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Story Iron archer


Archer of justice

chapter one:the vigilantie is a kid?!

it was a calm normal night, a jock walking down the streets heard a commotion and ran into the alleyway, he sees white archer fighting two theifs
White archer using arrows to pin one theif to the wall after kicking him to the wall and freezes the other theifs legs from being able to escape,
Meanwhile Jock takes pictures
White archer quickly runs off and goes back to her abandon appartment near hell kitchen once inside she touch her suit changing her back to lily
The jock takes pictures to newspaper and the next morning the pictures taken of white archer are on the newspaper and the news
Lily wakes up at her appartment and gets ready for the day

The sound of footsteps echoed in Stark Tower as Tony walked down the hall to his kitchen, he had on a regular pair of sweats and a Black
t shirt, He made himself of cup of coffee.
“Jarvis, turn on the news for me” He said as he took a sip. The tv was on, he went to grab the remote and switched to the news. Seeing all the weird shows and in disbelief how they are still airing. “What do kids watch?” He chuckled but then he saw a white suited crime fighter appear on the screen. “What is this!?” He said saying to Jarvis “Well, it appears to be a new vigilante, it is all over the news, ill be sure to update you when i receive more information.”
Lily puts on clothes and gets ready for school, she heads outside walking down the street towards midtown high which was very far from her appartment
Meanwhile john jameson appear on the news saying this new viglantie might be like spiderman
“And to you, John” The news woman says as he pops up.
“Look at this freak!! Could it be another spiderman?!!!! What in the world even is that thing??!!! We don’t need another hero destroying our city!!! Whoever you are, Wherever you are!!! get outta our to-”
Tony cuts off the tv, “Heh, get a load of that guy...., hmm i have to do more research on this new....vigilante i can’t have them roaming the streets trying to fight crime or even think about trying to changing their mind....”
Lily passes by the cafe and pedestrians as she heads to the school, she knew if she kept going at this pace she would be late and goes into the alleyway.
Lily checks for any cameras using her watch and destroyed cameras, she touch her symbiote necklace, necklace turns into symbiote liquid covering her whole body even her eyes and changed into white archer
White archer fixes her domino mask and hood before going on rooftops leaping and jumping to each rooftop she does a jump flip not messing up on the landing heading closer to midtown high

Tony hears foots patting on buildings coming his way then passing by. He sees a white figure then calls for his rocket boots.

He quickly placed down his mug and he flys outside through his emergency hatch and follows the vigilante.

He flys infront of the mysterious person. “Hey!! Who are you” he says

White archer notices tony and runs faster she wasnt too far from the school but knew she couldnt have a long talk especially if it made her late to class
White archer disguise voice:"white archer"
“Listen, im not playing with you... tell me who you are” He with a slight annoyance in his voice

White archer stop disguise voice:"i told you my name is white archer, look i have to go"

He stops in his tracks once he hears her voice. As she runs of he yells “Go Where!!??? What is your real name!!!”

White archer jumps off rooftop landing on subway she then jumps off subway once it stops and hides behind a building near midtown high
He pulled up his mask ,using his camera and tracked where she had left her footprints. He followed her and saw a school near by. “A school?” He wondered and put two in two and two together then thought. “Oh god, its a kid trying to be a hero”
He sighed as he said to himself “Im going to have to come back later when school’s over and see with this kid is up to” He flew back to the tower
-end of chapter-
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chapter two: living with tony? and the demon clone


