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Fandom Into the forest (Warrior cats)

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Esther Brook

Welcome to Into the Forest! I am so glad we're finally starting this roleplay. The characters, rules, and plot/prologue, will be posted below. Contact me if you have any questions!

Friends in this roleplay:
BelovedR_se playing as Wolfpaw, GhostRiver .
Talathel, playing as Sapphirepaw .
Morrighan, playing as Nightstar, Starfrost, and Asp .
Littlestar , playing as Mapleflight, Emerald, and Lash .
JustHereToHde, playing as Sunstar, and Pumpkinpaw .
Esther Brooks playing as Olivepaw and Shadowfish .
Yumikinz, playing as Ashfeather .

>> we have a lot of filler characters, you can always take a filler as an oc or replace a filler with your oc, just ask Lilly first -JustHereToHide

Inactivity Reminders/Warnings:

• Be kind. Bullying, or forcing others to do something against their will. Doing so may result in being banned from the RP.
You may suggest ideas, but don't push it.
• Be accurate. If it wouldn't appear in the books, then it shouldn't appear in the RP. (This doesn't mean you can't be creative, but now flying cats and such)
• Don't be stupid lol
• Write something every two weeks, unless you're unable, in which case, tell us .
• Try your best to write close to a paragraph per post(per OC), unless doing dialogue between two OCs .
• Don't play as another person's OC. Although anyone can play as a filler character .
• Don't kill another person's OC without permission .
• Follow all rules on RPN.
• No gore or other strong subjects.
• The current oc limit is 2, and3 if you're active in the rp . You can many fillers as you like but everyone can play them .

Current Clan Events
- The season is currently Mid-NewLeaf (Spring)
- Forestclan and Willowclan are on good terms since Forestlcan helped Willowclan during the badger attack. Willowclan would want to feel equal by helping them in return.
- Forestclan and Moorclan are on bad terms due to Forestclan finding a lot of Moorclan scents around their territory .
- The Wild Dynasty is growing stronger .
- There are strange animal attacks happening all throughout the clans .
- Boulderclan is insistent on keeping at least three warriors in camp at all times .


The largest territory, Boulderclans home is an oak and birch forest, although you will find other types of trees, they are the most common. It surrounds a small rocky mountain, covered partly with trees. A few Twoleg trails run through the territory.
1. The twin trees are a pair of conjoined birch trees.
2. The rock fall is place at the base of the mountain where many little rock holes and caves are. But don't go inside because a porcupine lives there !
3- The Warriors rock is a moss-covered rock near The Rock Fall, that apprentices train on.
The Camp is on top of the mountain, with one half covered in trees and moss. The other half is bare rock, and is used only as a gathering place and for clan summons. The forested part of the hill is where the dens are, made out of fallen branches and debris.
Leader's den
A small path leads downwards to a large cliff of rock. There two flat stones lean together creating the leader's den.
Medicine den
Another small debris hut serves as a sleeping space for the medicine cats and their patients, while a small hollowed rock is used for herb storage, and a puddle for drinking from.
Clan summons
The clan is called to from a large boulder at the edge of a rocky mountain, in the far side of camp.

A tall pine forest with a blanket of pine needles littering the ground. A few places are swampy and a cat can get stuck there if they are not careful.
1. The Bear Cave is a small cave previously owned by a family of bears.
2. The Waterfall is a small rock pool with a very small waterfall running into it.
3- The Sand Pit is a sandy hollow where apprentices train.
The Camp is surrounded by a wall of brambles, with a small tunnel leading out. The warrior's den is inside a fallen tree along with the apprentice's den, separated by a thin wall of mud and sticks, while the elders den is in an old rabbit burrow.
Leader's Den
Two small branches that have fallen together and been covered by leaves and mud create the leader's den.
Medicine Den
The herbs are stored in a small dug-out ditch partly covered by a roof of sticks, mud, and leaves, and the medicine cats sleep under a shelter of pine bows.
Clan Summons
The leader calls his cats together from a pine branch overlooking the camp.

Willowclan lives along the bank of the river, all the way up until the waterfall, which falls into multiple pools. Willowstar, the first Willowclan leader, once said "We shall live along the banks of this river, and strive to be like this fall of water- swift and grateful."
1- The Stream-Splits is a piece of land surrounded by a small brook less than a mouse-length deep.
2- A River runs through the middle of Willowclan's territory.
A flat spot of land, with wall vines built around it, and soft nests of reeds built into the wall. (Bramble dens stick out from the wall protecting the camp)
Leader's Den
Another, larger vine den, made from grapevines found in the bordering forest.
Medicine Den
A small willow just inside of camp,
Clan Summons
a small pool of water next to the leader's den with a small flat stone pushed behind it.

A Large field of moorland- although more hilly, that has raspberry and blueberry bushes in certain patches.
1- The Hills is a place in Moorclan that is exceptionally Bumpy and a good place to get lost in.
2- River Rocks is the place where the border stream goes underground, surrounded by piles of rocks.
A large, flat, grassy ditch, going down about two tail-lengths into the ground, with dens carved out of the earth.
Leader's den
A small, old rabbit burrow.
Medicine den
A larger dug out den
Clan summons
a small hill in the middle of camp.small

Note: most Moorclan cats have large paws that help to dig

Gathering island
A small island surrounded by a small brook, that's about the size of a Clan camp.
The Gathering Stone
A tall, large stone, where the leaders sit.
The Twisted Oak
An old oak covered with twisting vines where the Medicine cats sit a the other end of the island.
Almost the same as in the books, although surrounded by trees (one pine, one oak, one birch, and one willow), and you must trek through Forestclan to get there.

Age In Moons Reference

** Leader::
7/9 Lives (known by clan)
Nightstar|| 22 Moons - a large, long-furred black Maine Coon tom, with orange, amber eyes . (MORRIGHAN'S OC)
> Brave, calm, and smart .

** Deputy::
Cloudnose|| 25 Moons - a white tom with a light grey muzzle and blue eyes .
> Silly and boastful .
> Interested in Sweetsong .
> Son of Vanillanose

** Medicine Cat::
Starfrost|| 60 Moons - a large, long-furred black and white Main Coon she-cat . (MORRIGHAN'S OC)
> Loving, motherly, and dedicated .

