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Dice Into the Wasteland


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Main IC Thread


You will have two actions every turn.
Movement is a free action each turn.
In order for a post to be processed, it must contain some level of fluff [outside of special circumstances/life issues]. I do wanna read what you write!​


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Nigel Billingsworth - Turn 1Roggar - On way to the Whispering Town
"Some things in life are bad, They can really make you mad…" Nigel hummed as he strolled across the desert dunes. His wonderful flat cap stayed on his head in the eternal struggle against the wind of the vast expanse. Fortunately for him he was blessed with a relatively normal sized head, unlike some earlier model of synth that looked more like bobbleheads than functioning humans.

"Other things just make you swear and curse…"

For him, he and his people had just awoken from a deep slumber within the vault they had called home…well after borrowing it from the initial owners anyway. They woke up to a heavily ransacked and stripped out facility but it was only by chance that a misplaced cabinet that had tumbled during an earthquake kept the synth collective hidden.

"When you're chewing on life's gristle, Don't grumble, give a whistle…

The unfortunate situation around the acquisition of the vault went against the gentle nature of Nigel but even gentlemen have their push point. His was the almost complete slaughter of his people. The local human town accused them of replacing people when in reality the alcohol and stimm infused paranoia was to blame for vast behaviour changes. Unfortunately the Synths had to suffer the ire and a genuine pitchfork and torch hunt kicked off. Luckily for Nigel, his thin patience for abiding his own safety being put at risk meant he was able to learn of the vault facility while acquiring his current outfit. He managed to acquire more outfits for those of his kind that survived and they acquired their vault spaces.

"And this'll help things turn out for the best, and, Always look on the bright side of life…"

Once inside and before the big sleep there was a wonderful party that everyone enjoyed…well until near the end where the Synths slaughtered everyone after they revealed themselves at which point pitchforks and torches reappeared, but that's besides the point. That brings us to now and Nigel is hoping to make a safe place for synths where they don't need to fear persecution and their first stop of all places, rightly or wrongly, would be the Whispering town. A rumoured treasure trove of old world gifts would go a long way to helping the cause…even better if they could get the cult on side.

"Always look on the light side of life…"

"Nigel for fuck sake, I know you're our leader and all but you just wind your neck it?!" One of the Overwatch said exasperated in his thick cockney accent. "It wouldn't be so bad if you'd sing the whole cunting song but it's just the same part over and over again…you broken or something?"

Nigel turned and laughed with his most charming grin, the smile that he hoped would see him and his people to safety, in truth it was most likely certain death, but he was forever the optimist.

"Well Trev, I just love to serenade you," Nigel replied, his prim and proper accent contrasting that of his ally. Trevor looked far from impressed but the rest of Overwatch laughed heartily as Nigel blew a kiss at the angered Trevor.

"It seems we're close," Nigel said as he came to a stop. His jovial tone changed as the town crept over the horizon and the need for serious action came into play. "You all know what you need to do, you do not fire a single shot until I give the say so. Understood?"

The Overwatch teamed nodded in understanding and soon blended into the area around them with their chameleon skin, leaving a lone Nigel to stroll forward…seemingly alone…at least until he activated his own.

Movement: None (As I'm starting in Roggar I don't suppose I need to use movement in the area?)

Action 1: Under cover of night infiltrate the Whispering town:

• Nigel attempts to borrow himself a new outfit from a guard or sentry.
• Nigel attempts to learn about the cult and its beliefs.
• Overwatch…well…find Overwatch positions with their sniper rifles and their trust anti-material rifle…just in case.

Action 2: Begin construction of defenses around the Whispering Town. They will be as follows:

-A very deep and wide trench/moat dug by the mindless corpses that encircles the settlement
-A very high wall with battlements and a draw bridge across the trench/moat.
-Dismantle buildings that are beyond repair to provide additional materials.
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Adam - Turn 1

"Huh, whispering town? A town full of fanatic cultists. Interesting." Adam mused as he read the intelligence report of the Roggar province. After he finished, he shook his head and passed the folder back to one of the Agent 001. "I am not afraid of these fanatics but we still must be cautious. It is imperative to first build foundations for the Order. Once we have sufficiently spread our webs then we can re-evaluate the infiltration of Whispering Town."

He then moved to a table where a map is laid out. He gave it a glance before pointing at the province of Tolius. "We will start here. One if not the biggest settlement amongst the provinces we have information of. The Red Queen and Unknown foe, we can properly thrive in a chaotic province such as this. Phase 1 will be securing a proper and sturdy network in this province, Phase 2 will involve the surrounding provinces."

001 nodded as he replied, "I will inform our assets of your intentions. However, I suggest leaving around 20 beggars here to gather information about the province. Whispering Town is too hard to infiltrate, I'm afraid they'll die before they even get to step foot in that settlement."

"Approved. 20 beggars in Roggar, the rest will move to Tolius. Further plans will be discussed once we reach Tolius. Carry out the plans 001."

"Yes, Sir."

Movement: Arrive in Roggar, and immediately move to Tolius. 20 beggars are left in Roggar, the rest (60) follow to Tolius.

Order 1: First Base of Operations, Deepening of Influence
Upon arrival at Tolius, the Hermit Order must construct a foundation for its future operations. An appropriate location will be sought where it is discreet, defensible, and offers easy escape options for the Order. With the presence of the base of operations, more beggars and informants will also be 'recruited' to further strengthen the intelligence network of Tolius.

A priority order is given to uncover intel between the Red Queen and her unknown foe to aid in the deployment of agents and decoders to the respective factions. The undeployed decoders will aid in this.

A whopping 3 SU is allocated for this endeavor.

Order 2: Infiltrate the faction of 'Red Queen' Keera Hawthorne and her 'Unknown Foe' (if discovered by the intelligence network), climb the ranks, and search for opportunities
3 agents and 2 decoders will be deployed to each faction where they will obtain intelligence, secure high-rank/essential positions, and seek opportunities for the Order. Attempt to speak with leaders of either faction depending on the information obtained.
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Turn 1

"It is only a precaution, my dear boy. If all goes well, you'll only be awakened with a few days or months maximum."

An older gentleman lightly patted the mechanical "man" before him. Said "man" looked more like a humanoid tank, standing on four legs and with a boxy, but movable head.

"But Father. According to all calculations, the situation has already begun to escalate beyond what would be considered salvageable. I worry for your safety and by extention, the safety of our Great Nation."

The older man gave a kindly smile as he once again patted his "son". The man slowly turned around, clasping his hands behind his back as the smile slowly faded.

He looked at monitors in front of him. They were multiple screens that each had on different news networks, showing the degrading situation in real time.

".....And that is why, Brainstorm, my son, you are my backup plan to rebuild our nation should it it fall. You will use your fleet of machines to help the country rise up from the ashes and build us a NEW AMERICA!"

Brainstorm looked concerned. Well, as concerned as a machine without proper expressions could be.

"But Father, are you certain that I am up to the task? I do not know if I will be enough....."

Before he could continue, the old man once more turned around and placed a comforting hand on Brainstorm's shoulder.

"You are my son. And you have been built for this purpose. I Believe in you."

"Thank you Father. Should the worst come to pass, I won't let you down."

