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INVASION: Alien Conquest!



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@Cre8or38 :

Of the six military targets struck, four are utterly obliterated of living staff in the high-altitude bombings. At one military installation the Lii'Dra insertion force overwhelms remaining resistance and in a last case the military base in question surprises the attacking force with a rallied resistance, Pulverizing the scout ship and it's Lii'Dra ground team before it can deploy. The aerial combat drone retaliates annihilating the desperate resistance, but one scout ship and 13 Lii'Dra are killed in the exchange.

With the local ground military utterly dissembled, The battle for Brisbane is a virtual walkover at first engagement. Strafing causes widespread panic and fires, and craft fly and fire with outright impunity. While heroic police and SWAT forces crash an APC into another scout Permanently grounding it, the disgorged forces of Lii'Dra troops eventually annihilate them to a man and deconstruction for resources begins with gusto.

Global interceptors begin to swarm towards the brisbane area, but anti-ordinance drones, catching enemy fliers in their blast radius, buy additional time as the literal dozens of craft pillage and slaughter the settlement of brisbane. New designs of fighters, with improved armor and firing depleted uranium rounds, break onto the scene in the late stages of extraction and force Lii'Dar fighters to match them in the air while the remaining scouts abscond with their material gains. four fighters are lost in the dogfights, but it is a massive loss for local EU air power in the shortrun. New model interceptors run out of supplies and are forced to flee, and troop carrying gunships dump elite ground forces into the area just as the last of the scout ships exits for orbit.

In the end Lii'Dar losses are 2 scout ships, four fighters, and 13 soldiers.

Gains are 200 biomass, 150 resources, and 400 energy From Brisbane.

Gains are 500 Biomass, 500 resources and 500 energy -- unfortunately, only 700 units total from this amount can be extracted in time without endangering further scouts. (from military bases)

DECISION POINT: Lii'Dra craft are left on the battlefield. To assure their destruction all anti-ordinance drones and two armored arial combat drones must be sacrificed, or other plans must be made to recover the wreckage(s).

Addendum: Reprogramming Drones "Capture and release" 60 Australian Citizens striking in remote areas and from the sewers, those captured are not of particularly high status, and so far are mostly night watchmen, low level police, and the indigent.
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The Lii'dra send the motherbrain a sum of 250 energy units to the motherbrain, following their recent success. The Lii'dra greedily request access to heavier assets due to their large contribution.


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The Iradae return to the far side of the moon to continue mining helium-3 for the good of the invasion as they add an additional starfighter and pilot to their current seven woman squadron.

The Iradae harvest 100 E worth of Helium-3. The mother brain suggests the Iradae return to the earth battlescape to fight the escalating air war and to hopefully expand in size.

Iradae intercept communications that their craft are to be singled out to capture their superior air technology. The humans fear them.


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Hmm, what to do… Triaxa chooses the terraforming technology, since while this desert is useful in its isolation, it is difficult to grow crops in. Besides, such technology will make underground expansion of her base so much easier. The more of her faction protected from bombings, the better.

Speaking of which… she is severely lacking in military force. She will train her followers, hosts and free willed alike, to fight. And to pilot, since she will inevitably require an Air Force.
With the capture of surrounding peoples, Triaxa's host of followers remains around 600, despite melting many individuals down into biomass.
Followers are rapidly brainwashed to be given training as soldiers and airmen to serve her further goals of conquest...


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lights blink on and trains begin to move in the semi-illuminated sleeper ship and areas completely locked off slowly are making themselves more accessable.

Drone size increases to max of 20R.

New Technologies can be requested, but prices will be significantly higher. (prices negotiated on discord)

New Craft Unlocked: Large Scout, Abductor, Harvester, And Terror Ship now available. (prices can be negotiated on discord)

@Emmadagood and @Cre8or38 are given the choice of 2 large scouts or a free ship of the other classes with special upgrades.


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With the Russian satellite network gone, it was time to start being aggressive. The overlords were loaded to the brim with Zerg troops, they were going to start attacking small towns, making them go silent and taking all the corpses to the Sleeper Ship. Each overlord would carry eight zerglings and four hydralisks. The overlords would be divided in two groups, one of three overlords, and other of four overlords, and each would make an independent attack on small Russian towns, both to increase fear and to gather Biomass. Lots of biomass. Each group would be escorted by ten mutalisks.

With their satellite network gone, and the Zerg resistance to radar, detecting them shouldn't be easy.