** Warriors::
Breezefur|| 30 Moons - a black long-eared tom with fluffy cheeks and orange eyes .
> An annoying and aggressive, closeted Bisexual .

Sweetsong|| 23 Moons - a cream-colored she-cat with fluffy cheeks . - APPRENTICE, APPLEPAW
> Sweet and talkative .
> Interested in Cloudnose

Aspenfrost|| 38 Moons - a light brown she-cat with frosty white boots . - APPRENTICE, PEDALPAW
> Quiet, sweet, and shy .

Lightningstorm|| 33 Moons - a long-furred cream tom with a white chest and underbelly . - APPRENTICE, WOLFPAW
> Adventurous and wild .
> Gay, interested in Breezefur
> Off of warrior duties for a few moons due to severe injuries .

Splintershade|| 25 Moons - a spiky brown and white tom with darker brown flecks on his pelt and ice-blue eyes . - APPRENTICE, WOLFPAW
> Kind, charming, and laid back .
> Loves visiting the elders and hearing stories, he does obey the warrior code but isn't afraid to break it .

Pearlsong|| 30 Moons - a silver she-cat with orange eyes .
> Patient, thoughtful, and watchful .
> Sister of Breezefur

Pinejaw|| 21 Moons - a dark ginger tom with green eyes . - APPRENTICE, ROSEPAW
> Energetic, sarcastic, and attractive too .

Vanillanose|| 58 Moons - an older, white-and-gray-colored she .
> Tired, anxious, and overly worried, but very kind .
> Mother of Cloudnose and Rosepaw .

MonarchSpider|| 25 Moons - a tall, muscular she-cat with pitch black fur, covered in orange patches and speckles . Her fur is thin and of medium length alongside a pair of deep hazel eyes. She has a quiet voice and tries to be as peaceful as possible, and she has very large ears and is considered nice-looking by most, which she values .
> Values justice, is extroverted, perceptive, sympathetic, and eloquent. She is guided by her heart yet pessimistic. She is modest, imaginative, contradictory, undemanding, apathetic, and Narcissistic.
> MonarchSpider is shrewd . She strongly prefers hunting at night . She likes the sound of violence, although perceived as peaceful and a war hater, she has her moments when she likes to make her opponent suffer too much.

** Apprentices::
Applepaw|| 9 Moons - a light brown tom with a red muzzle and green eyes .
> Keen, a go-getter, and excitable
> Petalpaw's brother, will be named Applenose .

Petalpaw|| 9 Moons - a white she-cat with light brown spotted tabby stripes .
> Sweet and wants to learn everything that she can .
> Applepaw's sister .

Wolfpaw|| 7 Moons - a massive, thickset she-cat with a darkish blue pelt alongside large and random orange splotches . Her pelt is thick and moderately long, alongside a circular face and narrow blue/gold eyes . She has a scar across her chest hidden by fur . (BELOVEDR_SE'S OC)
> Introverted, pessimistic, and easily swayed .
> Bisexual, interested in Current .

Rosepaw|| 6 Moons - a tiny, pure white she-cat with Heterochromic, blue-green eyes . The right side is the blue eye, and she's half deaf from this .
> Bratty, a snitch, and can't grow out of the 'perfect kit' persona .
> Younger sibling of Deputy Cloudnose .
> Daughter of Vannilanose .

** Queens:: N/A

** Elders::
Skymoss|| 79 Moons - a long-eared light brown she-cat with white spots .
> Sweet and motherly .

** Leader::
4/9 Lives (Secret to all but Med cat)
Rainstar || 50 Moons - a light grey she-cat with one dark brown ear, and blue eyes .
> Proud and accepting . Often recruits loners, kittypets, and rouges .

** Deputy::
Ravenwing || 31 Moons - a black, green-eyed she-cat .
> Focused even in a crisis, and smart .

** Medicine Cat::
Shadowfish || 43 Moons - a calico she-cat with only a few small, white spots, and forest green eyes. Has webbed paws . (LILLYTHEWATERDRAGON'S OC)
> Sweet and sharp .

** Warriors::
Shadedthroat || 15 Moons - a large black she-cat with amber eyes .
> Sharp-tongued and lazy .

Wildwind || 56 Moons - a red tom with a greying muzzle and green eyes .
> Fast and great at climbing trees .

Ashlake || 30 Moons - a long-eared and mute she-cat with ashy grey fur, and green eyes . - APPRENTICE, OLIVEPAW
> Friendly but mysterious .
> Can't communicate with her voice, as she is mute, but she's learned some ways to communicate through actions and such .

Moonstrike || 56 Moons - a silver tom with black spots and striking yellow eyes .
> Swift, and is eager to jump at an opportunity . Not afraid to fight.
> Interested in Ashlake .

Barkclaw || 25 Moons - a black and brown patched-colored tom, with hazel orange eyes . - APPRENTICE, PATCHPAW
> Stern and has a good memory .
> Mates with Shadefrost .

Acorn || 31 Moons - a dark ginger tom, with bright green eyes, and a torn ear. - APPRENTICE, RUTPAW
> Wild and fierce .
> Former rouge.

Honeybriar || 18 Moons - a glossy fawn tabby furred she-cat with olive-colored eyes .
> Dedicated, elegant, and impatient . She jumps into battle with no fear .

Hawkecho || 28 Moons - a red-brown short-furred tom with a fluffy tail and yellow eyes .
> Reliable, stubborn, and a supportive warrior who loves to patrol and guard the camp .
> Brother of Pigeonflight .

** Apprentices::
Patchpaw || 8 Moons - a black and multi-colored brown patched tom with hazel eyes .
> Annoying, sweet, and easily embarrassed .
> Barkclaw and Shadefrost's son .

[+++] Olivepaw || 8 Moons - a black, long-legged/tailed tom with semi-webbed paws and bright-green eyes . (LILLYTHEWATERDRAGON'S OC)
> Creative, wild, and a rule-breaker, but sweet underneath and loves his clan .
> Interested in Pumpkin paw .
> Brother of Oak and Lilac .
> Former stray and kittypet .

Rutpaw || 11 Moons - an amber-furred tom, with yellow eyes .
> Clumsy and stubborn, but still lovable .
> Wildwind's son .

