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Name: K'Tharrark
Age: 53
Gender: he/him
Species: Xhol'ta
Role: Captain
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 160lb
Tall and muscular, K'Tharrark is never seen without his mask in place. His body is covered in thick exoskeletal plates, over which he dons further energy-dissipating armor.
Discerning, long-suffering, dutiful
A shrewd negotiator with a fierce protectiveness for his crew and ship. Constantly torn between pride in his crew, and complete exasperation at their behavior.

K'Tharrark was raised in a typical Xhol'ta horde, brought up on tradition of war and conquest. His people valued being in a state of constant conflict equally with others, each other, and the universe itself, believing it to be the means by which their people grow stronger. Their culture was a brutal one, with no real room for change, but as they moved through their corner of the galaxy and he grew older, K'Tharrark came of the controversial opinion that if they were to learn cooperation the Xhol'ta would only become more resilient. There were none who could see things the same, and eventually he could stand their cyclical violence no longer and broke away from them, ranging out into the wider galaxy to make his own way.

Turns out it's hard to make an honest living in the galaxy when your species is so well known for nothing but cruelty. He managed to find a place among a relatively large bounty hunting crew, accepted on species reputation alone. The Pitfall was not a tight-knit crew by any stretch of the imagination, but it was a successful one, at least, that is, until their ambitions grew bigger than their means. They took on a mission above their ranking, and the target tore them apart. When all was said and done, you could count the crew on a single hand, and those who remained departed ways, not wanting to stay on a ship with ill fortune. Only K'Tharrark remained.

He renamed the ship Insidiae, and began forming his own crew, gathering them together from the unwanted and the desperate. He aims to reform the galaxy into a better and safer place to be, one job at a time.

The simplest way to deal with the Xhol'ta race is to avoid them entirely. War and conflict are ways of life to them, and a respectful greeting among their kind is to immediately attack. Accordingly, they are not very numerous, and don't tend to roam far from their corner of the galaxy. Their civilization is made up of roaming hives, each ruled by a single monarch. Territories and thrones are constantly shifting and trading hands, the only constant being the continuing chaos of it.

Their biology is insectoid, with two sets of arms and thick exoskeletal plates. Evolution of the species has turned them nearly indestructible by blades or claw, and even when harmed they possess the ability to regrow entire limbs given enough time and molts. They are stronger proportionally than a base human, though usually not as quick, and can live for short stints even in the vacuum of space.


One Thousand Club

  • meoDsd9.jpg
    Jin Vaq'uil


    ??? - Appearance of a mid-twenties human male

    Male (He/Him)

    Species Name -- Quinn

    Planet -- Traxis V
    The planet of Traxis V has a massive scar over the entire side of the planet due to being attacked during one of the Great Galactic Wars, due to how the Quinn do not assist any specific nation or race no matter what the consequences may be, they were considered a threat and attacked during one of the wars. The only reason the planet is not destroyed is due to after the attack, the Quinn had returned fire and used the fullest extent of their technological advances to defend their planet and end up shielding the planet over in a massive cloaking device from the rest of the Galaxy. During which time, they have had plenty of time to work on repairing and stabilizing the core of the planet.

    Physical Appearance --
    The Quinn have a very similar outwards appearance to that of humans aside from the fact that every Quinn has some sort of abnormality about them when it comes out their physical look. Some may have horns, others may have robotic limbs, others may even have missing limbs, the abnormality can vary drastically, hence making each Quinn much different from the next. Their internal bodies however are on a greater difference than human as it is a mix of both technology as well as human-like organs. Their blood is green and is extremely electrical, at closer inspection on a living Quinn, one would be able to see that their veins and connecting tissues have electrical blue currents running through them at all times that is dangerous to any other species to touch the Quinn as it can cause instant death if matters are not taken correctly in treating them. Their internal temperature is extraordinary low compared to many other races, allowing them to be able to handle many different conditions. Only upon their planet, Traxis V can they breathe air without a mask. After leaving the atmosphere of their home planet, any form of oxygen or different type of air is considered toxic to the Quinn, this forces them to wear a face mask at nearly all times; however, this does not mean they can never remove it but it must be replaced within a matter of hours or the Quinn shall die.