Archer of justice
White archer touch her suit, suit turns back into choker necklace around her neck, lily dust her clothes off
Lily then heads inside midtown high heading to class
“A kid... A kid!?” He said as he flew back in as in boots come off, he touches the sid of his head and the helmet shrinks back off.
He paced around his tower “What is this kid thinking? Going around trying to fight crime. Its not easy! Where did she even get her suit!”
He said venting to Jarvis. “Jarvis! Remind when when the school near by ends”
“Noted” Jarvis said
lily sits in her class taking notes
Peter parker sitting in the desk next to her smiles at her he secretly likes her
Lily phone beep once, she knew where to go after school
Tony picked up a pen that was lying around on the desk and fiddled with it. “Im on to that girl” he said.
“Its time sir” Jarvis said as Tony had his suit latch on and flew by the school, to wait for her to come out.
Lily walks out of school heading towards entrance
A taxi was infront of the entrance of school
Tony watched her as she walked towards the entrance and a taxi pulls up, blocking his view.
Lily gets in the taxi
Students walk out of school
Peter talks to ned before noticing tony
Lily:"hells kitchen"
Taxi drives off heading to hells kitchen
He sees the girl disappear and he flew off to follow where she’s going
The taxi stops infront of an appartment complex
Matt murdock was in his appartment looking at a file
Lily steps out paying the taxi guy before heading inside
Tony see her walk in the building. He scans the apartment as it gives him its information. He looks in the window of matt apartment.
In matts appartment, matt waits for someone
Lily knocks on matts door on the fourth floor
Matt opens the door:"glad you could make it come in i......" he heard another heartbeat nearby
Lily:"whats wrong?" She walks in
Matt:"someone is here......" he said hearing with his heighten senses
Tony sees her walk by the door, he sees another man inviting her in then stopping for whatever reason “What in the world is going on?” He thought to himself them stand in place.
Matt looks by the window
Lily looks through crack of curtains and tells matt the degree of which to turn for tony position
Matt turn a bit to the right direction degree and sees tony with his senses:"ok lets try something ok, we are going to pretend to do something else until he leaves, im going to pretend to teach you about being a lawyer"
Lily nods and takes out paper with pen, she sits in chair
Matt walk around the room:"now our lesson today is how to win a court session, first u need a speech and all the facts that will come in handy"
Lily skin and temp is extremely cold making heat tech unable to see her, she writes stuff down
Tony sees her sit in the chair and write. “Eh, maybe she’s getting afterschool lessons.. Im on to you kid.” He says after boosting off back to the tower
Matt notice that tony left using his senses:"ok now lets go over this again the facts must be good enough to use for the case"
Lily nod then put notes and pen down , she helps move the table out of the way
Matt:"today real lesson: punching and perfect landing on rooftop, show me how good you have been praticing"
Lily tries to punch matt
Matt dodged and wore punching gloves he held them up
Lily punches them
Matt:"good keep going"
“Welcome back” Jarvis said “You were out for quite some time” he added.
“Yeahh” Tony said sounding defeated a bit as the suit latched off walking in the window. Tony always gets his way. Once something sparks his interest or doesn’t seem right, he always gets down to the bottom of it.
“What is wrong? You sound uneasy”
“Im still not sure about the kid” he said walking towards the cabinet grabbing a bottle of wine.
“I haven’t gotten any useful reports about this new vigilante” Jarvis said
While pouring a glass of wine he says “Im not done with that kid..” he trails taking a sip
Lily punches more
Matt lower the punching glooves:"very good you are getting much better now lets pratice rooftop jumping and patrol for a bit"
Matt changes into his daredevil suit
Lily put piece of metal near her symbiote necklace, symbiote neckace eats it before she touch necklace changing into white archer
Daredevil and white archer go on rooftop, white archer pratices jump spin roll in air and land perfectly on other rooftop
A few hours later Tony was tinkering with his glove, fixing its bits and bobs. “Hm.. That kid goes to the same school as Peter..” he thought to himself
“Lets see of Peter knows” He called for his suit and flew outside.
Stopping in his tracks he saw a red figure and a white figure jumping on rooftops. “Bingo!” he said as he flew over.
“Hey! Tell me who you are im not playing games!” He said looking at Archer.
White archer has her eyes closed and focuses she jump leap then rolls in air then lands perfectly, disguise voice:"i dont have to tell you anything else mr stark"
“Yes you do! I cant let some kid roam around terriorising this city thinking they can fight crime!!!” He said raising his voice in irritation and in anger.
White archer disguise voice:"well spiderman can and im not terrorizing the city, im trying to help the city"
He stutters out of anger “I-l-l trust spiderman kid!”
“You being all mysterious and things make people wonder” He stated
White archer disguise voice:"i dont want my idenity revealed"
“Im not gonna reveal your identity kid” he said simply and reassuringly.
White archer disguise voice:"then tell me what do you want?"
He floated down on standing on the rooftop.
His mask latches off and dissapears, “Actually” he said in his sarcastic voice “I wanted to know if YOU know what your getting yourself into”
White archer disguise voice:"yes i know what im getting myself into i been fighting the hand or criminals and hiding from the men after me"
Daredevil turn his head a bit listening for any crime
His expression changed and his eyebrow raised “What men?”