Emeraldpaw || 7 Moons - a white and gray she-cat with silver eyes .
> Friendly, curious, and quiet .

Ivorypaw || 8 Moons - a cream-white and light brown colorpoint tom .
> Quiet and blunt .

** Queens::
Shadefrost || 26 Moons - a black she-cat with white feet/tail tip and green eyes .
> stern and neat.
> Mates with Barkclaw .
> Mother of Barkclaw's kits:: Mothkit (a calm, patchy brown she-cat, 0 moons), and Coldkit (an excitable, black she-cat, with white feet, 0 moons).

** Elders::
Shadowmouse || 120 Moons - an old, pale brown she-cat with dark brown legs .
> Wise and knowing .

** Leader::
8/9 Lives (known lives)
Sunstar || 25 Moons - a brown, mottled-ginger torti tom with large, orange/amber eyes . (JUSTHERETOHIDE'S OC)
> Lighthearted, weary, and understanding . Newer, younger leader .
> Trans, identifies as male
> Brother of Glowswirl

** Deputy::
Coldfish || 38 Moons - a white she-cat with grey, mackerel tabby spots.
> Reassuring and tough.

** Medicine Cat::
Spiritwing || 62 Moons - a semi-long furred she-cat with snowy white fur and silver legs. - APPRENTICE, MOONPAW
> Very spiritual and sweet.

Doveleg || 31 Moons - a silver, mackerel-tabby she-cat with white paws, muzzle, and belly .
> Sweet, fast, and caring .

Glowswirl || 25 Moons - a light brown tom with golden blotched-tabby stripes . - APPRENTICE, CLAWPAW
> Reasonable and joyful .
> Brother of Sunstar .
> Mates with Riverlight

Leopardspot || 26 Moons - a golden pelted tom, with large, leopard-like spots .
> Aggressive, a rebel, and often questions authority .

Mackerelpelt || 30 Moons - a brown mackerel-tabby tom with a black muzzle, and a few small black spots . - APPRENTICE, FAWNPAW
> Clueless and overprotective .
> Brother of Russetstreak
> Mates with Minnowmoss

Russetstreak || 30 Moons - a dark ginger mackerel-tabby tom, with white paws and belly .
> Always wants to take charge, but does not make a great leader . Full of himself .
> Brother of Mackerelpelt .

Ashfeather || 20 Moons - a short-legged silver-gray marbled she-cat with blue eyes . (YUMIKINZ'S OC)
> Bubbly, Energetic and likes to mess around . A very understanding cat who loves to swim when duties are done .
> Currently injured and can't do warriors duties for half a moon .

Birdtail || 16 Moons - a silver-caped and pawed, white she-cat with folden ears and Stoney, gray eyes .
> Friendly, curious, and lively, but a little too easy to convince .
> Chaotic Pansexual, and fast to fall in love (emophilia)

Darkwater|| 50 Moons - a large, solid smoky gray tom with orange eyes .
> Aggressive, strict, and intelligent .

** Apprentices::
Fawnpaw || 10 Moons - a golden furred she-cat, with one white hind leg, and blue eyes .
> Sweet and sensitive .
> Sister of Clawpaw and Moonpaw

Clawpaw || 10 Moons - a grey fluffy tom, with blue eyes .
> Aggressive and eager .
> Brother of Fawnpaw and Moonpaw

Moonpaw || 10 Moons - a grey-colored tom, with blue eyes .
> Calm and sensible, but sometimes pushes things too fast.
> Brother of Fawnpaw and Clawpaw

** Queens::
Riverlight || 26 Moons - a blue she-cat with fluffy cheeks .
> Sweet, motherly, and overprotective.
> Mates with Glowswirl
> Mother of Glowswirl's kits: Bluekit (a smart blue tom with bloched-tabby stripes, 1 moon) and, Fishkit (a fierce blue-grey she-cat, 1 moon).

Minnowmoss || 27 Moons - a beautiful, silver-mackerel-tabby she-cat with a few small white spots .
> Sweet and calm, looks for the best in cats .
> Mates with Mackerelpelt
> Mother of Mackerelpelt's kits: N/A (a beautiful silver tabby tom, 0moons) N/A (a large brown and white she-kit, 0moons), and N/A ( a small, runty red tom, like his uncle, Russetstreak, 0moons )

** Elders::
Salmonfur || 30 Moons - a pale ginger tom missing both his back legs .
> Lost his legs to a monster
> Very young, spirited, and strong-willed .

** Leader::
1/9 Lives (Secret to all but Med cat, everyone else thinks he has more) .
Cloudstar || ?? Moons - a fluffy/curly white tom with multicolored paw pads and nose .
> Independent in leading his clan, and is always right (so he says) . He is trying hard to be the best leader he can.

** Deputy::
[+++] Straightstamp || ?? Moons - a brown tom with a dark brown stripe along his back .
> Independent, although easily manipulated. Good-natured .

** Medicine Cat::
Sparrowpelt || ?? Moons - a brown she-cat, with green eyes .
> Sweet, but never speaks up or stands up for herself .

** Warriors::
[+++] Hareleap || 29 Moons - a dusty, light brown spotted she-cat with brown eyes and a short tail .
> Positive, has a great leaping ability, but lacks confidence .

[+++] Twotoe || 31 Moons - a white tom with brown mackerel-tabby spots, and an extra two toes on each of his front feet. - APPRENTICE, PUMPKINPAW
> Shy and playful, tells great stories .

Mapleflight || 37 Moons - a fluffy brown orange and white calico, she-cat with a very fluffy tail . (LITTLESTAR'S OC)
> Loyal, good at covering up her tracks, and definitely the revenge type .

[+++] Duneclaw || 30 Moons - a sandy brown-eyed tom . - APPRENTICE, OWLPAW
> A rule follower, and a little aggressive .
> Brother of Amberclaw

Amberclaw || 30 Moons - an amber colored brown-eyed tom .
> Clumsy, and upbeat .
> Brother of Duneclaw .
> Mates with Briarrun.

Lightwillow|| 13 Moons - a fawn-colored tabby molly with crystal blue eyes
> Slow, quiet, and sleepy .

