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Unlucky ducky


Once demigods were plentiful. A product of a human procreating with a god, which leads to a human child born with semi-godly powers.

The Gods of Olympus had found that humans were of fascinating variety. Their showcase of freewill, complexities, and love drove the ultimate beings to stray from their nether-realm up in the clouds. But as humankind matured, some true natures of society showed their ugly colors, and the consequences of half-supernatural beings came back to bite them. Not everyone can handle the power of a god, and more often than not these demi-gods would use their abilities for chaos. Though there were those who were good, and wanted peace. They used their powers to fight mythical beasts and complete quests for the Gods, earthside. Even a camp was made, to train such heroes to use their godly powers passed from their parents.

One particular demi-god stood above the rest in that aspect. A child of Zeus arose in the time period of the1800s, and he was a horribly tainted child. Because of his resentment of gods and abandonment from his father the demi-god turned quickly. Using their godly powers for mass murder, catastrophic disasters, and world altering events. The gods knew they had to intervene before earth would be unsalvageable, but it was harder than Zeus thought to defeat his offspring, and the damage the battle had on earth would create waves in civilization for decades. But it had to be done. The mighty god of Olympus, locking his only half-human offspring into the depths of Tartarus where he would spend the rest of eternity in constant torture. From that day forward, the mighty king ordered all gods to cease ANY procreation with humans, so as to prevent this from even happening again.

Years went by, then decades, centuries even, the demigods population shrinking with the exemption of olympian heroes. But, of course, some could not stay away entirely. The Gods could not help their undeniable pull to humans. Thus demi-gods were produced, but in secret. So much time had even passed that most did not know of each other, and could go years without crossing one. This was good though, because in groups they are detected easier. Even though demi-gods were a small population from years of the gods' absence, the population of monsters had not shrunk at all in fact. If anything, it grew larger. Leaving the Olympians to pick up on the slack of maintaining the safety of earth. This was only a temporary solution though, like putting a bandaid over the bullet wound, but the gods carried on this way for many centuries.

Now, here we are, in the twenty-first century. There’s been a recent increase in monster attacks, and Mighty Zeus knew that something was arise. A creeping but familiar evil, but still unknown to most gods. Who better to figure such a mystery out than the goddess of wisdom herself. Athena, enlisted by Zeus, was tasked with finding out why there was an increase of disturbances earth side. She was smart, cunning, but held respect towards old Greek myths and prophecies so her first stop was to consult the Oracle of Delphi. Usually the mythical being was adept in leading heroes who sought their prophecies in the right direction. This time, when Athena came for council, the Oracle’s prophecy was unexpected and puzzling.

Six shall go west, sons and daughters of godly power
They must reach the end before the dark hour
If they do not find the betrayal by the end of the fight
Then what once was day will only become night

It was dark and ominous, but the goddess couldn’t help but think of the demi-gods. She knew she had a few of her own children on earth, a product from a slip of her will over the years. Would it truly be time to bring them back? Are they what earth needed once more? Maybe this time she could teach them differently, this time, the gods would get it right. Everyone had broken the divine rule at some point. Very few, but enough to start. If they could be grouped, with a slight touch of divine intervention, then it may be possible. If Athena could prove to Zeus that a group of demi-gods could bind together to fight the evil that was creeping up on earth, fulfill the prophecy, then maybe he’d listen to her after all. But first she’d need to find them and guide them on the right path.

That’s where you come in.

Welcome to NYU. A place that, in the past few months, you had been drawn to. Whether it be by accident, or something you had planned for your whole life. Though, here you have remained, oblivious and unclaimed. But you can’t help the feeling like there was something strange about you and your life. Sometimes the letters on the pages you're reading get scrambled up, you can’t sit still, things have happened that you can’t exactly explain, and you’ve sometimes wondered if your mother or father was your real parent. You have just signed up for a gen ed, Greek Mythology, and you’re about to have your first class.

Join us on a journey of perseverance, love, lost, and coming of age as we take a new spin on the world of demi-gods and greek myths. This is a spin on the original Percy Jackson books, but we are trying to differ from them as much as possible. You will start as a young-adult, unaware of your destiny, tasked with the impossible. There will be twists and turns, love interests, monsters, and godly powers. Just so everyone knows this is a discord rp, and we already have it all set up nice for ya'll! ALL THOSE ITCHING FOR A GREEK GOD/DEMI-GOD RP, ALL THOSE WHO WERE OBSESSED WITH GREEK MYTHS AS A KID, THIS IS FOR YOU. We are also adding in lots of less-used gods who would be available as parents like; Hecate, Nyx, Thanatos, Circe, etc. There will be three DM's, along with room from input from everyone else for plot lines and character development ideas. We also love OOC chat and music/photos, so were always down to goof around!

We are looking for people to join the rp with ONE character. A time will come when it's appropriate for secondary characters! We are looking for literate people who are willing to write 2-3 paragraphs per post and willing to post a few times a week. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED PLEASE COMMENT BELOW AND A DM WILL BE SENT! Thank you, and feel free to ask any questions below. :>

(This rp was up a few months ago but we were not able to get far in the plot, so we are restarting and re-opening. If you inquired before please feel free to comment again!)

DMs: envy115 envy115 Circe Circe pudgefudges pudgefudges

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