White archer disguise voice:"men trying to capture me they.....its hard to explain"
Daredevil:"the men are from her world sent by her guardian who adopted her to get her and bring her to him"
White archer disguise voice:"i dont want to go back to him"
“Gee kid, you have a place to stay right?” He said
White archer disguise voice:"yes i have a appartment and it has windows"
Daredevil:"archer thats a lie your place is horrible, i cant let you stay with me, i have my day job so i cant watch u always when you would need me most but i can still train you during the night hours"
He sighs “You can stay with me..” he said. Not even believing he said that
White archer suprised disguise voice:"really? I can?"
“Yes kid, but don’t get so worked up because only for a while, got it?” He said still dumbfounded he said those words.
White archer disguise voice:"ok"
Daredevil:"im guessing awhile is until the men go away?"
Daredevil knew the men probably arent going to give up and neither would the hand, she, luke, jessica and himself knew where iron fist was living
“Until they go away” He said
“Then your on your own kid!” he said sarcastically.
Daredevil laugh to himself knowing the last part was a lie
White archer disguise voice:"fine i will go get my stuff"
“What’s so funny Stevie Wonder, i meant what i said” He said glancing over to him “I can’t have some teenage girl at my house.”
Daredevil:"you lied about the last thing you said"
White archer went to her abandon broken window appartment that was inbetween hells kitchen and manhatten which was a one person appartment
“Oh really,” he said sarcastically “and why do you think that”
Daredevil:"because you are being sarcastic and two i can tell when people lie its part of my power i have"
“Ah geez...since you know so much can you tell that kid to hurry up, i dont got all day” he pins his hand on the top of his head.
White archer grabs her duffle bag filled with clothes and stuff, she made sure it was all packed but left everything else there but carried phone with her, she head back over to tony and daredevil
“Finally you took forever! Kid! Lets go”
White archer pull out her ice bow, duffel bag on her shoulder, she shot an angelic gold tip arrow at building close to the tower, disguise voice:"see you tommorow daredevil" she press a button on her bow and swings across Manhattan to stark tower
He flies over to the Tower and into the hatch, the hatch stays open for her to get in.
White archer swings in and press a button on her ice bow, the angelic arrow released leaving the angelic arrow there in the building and the bow unattached from suit
The latch closes, his suit latched off automatically. “Don’t have your shit laying around my house, i don't wanna see your shit getting in the way of my things” he says as he gets a beer from the fridge.
White archer wonder why he was cursing, disguise voice:"understood"
She goes into one of the empty bedrooms and sets her bag on the bed
He pops the beer open and says under his breath “ i cant believe i fucking this” as he walks into his lab.
Why is he cursing you ask?)
White archer notice her suit dripping and touch her suit, she changed back to lily
Symbiote necklace changed back into symbiote crawling off lily neck
Lily gives symbiote some metal to eat
Symbiote eats metal and its color is white
Lily puts clothes in drawer of the empty bedroom
(because he is mad) Tony sat in his chair sideways putting the beer on his desk. He wanted to enhance his suit. Maybe even build a new one.
lily pratices her ice powers
Symbiote crawls around room
He had wrote some enhancements down on the notepad and was tinkering with a few thing to see if it worked out.
Lily felt her stomach rumble and shift into wolf form, her fur white, she walk downstairs out of tony sight to the kitchen
Tony he took of his watch. He turned around looking at his other suits then turning back to his desk.
He pressed the button to make the watch turn into the glove. He picked it up and starting to move it around, looking at it.
Lily in wolf form opens fridge taking out raw meat she closes fridge door taking meat upstairs
A few minutes later tony put the glove back on. He flicked his wrist, then, the glove started glowing
“Bingo” he said and went to go into the living room to check on the girl. He saw she wasn’t there.
“Hey kid! Where’d ya go!” He called out
Lily in wolf form eats raw meat in the empty bedroom
Tony sighs and head upstairs thinking that can only be the only possible place she could be.
He turned down the hall and said “Kid? You in here?”
He look in the room and saw a wolf eating a raw steak
Lily in wolf form eats then notices tony
Symbiote stays hidden under the bed
“What the hell!?” He yelled. He realized it was her and pinched the bridge of his nose, he closed his eyes shut.
“Your getting my carpet dirty with your nasty paws and wet with your slimy meat” he spoke annoyed but calmly trying not to get worked up.
Lily finishes eating then looks at him:"no im not....my fur and paws are clean i didnt walk outside or track any mud inside, and two i have the meat still on the white plastic tray it was in when i was eating so i didnt get your carpet dirty, you were busy and i didn't want to make my wolf mad if i don't eat because i was starving"
He sighs leaving her be. Walking in the kitchen. “Why did i do this” he says making himself a sandwich the turned on the Tv.
It was still on the news from before. “The new vigilante has still left to be unknown, There has been no recent sightings”
“Could it be our new hero, or ill worst villain”
Tony flipped the channel and said “It makes you wonder”.
Lily shifts back to normal and walks down stairs before sitting on the couch
Her symbiote crawls up and is now on her hand
The power suddenly goes out
Tony stands up, he walks to his generator and fixes his power
Lilith snuck inside
