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    "Do you know what he's like?"

    "I heard he was born of humans."

    "Humans can't produce gods, he has to be someone's bastard."

    Evangeline let the sweet taste of wine flow through her lips, her legs crossed as she leaned against one of the stray tables that either held alcohol or elegant foods. Her uncle had went all out, it was the sort of flashy she wasn't used to. In the Underworld, everything was dim, taking on more of a high-tech setting. Up here, there was actual light and vegetation. It was more of a world that her mother was familiar with, though she usually spent most of her life in the human realm. Now that she was interning both for Zeus and then her father at Underworld Corp, she had no choice but to adapt. Though, she didn't expect her first task on Mount Olympus to be integrating a "Thema' (as they were calling him now), into their pantheon's society. She understood why she was delegated for it as she was known for taking on as much workload as possible.

    Between University, two internships, and now this caseload, she wasn't sure when she would have time for herself. Thankfully, she would usually spend around a month or two at either realm, and had a place to call her own in the Underworld while she'd stay with Agape in their "oasis" which was truly just a sleek modern two-bedroom apartment they purchased when they found out that their uncle had requested her presence to learn from him in regards to that of human life and fate. It seemed like an extreme length when she could have stayed with their family, but Aphrodite wasn't on the best terms with Persephone or Hades so it wouldn't have been the most suggested idea. Ever since she was a child, at this sort of parties she was stuck to them while her parents would converse with the grown ups. Her siblings always went off and did there own thing, which the God of Love seemed to experience as well despite being fairly adored. They were truly just pretty to look at to them, but to Evangeline all she wished for was a friend.

    That's how they ended up so close, but yet, she stood alone as they were late which was more than ironic considering they were the one who picked out her dress. Originally, she was going to come in a blouse and slacks which is usually what was always on her figure in professional events but they refused to let that happen. Instead, she was mailed a rather short white dress and a pair of golden heels to match. This was more than out of her comfort zone, mostly because her attire consisted of dark shades as she felt her hair and eyes made her look bright enough. As she pushed off the table, ready to wander to another part of the grand party, she was stopped in her tracks by a deep voice. "My dear niece!" She'd turn to see Zeus pushing his long pale strands of hair off of his shoulder. "There's someone you need to be introduced to, isn't there?"

    Evangeline tilted to her head to the side, lazily. "Can't I meet him tomorrow? He'll be flocked all night by everyone whose interested on why a god was born to humans."

    "Well, your job is to help him get along with those said people, isn't it?" He'd position his own head to the side, as if to mock her. "You're such a handful, I'm the only one who'll accept an internship working under someone as labor-intensive as you." There was a playful tone in her voice, the man smiling some. "Yes yes, now go along, I fear my wife is looking for me and would prefer not to stay in one place for two long." He waved her off, "He should be here fairly soon, Hermes is bringing him, after all. Wait by the entrance!"

    "But-" She'd begin to huff, but that didn't halt his feet from carrying on to wherever he chose to be next. Hers would simply stomp in annoyance, before approaching the large double doors of the building where her uncle was hosting this sort of "welcoming" party yet it seemed like some sort of club scene. "I should have said no, Artemis warned me but of course I never listen..."

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“Come on, come on, let’s gooooo~!”

The red-haired god was floating a few feet above the ground, urging Elthos forward with both of his dark hands folding in ‘come on’ gestures, wanting Elthos to join him in the sky. Hermes was clearly anxious to go to the party, though why, Elthos could hardly fathom. He was loathed to go, even if the party was for him. It reeked of a trap in his mind. All of this being on Olympus business reeked of a trap, but he had walked into it, and even roomed with Hermes.

At least Hermes seemed to understand humanity a bit due to his constant back-and-forth between the mortal realms, and the divine.

Elthos still pushed his silver hair back out of his face. It was short currently, but Hermes had insisted he not style it too much or make it too ‘hard’, despite the flying they were going to do. Elthos knew the white strands were going to be a mess when they got there.

Just as his black blazer would be, the white button-up, and probably much else. Not to mention, he now had to take both off, and fold them over his arm, before he allowed the white wings to sprout from his back. Wing-friendly clothing was still not common. Iris and Nike, as he understood it, just wore backless tops.

