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Fandom Into the New World: A Quest for Rebirth!

The days had been long, the nights had been dull, depressing and sad for our heroine (female superhero) Sukai Todd; as she was continually fighting evil by Moonlight with her true love, Mamoru/Darien Chiba aka Tuxedo Kamen... She felt her connection to him, dissipating; due to his previous betrayals of their relationship. However, she was completely and utterly aware of the fact that half of the time, they were battling against villains such as Prince Diamonde and Prince Sapphire; as well Jadeite and Zoicite (all of whom who had thang for Sukai, at one point or another...) that Mamoru was just barely stopping himself from killing these men. Especially Prince Diamonde himself, whom Sukai had hurt him with; in more ways, than one...

With all that established, there came a day where Sukai was passing by an old, empty theatre and it seemed to be calling her. So, she walked into the theatre and headed to see why it was reaching out to her intuitive, intensely passionate self! The performer, buried deep inside her bones that could barely ignore, during her and Darien's harshest battles against Prince Diamonde and Prince Sapphire! Anyway, as she opened the door, she was astounded to see what was appearing to be: the impossible coming true! What was this miraculous event? That's where you, darling, come in!

Here are your 3 options:
>> Sukai meets (the Hugh Jackman-version) of P.T. Barnum and he seduces her, into a performance that leads to a time-traveling adventure! (Which could lead to another Quest)
>> Sukai meets the Phantom of the Opera, a handsome, older performer who reveals he is a part of Mamoru's soul and that she must kiss him, in order for him to connect with his "True Self" Mamoru. And this Phantom, is actually Prince Sapphire in disguise!
And finally:
>> A mix of the two options above, with P.T. Barnum using Sapphire to his advantage and Mr. Barnum uses the classic plot device that Sukai must kiss him in order to save his place in the history of the Greater Universe!

What shall happen, next? It's your choice! Choose wisely, friends... :)

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