** Apprentices::
Owlpaw || 7 Moons - a fluffy brown mackerel-tabby she-cat with a white belly.
> Overconfident, a foodie, and doesn't really learn, but is very loving .

[+++] Pumpkinpaw || 8 Moons - a white, caped orange-tabby tom with baby blue eyes . (JUSTHERETOHIDE'S OC)
> Friendly, meek, but bratty and loves to tease .
> Has Generalized Anxiety but has been learning how to overcome it .
> Interested in Olivepaw .

** Queens::
Briarrun || 37 Moons - a brown spotted tabby she-cat with white legs and belly .
> Takes things head-on .
> Mates with Amberclaw .
> Expecting Amberclaw's kits .

** Elders ::
Dawnfur || 86 Moons - a dark ginger colorpoint she-cat with green eyes .
> Bossy but sweet .
> Sister of Duskpelt .

Duskpelt || 86 Moons - a blue colorpoint she-cat, with yellow eyes.
> Doesn't care whatsoever .
> Sister of Dawnfur .

Cats Outside of the Forest
Peppermint || ?? Moons - a light grey she-cat kittypet with golden-green eyes and blotched tabby stripes .
> Sweet and soft .

Sapphire (paw) || 7 Moons - a pretty long-furred calico she-cat with hints of orange and black in her fur, and piercing blue eyes . (TALATHEL'S OC)
> Mysterious at first glance but very humorous and lighthearted otherwise. Protective and trusting, has an amazing memory.
> Partially blind, seeing only blurs, with enhanced senses .
> Formerly of Forestclan

Oak || 8 Moons - a kind of chubby but strong kittypet tom .
> Brother of Olivepaw and Lilac

Lilac || 8 Moons - a pretty colored she-cat .
> Sister of Olivepaw and Oak

Current || 7 Moons - a tall, muscular molly with a triangular face and turquoise eyes . Her fur is black and golden with a striped tabby pattern, alongside white ears. Her fur is tangled and very short. She has a shrill voice and a minty scent, and has a very long tail .
> She is considered too energetic by most, especially her own family. Humble, courageous, empathetic, and intelligent .
> Lesbian
> Interested in Wolfpaw

Angel (Pigeonflight) || 28 Moons - a gray and white marked she-cat with two bright green eyes and a missing back-left-leg .
> She left the clan after most of her kin suffered an accident, leading to her leg injury which was amputated and treated by the twolegs .
> She's very strong and brave, she has a love for her brother and clanmates but decided that she couldn't watch anyone else die .
> Sister of Hawkecho .

GhostRiver || 28 Moons - A massive and muscular, Maine Coon she-cat who has a white pelt with light grey rosette patterns . She has clouded soft blye eyes, one being scarred shut, and her body itself being wildly covered in scars of all kinds . Her most noticeable scarring is her burnt up and twisted left leg, and her half-burnt left side of her face . (BELOVEDR_SE'S OC)
> She is half-blind and developed a noticeable stutter after a two-leg accident with fireworks .
> She is surprisingly stealthy and sneaky when it comes to other animals, and she is a pretty selfless and generous cat who is willing to put her life on the line for an injured cat . She is very fast and can jump rather high .
> Though she is very lonely, she doesn't trust others .
> Ghost is a bisexual Rogue/Loner

Other Animals
Hawk || ?? Moons - a dark-colored battle-scarred German Shepherd, who lives with peppermint .
> Dark, and quite protective of Peppermint .
> He can speak cat but doesn't talk much .

The Wild Dynasty
** King/Leader:: " Gorgeous, but deadly . "
Emerald || ?? Moons - a Bengal tom with sharp, green eyes . (LITTLESTAR'S OC)
> A bit self-center, calls himself a king .
> Considered Little's brother .

** Commanders:: " Family is held closer than anthing, blood or not . "
Little || ?? Moons - An elegant calico she-cat with big amber eyes .
> Elegant .
> Considered Emerald's sister.

Lilith / Asp || 37 Moons - a bisexual, F1 Female Savannah .
> Lilith is complicated and no one bothers to really understand more than this : if you insult her, get in her way, or threaten Emerald, you’re as good as fresh kill .
> Prideful, vain, and secretive, most cats give Asp a wide berth, even if she and Emerald seem to be bonded closer than some cats are to family.
> She’s got walls high enough that most just give up entirely on trying to learn who she is beneath them, especially once they witness what she’s capable of doing to those who cross her. Still, there have been those who’ve seen glimpses of a female who might have even been kind once. Once, but no longer.
> She has a hate for dogs, thought most are intimidated by her size, as savannahs are large, fast cats built for speed and stealth. While not nearly as bulky and muscular as Maine Coons, they are no less dangerous in a fight .
> Views Emerald as family .

** Medic::
Cameron || 11 Moons - a pretty brown and white tabby-tom kittypet with blue, green eyes that match his collar .
> Wary and gentle .
> He's outside often but sometimes goes back to his twoleg .

** Hunters::
Claws || ?? Moons - a tiny tom, wild-cat, with a singular blind eye .
> Sharp and aggressive .

Smalls || ?? Moons - a smaller-than-usual caracal tom.
> Snobby and wants all of the attention on him, but doesn't argue a whole lot .
> Big but slow .

Blood Clan
** Leader|| " NO MERCY ! "
Lash (Chip) || 23 and a half Moons - a large black and white tom with bright blue eyes . He is of Scourge's lineage . (LITTLESTAR'S OC)
> Grew up angry .
> Has a red collar which he's filled with claws and teeth after hearing the stories of Scourge and Bloodclan .
> Recreated Blooclan in the name of Scourge . He helps starving rogues and lets in aggressive cats as long as they fight for him in return .
> Has a distaste for Clan Cats of all kinds .

** Guards::
Yellowjacket|| ?? Moons - a fluffy, strong, and long-haired tomcat with a white chest and underbelly alongside light-brown fur with some darker stripes. He has soft green eyes .
> Intelligent

** Hunters::
Jessa || ?? Moons - a small white molly with big, round gold eyes .
> Timid
> Recently lost her kits

Storm || ?? Moons - a caped, bicolor tomcat with gold eyes .
> Agile

Magnet || ?? Moons - a white she-cat with a patchwork of calico on her face covering one eye . She has large, yellow eyes and an old, yellow collar filled with claws .
> Proud, sadistic, manipulative, yet curious . Holds a tendency of Apathy .