    Society --
    The Quinn are a very secluded race that tends to keep to themselves, they do not shun away or attack unknown people from their planet but they do not advertise about their existence nor about where they come from. Trust has extreme importance to the Quinn as they believe without trust, there is no such thing as companionship or anything else, even trading. When befriending a member of the Quinn, they will treat that person with the greatest amount of respect to the point that they consider that person a member of family, though it is immediately told to those that they befriend not to spread the word of the Quinn or to invite strangers to the planet without first speaking with the one they had befriended. It is also against Quinn tradition to bring an alien to their home world without first speaking with the 'high council'. A Quinn who is banished/exiled from the home planet is not only considered a traitor but a threat to the entire race, they are hunted by other Quinns for the rest of their life until they are killed and are tagged on their tongue so that if they were to ever speak of the Quinn's home, tradition or too much information, they are immediately tracked to their specific location and the beacon can never be turned off or removed without removing the entire tongue.

    Government --
    The Quinn have no strong connection to any of the Galactic Governments throughout space due to their seclusion. Because of this, they have been labelled as a threat and danger many times before during several past wars. This being the reason as to why the planet has a giant scar that reveals the core of the planet. They do have a "High Council" however, the council consists of 10 different Quins that decide the fate of all the people and the entire race on whether or not they reveal themselves, help others, what to focus on, etc.

    Technology --
    On first look, the Quinn do not appear to be very technologically advanced as their planet consists mainly of small villages here and there that do simple hunting, gathering and general cooking here and there, while there are small technological machines walking through fields helping with crops and even charging exhausted Quinns who need the extra 'boost' to get through the day.
    At the capital city and underground however, is a completely different world. Underneath the planet's surface as well as the capital city that is above ground also, the Quinn are highly advanced in the technological world that they have constructed and invented nanobots to help them with every day life as well as for battle. There are no vehicles but rather, many Quinn who need to traverse far are able to form a sort of robotic suit over their bodies due to nanobots running through the veins of each and every Quinn. Each suit is equipped with defense mechanisms as well as other utilities depending on their job is, the defense mechanism differs with each Quinn as it can be more dangerous or powerful than the other. The Quinn do not show nor share any of these technological advances with the rest of the Galaxy unless they befriend someone to the point that they consider the alien one of them as well (which is even beyond considering them family).

    Lone Hunter (Will join later)



    Physical Appearance
    Standing at the height of about 6'1, he has the physical build of that borders between endomorphic and mesomorphic. His right eye has a golden hue to it while his left is emerald. He is always seen wearing a face mask that covers over his lower portion of his face. His style of clothing can be depicted similarly to that of older style Chinese/Japanese attire. He has two horns extending out of the frontal portion of his head, however they are not solid and appear to have a sort of electrical touch to them. His skin borders between being pale and fair. He has short black hair that has dark green tips to each strand.


cursed with ideas

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    Name: A-C3 / "Ace"
    Age: 5
    Gender: he/they
    Species: humanoid droid
    Sexuality: pan
    Role: munitions expert / gunner / demolitions
    Height: 6' (182cm)
    Weight: 210lbs
    Tall and yet compact in form, Ace's body is made up of angular shapes of various shades of metal finishes, indicative of the patchwork of replacement parts they've gathered over the years. Their clothing is similarly hodgepodge in nature, scavenged or outright stolen from all over. They are mostly human in shape, though somewhat skeletal , and their face has no typical facial features, instead having a smooth faceplate aside from two indicator lights in its center.
    Deadpan sense of humor, sardonic, judgmental, self-serving, quick thinking, bit of a kleptomaniac
    He acts very tired of dealing with people's shit and life in general for someone who's only been alive for five years. However, he's got a sense of an honor code towards commitments he makes regarding jobs or to other people.
    Likes: explosions, profit, riling people up, fast flying
    Dislikes: spacewalks, heat, needy people, programming jokes



High Priest of Depravity
(nasty biomechanical thing) unknown_mech_by_geokorf_d2ken0s.jpg

(CREEPY STALKER ROBOT) dmitry-lyapin-final-image.jpg

[FLESH CYBORG BIOMECHANICAL THING] machine_inquisition_by_prophetharm_d6v9f8c.jpg