The changelings would be left to die, but would give a last order to the few followers they gathered. Using the increasing fear of the Zerg, and promises of them sparing those who would join them, they would rally more and more Russians to their cause, and effectively cause an rebellion within their goverment, and to dispose of the changeling corpses.

- Prepared a large scale assault on the Russian forces with the intent of both lowering their morals and obtaining Biomass.
Two groups, one of three overlords and the other with four, were sent to small Russian settlements to attack and gather biomass. Each overlord would carry eight zerglings and four hydralisks. Each group would also be escorted by ten mutalisks, that would engage any interceptors on the air. Should losses begin to be too many, they would retreat.

- Let the changelings die, but ordered the few followers they gathered to rally more Russians into their cause, by using the increasing fear of the Zerg, and promises of them sparing anyone who would join them, in order to cause internal conflict within the Russian goverment.


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The Predecessor coldly observed Earth, as the blue and green sphere grew ever closer in the display. It seemed as if the human beings would not give up easily. The human leaders would not permit their possessions to fall into anothers manipulation limbs and would likely rather see it all burn than relinquish it. The Predecessor was currently wearing a suit of Carapace armor, identical to all other Lii'dra onboard the Harvester. A message was composed anonymously to be sent via wideband radio waves just before the mission began. The message is translated out of psionic wavelength and into slow monotonous human speech with no encoded video feed. The message is sent in such a way as to not somehow reveal the trajectory of the stealthed Lii'dra fleet as it grew closer.

"Human organisms. We will have your subservience or we will have your doom. Dismantle your government, disarm your warriors, and submit to Lii'dra control; you will survive. Resist and be scourged by fire and miasma. Witness the resolve of the Lii'dra."

DECISION POINT: The Lii'dra hurriedly send the required amount of units to sacrifice themselves to protect their technology from being recovered.

1. A very powerful nuclear weapon is dropped from high orbit directly onto the hidden American government bunker, following the transmission of the Predecessors message in order to punctuate it and motivate humans to rebel in order to save themselves. The scout that dropped it quickly gets back to the main group afterwards.

3. Just as this nuclear weapon goes off, 7 gas pods are dropped onto South American military bases in proximity to Peru in an attempt to paralyze local response. The scouts that drop them, do so in order to have them hit their targets at the same time as the nuclear weapon detonates. The scouts that dropped them quickly get back to the main group afterwards for the main attack.

4. A swarm of 43 fighters, 21 scouts, 21 Armored Ariel Combat Drones, 20 Anti-Ordinance Drones and one gleaming harvester ship descend on the capital of Peru, the city of Lima. The scouts drop 6 gas pods total onto the city to soften any defenders. Class 12 shields protect the harvester as it is guided towards the rich materials below. Lima is strafed to destroy any remaining defenses, with particular attention paid to not damaging energy deposits which are marked for extraction. The Anti-Ordinance drones keep watch for suicide jets, long-range missiles, and bombers as the other aircraft do their work. The combat ships are told to ensure that the Harvester is kept safe in particular.

4. 10 reprogramming drones continue their work in Australia, while another new 10 reprogramming drones touch down in America and attempt to covertly reprogram the park staff of Hot Springs National Park, in Arkansas. The drones are joined by 12 Lii'dra riding along in a stealthed scout craft, who will drop sneakily into the parks woods to assist the drones in accomplishing their mission faster. It is believed that with everything else happening this mission will be able to exploit that as a massive distraction to make their work much easier.

. . . Western Hemisphere / Nation of Peru/ Lima City / Nightfall . . .
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The Iradae attack Ny-Ålesund, Norway, intending to collect as much biomass and then resources, in that order, as safely possible. They descend from the atmosphere, plunging straight down towards their target to minimize the time Earthlings have to react to their attack once their stealth technology fails or a distress signal is sent and received. All but two of the eight starfighters at the disposal of the Iradae focus on killing all inhabitants of the settlement from the air before landing to fill their cargo bays, with the two that hang back before rotating to collection duty themselves prioritizing downing approaching jet fighter interceptors in the air.

Meanwhile, Qoq, having made little progress so far on her own in collecting information for the public military intelligence database on the sleeper ship, enlists the combined efforts of two supercomputer drones that are tasked with researching the western and eastern hemispheres, respectively. When other factions are undertaking missions, half of their computing power is dedicated to giving advance warning of incoming interceptor squadron threats and imminent ground units alike.
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