Lily notice her symbiote move around freaking out :"galaxia whats wrong?"
Lilith traps lily in a dagger chain
Lily looks at lilith:"no it cant be"
Lilith holds a dagger to lily neck
The lights flickered back on as he headed back to the living room.
“You all right?” He called “I got the lights going again”
Lilith laughs, she looks exactly like lily but has a red streak in her hair and is sixteen, she says in a evil tone:"sorry but she cant awnser right now"
Lily:"lilith let me go"
“Kid, what are you doing?” He says sarcastically
Lily:"mr stark run"
Lilith laugh evily:"im going to hurt her"
“First of all kid, I dont feel like playing your silly games... And second, I am Tony Stark, i dont run from anything”
Lily:"tony shes not human"
Lilith tries to cut lily
Lily dodges
Lilith:"i am not a kid"
“Oh snap! What should i do!???” he said in shock
Lilith uses her powers causing fire
Lily:"we need to catch her and stop her"
Tony called for his rocket boots, he flicked his wrist for his glove to come on.
A little gadget flew to his other hand then his other glove came on. “How kid” he said flying around trying to stop her, Dodging fire
Lily:"i can hit her with my arrows but shes gonna try to hit us with fire"
“You got powers kid!, use em’” he said trying to blast lilith with his beams and shot tiny missiles that deployed
“Come up with a strategy, then work your way up” he said
Lilith dodges and demon wings came out of her back
Lily tries to freeze lilith
Lilith melt the ice
“Reconstruct kid!, She’s your alter ego, find her weaknesses” He said blasting her with his beams.
Lily tries thinking of weakness and realizes it, she shoots arrows
Lilith flies up dodging her left wing gets hit by angelic arrow, the wing turns into ashes and burns
Lilith crashes on the ground
Tony blasts her other wing as it disintegrates
Lilith growls
Lily point bow and arrow at lilith:"how are you alive?"
Lilith:"i will never tell"
Lily:"better tell me before i send you to the heaven court"
“Drag her kid” Tony Snickered as he pointed his gloves at her
Lily:"drag her?"
Lilith:"i will escape and come back for your death lily"
“Come on kid, don't you get it? Roast?” He snickered
“Ah never mind” he said
Lily confused:"i don't know how to roast"
Lilith laugh:"this is why you are alone"
“Come on kid, destroy her!” He said as his beams lighted up brighter making a high noise. Pointing it at her
Lily punch lilith knocking her out before freezing lilith's legs
“Great job kid!” Tony said
Lily doesnt notice that lilith stab her back when she knocked her out
Lily looks at tony not realizing the dagger stuck in her back and her bleeding some green and red:"thanks"
“Kid!” Tony yelled with a look of horror he blasts Lilith with his Arc Reactor destroying her.
Lilith is dead
Lily looks confused, she wasn't feeling much pain from it because of the deep scars on her back under the suit
Lily slowly starts feeling pain as she bleeds:"owww that's sharp"
“Hold on kid” Tony said as he walked behind her he ripped the knife out fast. He sat it down and grabbed ace bandages.
Lily:"ouch" the dagger had some black on it, she notices
He cleans the wound then wraps the Ace bandage around her.
Lily grabs one of her angelic arrows and presses it on her arm veins making sure there wasn't any poison before putting it back in her arrow bag
“Kid... are you alright?” He said staring at lilith on the ground.
Lily:"yes thank you"
“Ya know, you were brave back there kid.. I wasn’t expecting so much potential in you.” He said feeling bad
Lily:"its alright everyone doesn't think that i would be able to fight"
“Sorry for doubting you kid..” He puts one hand on her shoulder.
Lily skin is cold:"i forgive you"
Tony couldn’t tell because he had his gauntlets on. He looked around his house seeing the burnt couch, walls busted, and holes in the roof. “Oh god...” He wasn’t alarmed because he knew he could fix it
Lily looks over and notices the damage:"im very sorry for the damage"
“kid!, it ok, i can build this back up easily” he scoffs as the robots from his lab stretch their mechanical ‘arms’ and fix the house
Lily watched:"i keep forgetting you have robots"
He smirked “I have a plan for everything, there's always a back up, or another way around kid” he chuckled
Lily:"thats nice but what if its something unexpected?"
“Always a way kid, Some how i figure it out or either i have just the thing for it” He said looking at his robots fixing the place
Lily wonder if he could help her with her cold issue but didn't want to worry him about it since he doesn't know about it
Lily:"what about demons and ink creatures?"
"You have to think about, Just find its weaknesses. You use nail polish removal to get that ink out because its made from acetone” He chuckled
Lily thought about it:"that works?"
“Yeah kid, you use your brain” He said as the robots were just about done building the place back in order
Lily frown:"im not very smart, if i was i would be able to fix myself"
“Come on kid, don’t be so hard on yourself, there’s always other ways of reaching your goals.” He snapped his fingers thinking of a name
“Look at Thor! He has the sense if a brick wall but he still figures himself out”.
Lily:"your right, i just don't know how to reach my goal yet"
“Don’t worry kid, Everyone has their own way, The way that makes then feel comfortable, you just have to find and do what you think is right” He said with a smirk
“Your suit. Its damaged, let me fix it for you” He said looking at it “It needs some improveming”.
Lily:"ok just be careful its sort of.......alive"
“Hmm, Alive?” He said raising an eyebrow.
Lily:"my suit its an alien liquid being, its calling itself a symbiote i call it galaxa"
“Alright, will it be a problem?” He asked
Lily:"only if you make it mad by using loud sounds like sound waves, i should be able to take it off and possibly get galaxa to deattach from the suit made of ice and clothing
end of chapter