Doom 2016 MP Cyberdemonic Armor Concept.jpeg

Age: Exact number known. Between 73 and 105 years.
Gender: Not applicable.
Species: Presumably human/human-mimicking host body, combined bioform weapon platform internal systems.
Sexuality: Not applicable.
Role on Ship: Infiltration / Reconaissance / Close Quarters / Hunting Prey / Terror Weapon / Guerilla Combat

Physical Appearance:

A semi-insectoid biomechanical entity comprised of a skeletal, human-like body out of which advanced biosynthetic muscle padding and carapace style armour plating has been integrated into. Very little if any of its body appears to be natural or even entirely humanoid in origin in spite of it often mimicking a human stance. Its skull is partially triangular in a way similar to certain insects with its lips replaced with surgery tool reminiscent mandibles and appendages. In the place of two eyes are multiple tubular ocular structures emerging from within its skull through its face with a smaller trio between them on its forehead. Its limbs end in pointed claws and has roughly eight by default with the majority of them hidden. It is quite tall at roughly 7''2, powerful and predatory in appearance without being too bulky while also capable of extending parts of its body to stretch out and become more slender. When taken to extremes, it essentially resembles a very large centipede, capable of expanding its ribs out of their imitation-flesh and metal constraints to serve as additional limbs.


Chasm Lurker is extremely focused on its tasks to a level bordering on fanaticism though it displays very little easily visible emotionality. It has the cold, calculating precision of a machine but a penchant for almost feral, animalistic behavior and execution. In spite of this it is capable of working with and even blending into crowds (provided it has a way of masking its true appearance in the latter case), observant of its surroundings whether living or environmental. In spite of its bioartificial nature, it expresses some elements of the alien culture that created it: a brooding distrust for the majority of governments, sneering disdain for large scale private enterprise, viewing national or planetary chauvinism as unworthy of any respect, and oddly enough the tendency to disregard its own individuality in favour of the benefit of those it is tasked tow ork alongside. At least, if it actually sees them as worthy of whatever empathy it may or may not possess. When its mind is set on a particular objective, it can be very single minded and it is hard to determine if it will always follow orders.


MODEL 024 is some sort of combat bioautomata that emerged from the eastern fringes of known human space during a period of intense conflict between its still expansive reach. During a period of encroachment on independent human settlements backed by reclusive alien organizations, mysterious creatures humanoid in appearance but monstrous in functionality would begin to be sighted amongst militia and resistance groups. Many of them were dismissed initially as heavily biomodified humans but their combat effectiveness and cunning would frequenty level the playing field between the more numerous, heavily armed NATO forces and the less experienced and poorly equipped rebels. A few were destroyed in combat and revealed they appeared to be human, potentially having been harvested from SEAL or SAS teams that had vanished in the field during long term isolated missions but nothing was certain.

A number of Advance Disruption Units gained particular infamy, slain in ambush shootouts and stealth bombings only to be seen days later in deadly reprisal attacks on unsuspecting occupation forces. 024 is believed to be from this era before full bown alien intervention began, but its identity was frequently conflated with those of other notorious ADU's, some of which are believed to have begun mimicking his behavior and appearance to further sow confusion and terror. It was reported destroyed multiple times, moreso than its compatriots, but its ability to rapidly learn and adapt to enemy tactics and strategies made it a valuable asset. It is responsible executing multiple high value targets, attacks on "civilian" infrastructure hiding military and intelligence personnel, and assisting guerilla units in both advanced training and weaponry handling on top of serving as a force multiplier in covert operations.

When the conflict came to an end, the majority of the invading forces scattered, the unit mysteriously disappeared for reasons that the new insurgent government were not privvy to. It now finds itself on a new mission, given the objective of further expanding its data and operational capacities in an unexpected mission - bounty hunting.
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Screaming Void

Name: Collector of Resource: 'Economic' | Prototype#051

Nicknames: "Collector" / "CoRE P51"

Age: Approximately 3 Human Years

Gender: Feminine (physically sexless)

Species: Ch'Kla

Species Name: Ch'Kla
The Ch'Kla did not have a name for their species before they encountered the galactic community. They realized that all other species had names for themselves and so they made one to have as their own. Before that they simply referred to themselves as 'Us'.