'Other' Cats
Darkness (Darkpaw) || ?? Moons - a black-colored bigender cat with bright, yellow eyes and a shadowy pelt .
> Manipulative, selfish, and will lie to get whatever they want .
> Goes by He/They .
> From the dark forest
> Missing front claws.

Starfrost woke after a night of strange dreams. She had received a prophecy. Amberleaf, a former medicine cat of Boulderclan, had spoken to her, telling her she needed to go back, and of something else, she couldn't quite figure out. But she knew one thing. Her son was at the heart of it all, and she must go back to the giants. Ok, that was two things, but they were true. She had to journey to the mountains.

She woke, on the hard, cold stone of the cliff they were camped in, except, this was a dream, and before her stood a strange cat, the likes of which she had never seen before. Nightstar slept silently near her, and the silver she-cat looked down on him. "I am Minnow's tail." The strange cat said. "I have come to deliver a prophecy."
"Are you a Starclan cat?" Starfrost asked, puzzled. She had never seen this cat before, wondering Starclan's hunting grounds. "No. I come from the mountains. You are close." Suddenly smokey clouds swirled in the sky, making it impossible to see the night and the stars. Starfrost heard a yowl of pain, and a loud whisper came from Minnow's tail. "A dark star shines in the night. The unexpected shall be expect-" Star frost woke with a start, ending the dream. The Sky was clear now. Good. She thought, looking up. "Are you okay? You kept tossing and turning in your sleep." Nightstar's worrying news made Starfrost jump .
"We must get to the top of the mountain," she said knowingly, "So the prophecy can be complete."

"A dark star shines in the night. The unexpected shall be expected, and enemies shall unite to ward off the darkness. Find the one who speaks to both."

Notes: Halk the German shepherd, who can speak the language of cats, shall unite both cats and dogs, to fight the forces of Mapleflight. When in the mountains, Nightstar and Starfrost found the tribe of Falling Blossoms, and there Nightstar fought off a bobcat and saved the tribe. They also find out that Flower that falls at night received the Other half of Minnow's tail's (an ancient cat from the mountains) prophecy.

Random RP Nonsense
Character Sheets
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Esther Brook

"Wake up sleepy head!" Rutpaw shouted in Olivepaw's ear. "Hey!" Came his response. He swated Rutpaw playfully. "Don't talk so loud." Patchpaw poked his head into the den. "Come on, we're all doing battle training this morning." He ducked out again and Rutpaw followed, leaving a tired Olivepaw to sleep. Patchpaw poked his head in again. " I said were all doing battle training sleepyhead. "

"Oh man, I can't wait for battle training! Maybe I can practice my tree jump!" Rutpaw said, leaping on Patchpaw. " Ahh! Watch it!" Patchpaw dodged out of the way.
"Hey! Stop it you two!" Barkclaw snaped, starring down at his apprentice. "And for your information, we'll be practicing fighting with partners." Rutpaw gave him an angry look. "I don't see why we can't go hunting instead." Olivepaw muttered under his breath. "What was that?" Moonstrike asked, eyeing him. "If you want to go hunt, why don't you see if you can go catch the elders a nice jucy rabbit? Go on Olivepaw. You can meet us back here." He said as they entered the hollow. Oliverpaw looked down shamefully. He was actually looking forward to battle training. He stalked off toward the Moorclan border. "And don't come back with out one!" Rutpaw teased as he left.

Olivepaw was furious. Stupid Rutpaw, and stupid Moonstrike. I don't need them. "Humf." He scented the air, and caught the smell of a mouse. He poised himself, ready to strike, as he saw its tail sticking out of a bush. He stalked forward, and when he got close enough, nearly a mouse length away, he pounced, landing directly on top of it. The mouse made its escape from underneath Olivepaw's belly, just in time for him to see it vanish into the bushes. Mouse dung he though. i almost had it! "Bad luck." A strange voice broke into his thoughts, and he turned to see an orange and white tom standing near the border.
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(being honest- it's well written- but i'm a little confused on whether or not someone is supposed to respond with their oc or if you're gonna use your own oc since you put a color description SKDKKSKD ))


ur mom makes my heart throb
||| SUNSTAR |||
Sunstar gently trotted into camp after he had quickly checked out a recent scent of. . . whatever it was the apprentices were worrying about . They had thought it was a fox, but Sunstar couldn't even find much of anything, couldn't even find the scent they were talking about .

He bounded across camp, ears twitching in search of his deputy, Coldfish . The brown tom observed the clan silently, noting that the morning was a bit quiet and nobody was really out unless currently on patrol . It kinda made him anxious, the silence that is, but he could discard it . He relaxed his pelt as he took careful steps around, eyes wandering around in search of the she-cat .

He stood still for a moment before huffing, bounding over to one of the sunbathing warriors .
He tapped them with his front paw, blinking, " Have you seen Coldfish anywhere ? "

((short start until there's more activity, don't mind))

Esther Brook

(oh sorry! yea i was talking about Pumkinpaw lol. my bad)

“You just missed her.” Glowswirl, Sunstar’s brother, bounded up to him. “She went out on a patroal.” suddenly the clearing was filled with meows of panic. Coldfish’s patroal was back, and a fowl sent had followed them. She ran towards the brothers. “Badgers are heading towards the camp!“


Night was falling fast, and Shadowfish was busy tending to Mothkit, who had her scraped her pads on some rocks the day before. Suddenly a cat burst into camp. Shadowfish barely had time to breathe, in the brief seconds that followed. Rainstar had hopped down from twotree, a large tree at the edge of camp, who’s branches split apart to create a flat area where a cat could sit. “What’s going on here?” The blue she-cat asked, squeezing her way through the crowd. Shadowfish strained her ears, trying the hear what was being said. A silver she-cat stood panting, in the center of the clearing. “Badgers.. in… willowclan.. camp… must.. seek.. help..” she panted breathlessly, sinking onto her paws. “Move it kittens!” Shadowfish shoved aside the group of warriors. “She’s exhausted.” The tortie she-cat said. ”Let her rest in the medicine den.“ Rainstar meowed, nodding to Shadowfish. “As for helping Willowclan, Crowfur, i want you to take Sweetcream, Barkclaw, and Patchpaw with you. They’ll need all the help they can get, if they’re really being attacked by more than one.” The voices started to fade as Shadowfish made her way into the den, Doveleg dragging along behind her. She pushed the silver she-cat into a nest, and began preparing herbs to help get her strength back. If it was really as bad as they said, then they’d need all the help they could get.


