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  1. Hi, my name is DancingButcher, I have been roleplaying for years and have recently got back into playing d&d, got into LARPing and now want to get back into text RP, its lovely to meet you all and well, nice to meet you :D
  2. Welcome to RPN!! I am the Mechanist! The hero of the commonwealth and of RPN!! There are Tons of RP's to join, and even more people to RP with, myself included ^D^ We've got all kinds ranging from modern to medieval to futuristic. I myself am prone to fantasy, medieval or futuristic rp's, and I am a sucker for romance and a good love story. Trust me when I say we almost have it all!! Feel free to help yourself to the cookies and punch at the table.
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  3. thank you :D I love fantasy and medieval rps, so will probably start there
  4. Welcome fren, from the local panda/otter/octopus enthusiast!
    Hopefully you find everything you're looking for! I myself can usually be found lurking around the fantasy forums, general chat areas, and (of course) the discord chat :3
    If you're looking for partners I'd suggest checking out our Searching for Partners (or group) threads ^-^
    Feel free to come say hi any time if you have any questions ^D^
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  5. Hope you find some great rp partners!
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  6. Hey, I'm new to here myself, but I've heard great things about the website and the people on it, so I hope your expirience here will be a pleasant one.
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