Appearance and Biology:
The Ch'Kla are a colony-based hivemind race with the ability to engineer their own biology. All of their technology is biological in nature, though saying that they have technology at all is somewhat false. Everything in their society is living, and every living thing is an individual. Their appearances vary greatly. Some are as small as fruit flies and others act as ships and are as large as small planets. Members of the hive are individuals, but they have a constant connection to the hivemind that allows them to communicate with the collective. Individuals come into being when their physical form is produced, and they dissolve into information that is stored in the hivemind upon their death. Continuation of an individual's consciousness can be mimicked via the information that made them up being formed into a new individual but the process is imperfect. The collective does not view it as imperfect, for the new individual will always have the knowledge and skills to perform the replaced individual's role.

Ch'Kla society is emotional in nature. All individuals are connected to each other and communicate constantly, even if only at a minor level. Decisions that impact the hive at large are discussed through the hivemind. Long ago the collective grew a set of organisms whose sole purpose is to calculate, scheme, and plan. These planners have massive sway in the hivemind and essentially act as leaders, though there have been times when the hivemind has gone against their wishes. Members of the hive view themselves as merely a piece of a greater whole, a single organ in a great creature.

Galactic Relations:
Known as "The Devourers" or "The Swarm" to the rest of the galaxy, the Ch'Kla do not have a good relationship with other species. Some time ago the Ch'kla swarm encountered galactic civilization and did what they always did when faced with some new lifeforms. They hunted. Two species' home territories were eaten, leaving the few survivors as members of endangered species. No outsider is quite sure why, but after the swarm ate the second civilization they suddenly stopped their advances and pull all forces into their territory. Now, individual Ch'Kla are integrating with galactic society at large, though without mentioning their specific species to outsiders.

Role: Quartermaster/Accountant/Engineer

Height: 2'11"

Weight: 26 lbs

At almost 3 feet tall (not including antennae) Collector does not make for an intimidating figure. She has a single pair of eyes and they are large and reflective. Her antennae are feathered and she has a ruff of soft fluff around her neck. Her six hands are extremely dextrous, have small but sharp claws, and can stick to things, allowing to to manipulate small and delicate objects easily. She is an adept climber, using her four arm-hands and two leg-hands to stick to surfaces, even upside-down. Her wings appear delicate but are actually quite sturdy. They do allow for flight, but not at very high speeds or for extended periods of time. She has a specialized organ that vibrates at various frequencies to mimic speach. It sounds like a text-to-speach device that is made of bees. She can also split open at multiple points to reveal tendrils covered in eyes and/or teeth. She can spit extremely corrosive acid and she has paralytic venom that in high enough doses can kill just about any organic organism. She likes to wear sweaters and other soft clothing because most species have nudity taboos and it makes them more comfortable.

A bit of a mother hen, Collector is constantly worried about everyone and everything. She has a mind for logistics and sees the members of the crew as irreplaceable parts of the Scorpion. Her mind is always on making sure that every part of the ship is properly accounted for and cared for. It's just that the crew are very delicate parts of the ship that require lots of maintenance to maintain and have a habit of putting themselves in jeopardy. She is an avid recycler (and hoarder) and hates to throw anything away. Should anything break (or die) she will attempt to recycle it so that the materials will still be useful. Morality is foreign to her, and societal norms are something she is still figuring out the purpose of.

Specifically hatched as one of the hive's attempts to gain resources from others 'peacefully'. Peaceful being relative, given that in this case it just means not eating everyone. She hasn't existed as an individual for very long, but the hivemind is truly ancient, having seen stars be born and die, and she has constant access to the information known by the collective. Collector hasn't been having much luck getting resources. Most legitimate jobs require papers which she doesn't have (and doesn't even know what they are) and most illegitimate jobs of the type she can take don't want someone who looks like a children's toy. Her place on the Insidiae is fairly new, and she hopes to do well in order to keep her position.

