like a weak smile as he sat up as best he could, groaning all the way. "And! Still won...saved lives. Just need a week off is all."

It was all he could do to stay upright, and with an exhalation he dropped to his back. "Or maybe two. It has been a pleasure...sort of. But I think I'll stay."

He was in no condition to move around or do much of anything, but his head was relatively clear. He understood the rest would likely move on, but him? He couldn't just let it lie. He was not about to officially join a foreign land's military in any official manner, of course, top-down authority and Shere simply did not mix. But he'd hang around. Help people as best he could, as he always did, those who didn't deserve to lose their lives to machinations beyond their grasp. And maybe, just maybe, he'd find the wyvern witch again. His fist clenched, and the bandage stained with fresh blood.
"They're writing songs of love, but not for me. Hm hm hm hm hm hm hm…"

Ah, the smell of blood. The scent of bloody victory, of deaths of both allies and enemies. He had not forgotten this feeling. It was a terrible feeling to some, this, but Seo was not part of this ‘some’. Every breath he took, he treasured. The pain, the loss, the sight of the bodies strewn around him was a reminder that he was still alive. As he had sat atop that mound of bodies, his sight dimming, his rifle barely propping him up, he relished it. A victory was a victory. Death was certain, only the matter of when it came was not. He would happily throw his life away again to ensure the light of victory shone over his side.

He winced as he rolled his shoulder. He was stitched up properly, but the muscles still ached from the aftermath of taking a blow like that. Goodness, he was far weaker than he was back in the old world. A little scratch like that wouldn’t have bothered him too much then. Though, he was a fair bit older and better built, and he had spent the past few weeks here gaining weight rather than actually training for a proper fight.

His train of thought came to a screeching halt when he passed by the Captain, who was now having words with a new face he hadn’t noticed earlier. What was that she said? Slaughtered an entire group, and taken their leader’s head? He clapped his hands over his mouth in surprise. Such brutality! Such violence! Such beauty in war! He glanced about. Sasuke had already taken his leave, while the others were in a conversation of their own. The other dark-haired man had seen better days, but Seo thought it rude to take the attention of his current attendants away from him. Let a man have his day, as they say.

He instead took his feet to the pink-haired woman, the blood-spattered cadet, or so the Captain had called her. “You killed a whole group by yourself?” He cut straight to the point, putting on his best, shining grin. “You must be really strong! Think I could join up with you guys?” He stretched out one hand, and clenched it into a fist. “It’s been a minute since I’ve done any actual work, but I think it’s high time I ended this little vacay of mine. If you can take on a whole bunch of raiders, I’d like to see you at work. Might even give me some inspiration! Whaddaya say?” He opened up his hand, and held it out to her.

Uasal Uasal
Narrative Post 7 and Conclussion


The next morning, as the sun began to cast its warm rays over the village of Minima, Captain Lucius stood at the gates bidding farewell to the group of adventurers who had aided the town in its time of need. The soldiers under his command formed a small honor guard, their armor gleaming in the morning light, a sign of gratitude for the assistance the adventurers had provided.

The adventurers, having made a difference in the defense of Minima, were met with warm farewells and expressions of gratitude from the villagers who had witnessed their bravery. Children waved goodbye, and adults offered words of thanks, knowing that the village owed its safety to these valiant outsiders.

With their farewells exchanged and the adventurers setting out on their journey, Captain Lucius watched their departing figures until they disappeared from view. He knew that their paths might cross again, and he hoped it would be under more peaceful circumstances.

Returning to his office, Captain Lucius found a messenger hawk waiting for him, a familiar visitor that often carried important messages. With care, he unfastened the message from the hawk's leg and unfurled the parchment.

The letter was from Captain Aliquem, a fellow officer and an old friend, and it began with a playful and familiar tone. Captain Lucius couldn't help but chuckle as he read the opening lines.

"Captain Lucius, I hope this letter finds you well because if it doesn't then I will have both wasted my ink and likely have my work cut out for me in the near future."

The opening lines of the letter still managed to bring a small smile to his face, despite his reservations about her. Captain Aliquem's playful and lighthearted approach was a stark contrast to his own more serious and straightforward demeanor. They were, in many ways, polar opposites in their approach to leadership and their military responsibilities.

"That aside, I trust that my lovely cadet made it in time to provide you with some backup as per your request," Captain Aliquem had written, her words tinged with her characteristic humor. Captain Lucius couldn't help but wonder whether her reference to his "lovely cadet" was genuine or simply another one of her playful jabs.

The mention of curses muttered under his breath during the recent battle made him chuckle, even if those curses had indeed been directed at Captain Aliquem. Despite his reservations about her, he couldn't deny her combat skills and her ability to navigate difficult situations.