"I know it. With any luck, I'll see you in a few months. Powering down now."


The darkness. Brainstorm knew not how long he was contained within it, but part of him knew that it was far too long. Fair too long to be in the dark.

He knew that the worst had come to pass. When he would wake, his true mission would begin......


Brainstorm awoke in the underground Bunker, but something was wrong. His senors told him that there was mildew detected and further scans showed that parks of the Bunker had been flooded.

By his calculations, most of his fleet of machines had been damaged or destroyed beyond repair. Certainly the Paladins whose parts weelre especially sensitive had not survived the exposure to damp conditions over an extended time.

Surveying what was left, he had 10 Miss Widows and 5 Retrofitted Crab Droids. At least they would help with building. It was unfortunate, but he would have to make due.

After gathering up what was still useable within the Bunker ( 2SU), him and his forces arrived at the Flats.

"The first order of business would be to construct a small base of operations and then talk to the one in charge of this Vicksburg that we've been hearing about. It is time to start building New America. And this looked like a good enough juncture to pick as the Capital."

Action 1: Construct a Small base a few miles from Vicksburg as a base of operations and to help keep the robots out of the elements.

Action 2: Send 5 Miss Widows with Brainstorm mind hopped into one to speak with the leader of Vicksburg and attempt to get him to join New America as the Capital. Failing that, at least arrange for favorable trade options.​


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The Hermit Order
Turn 1

Kent Kent

The Beggars left behind in Roggar avoided the Whispering Town like a plague, skirting well beyond its borders and trying to keep to the wilderness. They succeeded in doing so, however, as they were wandering the waste to try and find some hidden enclave or settlement to bed down in, they were beset upon [Rolled Nat 1]. In the darkness, it preyed upon them, Reggie was torn screaming from his tent before the others realized something was there. Karla was torn in two, her spine separating and her body exploding in a fountain of blood. The 18 surviving Beggars huddled together, torches out as they held out various sticks, stones and pipes and faced the darkness. They could hear it out there.. Growling in the deep. It still hungered. [Rolled 8, unknown creature..]

Decision Point
. Have the Beggars test their courage and hold the circle, trying to fight the unknown beast off.
B. Beggars split up and flee in all directions and hope it can't catch all of them. Many will die, some may never come back to you.
C. Your own idea if you have one.


The trip to Tolius goes smooth. Nothing happens of note and the Order is easily able to avoid detection, even with the large number of beggars trailing behind them.

However, Adam quickly realizes he made a miscalculation [That 8 you rolled on the D20]. Tolius was a town of SLAVERS. He had a large number of defenseless Beggars to release into the town. This town would NOT see them as beggars but as a quick meal ticket.. It was too late to call them back, Adam would have to do what he can to salvage the situation.

Decision Point
. Adam can claim the beggars as his slaves, this will keep them protected and allow them to move in the town however it will out Adam as a person of means and interest.
B. Adam can sell the beggars. This will earn him some quick SU [2 SU] and allow the beggars to 'move' around the town although their info gathering will be limited and each turn they remain as slaves they may lose some of their numbers to.. mistreatment. Freeing them could pose a hurdle..
C. Adam can sit back and watch the beggars be enslaved. This will hide his identity, but the beggars will have reduced information gathering rates and will suffer attrition each turn. Freeing them could pose a hurdle..

..... I'll process the rest after you make your Decisions as it will effect them.

Option C
The beggars attempt to light a fire using their tents and even their clothing in the hopes it will scare the beast away, or at least, safeguard against it until daybreak. The beggars faily miserably in lightning the fire, however, as their terror keeps their hands shaking and panic makes organization impossible. Another Beggar is snatched up this breaks their morale and they flee in terror, after all, there was no way a single beast could catch all of them!... Right?

... Well, technically right. Only 2 beggars emerge from the waste and rejoin Adam's forces in Tolius, however, their terror is contagious as the story spreads among the other beggars. The beggars gain the Descriptor [Demoralized].

Option D
One of the Order's Agents, Agent 008, is tasked with being the new slaver in town arriving with a host of personal slaves ready for work in the mines. He assumes the alias of "Mr. James Biggs of the Biggington Family' recently arrived from the Republic. Mr. Biggs' arrival causes ripples in the town for it is very rare for such a large stock of slaves to arrive out of the blue like that. When called upon to do a 'Slave Inspection' before he could enter, one of the demoralized beggars broke and started to cry... Mr. Biggs was not able to talk his way out of it and was forced to beat the beggar to 'put her back in her place' [9 Rolled]. Agent 008 hid his emotions well, but he is not pleased with having to do that. He did not sign up to beat defenseless women. Despite the hiccup, they were allowed in.

While in Tolius, you may instead of having Beggars gather information, work the mines for SU. For every 30 Beggars put into the mines to work, generate 1 SU a turn [Would be 20, but Demoralized].

Actions Continued
Thanks to being a 'slaver', the order was able to procure a large warehouse to act as their base of operations [-2 SU]. The warehouse is swept for bugs and traps and internal defenses are set up as well as Adam's personal office being ensured is well protected, fortified and with two escape routes. Due to the.. recent events, the Order was not able to spend proper time purchasing new 'beggars'. [Only 2 of the 3 SU is spent, last is refunded back to you].

The infiltration of the two main 'operators' of Tolius goes markedly better then... Everything, so well that Adam cannot help but wonder if the fates are finally in his favor. They are able to learn many things about both the ruler and the opposing faction [I will DM you the details] as the Decoders quickly make themselves at home. Your agents see two opportunities however, you only have the time and means to follow through with one, so you must decide if you wish to pursue one, or none, of these.

Operation: Foxhole
Your Agents find out that the 'opposition' to the Red Queen is stashing a lot of supplies at one of their positions in the mines. This isn't just a stash, it is where they are receiving supply deliveries from outside contacts. Uncovering who is suppling them could provide a lot of answers into this puzzle and, potentially, provide them with ample blackmail to let them advance in the faction... Or even just take the supply for themselves for a quick payday.

Operation: Blood and Sand
Your agents learn that the Red Queen is holding a large combat trial in one of her 'makeshift' arenas. She is looking for a Champion, someone that will be raised into her personal court.. being a Champion of the Court would open a lot of doors for future operations and give a lot of insight into how the Red Queen operates.. After all, a champion would have the eye of the Queen, herself.. But can any of the agents win the arena even with the other agents working behind the scenes to try and 'stack' the odds in their favor? Or should they approach another contestant and try to get them to act as a tool for them? But could they even trust such a person...​
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Ezrin Thorne
Turn 1

A pair of figures wandered into the Waste towards the region known as Roggar. They had robes wrapped around themselves with what looked to be staves in hand, like a pair of travelers on a long journey. Their armored suits were concealed by the robes and the transparent plating tinted at this time to conceal the glowing energies within. The Djinn moved on towards the only viable point of structures in the region while they spoke to one another mentally to prevent others from eavesdropping upon their current plans for this region.

"Master, is it wise to go to someplace so risky? Vicksburg could have been suitable, given us access to the more peaceful locals," Zora thought towards Ezrin in a concerned tone.