Collector has a small hoard of shiny objects. This ranges from scraps of metal, pebbles, and wrappers to art pieces made of precious metals, pieces of elaborate jewelry, and beautifully cut gemstones. Though at the moment it is completely made up of the former.
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The lord of randomness and the warp
Full Name: knight Oralious
Role: the muscle/weaponry expert maintenance officer thingy
Age: 258
Gender: N/A
Sexuality: N/A

he stands at around 10 feet tall
Race: Neten
Psionic amplifier: unlike most netens Oralious is compatible with psionic however he can not use it any psionic targets at him are amplified and boosted before being "spat" out of him he has a small amount of ability to manipulate the direction of such ejections.

heavy weapons expert: being clad in heavy power armor and carrying an autocannon all his life Oralious is very adept at using and maintaining them despite the complex and odd rituals involved.

enginerring and gunsmith: what it says on the box

Personality: for a neten... Oralious is a reserved and caring fellow beliving much like other neten's that he speaks with the spirits of the lost and dead.. as the concept of psionic is a foreign and alien thing to crystalline species. while he will attempt to make friendly conversation it can often come out as rather blunt and to the point lacking subtle and subtext for brutal honesty on the subject at hand, to the point where one might what him Just to shut up
History: there isn’t all too much to say about Oralious at least he won’t say, the neten is a rare resonator and this has resulted in him getting the rank of knight what this means is just as mysterious as why he’s on this adventure roughly translated form the neten language its a “Quest to discover self” but the true meaning is lost in complexity and translation.
Likes: heavy wepons
spa days
Dislikes: TBA
Extra: oralious armour comes with inbuilt gravity manipulators letting him pull of something akin to telekinesis along side this each of his arms had 100 engineering tendrils small long mechanical tentecles with micro tools at the end to allow to fine motor functions when dealing with maintenance
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Name: grey
Age: twenty-four
Gender: male
Species: human w/ wolf dna. the result of experimentation
Role: pilot
Photo Dec 02, 8 21 52 PM (1).jpg
5'10" in height. grey's features are sharp and well-defined, skin milky white and lacking any pigmentation. his hair, too, is snowy in color and styled messily. his eyes are pale blue but with translucent irises, resulting in them looking red or pink in most lighting. they were cybernetically augmented while in the lab he was created in to fix more prominent vision issues and enhance his eyesight, but did not fix their light sensitivity nor their natural lack of pigmentation. another test, of sorts. another experiment. as a result, he is commonly seen wearing dark red-tinted goggles or sunglasses. he also has an assortment of metal masks.

his most notable features are probably the ears atop his head. they are wolf-like in appearance, and white in color, with pale pink skin on the insides. although they can move and are very expressive, they are non-functioning in terms of hearing abilities. he's not sure if this was a failure or if it was what those doctors were going for. regardless, grey's normal, human ears work in their place, and they work very, very well. both pairs are pierced several times. he has a tail, too, a white, furry thing that grey has to make accommodations for in his clothing. he has sharp teeth and lengthened canines, and his hands are also adorned with claws; he usually wears fingerless gloves so they don't tear the fabric.

has several medical-related scars but also a small, crooked line along part of his nose from a street fight gone badly when he was young.

grey may look intimidating, and he may have a... habit... of stealing things, but he’s not that bad of a guy. he’s even-tempered and laid back enough that he usually appears lazy or uninterested in what's going on around him, but it's rather the opposite: grey is horribly perceptive and observant of both other people and the environment around him.

well, the lazy part still stands true.

with all the aloofness and attitude of a stray cat, grey might seem hard to get close to. he doesn't really care for the company of others. to him, other people are a means to an end - if they cease to be useful in one way or another, they cease to matter, and he's under no illusions that the feeling isn't mutual. growing up in a world where people are only interested in someone insofar as they can get something from them, he's learned to adapt in order to survive. he likes to keep himself at a comfortable distance and evaluates people by their usefulness, whether what they have to offer is a skill or simply a form of entertainment.

he is, however, also the type of person to pick up strays on the side of the street. he sees things sweeter than him, kinder than him, and tries to keep them from danger and the wicked part of the world. there are few things (and even fewer people) grey would be willing to make sacrifices for, but once he finds someone he wants to protect, there isn't anything to stop him. naturally, that isn't to say he's always been the best guardian, and there's no denying that he's poorly influenced others. what can he say?

lab experiment, stray, thief, street racer, pilot. grey's been called a lot of things over his lifetime.

