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Fantasy [Isekai Hell] An Expedition to Lake Selene!!! ☪


Lucius Cypher

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"Welcome to Lake Selene! One of our most beautiful and maintained natural lakes in Eania. My name is Negi, part of the Mirkwood Rangers, here to ensure your fun and safety! Enjoy fishing, kyaking, or swimming in our salt-water lake! Or if you feel like it, explore the nearby natural park and climb up to the highest point on Mount Alais. If you ever need any assistance, we have provided some emergency flares for each of you. Just shoot it into the sky and one of our rangers will be heading to your location as fast as possible! If you also need anything from us that isn't an emergency, just follow the marked path to one of our camp headquarters. We always have a large bonfire going so if you can't find a trail, follow the smoke in the sky. You all will be at the Sunrise Campgrounds, just north of our headquarters!" A preppy black-scaled dragonoid gave the gathered group an introduction as they exited the boat. The group was chosen via raffle to have a chance to vacation in Eania, a large island noted for it's exotic creatures and nearly untouched by civilization. There are people living here of course, folks who have dedicated their lives to preserving the island as a sanctuary for the life and natural beauty of this place.

"The weather is lovely this time of year, and so far we have no forecasts for any storms, though there may be rain in the next few days. But even that provides an excellent opportunity for fishing as all sorts of new fish are much more active during the rain! Additionally, if you ever get bored or just want a fun little challenge, the Mirkwood Rangers offer these booklets!" Everyone was given a somewhat thick book, each page showing a somewhat simple portrait of either a fish, plant, or animal and a whole empty page afterwards, presumably for writing. Wooden pens were also provided. "While you're camping, see if you can record what sort of things you find! You never know what you could stumble upon while you're walking around, and if you find out anything interesting the Mirkwood Rangers will reward you for whatever information you catalogue! Now then, if you'll follow me, I'll lead you all to your campground."

Soon Negi takes the group along a dirt path marked by a wooden fence. There was faint blue etchings along the wood that seemed to glow a bit when it got darker. It was about a twenty minute walk to the Sunrise Campground, passing only one emergency cabin along away. "In the event of an emergency such as a violent storm or dangerous wildlife, please make use of our emergency shelters. Simply use the key inside of the box next to the door to get inside. There's enough food and water to last a week, as well as medicine for any illnesses or injuries, as well as other supplies. That being said, we have made sure to keep the area clear of any wildlife, and as long as you stay within the marked paths you will have a pleasant stay here!" Soon the group would arrive to the campground. It was a pretty big area, enough space for everyone to have their own tent sent up. There was also a wooden table here expertly carved from wood, a fire pit, wood for the fire, and a large metal crate for storing food. In the distance there was also an outhouse. But the most impressive thing was the view of Lake Selene. The Sunrise Campground indeed was perfectly positioned to catch either the morning sun or the rising moon. Down by the lake was a small dock with a few boats moored to a post for anyone who wants to explore the massive lake.

If there was anymore questions Negi would be more than happy to answer. She otherwise bids everyone a good day and heads back to the HQ, spreading her wings and taking flight. It was early morning and the camp would need some setting up. Tents needed to be made, food organized, a bit of clean up as there was a bunch of leafs, sticks, and rocks scattered about. But the day was yours.


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While the campers were simply doing their things and needs, something was attracted to the camp, mostly because of the food. A peculiar reddish dragon that was now on the island smelt the meals, and boy he was hungry! He eventually approached..

But did know that he would eventually be discovered, so he must flee fast incase that ever happens. Going for a piece of meat, it opened it's mouth, about to take a chunk out of it, and is close to doing so, unless someone spots him..

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