chapter three: a new suit and new name


Archer of justice
chapter three: A new suit and new name
“Hmm, thats going to be a problem..There’s gonna be loud noises” He said thinking
“Can you remove it for a period of time” He spoke again. He was thinking about making her an Iron Archer suit
Lily:"yes i can" she grabs a piece of metal out of her bag and freezes it before setting it on ground
Symbiote comes off lily and goes over to frozen metal eating it slowly, it turn into suit and came off suit resuming eating
Suit laying on ground lily picks it up
Tony had grabbed her suit and took it downstairs to his lab as his suit detached off of him, Limb by limb immediately. He put the suit on his desk and check it out before starting. He scribbled downs some ideas and drew a sketch. Then he patched the holes and tears before really working on the suit.
Lily watch symbiote eat and looks over her homework knowing she probably shouldnt enter tony lab wothout permission
After he stitched it back up, He made soft but very sturdy pads for the helment and joints.
He then layered the titanium alloy over it. His robots pieced it together then when they where done he painted over it all white. It was glossy white with a big white helmet/hoodie with dark narrow eyes that lighted up blue. The tips of the joints where painted jet black and the hems of the boots and the Arc Reactor was black.
Lily text peter asking if he could help with homework if he has time tommorow morninng
Lily then looks at her notebook at a gadget she was going to make
Tony did a small smirk at her suit knowing he did a good job, He was full of himself as he walked over to find Lily.
He looked at her and said “Hey! You’re suit is finished if you wanna check it out”.
Lily blushing but then stop blushing when tony came back in the room:"yes i love to"
“Go check it out” he said pointing to the lab downstairs. He started heading back over to guide her to the suit.