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( alright, thank you for responding! i wanted to do that interaction so it works XD ALSO MY CHROMEBOOK IS AT PERCENT OH GOD )


His eyes opened slightly in surprise as his brother bounded over, but he greeted him with a warm purr, bumping his shoulder with his own as the other talked, " Alright, thank you Glowswi- " his head whipped over towards the entrance as Coldfish came running in with a few panicked patrol cats .
His ears pulled back, " Badgers ? Towards camp ? " he looked between his brother and the deputy, shivering, " We need cats outside defending the entrance, the kits in the nursery, and we need some cats protecting the queens- " he looked towards Coldfish, " Organize the groups if you can, I'll grab a few warriors to intercept the badgers. . did you see how many there were , did anycat get hurt? " he mewed quickly," Also- where is Doveleg ? "


Pumpkinpaw's eyes widened at the sight of the other-clan apprentice before a humored thought settled into mind .

He quietly trotted over, sitting at the edge of the border and watching him scramble around for a small mouse before eventually losing it .

His tail moved in humor, " Bad luck, " he mewed .

He tilted his head at the seemingly upset apprentice, throwing a gentle glance behind his shoulder before letting his baby-blue eyes settle on the other's yellow ones . He noted how it was getting a little dark now, but it didn't bother him too much, he figure he could just say he got lost during the sun-down patrol .


Birthday Countdown: 25 days. I💖Stephan
- Moorclan -

Mapleflight was out hunting simply by herself, she was in a mood at the moment after she was attacked yet again when her father was brought up. Nobody had liked her father for her mischievous and yet, violent behavior. Mapleflight put one paw before the other as she walked, her gorgeous, fluffy colored pelt whipped with the soft breeze around her. Mapleflight winced as she strode past a tree and accidentally scraped a new scratch on her shoulder. "Ouch..." she hissed and looked at it and flattened her ears.

Mapleflight tasted the air and scented a rabbit nearby. Crouching, her eyes remained keen; a deep taste of kill filled her. She leaped and held it high and proudly in her muzzle. Mapleflight then dropped it. Why would she want to bring fresh kill back after how she had just previously been treated? Mapleflight wandered off towards the border a bit, dragging her paws all the while. It was going to be a long day. She could already tell. Mapleflight sat herself down on the border with her large shoulder blades stuck up from her lowered head.


She flicked up. The voice was unfamiliar. But she had heard it once before when she was trying to sleep and a time before that and many more times...

"Hello?" She mewed quietly.

No response. Weird.

Mapleflight then lied herself down, boredom on her face. Who has been trying to contact me?
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' Mapleflight then lied herself down, boredom on her face. Who has been trying to contact me? '

|| ? ? ? -- Filler Dark Forest Warrior >> ||

A feline rested their large claws into the grassy dirt below, his eyes curious as his transparent pelt sat still against the breeze . He didn't seem alive, but stars didn't litter his pelt with gentle promises . They were definitely not a kind soul .

He sauntered over to the she-cat resting in the muck below, and though she wouldn't see him, she would definitely hear him, maybe feel even his presence ?

They shook at their pelt with a sigh . He didn't crawl out of the Place Of No Stars just to find this plan to fail . He found it hard to make contact with cats unless in their dreams, and then again, he couldn't always keep them asleep for too long, a lot of them shake it off as a nightmare . . it could be because his life-source is fading though . . memories don't last forever .

He grimaced .

After searching cat between cat, he found them, a cat ready for revenge, full of spite and menace . . his ears twitched in thought .
Wasn't there a prophecy going around ? Light defeating dark, enemies uniting ? His muzzle twitched . He had to stop it, he needed to set his revenge in place, and this cat was just the right one, no doubt . He just had to get her to hear .

" Mapleflight ! " he spoke louder this time, resting their paw on the other's tail, " I have a message for you, or rather, an opportunity, " he mrowed, bounding over her form to catch sigh of her face .

" Respond . "
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Birthday Countdown: 25 days. I💖Stephan
- Moorclan -

Mapleflight rested her head onto her forepaws and sighed deeply; her mind was tied in a knot when she heard the voice yet again. But this time... the voice spoke louder, obviously attempting to catch her attention. This felt serious, but it startled her still.

"Hello?" She meowed, her head swinging but went quiet after hearing... a proposal? "An opportunity, eh?" She hissed quietly, her muscles shifting under her fluff.

"Sounds like a bunch of fox dung to me," she growled, sitting up. Then-- she spotted them. A dark-looking form; but nothing of Starclan itself.

She was thinking though. The large, well-built, fluffy she-cat whipped her paw around her own ear calmly. "You've got my attention..." she licks around her muzzle tentatively, "...what is it?" She had her father's evil eyes; if this cat even knew of Owlfeather. Such an evil soul, not even Mapleflight would know of what he had done.


Esther Brook

Olivepaw whipped around, trying to face the orange and white tom that stood at the edge of the border. They locked eyes for a moment, before Olivepaw turned his head away, glancing over at the moor. “And you think you can do any better?” He joked, a smile appearing across his face.
What am I doing! He scolded himself. It’s not the gathering, I shouldn’t be talking to this moorclan scum! suddenly he felt bad, this cat might not be so evil. Still he shouldn’t be talking to him. He had to concentrate on his hunting, so he could feed the newly born kits. Shadefrost it’s just given birth to two new kits, Mothkit and Coldkit, and they were going to be hungry. Still, he thought, it was nice to talk to someone other than his clan mates, who seemed so stiff and rigid after the harsh Leaf-bare they had just faced.