“Yeeees, finally a flying partner!”

At least Hermes seemed genuinely enthused. It was enough to bring a smile to Elthos’s lips as his wings drew him off the ground, and when Hermes flew off using his winged sneakers, Elthos followed, clutching his attire to his chest as he flew with Hermes around the terribly tall buildings, to where Zeus was hosting his party.

The lights of Olympus were still baffling to Elthos, as was so much else. In the mortal realm, they were still using candles for light, while here, it came on with the flick of a switch, and didn’t burn hands. He was as awed as he was enraged by this. These things could make mortal life so much easier, and yet they were kept hidden. Prometheus had been punished for giving humans fire, while gods had this – electricity!

He kept that anger banked as Hermes finally landed, and he followed suit, landing nearby but not at the party to allow them time to put their shirts back on, and for Elthos to retract his wings, something that was still an effort which caused him to wince, as white feathers fell to the ground around his feet. Once it was done, though, he thought he was prepared to go.

Until Hermes came forward and put his hand in his hair, messing it up further. “HEY!” Elthos threw up both of his hands to get rid of Hermes, shoving him back, and then trying to comb his locks out, straightening them up as best he could while Hermes laughed.

“You’re too uptight about all of this! It’s nothing formal, just a party to meet everyone, relax,” Hermes urged, “They’re going to love you.”

He picked at the shirt, before looking dubiously at Hermes. This kind of attire was still strange to him.

It only made Hermes laugh and grab his hand to drag him forward, “Come oooon,” he encouraged, “at least an hour, then if you hate it, I’ll take you home,” he promised, as they reached the double doors to enter a scene of pounding music and gyrating bodies, few looking like they were there to actually meet any new divine.

Elthos turned away immediately, only for Hermes to grab his shoulder with one hand, while waving to the familiar sight of Evangeline, “Hey, Eva!” He called out to her, “Come help me with Elthos, will you, this is some serious culture shock,” he was laughing as he said it, pulling Elthos further in so he couldn’t just bolt out the door to get away from the environment that was clearly hostile to his senses.


Elthos was not only being seen by Hermes and Evangeline, but plenty of others, including Hera and her daughter, Desmia, who observed from near the bar. Neither of them were in the club attire that many others had gone with, knowing Zeus’s tastes – though they were still both in dresses that suited. Desmia herself was in a burgundy dress with golden accents, a slit up one side that went to her hip, while the cut of the chest was generous.

Despite her potential vows, she was still going to enjoy dressing up. Even Athena and Artemis knew how to dress up.

Desmia took a sip of the too-sweet beverage as she observed, seeing things in a haze of colors that made sense to her at first, before blinking it away.

Gold eyes darkened to burgundy.

Elthos seemed unusually pure, for a human. There were few specks to signal him as an oathbreaker of any sort. “Well?” Her mother was aware that Desmia had taken a look outside of the normal realm of sight, and Desmia gave a hum in response, before she would elaborate, after a moment of making sure no one appeared to be listening in.

Few people would consider disturbing Hera, Queen of the Gods. “He’s pure,” though one might consider that in the sexual fashion, Hera knew better. If she wanted to know that sort of thing, she’d ask any of Aphrodite’s clan; she tried not to dislike Aphrodite’s children, since they were also Ares’s children, but she really didn’t care much for the goddess. She wasn’t good enough for Ares, and Ares was too stupid to see it…much as she loved Ares, she was aware of his flaws.

“Perhaps that is why Zeus is so afraid of him,” the droll tone earned a laugh from Desmia, though she stifled it quickly as it seemed Zeus had decided to approach them, apparently done with flirting with Evangeline. At least, that was what Desmia assumed, but she always assumed the worst of Zeus. It wasn’t as if there was much that actually stopped him from a conquest; she was pretty sure the word ‘no’ never had.

‘Speaking of….’ Desmia kept quiet as Zeus came over, resplendent smile on his lips, and wrapped his arm around Hera’s shoulder. Even she looked suspicious by the move, raising one perfectly shaped eyebrow at her husband.

“What is it you’re drinking tonight, dear?” Zeus asked, wrapping his hand around Hera’s own as he brought her cup to his lips to take a sip.