"Perhaps, but our situation demands we dare this. We need either forces, materials or both. The cult of Roggar can provide both. We will observe them while we build a cache of materials to flee with should me efforts to influence them fail. My vision demands this," Ezrin thought imperiously with the confidence of one with his mental prowess.

The Djinn moved on towards the ruins with careful effort, Zora scouting while Ezrin reached out with his mind to scan. They would work to locate a point to build their cache before commencing reconnaissance. The cult was a resource and a obstacle, yet if they succeed, they would have forces they could use and this place could suit the foundations of greater plans in motion.​

1. Establish a location and begin building a cache of materials to flee with.

2. Ezrin use his mental powers to study the cultists both mentally and obfuscating their presence for closer examination. Zora will use her own stealth skill for direct spying to synergize with her master's efforts.​


Golden ball of bloody cuteness
Anaya, a muscular blond man, and a few warriors approach Vicksburg. They left their camp some distance away, better to keep their animals safe, and prevent unknowing humans from getting too close to the death leaper eggs.

"We don't have much to trade this time." The man murmurs. Anaya nods. "That's alright. Odd jobs and information are worth coming for too. Plenty of their usual mercenary jobs could net us some new friends!"

Her companion rolls his eyes. "A Fortified city wants something dead, and you... well, you wouldn't be you if you didn't try to befriend it, would you? Very well then. Try to find something for me too, would you?"

Search for jobs relating to animal training/wrangling/killing, or small bounty hunts for humans.


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Turn 1 Processing
CaptainSully CaptainSully Crocodile Crocodile

The journey into the Whispering Town will be done on Discord.

Decide amongst yourselves if you are doing it together, in turns or if you want it to happen simultaneously.

The 'Whispering Town' is very large. Covering a lot of ground. Dozens [if not hundreds] of square miles.. But that assumes they want to build a wall all around it. But there is no real way to afford that. A wall around the 'downtown' area, where the facility was is much, much more manageable. The initial dreams of the defense are large, but it would be incredibly expensive to be the high wall with battlements that could be fought from and a drawbridge.. Very, very expensive.

The moat is an impossibility, water is too precious a resource to find enough laying around to fill a moat with as there isn't a nearby river, lake or sea to really make that. They could try to dig downwards, and hope to find some underground water or gain access to where the town used to pull its drinking water from but that would require getting electrical infrastructure back up and would be an ordeal of its own..

The ditch is time consuming, but possible, the ditch will have issues going through homes and roads, but would be easy enough to place small obstructions in the way where digging would be too time consuming to be justified. It would achieve the same desired goal of slowing whatever was attempting to attack down.

.. But still, such a construction project would be expensive and neither Nigel or Ezrin had skills in construction to cut down cost.

Decision Point
Build a ditch and fence around Downtown for 4 Scrap Units. [An actual wall would cost considerably more]
2. Build a Scrap Fort for 5 Scrap Units around the remains of the Old World Facility.

A 'Fence' would discourage wildlife and some investigators. It would give an early warning against a 'true' invader, but wouldn't do much to stop a determined push.

A Scrap Fort is considerably smaller then the above [as it isn't covering a large area], but would let you focus your defense on a single point. Cost is higher as you don't have any bonuses to construction. It would have walls that could be fought from [although they certainly could be scalable] and some towers for keeping watch.​
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Cinema Studios Present to You:

The Old Glory Army!

Episode 1: An American Dream
-Starring: James Gunderson as Himself

Movie Begin!:

The wasteland… an harsh and deadly place that cared little for who you are. Filled to the brim with dangers such as giant mutated creatures more than ready to rip your guts out, environmental hazards that fry your skin right off your body, and even your own men shooting at you just so they can live for another day. These dangers were prominent within the wasteland… and yet, despite how hopeless it seemed for most others, to one young soul leading a group of others with similar ideals, perhaps there is a chance for the wasteland to become a better place.

As of currently, James Gunderson, a decently sized man with a cleanly kept ginger hair uncommon of that of the wasteland and covered in military armor was standing on a small wooden stage that had been created just for this moment. Taking a gaze around his surroundings, he took note of the people hurriedly making their way around town… more notably… the desperate ones who looked worse for wear and begging for something as small as a bite of bread. The Captain simply closed his eyes as he sighed in and out… the sight of such despair was certainly something he hated to see.

He knew that the wasteland hadn’t been kind to these folk, after all, it rarely was kind to begin with. And yet, James Gunderson knew that these people were strong for trying to survive despite the odds, to push on forward for just a bit longer even in desperation, the need for survival. That is what he wanted within his soldier… people striving to keep on fighting no matter the odds, men and women fully capable of fighting for as long as they can even if death were to stay right at their eyes. And all he needed to do was to light the fires in their heart, their American Spirit that is unyielding to the worst that the wasteland had to offer.

Opening his eyes again, he gave a glance towards the two officers standing by his side, then behind him at his personal ‘guard’ that had been brought along for this task, one them carrying a flag pole that held a tattered flag that represented a once great nation that used to rule over this land. Crossing his arms behind his back, James knew that it was time for his [Charisma] to shine, now speaking out in a loud but professional voice. “People of Vicksburg, if I may have your word for just a moment. My name is James Gunderson… and I am nothing more than a simple man in the eyes of others here… a man seeking to survive whatever harshness that is thrown my way.”

James Gunderson began to walk around on the stage as he began speaking. “But what makes me different than such… is that I have a dream. An American Dream… that one day, no longer would we have to struggle within the deadly wastelands of a once great country. A dream that one day, people wouldn’t have to worry about when would be the next time they would eat or drink… a dream that one day, our children won’t have to be taught violence at an young age just to live. A dream that one day, the wilderness of the wasteland shall be conquered in order to further the advancement of society. A dream… that one day… no one has to worry about being afraid in the wasteland ever again.”

James Gunderson now stopped, a fierce determination in his eyes as he looked amongst the crowd, waiting a couple seconds before speaking again. “Of course, such a dream isn’t possible without help from my fellow strugglers. And while you may not see it… I can see the burning passion within your hearts… a will to survive, to defy the odds no matter what is thrown at you. I need people like you to be shining examples as to help change this country for the better, to become an shining example for generations to come as to how Human determination overcame the disasters that bring us ruin today, and brought forth a brighter future for others.”

“I know that it would be a rough journey however… I won’t sugarcoat to you about such. There are many dangers that impede our progress… some may even die. But it’s to be expected with a goal as grand as this… to be great risks involved on the tunnel ahead. However, if we don’t try and put forth our maximum effort… how do we expect to change a single thing within the wasteland? As a once great man had said, ‘Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.’. Do you wish to let up the chance, no matter how small, to try and change things for the better. To not only have yourselves, but your own children and their own children continue being a victim within this world? Or do you wish to fight for something… to fight for a new hope for the wasteland.”

“I am more than willing to lend my part for such… food and water alongside training shall be given to those who join up. All that I ask for is your determination and fighting spirit to help me and my group face off whatever threats that plague America and to aid others in need. The Old Glory Army needs your help… shall you answer its call?” And with that, James Gunderson had finished his speech.

