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Fandom Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Other People's Worlds in a Dungeon? (DanMachi RP)

Making an adventurer, would you rather start from the very beginning, or have a bit of experience?

  • Very beginning, like Bell

    Votes: 6 60.0%
  • Some experience, likely between the step before level two and immediately after level 3

    Votes: 4 40.0%

  • Total voters
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That Lass Over There

Protector of Cinnabuns
An "Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?" fandom roleplay, faithful to the lore, atmosphere, and world but not necessarily the story of the original.

Hello, adventurers, supporters, crafters, administrative staff, et al. Welcome to my hopefully wonderful interest check, where I try to sell you on a future train wreck of people playing catgirls, edge lords, and me casually flooding the room with lesbians.

Hm, there's something wrong there but I can't tell wha... Ah, right, also everyone tries to be Bell Cranel the 2nd. Sorry minotaurs, seems like you're public enemy #1.

Jesting and casual soothsaying aside, I do actually kind of have a plan for this. This is an alternate Orario from the city you may be familiar with - Freya never left Heaven, Loki is a smaller name (though never to be underestimated, having quite the reputation for the few War Games they have dominated.) and perhaps the most startling development... Hestia familia does not yet exist, and no, you won't be forming it. Sorry, but let me have some room to introduce my own gods and characters on the chess board of this world. Orario and the dungeon will be more or less the same with tweaks as needed, and to the best of my ability I will be playing along with the secrets hidden in the world though that may be difficult seeing as DanMachi is an ongoing series. In general a good rule of thumb will be to just ask me before assuming something is the same in this roleplay's world. Some things might be better to ask in DMs to avoid spoiling anime onlys.

Alright, forget the boring details; you will be part of a newer familia, Badb Familia, that has risen to prominence off of the backs of three strong adventurers (more, depending on the levels of incoming player characters) Badb had sniped from other familias as they dissolved. Badb could be considered as not the most popular goddess at the moment for that reason as she had stolen several talents others had their eyes on, but no trouble has arisen from the tension in the air yet. You may have come to this familia for any of many reasons, whether it was Badb who offered you a place to grow in Orario when no one else would or you smelled the opportunity of trouble in the air as this unknown goddess suddenly had taken the stage, everyone in the small familia is sure to have their own unique flavor and story.

Depending on how people respond to the attached poll I'll respond accordingly. Even if you don't make an adventurer... Which I don't advise because they won't fit into every arc but that is your prerogative, please at least vote in terms of how familiar you as a person and/or your character is with Orario - both in the base concept of the city, and its deeper workings. As in, if you've only watched the first season or read the first few novels, even if you want to play a more experienced character please stick with what you know. There's a lot more to Orario, the dungeon, and the adventurers than first meets the eye.

Also, those who have actually read the novels proper, this is probably the point where I should apologize and clarify that I don't know too much beyond what the wiki can tell me and I've hypothesized for myself - for the longest time I've had no legal channels to acquire the translated novels, though any time I can sporadically acquire a translated chapter floating around the internet of the main story or Oratoria I read it ASAP.

I hope everyone has fun, and that we'll have a great adventure together.

Ah, yes, and of course please reply if you have interest. I'll likely open up character sheets tomorrow or the day after starting with a bit of a blurb about Badb so that you all know what sort of goddess your characters will have entangled themselves with, and I have plans to start Sunday. I already have one player, and as far as I'm concerned that's all I really need but I'd be happy to have people join us.


The Flowiest on site
Does this mean we need to think up magic chants or just have the character yell for a spell to happen.


✧☽ 𝒹 𝓇 𝑒 𝒶 𝓂 𝒾 𝓃 𝑔 ☾✧
Interested although I'll have to refresh my memory of this universe. Haven't watched this show in a while.

That Lass Over There

Protector of Cinnabuns
If you're rusty then it might be best to create an adventurer who's more new to this. You'll find Orario to be quite different than what the viewers and Bell knew in season one, less because I've changed stuff and more because that's just how the anime was. And getting through season 2, 3, and Oratoria if you can is probably a high task for just reminding yourself lol.

That Lass Over There

Protector of Cinnabuns
Maybe. I don't want to have it feel too similar to the show, but with both him and Badb being troublemakers they're bound to come in conflict eventually, likely over Badb's habit of sniping members from other familia that he probably wanted.

That Lass Over There

Protector of Cinnabuns
I am interested in joining, but I only know the entire first season for the Anime. Would I still be okay to join?
Yes, just make a level one character and be sure to ask me about things, because season 1 did not cover much and what it did cover it did not always show correctly.

I would also like to join sounds very interesting. Can I join?
I said always open in a post above for a reason~

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