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Dice Isa's Caravan

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Inventory list:
*This will be where we can keep up the caravan’s items and food. Let me know what to add or take off!

  1. x180 Rations | Smoked spider legs, dried rat, and salted flobberworms. Lasts 2 months. The local delicacies of Sanctuary~
  2. x3 Trauma Kit | DC 12 Knowledge check removes one affliction or improves health by 1. DC 14 stabilizes dying character. Every +1 hour performing the medical operation gives +1 to Trauma Kit rolls. Uses up a major action when used during battle.
  3. Toolbox | +2 Crafing and repairing gear and machines, pick locks, disable traps. You can also excavate or gather crafting resources twice more. Weight 1.
  4. 6 Chests (Empty) |40 Carrying Capacity. Toughness DC=20, Lockpicking DC=18.
  5. x2 Flint and Steel: Make fire. Comes with a box of tinder.
  6. x5 Oil Lamps | Casts light in a 30 ft. radius. or 60 ft. cone. Has a hood allowing you to lower the light to a dim 5 ft. radius. Stays lit for 8 hours on 1 pint of oil. Can be hung on belt. Weight 1 each.
  7. x30 Oil Flask |1 pint. Can be used in combination with fire attacks, increasing the DC for "Burn" by +1.
  8. x18 Torches | Equipped in your off-hand or main hand. Casts light in a 30 ft. radius. Burns for an hour with a chance of being blown out in bad weather. DC 10 to avoid "Burn".
  9. Block and Tackle | A wooden pulley that when set up with rope allows you to haul up to four times the weight you can normally lift.
  10. x4 Lashings |Advantage to Overcoming Difficult Terrain when set up. Rope or similar that's 50 ft. in length.
  11. x4 Mirror, small
  12. x6 Cheap goods | Recycled things, old loot, clothes made from fur or monster parts, monster decorations, etc.
  13. Tent | It’s blue and big enough to fits 4 people inside.
  14. Plush sleeping bag | it’s soft and has a dark striped pattern.
  15. Climbing gear |Reduce journey DC of alpines, mountains, highlands, and caves by 1. Or +2 to climbing if not journeying.
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Silly artist
*This is where anybody can check what sort of fruits, vegetables, or medical herbs are growing.
Limit- only 4 types of plants.

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