Turn Actions:
1. James Gunderson alongside a group of 2 Officers, and 15 Breachers (With the latter acting as a bodyguard unit) shall begin their attempts at trying to get recruits within Vicksburg
2. [To be decided after the results of 1]


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New America
Turn 1
Trektek Trektek

It was a new world out there, a world that the New Americans did not recognize. A barren world of waste and ruins, haunting images compared to the pristine image of the Old USA still imprinted on their hard drives. This could not be! There simply had to be a way to rebuild the America of old! To bring Freedom, Democracy and the Pursuit of Happiness to all her citizens! And the best way to begin was to do as the colonist of old did, to find a spot to make their bed in before they began to explore this new, strange land.

Brainstorm, himself, was something of a builder with a head for construction and the Crab Droids were very adept at building, being robots purpose built for example that, so Brainstorm could have a level of confidence that they would follow through with his orders even without digging into their small scrap stockpile for the raw material. But Brainstorm underestimated just how eager the droids were to be building after waiting so long in the dark... They were positively brimming with excitement and went about their work with a surprisingly amount of gusto. Brainstorm quickly found the temporary shelter erected out of whatever they could find, somehow the droids managed to do it without touching the scrap stockpile. Gain a Shelter. Not only did the Droids not use any of the scrap, their constant searching and building uncovered a cache of long buried supplies and Brainstorm Gained 1 Scrap as well as a footlocker containing 1 Component. However, opportunity lay here as the Droids were still ready to build:

Decision Point
Spend 2 Scrap to turn the Shelter into a Production Facility
[Components and Advanced components still needed to create non-makeshift items]
B. Spend 1 Scrap to turn it into a lovely 'scrap' manor that will count as Wastelander quality
C. Spend 2 Scrap and make the droids 'exhausted' for this turn and next but transform the shelter into a Wastlenader Quality Fortress
D. Leave the shelter as it is.

[Journey into Vicksburg to potentially talk to the mayor will be done in discord! Results will be updated here]​


The Sane One
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The Journal of Edmund Wright, Entry One
Our journey has ended upon this day, having set forth from our homes within the Karmine Dukedom we have now reached the portion of these wastes known as Amire. From here we plan to establish a base camp of some kind before we begin our explorations of the area, after this, however, we will determine what surrounds us and ensure that it will pose us no issues in the future.

As to my companions, the squires have proven themselves to be most useful. They carried the vast majority of our supplies among themselves with little to no complaints and were even able to ensure that the bottles of wine we brought with us remained somewhat cold. I have taken command of a trio of them for my own, allowing the five members of the Golden Guard who joined me to divide the rest as they see fit.

I am, however, nervous of what news we will hear from home in the coming time. Duchess Karmine is old, and her children fuss about the throne as if they were yet infants. I fear that one of them may decide to take matters into their own hand and ensure that they ascend to take control of the realm, or that they will start a cibil war that tears us yet further apart. As such, I have asked several friends to keep an eye on the situation and to relay to me any information they can spate. I am not hopeful though, most of them are well known to be my allies and my refusal to swear to any of the childish heirs may see them,
taken, as it were. Thus, I write this journal so that any who may follow or take command may know of what I have done in service of our home, as well as any knowledge that may be kept from them. Should any but I be reading this passage, then I must warn you to proceed with caution. And to ensure that you know who you can truly trust. May the Duchess protect thee.


1. Establish a base camp within Amire
2. Explore the surrounding area



Of Fate


Intelligent/ Crafty/ Tough

Special Ability
When he pulses, he sends out waves of radiation that will harm nearby enemies but heal other radioactive mutants. Rohgen can control when he does this, he can do three 'small' pulses or one 'big' pulse a turn.

Grenade Harness
The Grenade Harness is not an armour at all, really, more some he can strap to his chest. The grenade harness will allow Rohgen the ability to use Frag, AT, Incendiary, Smoke or Flash grenades whenever he wishes, in addition, he can pull the 'tag' on it to pull all the grenades on it and use it as one big, nasty bomb. Doing so will destroy the harness.

Assault Rifle
Large scythe coated in his blood [Poisonous]


Band Name

Band Type

Movement Speed

Mutant (Radioactive)/ Terrifying

Skullduggery/ Ambusher/ Intimidation/ Endurance

40 Rattlers
Rattlers wear the bones of their victims and let them dangle off of them making a distinct 'rattling' sound when they approach, very effective when coupled with their image of glowing green bones at night. Rattlers love to get close and unleash devastating volleys from their double barrel shotguns and may fire [Both Barrels] for maximum devastation at the price of not being able to fire the next combat round. Along with this shotgun, they use bone clubs... best not to inquire where they got those..
30 Twice Dead
The Twice Dead are X-Raiders that have fallen in battle but, somehow, either through their mutation or Rohgen's powers, have risen to fight again. They are exceptionally [Tough], they have been in more then their fair share of scraps and can always be relied upon to finish a fight. The Twice Dead are a solid 'core' to any fighting force and are armed with rifles [Not Assault] and sickles coated in their blood [Poisonous]. You may either give them light scrap armor or keep them 'naked' [for the bonus fear in the dark]. You can decide if they are wearing armor or not before deployment.
5 Glowing Ones
Glowing Ones are unique X-Raiders that constantly produce a buzz of radioactivity. This will passively damage living units in range, every turn, but also provide light healing to allies. This ability is a 'lite' version of Rohgens however theirs is always on and cannot be turned off. When a Glowing One dies, it explodes sending vicera and bones flying about at incredible speeds which can prove lethal to everyone around. Glowing Ones are armed with assault rifles and sickles [Poisonous]

End Goal
Reach, secure and rule the Deadlands


Turn 1


Rohgen's band had wandered around a good part of the day to find themselves a suitable spot for their ambush, and with a few hours before nightfall they began their morbid ritual of self burial. Watching as each member of the X-Raiders steadily began to inter themselves in the rotten, brown soil of the nuclear wasteland they called home, Rohgen checked over his equipment. Slinging his aged assault rifle from his bare back, he pulled out the magazine, feeling the weight of it before peering inside. Satisfied, he smacked the magazine back in and replaced the weapon.

A shot rang out from nearby, piercing through the calm and quiet.

Rohgen however, didn't even flinch. It was just another part of the X-Raiders routine after all, a signal that another member was suitably submerged a few feet underground. With each man, a term Rohgen used loosely as each member was a translucent skinned, radioactive mutant, letting out a shot from the weapons before they finally submerged, the spent casing's were to also act as intriguing evidence and bait for the inquisitive Scavs of Roggar.

Pulling the pistol from his holster, Rohgen did the same procedure as his last firearm, checking the weight and capacity of his sidearm's clip, as more shots blared around him, before reholstering it. Only a few more to go thought Rohgen, as he unhooked his sickle from his ragged trousers and drew the blade across his blister like stomach, his green, sickly blood dripping down on to his clothes.

Being careful not to cut too deep or to sever the straps of his wargear, each could prove fatal if done wrong the latter more so, his harness a holder of various types of dangerously potent grenades, though both were dangerously effective in a fight. Thanks to their mutation, the X-Raiders had toxic blood, something Rohgen used to his advantage with his sharp sickle, poisoning and infected his prey with each cut and slash of his repurposed tool.