Mates. He’d be a warrior soon… his thoughts were broken into as Pumkinpaw spoke again.


ur mom makes my heart throb
|| ? ? ? -- Filler Dark Forest Warrior >> || Littlestar Littlestar

Their eyes widened slightly before he relaxed, purring in a sort of relaxed manner . He didn't think she'd see them, but no bother .

"This might come off as a little strange, but I've been watching you, Mapleflight . Your clan treats you harshly . . all of the clans do . They don't like your blood, " he mewed, carefully trotting around her before resting in front of her once more . He sat down promptly, long-tail slowly resting over his paws .

" I know what it's like to want to . . get a little bit of payback on others, especially towards the cats who hurt you . . so I'd like to offer you that chance, and in return help me get revenge as well, " they mewed lightly, lifting a singular paw to flex his claws, but it was just a bit of fluff . His ears twitched .

" Two-legs took away my front claws when they captured me, and those cats thought I was unable to fight because of it ! So I- did things to prove otherwise and they banished me . . many moons ago . Does makes sense ? "

He sat there in a moment of silence, yellow eyes seemingly glowing in the mass of faded, black fur .


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|| Pumpkin'paw -- Moorclan App >> Esther Brook Esther Brook || ((MY DOG JUST JUMPED ON MY CHOMREBOOK WHILE I WAS WRITING IMMA FIGHT HIM))

Pumpkinpaw chuckled lightly, looking down at where many scents seemed to make a rigid line between the two cats . . . and their two clans . He pawed at the grasses lightly in concern before shaing his head, glancing up at the raven colored kitty, " I could do so much better, Silly . Us Moorclan cats chase rabbits and birds all day, we don't focus on tiny mice ! I'm also very fast," he mrowed politely, lifting his head a tad higher with an eager look in his eye .

" You wanna race ? We can hide our scent in the river nearby . . and maybe I can catch you something just for proof that I'm better! " he offered cheekily, bright blue eyes glittering with something michevious . . he usually wasn't the one to cause problems, but this ForestClan cats seems to be in a bad mood, and he kinda wanted some company anyways ?

He pawed at the ground once more .

" No one would see us either, the moons coming up ! "


Birthday Countdown: 25 days. I💖Stephan
- Moorclan Warrior -
Location: Moorclan border

Mapleflight's tail that was swishing, had slowed its aggressive swishing as she listened. "Watching me, huh?" She was a bit uncomfortable with that a first but listened still, straightening her posture to sit upright. She began to realize, this cat understood her pain. She was indeed treated harshly. But it was her father. She had done nothing wrong except being the kit of Owlfeather and Waterclaw.

She watches him encircle and sit down before her; her eyes still keen and dark. She nods slowly. And two-legs took this cat's claws... Mapleflight could never imagine herself without her own. "Yes... it makes sense..." she eyes away for a mere moment in her thoughts. "What do I need to do?"

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|| ? ? ~ he/them -- Filler Dark Forest Warrior >> Moorclan Border ||
Character Interaction :: Littlestar Littlestar

His ears perked in interest, and he let his paw fall back to his tail, " I want you to raise an army and start a revolution, Mapleflight . Train the cats around you, tell them your story, and make them fight for you . "

He glanced up at the moon, eyes widening at the bright, white light, " When the time is right, we'll hurt the ones who failed to recognize us . . . and every cat will remember our names . I'm weak now, but I can do so much more if you can make people remember ! "

They looked down at her with a humored purr, " My name was Darkpaw, Mapleflight . I never got my warrior name. . but the Forest knows me as Darkness . . ironically . " he stood up slowly, stretching just as slowly, " Tell them my name, Mapleflight, and then I can help you . . it hard enough to keep a connection out here . If I can find you in your dreams, it'll make the process so much quicker, " he finished, squinting lightly, " and don't tell anyone of our plan . They will not know what's to come until we know they won't turn tail "


Birthday Countdown: 25 days. I💖Stephan
- Moorclan Warrior -
Location: Moorclan border

Mapleflight blinked. An army? She blinks again in thought. She had sighed out from her nose slowly; her thoughts in a whirl. "But... you know these cats now... they..." she then shook her head. She didn't know how to respond truthfully. "I would be honored to do such... I know pretty much every cat dislikes me for my father's doings. It had nothing to do with me. I was merely a kit at the time," she meows.

She listens and then mews, "I can do that. Though... I must find the right cats who may want the same... maybe rogues... or young cats, at the most." She slowly repeats this cat's name back to herself a few times to get it in her head. She nods again, "no one will know of this." She stands as well; flexing her claws slowly. "You shall count on me, Darkpaw. I mustn't mess this up," she meows confidently. She was completely in on this as she then looks up at the moon, with her soft fur taking in the moon's soft rays.

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|| Dark'paw / 'Darkness' ~ he/them -- Filler Dark Forest 'Warrior' >> Moorclan Border ||
Character Interaction :: Littlestar Littlestar

He fell into ease, nodding promptly . They ran their paws through the grass, yellow eyes twitching as he listened to and examined the feline in front of him .

" Thank you, Mapleflight . You're a strong cat, and whatever your father did to misfortune you is his act . You can be so much more than his shadow though . You can earn respect from many, you'll just have to work carefully . "

He stood up to stand by her side, resting his tail on her shoulder, " There's no backing down once you've begun . Look for cats outside of your clan as well if you must . The gathering is in a pawful of cycles, " they explained, motioning towards the waning moon, " You can begin spotting there, otherwise, you have a chance to slip away from the clan . Whatever you do, I'll be around, even if not physically, " at the end of his words, his pelt seemed to be swallowed up by the light, and he no longer stood before her .


Birthday Countdown: 25 days. I💖Stephan
- Moorclan Warrior -
Location: Moorclan border

Mapleflight grumbled about her father; she didn't know him well, but he must have done something for all the clans' options was to hate on her. She watches him and flinches from his tail on her shoulder; she was still jumpy from before when a cat scratched her shoulder. She listens and before she could speak again-- he was gone. She blinks and sits there for a moment before standing. She then whispers: "I won't let you down." And with that, she raced back to Moorclan, picking up a rabbit on the way back.