“Tsantali,” she answered simply, letting him have his sip before she drew the glass away, his hand remaining on hers, “What is it you want, Zeus?”

“To spend the evening with you,” he let his other hand move around her waist, “is that too much to ask?”

Hera seemed to consider, but as Desmia moved off her stool to avoid being dragged in as an excuse, half-hearted or sincere, she seemed willing enough to concede to spending time with him.

Desmia considered approaching Elthos, despite the gathering crowd, but was drawn from that by a comment clearly to her, “There’s the bastard that keeps ruining my wars,” Ares, of course, and Desmia looked up to her brother as she watched him scowling at Elthos, a cup of ale in his hand as he glowered.

Desmia smirked, “By being on the wrong side?” A deeper scowl. “Should we go talk to him? Maybe if you tell him how you feel, he’ll help out your side.”

“That’s not the point,” Ares grumbled, “he shouldn’t be on any side, he throws off the balance. We’re not supposed to meddle in human affairs.”

“But he is born of humans. Not a bastard.”

“So they say….” Dark-eyed Ares seemed to have his doubts about it, and kept scowling, until Desmia lifted her drink. Then his nose wrinkled in disgust, “What is that?”

“Try it.”


“Are you afraid of a little sweet drink?” Challenging Ares always bothered him.


“Then tryyyyy it.” Keeping Ares out of trouble was a full-time job.

He snatched the drink from her hand, took a sip of the pink concoction, allowed surprise to slip across his face, then consideration, before he downed the whole thing. “H-hey!” He wasn’t supposed to do that, and as a consolation, he shoved his mug of ale into her hands. That caused her to show disgust.

“What, afraid?” he teased back.

“No, I just don’t like it,” she shoved it back towards him, almost spilling some on his suit as his attention was briefly distracted by the arrival of two more of his kids.

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    /*bottom text*/

    "Hermes!" Evangeline would blink after hearing that familiar voice call her name. Agape and Eros had made it to her side, but here she was being summoned by someone else. This wasn't an unusual occurrence with how much she had been put in charge of. "You're finally here, with our guest of honor." She'd walk over, her heels clicking against the pavement as she approached them. Her roommates brother had stolen her drink the minute he saw her, talking about how he needed to calm his nerves from the horrors of a closet he had the unfortunate pleasure of stumbling upon. She wanted to ask, but for the sake of preserving her self-esteem, she didn't bother. She had only worn her current attire to appease the siblings of the Aphrodite household, but this was not leisure time for her.

    She was working.

    "It's nice to finally meet you." She held out a white-gloved hand that reached to her elbow, a consistent piece of clothing she usually always wore but her others only reached her wrists. Like Hades, whom could cause those to decay with a mere touch if he so pleased, she could accelerate their aging process. For humans, it usually just meant death. For gods? It could cause them great pain as they were immortal, and aging was a weapon to be used against them. She didn't always enact such a power, but being a new goddess, there were still a lot of quirks and issues she had to overcome. If she got worked up, then her touch would become on the more deadly side. She just didn't like to risk it, and their family wasn't known for virtuous peace.

    She'd offer him a smile, "I'm Evangeline, Goddess of Time and Age, Life and Death... among other things. You don't need the entire spiel, I'm sure." She was only going through formalities, especially since she wasn't one of the older-reigning Goddesses who many knew about. She had just been given her title and her worship among humans would not begin until she completed her studies along with internships. She'd briefly turn to Hermes, "Are you his keeper tonight?" She'd bump him with her shoulder, and he'd simply grin. "I am, but I think I'll leave him in your capable hands while I get us all some drinks. Where's Dionysus? He always knows where to find the best alcohol... Desmia! Where's your brother?"

    She'd watch as he wandered off, "How freaked out are you right now?" She whispered to Elthos, an amused expression on her face. "Once you become apart of our dysfunctional pantheon, there's no way out." She wasn't trying to scare him off, but more so be real and less idealistic about everything like Zeus wanted her to be. She was still from the Underworld despite the time she spent on Mount Olympus, and those who hailed from the realm weren't known for keeping secrets or beating around the bush, as some would put it.

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