Hooking it back on with slight discomfort, Rohgen heard the last shot go off, turning just in time to see the final man's hand slide underground, the tip of his shotgun disappearing quickly after. With a crooked smile, Rohgen searched through his harness for an appropriate grenade, the last part of their devious ploy, the explosive acting as another piece of bait to lure the greedy and desperate. Unlatching one, he pulled the pin and gave it a mighty throw. Falling into his grave, he could hear grenade go off in the near distance, lighting up the darkening sky.


1. Set up a night time ambush. Shell casings and a suitable grenade from Rohgens Wargear will be used to mimic the signs of a battle, the explosion or fire from the grenade acting as a lure (Skulduggery/ Ambusher/ Endurance Skills used) (Inteliigent/Crafty Keywords used)

2. Another ambush will be set up in the much the same way as the first but this time at a major road or such like and with the added allure of the recently captured slaves (6) and 1 unit of Scrap. A Smoke Grenade from Rohgens Wargear will be also used.
X-Raiders will drink Moonshine to keep spirits high from their last sucess. (Skulduggery/ Ambusher/ Endurance Skills used) (Inteliigent/Crafty Keywords used) (1 unit of Moonshine, Scrap and 6 Slaves used)
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Roleplay Type(s)
Turn 1

Emmadagood Emmadagood

The Flats was an interesting settlement, to be sure, although a bit too crowded and away from nature for a lot of the men and women of the tribe who much preferred the wild, open doors and to run along with the bonedogs. The Siren didn't mind at all, after all, the more people around, the more likely humans would be to answer their call and feed the hunger that rest in the depths of their soul. It was a cursed existence, but it was theirs. A few people did try to poke around the camp, mostly scavs looking for advanced tech that maybe the 'primitives' picked up and didn't know what it was, but the bonedogs did an excellent job of sniffing out any such inquisitive types who were quickly given the boot by less then pleased warriors.

Anaya, despite her inexperience with such large, condensed towns, had no problem finding the 'Mission Board' at the center, where the mercenary contracts and odd job notices were posted, and it was quite full. She could take as many as she wanted, however most were time sensitive. Anaya received a crash course in how mercenary work, well, works in the Wasteland. For every job she completes, her reputation will grow. For every job she fails, her reputation will plummet. If she raises her reputation, she will gain more and more jobs that offer higher payouts, if it falls too much, she may end up on the bounty board.

Note: You still have an action that you may use for whatever you want! Just tag me to let me know when you pick that second action.

Mission Board
WANTED [Dead]: Rogue Servitor!
A large, insane, robot has been spotted prowling in the local ruins. It has fired upon civilians. It must be dealt with.
Two Turns to Complete.

WANTED [Dead or Alive]: Bad Iron Gang
The Bad Iron Gang has recently robbed three caravans coming from the Republic. This cannot stand.
The Bad Iron Gang, and their leader, One Eyed Pete, must be stopped.
Two Turns to Complete, Bonus available if Pete is returned alive.

BEWARE: Razorwings
Razorwings have returned for their yearly migration, avoid the northern plains.
To the brave, or foolhardy, payment upon proof of 'removal'.

Five units of Ironbelcher Whiskey to be delivered to Rustle in Jarro.
Two Turns to Complete. Payment on Delivery.

4 Components to be delievered to Tolius
Two Turns to Complete. Payment on Delivery.


Anaya, and her tribe, out of pure habit scoured The Flats for valuable or useful herbs, and they managed to find a few interesting options, however they only had time and manpower to gather a stockpile of a few of them, so a decision had to be made, what herbs did Anaya focus on? [Pick TWO!]

King's Reagent
Jester's Gasp


One Thousand Club

"...I pray to all the stars up above. Go on shining on this love of mine..."

A large armored convoy rolled down the decrepit road, kicking up a cloud of sand behind it. It held a constant speed. Not too fast... not too slow. Just the right speed to arrive at the destination in a reasonable time and be efficient with the fuel. The Rough Riders had spent a lot of time on the road, and every piece of wisdom that they had picked up was earned. They could never afford to be wasteful. Not when they sought to remain mobile. In one of the leading trucks, Theo sat in the passenger seat with map in one hand and radio in the other. The driver quietly hummed along with some song from the old days. Theo carefully studied the map and muttered "The route should be correct. We should be arriving at any moment..." to himself. He looked up at the empty road ahead. The land was flat. Flatter than the last burger that the last burger that Theo ate weeks ago when they had some serendipitous roadkill stumble in front of the convoy. Yet, he didn't see anything ahead.

Theo flicked the cd player off as he tried to concentrate and stare at the map again, grumbling. "We went down the right road..." The driver protested "Hey, what's the matter Colonel? Ain't much we can do other than keep following the roads where ever they may lead us." Theo replied "Manifest destiny. We should be at the promised lands by now according to the map and what the last folks told us. But, I don't see no damned town." The driver replied "Well, as long as we're on the road, we're headed towards where we need to be going and are safe being on the move. Sounds like heaven to me. Don't have to worry about no lords, taxes and other non-sense no more. If this ain't peace, then I don't know what is." as he flicked the cd player back on.

Silence filled the cabin as the two men were quiet. Theo slouched slightly in his seat as he resigned himself to see where fate would take him. Only the quiet speakers gently coaxed out honeyed words over the repetitive sound of the sixteen wheels rolling across the sandy road. No one could argue that it was oddly meditative to roll down the old remains of a highway in a giant, partially armored truck in the middle of flat wasteland where all that could be seen was sand and dead shrubs as far as the eye could see. The men just looked ahead, somewhat in a trace as they stared into their unchanging future. Until, a grey blob started to swallow the road ahead in the horizon. Theo sat up and clenched the truck radio even tighter. He cleared his throat and pressed the button. "Ladies and gentlemen, this is Colonel Theo speaking. Welcome to Vicksburg. The gateway to our prosperous future. Prepare to enter the town. No scaring the local folks, you hear? We aren't no raiders, but honest folk. But, keep an eye out. This is a large town. There'll be both good folk and ner-do-wells, but do your best to meet folk and see what you can find. Maybe we can find us a job transporting folks, or other opportunities. Colonel Theo, over and out." Theo hung up the radio with a huge grin on his face as the convoy rolled down the highway towards the horizon.


Starting Location: The Flats

Action 1: Enter Vicksburg and explore the settlement to see what it has to offer.

Action 2: TBD.

Movement: TBD.


Golden ball of bloody cuteness
"Really? Those bandits could have been tasty."

Anaya shrugs. "The contract didn't give us a good location for where they are now. Besides, we're transporting valuable items to Tolius with no reputation. They're bandits. Chances are decent they'll find us."

Her companion grins. "True. And I can have them if they do?"

"Well, they did want Pete alive."

"Alive doesn't mean coherent."

"I believe in this case it does."

He sighs. "Fine. But tell the dogs to go easy. I'd rather actually get my food."

Cosmo Cosmo
Take the contract for the Tolius delivery.
Take the King's Reagent and Jester's Grasp.
Move 1 to Roggar, plan to move to Tolius next turn.

