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Realistic or Modern Is this the End of the World? (Closed)



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Is This The End Of The World?
An Apcoplytic Roleplay


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The outbreak started to spread slowly at first and it wasn't a big deal. People still didn't know what the cause of this...virus was. It was more of a mystery than anything. No one knew how it started. Will it be the end of the World?
Students still came to school and continued with their days. Going through the motions as they are required to do. It was on the news but most people ignored it.
Until it started to spread into their state...More cases of this mutation were going up. Getting closer and closer to each town. For anyone that fell victim to the creatures or the pill that caused it.
The school was wary and the whole world thought it was an airborne virus. So everyone came to school with masks and hazmat suits. Others still didn't believe any of it was real and refused to wear the masks. Only to get sent home. Half the school was either at home or students went MIA. The days still continued to go as they were supposed to until...Mrs.Kireasl. The Seniors Science Teacher. She came to school after taking the pills as if nothing had happened. The woman thought it would help her depression, she fell victim to the lies the government told. Mrs.Kireasel had the symptoms of the E-Virus though no one knew the signs. Her hearing was heightened and her vision was becoming thermal. The symptoms grew worse until the deadly virus ate its way to her brain. Making her a Zombie. A hungry one in fact...

It was another day of school for Marvin minus having to wear a heavy-duty mask for a virus that was probably not even real. He got up and fixed his messy blonde hair sighing as he got dressed into his usual comfy school wear. Athletic shorts and a graphic tee, accessorized by a black baseball cap his "lucky cap". Being a little happier now that he was woken up he finished his usual morning routine. He made sure his face was shaven and clean, made sure he smelt good, and brushed his teeth. Throwing in mint gum to maximize the mintiness. With one last smile in the mirror, he headed downstairs. "Buongiorno Campione! Vuoi delle uova? Sono fantastici. Non puoi negare le famose uova di Levine di tuo padre." His father greeted him in his strong Italian accent as he walked down the stairs. "Sto bene papà non ha fame di uova oggi. Potrebbe solo avere un frullato o qualcosa del genere. Grazie ugualmente." Marvin replied patting his Dads shoulder and making his way to the fridge. "Così ingrato. Ti offro la migliore colazione del mondo e vuoi un frullato schifoso? Che cosa ha fatto l'America a mio figlio? Vorrei riavere il mio Marvin, per favore." His father said disappointed. Marvin chuckled and made himself a mango smoothie his father glaring through his soul for not accepting his breakfast. "Tuo figlio affamato stasera. La mia cucina non è abbastanza buona per te, a quanto pare!" Wally shouted as Marvin left the house. Turning on his car he listened to some music. It always pumped him up in the morning. On his way to school though there was an accident. It was a pretty bad one in fact. Marvin and other cars curiously looked at it. Only to see a disfigured body laying out of the car. Marvin felt chills go up his back at the sight and drove away so he didn't have to see any more of the horrifying image.

Once he made it to school he put on the mask and saw several other people wearing them as well. It was strange and unnatural to see all these people wearing these masks. Some even came to school in a ridiculous yellow hazmat suits. Marvin walked into the school and got greeted by his friend group and his girlfriend.
"Marvin Levine you made it! I was getting worried that a Zombie got to you!" Marvin's best friend Jason said in a goofy tone.
"Cut it out, Jason!" Stacy whined and shoved Jason playfully. She laughed and looked up at Marvin since he practically was a tower compared to her 5 foot 3 height.
She pulled him down and kissed him on the cheek. Marvin chuckled slightly and heard the bell ring.
"Ok, guys I'll see you in 3rd period. Addio!" Marvin said making his way to class.
"Bet. See you in a bit Marv." Jason waved and left as well.
"I love you Marvin see you!" Stacy practically shouted.
He stopped in his tracks and looked over at her and saw her waiting for him to reply. Marvin couldn't he did a thumbs up awkwardly and headed to his class not looking back.

Marvin felt horrible because he just couldn't bring himself to say it. Because he didn't feel it. Was it bad that he didn't? He shook his head from the thoughts and went into the classroom. He zoned out his mind replaying the saddened look on her face. It wasn't like he didn't like her. But was it crush-like? Or just like her as a friend? The morning announcements went on and the class president's annoying voice rang through the school.

"Hello there and Goodmorning! Welcome to another awesome Monday. A few reminders before we get started with the announcements. 1. Wear your mask at all times. 2. Do not share each other's food 3. Report all suspicious possible infection behavior. Last but not least 4. Make sure not to run from the mutated.
Now that we are done with reminders. Let's move on to the news of the day. On your way to school, you might have seen an accident. This was unfortunately another case found in our town of the virus. The victim of the virus became mutated while driving and crashed. Thankfully no one else was hurt but the person did not make it. So hopefully that resolved all questions on the virus..."