However, as he continued to read, Captain Lucius found himself becoming less amused. The part of the letter that stated, "In any case, you owe me one," seemed to imply that Captain Aliquem believed she had some form of leverage or favor to be repaid in the future. He knew that their history was filled with countless instances of friendly competition, and he couldn't help but wonder what she might request in return for her cadet's assistance in the recent battle.

Despite the mixed feelings her letter evoked, Captain Lucius knew that Captain Aliquem was a capable officer, and they had worked together effectively in the past, even if her flippant mannerisms occasionally grated on his nerves. He couldn't deny her dedication to her duty and her skill in battle, and, begrudgingly, he respected her for it.

With a final chuckle, Captain Lucius placed the letter on his desk. Regardless of their differences and his occasional exasperation with Captain Aliquem, he knew that their shared commitment to the safety of their respective territories and their comrades bound them together, if only in the face of external threats.

Leaving the Barracks to approach Squeak who had shown intent to join the ranks of the military, the Captain only saw Shere. Whom he of course checked upon and again offered a position in their ranks. But alas Shere was committed to being his own man, and the captain respected his decision. Offering intel on the woman he sought should he aid the town in its repairs.

Later he was informed both Luisa and Squeak had Departed for 'Aliquantum Significantes' to which he could only sigh. It seemed Captain Aliquem was undoubtedly Luisa's Captain. "That sly Captain, shes already nabbed my recruit! HA!"​


Luisa, humbly and with a modest smile, responded, "Oh, I wouldn't say I took them on all by myself. We were a team, and I just did my part. But it's true that Captain Aliquem has trained us well, and we're always looking for capable individuals to join us."

She returned Squek's handshake, her grip firm and friendly. "If you're looking for inspiration and a chance to make a difference, I'd like to invite you to join us under Captain Aliquem's leadership. I serve in the Ranks of the town of Aliquantum Significantes, we tackle a wide range of challenges. I think you'd be a great addition to our team."

With that, Luisa extended an invitation to Squek to become part of their group, a new chapter in his journey that promised adventure and camaraderie under the capable command of Captain Aliquem.
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The See have gained intel from a secret agent in the town of Minima but in doing so they lost a number of talented raiders. Minima was severely damaged but not beyond repair.

The head of the raider captain was reanimated in the capital and revealed to the East the location of a possible future raid but little to nothing else.

Result: Stalemate

Recommended rewards:

players should receive the asset-

A favor from Captain Lucius E (All bar those listed below)
An upgrade to Military Rank (Luisa)
Eastern Military Rank F (Squeak)

All Players should receive the Title:

Hero of Minima - The citizens of Minima see this character as a hero for having saved them from assured destruction.

Narrative Bonus- 14 Points

7 points go to Shere
7 points to Sasuke​
Isekai Hell Grade

Clyvelle Clyvelle DarkKitsune DarkKitsune Perdict Perdict Swagkage Swagkage Uasal Uasal Voider Voider simj26 simj26

Forest, fae, and wyverns, oh my. Combat is a pillar of the war effort. Linking in some information gathering to round it out and make it worth something seems like a good touch. Nice to see most of the cast making it to the end. Probably one of the few rp's pertaining to the war that's been active for a year now. Nice to see it. Rp's like this impact how the war is going. Great opportunity to score brownie points with either faction. Granted, I'm a little curious if elite raider is truly an appropriate description of an E grade team's opposition. The tactical map breakdowns of how the battle progressed was nice.

See invasions efforts in the region stalled in relation to the intel gathered from the defeated fae scouts.

choose 1 of the following rewards if you wish:

Optional Asset acquired [Associate of Captain Lucius F] - character has ties with the captain and may leverage those ties for minor benefits as appropriate to the captain's influence.
Optional Asset acquired [Eastern Empire Military Rank F] - character has affiliated themselves with the east empire military. They can be enlisted or merely allied with them which in turn can bring various minor benefits or disadvantages. Not available to non-humans.
Optional Asset Upgrade acquired [Eastern Empire Military Rank Upgrade] - character already has a working relationship with the East Empire Military. This reward enables it to be upgraded by 1. This could come in the form of a promotion within the organization or merely greater ties to the members in it of higher grades. Not available to non-humans.
Optional Asset acquired [Hero of Minima] - The citizens of Minima see this character as a hero for having saved them from assured destruction. Not appropriate for those pursuing connections with the military as it is their job to protect the village already. Not available to non-humans.
Optional Asset acquired [East Empire Acknowledgement Certificate] - This certificate is a physical item on your person that can be presented if ever questioned about your freedom or right to participate in East Empire society. Mainly for former criminals, slaves, constructs, or beastmen. Can be used as protection against slavers and in some cases blade runners.

Erideth - 19pts

Shere - 21pts

Sasuke - 62pts (narrative booster)

Luisa - 55pts

Glacier - 16pts

Squeak - 19pts

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