Auriel Maza

Professor of Cuddles
Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)
The Deliverers, Turn 1, Starting Zone: Amire, Old World Remnants, Post Theme
How long has it been? From the shimmering reds and slivers of Hamamra (Mars), to this desolate wasteland of the next cradle of life. What was this suppose to be? Camael could make little sense. They waited for sentient life to arise from this world, a lush one to study and commune with. This is not what they expected. Clearly they waited too long. This sentient species fucked up their planet, and with communications silent, Camael could only guess what had occurred at home. But, this barbaric world needed to be tamed first and to find more of his kin deep within the world where these savages would never find them. He activated the self-destruct and kept any useful supplies. The Earthlings need not know their true origins. The large radiation signatures could conceal their true origins for now under the mutant guise.

This was good. Aliens would startle the Earthlings more, and Camael decided that staying low was the best course of action. With the maps corrupted, he journeyed to the east to locate more sites of his kin and consider an appropriate location for building their first home. Their advance knowledge would keep them a cut above whatever the Earthlings could muster. Which Camael wondered over greatly. How far did the Earthlings advance through? Nuclear certainly, but nothing he's seen from the surrounding area comes close to home. Earthlings, what a waste of a wonderful opportunity. Camael sighed as he stared out into the ruined world. He looked to his few comrades and gathered the mood. As expected, it was the same.

As they traveled through the wasteland, Camael considered if the Earthlings could be useful. They could be. Only the reasonable ones. The crazy ones? Avoid or eliminate. The Deliverers had little patience for the barbarism of this planet.

  • Movement: Move to Jarro
    Action 1: Scout Jarro and learn of possible points of interest and possible threats. Traits/Skills Used: Pathfinder, Geology
    Action 2: Scavenge for useful components and metals to begin smelting for machining and computing purposes.


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Old Glory
Turn 1

Lazaro1505 Lazaro1505

The crowd listened as James spoke, while the vast majority of the people gathered in the square couldn't care one hoot for 'America', a nation that had fallen two centuries ago, its memory almost forgotten save for old, repeating radio stations and the occasional odd label slapped on something. But James spoke with [Charisma] and with a [Commanding] presence that made his words believable. This James fellow, at least, seemed to know what he was about, and that was something but what was more was his offer of food and water. It was hard to find halfway decent food and clean water in the waste, even in Vicksburg where such things were always for sale, so it was a tempting offer. They all knew that if they left with this James fella, they were unlikely to ever return, likely to end up as just another corpse out there, somewhere, in the waste, but what was the alternative? To waste away to nothing? To beg and steal in the alleys? The desperate and lonely stepped forth.. While James' offer had called to many, only some answered the call [Low Roll]. Those that weren't interested went about their day, while those that were lined up and were either sent away by the men for not being suitable [too injured, crippled or young]. The men are pleased that they were only taking 'fighting fit' adults because they were Old Glory! They were true soldiers, and professionals had standards that didn't need to be lowered to let in any riff raff that oozed out of the waste.

Gain 36 Recruits.

Recruits are pretty terrible at everything and only have improvised melee weaponry. You may create weapons from them just using scrap [1 Scrap per 20] that will be Makeshift quality or you can go and buy Wasteland equipment, [3 Scrap per 20]. You can attempt to haggle if you wish. Or keep them with improvised melee weaponry and see if you can't find something while adventuring.


Training of the recruits goes well, overseen by the Officers and James [Veteran Perk Boosted], they begin to learn the basics of how to fight and shine their boots properly. The training will take some time to finalize, but, soon enough, Old Glory will have some new FNGs.

[Recruits will turn into FNGs at the end of next turn, you do not need to use another action to train them. You may update them to FNGs at the end of turn 2.]​
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The Duchess's Legion
Turn 1

Dest Dest

The Legion arrived in Amire and immediately went to work constructing a base camp for their future endeavors. Despire Edmund's oversight and natural skill with Construction, the camp was nothing impressive. A shallow ditch around them, some wagons being used as makeshift walls, it was nothing that would stop a determined assault or even discourage a probing attack. Luckily, neither such thing happened, but Amire did have raiders and other threats, so some care should be considered. Edmund, thanks to construction, can decide to reinforce his postion but it will cost scrap [Low roll means it will be makeshift unless components are used]:

Decision Point
[You MAY wait till after your adventure to decide this]
A. Keep as is
B. Spend 1 Scrap to turn it into a Fortified Camp
C. Spend 2 Scrap to turn it into a Forward Operating Base
D. Spend 3 Scrap to turn it into a Fort.

General Amire Scouting Information
Amire is fairly well known, so the scouts didn't have to do much to uncover some information.. There are three small settlements: Remming, Tow-Lan and Uncle Ben's Trade Stop. There are four raider gangs that currently prowl Amire, the Ironjaws, Oil Bunnies, Steel-Toes and Rapid Fires. They do often fight one another, but if a strong outside force appears to disturb the balance, they have been known to band together to crush the threat before resuming their inner conflict.

However, what the scouts did find was completely unexpected but hoped by every single person that steps foot in Amire. One of the scouts, Candice, happened to step on the wrong spot while coming down from a hill and smashed right through the ground. She landed in an underground cavern that was likely covered hundreds of years ago when the bombs fell. In it, she spotted a giant metal door. The Legion has found the famed, rumored, Amire Vault. [You may explore it in discord as a continuation of this action]

Edmund recieved a rider in the morning, bearing the official seal of the Dukedom. In it, four different missives each bearing the mark of the ruling family..

Edmund has until Turn 4 to complete the ones he wishes to.
Turn 4 is also when he will be getting rewards, and reinforcements, based on the obligations completed.

Duchess Obligation ['Mandatory']
Secure Amire. Amire must be secured. That means raider threats crushed and any notably dangerous wildlife removed. Any settlements there must bend the knee to the Duchess.

Xavier Obligation
Send back 10 Scrap Units worth of goods
[Can just send back 10 SU as well]

Catherine Obligation
Ensure the peaceful annexation of the settlements of Amire, get one of them to openly support Catherine.

Tabitha Obligation
Train a Local Militia to guard Amire, get them to wear Tabitha's colors as part of their uniform.​


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Roleplay Type(s)
Turn 1

Twist Twist

They weren't buried for long before someone, inevitably, came rustling along. It was hard to actually tell who came along, being buried didn't leave a whole lot of room for examination, but Rohgen had done this a time or two. From the amount of footsteps and creaking, it was almost certainly a trading caravan of some kind. Not too big, not too small, just the right size, if he had to guess. Trade Caravans likely meant there was no base around here they could follow them back to, but it did mean that there would be a substantially higher up-front payout if they did this right, and that didn't sound so bad at all.

From underground, Rohgen could hear the carts and wagons roll to a stop, some muffled shouts as the riders gave orders and the rhythmic stomping of numerous men and women spreading out to fan the area to search for loot, if there was a time to strike, it was now.

[The ambush is going to go off almost perfectly, so tag me in discord and let me know when you'd be free to give these poor Caravanners a frightful sight!]


The second ambush is lain and ready... On a major road, with a bigger bait means, potentially, bigger prizes or threats..