There was a sudden pause and then the fire alarm went off.

The fire alarm is only for fires...or...there is a Zombie in the school.

Marvin got up quickly and looked through the glass of the door and saw students sprinting from the Science class. "Shit!" Marvin said covering his mouth as he saw a horrifying creature passing by. He saw the creatures on TV but up close they were so much more horrifying. More followed behind her. Six of them. Marvin needed to get out and find Jason and Stacy. "Shit shit shit shit!" Marvin said stressed out from the situation. Calming down he waited for the creatures to leave, he opened the door slowly and peaked. "All clear," he said signaling anyone willing to go to get out of the classroom. "Come with me, because if you stay in here you will die," Marvin said looking down at someone in particular. Benjamin. His first guy crush made his heart flutter ever since freshman year but now wasn't the time to blush and giggled about him. "Please."

Mrs. Kriesel...
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"You look greeaaaat."

The commentary from one Pepper Hayes was taken poorly, Benji leaning away from her and putting up the book he'd been holding between them, creating a small barrier between himself and the grinning face of his friend, who seemed intent on torturing him. He was very aware of how he looked. A lot of people that the high school proclaimed 'nerds' were able to breeze by in classes with little to no studying. Benji was able to do that in the sciences, but when it came to social studies? He wasn't as lucky. Thus, he'd stayed up the entire night trying to commit the textbook to memory, a task that may have done more harm than good if the bags under his eyes were anything to go by.

"Don't." He warned, eventually putting down the book and tucking it under his arm once more as he made his way into the building. "I don't want to hear it. I want you to be silent."

He could see her roll her eyes in the corner of his vision. "Then clearly, you befriended the wrong person, Benji." She wasn't wrong. If there was one thing Pepper was good at, it was talking. It was why she did so well in debate club. "So, what? You decide to stay up for kicks?"

"Since when have I ever stay up 'for kicks'?"

She snorted a little. "Yea, okay. You love your sleep a little too much. Swear to god, every time you stay over my house its like you're in a coma."

"I stayed up studying for a test later today." Admitting to such as a tactic to quickly leave the topic of his resting habits. "Which you should've done too, considering your grades."

The comment was met with a hand placed over her heart as if wounded, then his shoulder was shoved lightly. "You're cruel, man. Really cruel." She accused, though didn't seem to mean it. "We can't all have As."

It was then his turn to huff in amusement. "Sure. You could, though, if you actually wanted to." Before she could indignantly comment back at him, he tapped her shoulder with his book "I'm too tired for this. I'm going to class. Try not to do anything, alright?"

"Anything? Bit vague, don't you think?"

"I figure its easier to tell you to do nothing than to specify all the things you could do wrong."

With that, he picked up his pace, leaving her to crossing her arms at him while she no doubt was trying to decide whether or not to skip class. She would, that he knew, but she took time to consider it anyway, as if the outcome would be any different. He'd never skipped, never planned to either, feeling far more comfortable in class than out of it. Skipping meant possibly missing out on things he needed to know, which was far more trouble than it was worth. So, he went to class, settled down, and waited for the day to start so it could get closer to ending.

The announcements mentioned the infected. Of course they did. That was the whole reason they were wearing masks in the first place, so it was only right to keep them all updated. That said, Benji didn't believe most of the info tossed his way. He wasn't a pathologist- he knew about it, never really obsessed over it like he had other things -but it seemed off, the way it was spreading. Despite that, he kept his mask on and his head down, not voicing his opinions on the matter.

He expected the announcement to go on, but it just stopped. Then, the alarm rang, and he winced as he covered his ears to try and ease some of the pain that came from the sudden loudness. Despite the lights and ringing, no one moved, save for Marvin, one of the boys in the class that firmly stood in the group of people Benji knew of, but didn't know. From his reaction at the door, it was fairly clear what was happening outside of it: someone had been infected, and it had no doubt already spread.

Marvin, after being by the door, made a plea to the class. Talking about leaving before they got killed, which was entirely against what they were supposed to do. Benji wasn't a rule breaker; he liked rules because they kept things constant. That said, even he could tell that sticking around wasn't going to end well. Mouth set into a grim, thin line, he pushed himself up from his desk, shouldering his stuff and walking towards Marvin, grabbing an ornate paperweight from the desk as he went, figuring that if he had to hit someone it was better to have something heavy than to not.

He crossed his arms, looking at Marvin with a raised eyebrow. "What's your plan after leaving the room?" He questioned, keeping his voice low. "Because I'm really not into the idea of running around the school like a chicken without its head." Not that it mattered. He'd probably split off anyway. Pepper was no doubt still on the grounds and, while not in class and therefore in a better position than the rest of them, he needed to locate her before she got herself into trouble like he knew she would.

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