'Yeah! Sure thing! I’ll swing by tommorow!.....I ...mean come by...................Sorry....' Peter blushed a bit looking at his phone
Lily text back:'that alright do u want to meet at the school or where?'
Lily follows walking downstairs
~uhhhh.... Wherever you like! Haha...~ He texted back.
“The Iron Archer, Or the White Iron....Name it whatever” tony said looking at her.
Lily looks at it:"hmmm can i just keep the name white archer for now, till i figure out which one sounds better....so how do i shoot arrows or blasts?"
Symbiote take lily phone and types on it:'school it is, i will be there by six'
“Both” He simply said “You can do all sorts of stuff” He said with sarcasm.
~Ok catch you tmmrw!!~ He wrote back as he put his phone down and stared at his hands.
“Peter!!! Come here and help me with this!” Aunt May had called for him. He jolted up with a loud “yeah! I’ll be right there!”.
Lily:"thats cool how does it work?"
Symbiote becomes necklace on lily neck
“You can latch that symbiote to the suit, It will make it way easier to move around. The suit can also can can shrink and slither around like the symbiote. It has a few blasters installed in there just incase, A slew of other stuff” he said that last part nonchalantly.
Lily:"that awesome and easy to carry around"
Symbiote crawls off and crawled on iron archer suit
Meanwhile as aunt may turn on the tv the news came on
"Breaking news ninjas, russian men and ink flooding the city, a recent ink flood at a factory has caused many workers to disappear, in more breaking news russian men and ninjas have been attacking hells kitchen, harlem and wall street district, many police officers in manhatten suspect that the rest of new york is next"
“Sir, There’s been some breakout” Jarvis said.
“Turn on the Tv” Tony said.
He did and then Tony scoffed at the Tv. “Where’s Luke Cage when you need him. You ready kid?” Tony said as his suit latched onto him
Lily:"yes im ready.....i think luke is already there or somewhere nearby"
Lily steps in her suit
“Alright! And be careful with that thing you ca-“
He had jet off through the hatch he became inaudible the farther he flew from her.
Lily:"what?" She tries to figure out how to start up the suit and put her symbiote in the suit before flying through the hatch trying to control it
Aunt may watching the news while making dinner:"it seem like the city has gotten more chaotic, if you see that then run and hide ok peter?"
“Yes aunt May” Peter said knowing he can’t do that. He had to go sneak out when the time is right.
White archer is flying out of control she starts panicking and look for an auto pilot, hitting buildings a bit:"ahhhh!"
Luke cage was fighting some ninjas
Daredevil was fighting russian men with jessica jones
A shadow silhouette of phantom theif was ontop empire building over looking the city,smirk:"i'll steal her heart and the hearts of the city with my charms" he fix his large white magician hat, his cape blowing in the wind and disappeared into the night
“I will be in my room!” Peter yelled to her as he put on his Spider suit and jumped out of his window. His hand pointed at a building and he flung himself ontop of it.
He saw Tony flying to the scene “Mr. Stark!!”
He called out as he followed him swinging from building to building, To build board to building trying hard to keep up.
“Hi Mr. Stark!” He said while swinging beside him.
“Hey Spider-Boy, What’s up.”
“A bunch of homework”
“The usual huh?”
White archer flying out of control her suit hitting more buildings and now heading towards spidey
Her symbiote move around triggering spidey senses
Lily was unconsious for several minutes in the iron archer suit
Peter had gotten a slight urge telling him to move out of the way. He had let go of his which made him fall. Before hitting the ground he grabbed two buildings with both webs and sling shotted himself into the air.
Tony used communicator synced to Archer’s suit as he said “Kid, Ya’ alright? Where are you?”
Lily in the suit slowly wakes up, disguise voice:"im in the suit"
White archer suit flying through windows and hitting more buildings
Tony rolled his eyes “Obviously kid...Are you at Stark Tower or what’s going on?” He then asked her
Lily disguise voice:"i flew off from stark tower but its flying out controlll"
Demons shoot fire at tony and spiderman
Daredevil knocked out the remaining demons attacking him
“Just shout ‘autopilot’. It knows what to do.”Tony said as he had saw a large smoking ball fly toward and quickly did a 360 to the right to dodge it.
“Heads up Spider-Boy!” Tony said as he look in Peter’s direction.
“Woa-h-h!” He shouted in surprise as he backfliped over the huge gust of fire.
“You got this one!” Tony looked at Peter as Peter had nodded and Tony looked back at Stark Tower from the distance.
Spider-Man grabbed the demon with two webshooters and pulled him self closer as he launched over kicked it.
Demon notices and dodges
Lily disguise voice shout:"autopilot"
Lily’s suit had blasted towards Tony going a gazillon miles dodging buildings and houses.
Lily panicks
Daredevil helps his team and they defeat the rest of the demons

*more to be added*

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