[I will be processing this ambush on discord at the start of next turn! Because I am only doing one discord scene, per player per turn {for fairness}. HOWEVER, this means if any players moves into, or out of, Roggar, they are at risk of being ambushed by the X-Raiders.. so have fun threatening players with potential death.]​
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Last Amazonians
Turn 1

Heyitsjiwon Heyitsjiwon

Vicksburg was a large town, possibly the largest in the waste. It was, the very least, the largest Theo or most people from the West knew. It was the gateway into the waste, almost all loot and spoils that came into, or out, passed through the town. In turn, this meant a lot of interesting things came through and a lot of interesting parties set up shop in the town. Various smalltime gangs and raiders lurked within it, but the mayor, Vick Rottenburst, had the town fairly secured with his large number of fairly well equipped guards. The almost extreme level of security wasn't an oddity, in itself, to keep a town like Vicksburg required a large military force to protect it from those that wanted it for themselves which was, well, everyone. Vicksburg had numerous stores, big and small, it had a fully equipped medical center, it had underground fight pits where people put their bodies and lives on the line for a bit of scrap. The town was even home to a makeshift theatre where plays would be put on for the entertainment of the people. Particularly of interest to Theo was a Chopshop which sold unique 'options' that could be purchased for his vehicles that could make them tougher, faster, deadlier.. There was the bounty board that contained all sorts of work for mercenaries or delivery boys.

But there was something else that was odd. A small man, hooded and cloaked, approached Theo and his group as they walked through the streets and handed him a scrap of paper.

"Greetings, we have taken note of the large amount of vehicles you have and would like to inquire of your transportation services for a very special cargo. It must be delivered to the Abyss as soon as possible.

If you accept this job, the cargo will await you outside of town.. They must be delivered to the Abyss [By Next Turn]. We assure you the pay will be worth your time."

At the bottom of the paper are two coordinates, one for the cargo, one for the delivery point.

Will Theo take the job?

[Tag me in discord when you edit in your second action!]


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The Deliverers
Turn 1

Auriel Maza Auriel Maza

Earth was always known to be an odd world. Inhabited by violent primitives that, clearly, from the devastation they had seen, had managed to blow themselves to bits and were now scrapping together like the 'roach' insects they'd seen, to survive. Silly planet full of silly creatures. Even the name was dumb 'Earth'. What kind of creature names its planet after dirt? Also, what kind of creature lies about their planet? It was mostly water, so why did they call it 'Earth'? Earthlings could have been so much more, so much. Instead they squandered themselves in Nuclear Hellfire. There was a lesson here, to be sure, but one which certainly wouldn't make finding the others easier. While some knowledge of the planet had been gained through 'study', a lot of that knowledge suddenly felt useless as they saw animals that certainly did not exist the last time this planet was surveyed.. Which was to be expected, nuclear radiation was known for mutation, but this mutation rate seemed bizarre, far beyond the bounds of what should have been possible or expected. Genetic modification, perhaps? A unique biology on this planet that reacted to radiation more then they should have? Some other occurrence they were unaware of yet?.. Still, there was one question they all shared when seeing the great beast the humans were using as livestock, how did they taste?

Scouting Report
[[Rolled 40+15 for bonuses, 55]]

The Deliverer's don't find anything too interesting. Two small settlements, and settlements was generous, they appeared to be, maybe, thirty Earthlings in both and from was very apparent, intermarriage was very common in them, and the settlement of Jarro of which the province is named after. Jarro is decently sized, but smaller then Vicksburg, from what they've heard. Filled with fairly aggressive, but also strangely polite, Earthlings [at least, from what they've seen from a distance]. Heavy use of 'Grox' and other livestock animals and the employment of large animals they use for travel called 'Horses'. Numerous duels have been spotted in the main street where they 'quick draw' and blast the other before they have time to react. Bit silly, but Earthlings are silly creatures. But they fail to find anything of truly important note in their scouting.

Geology Finds: Large amounts of clay and limestone. Useful for building, but they didn't really have the numbers to try and unearth large quantities nor make use of them in any particular manner save for, perhaps, the clay. Fossil fuels are likely out here somewhere, great plains being a common place for them, but they fail to find any. It is entirely possible that the humans of the planet consumed it all or they simply lack the technology to find it.. Or they just walked right past it. Hard to say.

Scavenge Reports
[[Rolled 34, malice of scavenging in this location offset by Pathfinder]]

Jarro doesn't have a lot of ruins covering it, likely because not many Earthlings called it home even before the bombs fell. So searching for components and scrap did not go very well. They managed to find 2 SU worth of scrap which.. wasn't the worst, but not great, but were not able to recover any components. It was not ideal, but would certainly not hold them back from their purpose!

[Note: Normally I'd update the map with information on Howl and Yilo, but that is assuming the band gets close enough to Earthlings to hear the info. Since you are a band of walking, talking teddy bear aliens, I'm not going to assume you are attempting first contact until you express the desire to make first contact. So information on Howl and Yilo will be withheld until such time].​


Mister Zero
Roleplay Type(s)
Ezrin Thorne
Turn 02

Ezrin regards the newly assembled fort built of the salvage found here by Nigel and his Synth followers. He found their story sad but not unexpected considering the faults of humanity. Another reason the species needed guidance. Why he must continue his quest for his true objective. To do so would take time and resources thougth. Already he had a small horde of puppets to serve him. He preferred intelligent followers, but these would have to do. He had elected to salvage the servants of the alien intelligence, after absorbing its remains to further expand his own power. Zora would need more power as well soon to keep them safe, but he had taken priority this time to ensure his mental prowess could further be relied upon to guide the Djinn to their destiny as the masters of a reborn civilization.

"We have some where to work at least," Zora noted, having made sure their stash was hidden but accessible.

"Agreed and our new allies seem to grasp our nature enough to know we won't be their problem," Ezrin said as he taps the chin of his faceplate thoughtfully.

"You think there's anything else out there? In this province?" Zora mused as she checks her laser pistol and psi-blade spear.

"We'll find out. We'll start scouting after I assemble some Scrap Robots to help improve salvaging. The puppets are good for labor but lack something even robots had to drive them in a task. We'll rely upon them to help defend and scout. Roggar must have something else out here we can make use of. After this, I'll begin the real work we set out to do," Ezrin stated with a firm nod as he checks his own laser rifle staff.

The pair move off to start gathering part for Ezrin to get to work on the new robots. Something to distract his mind while it continued to adjust to its increased power before he started to use that power the scour Roggar even as they physically searched it with their new allies.​

1. Construct 2 Scrap Bots for Savlage/Labor with built-in melee weaponry

2. Scout Roggar physcially and mentally for any potential leads on materials, facilities or even people they could make use of.

6 Scrap
2 Components

Spent for 2 Scrap Bots:
4 Scrap
2 Components

2 Scrap​


Happy Necromancer
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Turn 2

It has begun. The dream of New America is already on its way to being. The Capital of which is now Vicksburg and its first president, President Rottenburst. He was a man that responded more to the baser instincts of the human condition. But he was a capitalist of tried and true. Otherwise he never would have managed to carve out such a powerful city in this wasteland. ANd as he is such a capitalistic man, he should be able to lead New America into the future that it deserves. Now it is up to Brainstorm to add more into the fold of this brave burgeoning country from the ashes of the previous ones and restore it to greatness, to bring every last willing participant back to a life of truth and happiness.