he got to know a mentor of sorts when he was young, an older man in one of the gangs he'd run with, who taught him how to fly (and how to use sign language, but that was another story). they had an assortment of hover vehicles to choose from, and grey started there before moving on to actual ships and little planes (neither of them had any sort of license, but grey was never one to worry about legalities). they weren't usually nice things--and if they were they were stolen-- but they still went fast and they were fun and that's all that really mattered.

he excelled in it. he had good eyes, was quick-thinking, and had reflexes like a- er... cat. learning and practicing gave him something to work towards, though, and he put all of his time into it.

however, he was never one to stay in one place for long. he moved on when he hit twenty-two, sent off with a ship that he and his mentor more or less created together. it was an odd thing, with mixed pieces from old ships all compiled together, but it was his.

it was destroyed a year or two later, and grey didn't have the funds nor the materials to fix it up or buy another. he turned to bounty hunting for cash, and for the thrill, but mostly because they let him fly.

  • grey has oculocutaneous albinism type IA (OCA1A)! it's a genetic disorder that results in no melanin which explains the lack of color in his skin, hair, and eyes. vision issues are common but grey's been tampered with to not only fix them, but also further enhance his eyesight.

  • he has a tapetum lucidum as well, which causes his eyes to reflect in low lighting. this gives him better night vision.

  • enhanced strength, sense of smell, sight, and hearing.

  • although it hasn't been outright mentioned elsewhere yet, grey can't speak. he's never been able to, and he doesn't know if it has something to do with his mixed dna or if the doctors at the lab purposefully altered something. he's still able to make some noises but they're mostly animalistic in nature. he could probably get these issues fixed with how advanced everything is now, but he doesn't want to be anywhere near someone with a needle or threatening medical instruments if he doesn't have to be. it is safe to assume that he is a terrible patient.

  • he knows sign language, but is also very capable of typing on a phone or keyboard or whatever other kind of gadgets are available to voice his thoughts.

  • adept at hand-to-hand, but also has an assortment of smaller guns and knives.

Hiuly of Starmoon

Hey! How's it going?
oop- I forgot about this, hehe

Ren Ivara.png
Name: Ren Ivara

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Species: Human (Earthling)

Sexuality: Questioning

Role on Ship: Medic in training/ Assistant to Evatt

Physical Appearance:

Blue hair, light blue eyes, usually wears casual clothing (loves to wear sweatshirts) in her spare time, for practicing medicine she wears whatever is recommended/available/provided for her and outside the ship she often wears stuff that’s practical, though she usually choses not to wear armor.

Almost immediately after being born, her parents put in cybernetic enhancements, causing her to have x-ray vision, enhanced hearing, enhanced vision in the dark, ability to telepathically control screens and electronics, ability to translate (almost) everything she sees into english (something like google translate on her eyes basically) and she can look up pretty much everything and project it onto her eyes, there’s also more stuff she can do, though she doesn’t know anything more herself.

Optimistc, Loyal, very patient, polite, creative, calm and kind, but also disorderly, stubborn and Insecure, which she often hides behind a wall of apathy and confidence

Ren’s the daughter of two doctors -a brain surgeon and an endocrinologist – and because of that, she was born into one of the richest and wealthiest families on Earth and with them being doctors, in today’s world, they put all their faith into her daughter and tried to teach her how to be a doctor from very early on, so that Ren will become the best doctor out there and continue the family legacy.

As soon as Ren was old enough to go to school, she was shipped off to one of the best boarding schools to get the best education as possible. There, at the Intergalactic School of Sciences and Studies, she went to classes like, advanced anatomy and medical studies (because of her parents), music, some combat training and self-defense (she wasn’t amazing at it though), Biology of the different planets, English and other galactic languages as well as some earthen subjects like, math, science and physics with others from earth and the rest was with kids from all over the galaxy, which means she has pretty good connections and can always get what she needs from almost every planet, since she knows a lot of people of high status and influence.

When she was 16 she decided she had enough from school now and was ready to do something different and to the dismay of her parents, she snuck out of the boarding school and ended up meeting the crew of the Scorpion.


  • She loves music and sometimes also makes her own
  • She’s fluent in English and German of the earthen languages and knows some alien languages as well, though she’s always looking forward to learn a new one
  • She always carries a Skalpel around with her for self defense and always has it somewhere hidden on her
(I hope the image isn't too pixelated, haha)

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