The newly minted President has also given a force of human troops to supplement the small robotic force that is within the possession of Brainstrom. And while that is wonderful, he would need to further supplement with more robotic forces. Now that the factory has been constructed and is in full swing, what is needed are numbers to add to his strength. Later, more powerful frames will be needed. But numbers will help him show a sense of strength to others in the wasteland.

That was a major part of the agenda at hand.

Unfortunately, Brainstorm was informed that they just did not have enough components to raise the lareg army that he required. That would have to wait and be put on the back burner.

Instead, he decided it would be a good idea to fortify the Factory to help protect their home base from future acttacks.

The next part of the agenda was to travel to Amire and get more towns to join in with New America, to spread the happiness and protection that is offered by our cause.

Action 1: Build a Fortress around the Factory to aid in security
Action 1: Build Uncle Ben's Robots

Action 2: Travel to Amire with Lieutenant Regina Thornton, Regina's Cohort, 3 Miss Widows and 1 Crab Droid to get villages to join New America​
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🤘🏻Master of Puppets🤘🏻
Nigel Billingsworth - Turn 2Roggar - The Whispering Town
"So we have just built this fort and we're going straight back out?!" Trevor complained.

"Yes Trev…" Nigel replied with extreme exasperation. "For the hundredth time…we have stripped most of this place of anything worthwhile beyond the scrap the corpses are taking out of the disused buildings."

"Nigel…please stop calling them corpses. They were people once."

Trevor was fairly unique amongst his brothers in arms in that he didn't wear the flesh of humans. It was all a veiled attempt to pass himself off as more human than the others, but in truth it just made him a joke.

He looked on as Nigel began to manipulate his outfit by pulling at the hair, causing the skin of his face to stretch upward and contort. Even with his mechanical appearance it was clear that Trevor was not amused.

"You're not funny…" he muttered amongst the rapturous laughter of the rest of Overwatch.

"Look Trev," Nigel said as he straightened up his face, "it's just a bit of banter. We take no joy in claiming new outfits but it's what we need to do to survive. When we are allowed to exist without persecution, we can put the weapons down…until then we have to do what we have to do. Just remember how many of us there were before we had to start claiming new outfits to survive."

The laughter faded and a moment of impromptu silence took over the group. Trevor and the others nodded in understanding, they had lost so much just because they existed and if they didn't fight, there'd be none of them left. Nigel just hoped that fighting wasn't the only way.

With his outfit adjusted and back to fitting normally, he straightened up his suit and his tie, turning to walk back out into the wasteland.

"Let's just take each day as it comes and for every day we live without killing, we can call it a good day…"

Movement: None

Action 1: Nigel and Overwatch assist his allies in the exploration of Roggar for supplies. Overwatch keeping a staggered distance from Nigel…in Overwatch surprisingly enough.

Action 2: Build production facility in scrap fort.
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The Djinn and New London
Turn 2
Crocodile Crocodile CaptainSully CaptainSully

The Djinn

The strange psionic monster had fallen, but it had destroyed much of the facility when it 'rose', or perhaps, the facility had been destroyed first and that is what allowed the creature to emerge? Suppose it didn't matter as, in the end, the facility that once no doubt held technological wonders had long since been destroyed and buried in thousands of tons of rock. That, in itself, was not too unusual, it was fairly common for lost facilities and labs of the Old World to be in a rather abysmal state, but still, the promise of what it could have held if only things were different would likely haunt Thorne for sometime. But pristine, untouched ruins were rare, little more then myths and fables, but there were rumors that someone in the waste had found a pristine vault and had ransacked it, but in doing so, had unleashed horrors of flesh upon the waste.. Or, at least, that is what the minds of those traveling through Roggar had thought. Was these creatures of flesh similar to the psionic monster he had thrown down? Or were they something else, entirely? Perhaps it was a good thing the Old World ended when it did and the scientist always seemed intent on grabbing onto fire with little thought on if they would be burned.

Work was put into creating the scrap bots, the two scrap bots were identical save for a small identifiers on their chest. Their gait was slow and awkward, but the bi-pedal robots were indominable in their pace. It was slow, but they stopped for nothing. Their left hands were power clamps capable of holding things down or pressing things together while their right was a high pressured rivet gun capable of firing large rivets through metal to hold them together, or, even be fired at enemy at close range as few things liked having a large metal rivet driven through their body. [Can be used to help build/scavenge. They come with a Power Clamp and Rivet Gun].

- Power clamps are cumbersome weapons but will cause serious damage if they connect. If they connect, you can opt to have them attempt to hold and restrain the target.
- Rivet Guns have the range of a pistol, so are short ranged, however pack the punch of a rifle and are good against armor.

New London

With new 'uniforms', it could make them feel at ease, of course, no one in the Wasteland, save perhaps their new 'friends', knew of what they were, so if they even needed to put on new skin suits was a bit up in the air, but it was always better to be cautious then foolish when it came to such things. The last thing anyone wanted was for knowledge on the existence of Synths to grow and for people to become paranoid. Such a witch hunt was something Nigel had experienced in the past and it was far from pleasant. It seemed the decision to turn The Whispering Town into their new home was one that were going for if the work on a production facility was to be believed, but one had to wonder what, exactly, Nigel intended to make in it. Did he plan on trying to build new synths? Perhaps some poor, lower quality 'synths' to pad their numbers and pretend they are merely robots? Perhaps he intended on making arms and armor to sell for raw scrap and then, in turn, turn that into something? Whatever plans he had, were known only to him.

... Work on the production facility did not go as planned. [Rolled 23]. Perhaps, in another life, if the scrap bots had been done earlier to help, or if Nigel, himself, was better with construction, things could have gone better, but that was not the case here. The Production Facility was being built, but it was.. time consuming. It would take 4 Scrap to finish and would not be 'done' until the End of Next Turn.

However, if Nigel could convince Ezrin to loan him the scrap bots, he could have the facility up and running sooner [Would count as completed at the end of this turn, however, Ezrin wouldn't be able to use the Scrap Bots for anything else this turn].

Djinn and New London Exploration
[Managed to avoid the ambush]

Neither Nigel or Ezrin were especially skilled at scouting or exploring, but it was simple enough to gather up parties and walk around the region to see what was there. While Ezrin did attempt to scout it with his mind, as his mind is more suited for touching minds, this did limit how much use it was, but he was able to find a spot where large numbers of people kept coming and going.. It certainly was not a settlement, so what was it? A hidden enclave? A cache? Hiding near the spot where everyone was supposed to stay away from did make sense, but the only way to know for sure was to go look..

The other place, found by Nigel and his Overwatch, was a bit more ominous. A large cave surrounded by broken bones. The smell of rotten meat and the iron taste of blood was ripe in the air. A body was found a bit further away, but upon closer inspection, the man was certainly not alive as Nigel had yet to meet a human that was able to live, much less speak, without their lungs.. Something was in that cave. Something big, something nasty, but the question was did Nigel and his Overwatch want to enter to see what it was or leave it be? After all, sometimes it was better to let sleeping monsters lie, but where was the fun in that?

Two Things Discovered
Mysterious Spot With Frequent Guest

Lair of the Beast of Roggar

You, Croc and Sully, may do one of these two together, or both do one separately. Let me know what you decide to do.​

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