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Esther Brook

Olivepaw felt shy at first. Then he became happy. Then annoyed. Some many emotions. “Oh yea, i doubt you could even catch a fat limping squirrel that walked right into your paws flee brain. I have to go, my clanmates will be wondering where I am,” He cought a sad look in Pumkinpaw’s eyes. “but let’s meet back here at moonhigh.” He dashed off, not even looking back once. this was so exciting! Sure, it was agansit the warrior code, but is was just one night, how bad could it be?
On his way back to camp he caught a squirrel, and picking up a mouse he caught earlier, he trudged back home. He was met with a pair of large yellow eyes. “What took you so long?” Moon strike asked. ”oh nothing…” Olivepaw really didn’t want to be questioned. Had his mentor seen him at the border with Pumkinpaw? Surely not. “I... uh.. just had a hard time finding any prey.”
”Alright, well, you’ve had a long day. Go get yourself something to eat, and rest up. We’re going to be doing battle training tomorrow.” Olivepaw’s eyes lit up excitedly.
He went to the fresh-kill pile and picked out a mouse, eating it in small, quick bites, then he headed to his nest to wait.

That night, waited at the border, unsure of wether Pumkinpaw would come or not, when suddenly he spotted an orange shape running quickly across the Moor. That must be him Olive paw thought looking up again to see the bright orange shape- this time a little closer.


ur mom makes my heart throb
|| Pumpkin'paw ~ he/him -- Moorclan Apprentice >> Moor/Forest clan Borders ||
Character Interaction :: Esther Brook Esther Brook

He felt quickly dejected, mouth opening as his demeanor dropped, but he was interrupted as the other offered to see him tomorrow . . he lowered his head sheepishly, pelt tingling in humor as the other ran away . .

" Fine, whatever, see you tomorrow . . you bad hunter, " he whined too himself, bluntly turning on his paws and trotting off deeper into his own territory to dig up his prey . He'd roll in some tall grass to hide the border scents, easy .

That night, the small apprentice quickly slipped out from camp, dashing across the fields in kit-like eagerness . . he bounded near the place they had met the night before, speeding up at the sight of familiar eyes peering over at him .
He purred as he quickly lunged over the border line, yeeting the apprentice onto his back, " Hah ! I caught you, Mouse-brain ! " he meowed, stamping his paws onto the other's chest with an eager mrow .

He blinked lightly .

" So- why did you want me to come back here ? Thought I offended you with my hunting skills . . " he purred sarcastically .

((and mean while .. willow clan is just getting beat up by badgers ig LMFAO))


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Ashfeather's eyes snapped open and her blood ran cold as soon as the word Badger came out of Coldfish's lips, getting up from her sunspot she quickly covered the distance and padded to Coldfish and Sunstar "I can help with the kits and queens" she mewed. "unless you have better use of me for intercepting the badgers."

(sorry for being shorter I just had no idea how to inject her, posts will be longer as we go on.)
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Esther Brook

\\Olivepaw- JustHereToHide JustHereToHide //
Olivia smiled. "Like you could ever beat me." He chuckled. "If your so sure you can, why don't we have a contest? First one back here with a piece of prey wins!" he said, taking off with great speed. He quickly scented a squirrel a few fox-lengths away, and dropped into the hunters crouch. He stalked forward, and pounced, killing the squirrel with one swift bite. He trotted back to their meeting place, confident of his victory, and saw Pumpkinpaw racing back with his catch. Olivepaw put on a burst of speed and dived, trying to get back first, but also covering himself in mud.

\\Coldfish- filler character//
Coldfish attacked a large badger lumbering towards her, clawing at it's nose and face. The badgers were in the camp now, and there were at least 5. Oh god. Please let help come soon. At that very moment, as if Starclan heard her plea, four more cats came thundering into camp. They hurled themselves at the badgers, and soon after another silver warrior- who Coldfish recognised as Doveleg- came thundering into camp, followed by a patchy tortie cat, who, although Coldfish could barely hear above all the noise, appeared to yelling at Doveleg, trying to stop her from going into battle.


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Not waiting for an answer and blood roaring in her ears, Ashfeather dashed across the clearing slid behind a Badger gripping its hindleg with her teeth. Starclan help us! a voice shrieked inside her head as a numbing horror gripped her heart.
The lumbering creature whipped her body from side to side trying to shake her. She felt bones crunching and a hot searing pain as she was finally thrown away, leaving her winded and laying there stunned. As the badger lifted his foreleg to slash at Ashfeather's underbelly a golden blur of fur launched itself into the flank of the badger causing it to lurch sideways. Taking the chance to stagger to her feet she fell into step next to Leopardspot spitting and slashing at the Badgers face while he nipped and clawed at its legs.
The Badger wove back and fourth, never managing to land a meaningful blow on the two cats. Grunting in frustration, it snapped its teeth and snarled, before turning tail back out of the camp. Ashfeather glanced at Leopardspot and she nodded, hurtling toward the Nursery. Please let the kits be safe.
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Esther Brook

\\Shadowfish- Yumikinz Yumikinz //

Shadowfish dashed after Doveleg, who had, against Shadowfish's will, had leaped up and ran all the way back to Willowclan. Shadowfish had followed her, but she was slow compared to the young grey warrior. After reaching the Willowclan camp, she gave up the chase. Quickly assessing the situation, she started looking for anyone who might have serious injuries. She immediately spotted Ashfeather limping towards the Nursery.
(Hope that's ok since you mentioned bones crunching)
She quickly caught up to her and grabbed Ashfeather by the scruff, giving her no time to struggle or object. She hurtled towards the Medicine den and tossed the silver she-cat inside.
She felt her leg. "Does that hurt? How does it feel?" She snaped, although trying to talk in as gentle a voice as she could. "I think it might be broken." She said to Spiritwing, the Willowclan Med cat. "Take a look at it, while I go and see who else needs help."


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Character Interaction: Esther Brook Esther Brook

Ashfeather grunted at the touch " on a scale of mouse to fox? I'd say about the size of a rabbit " she meowed almost immediately. now's not the time for jokes there are badgers in the camp mouse brain! she chided herself before urgently looking at Spiritwing "I can still fight they need cats out there!" unsteadily climbing to her feet she kept one paw off the ground. "please?"

// Leopardspot (Side Character)
Watching Ashfeather be taken to the Medicine Den Leopardspot spun around and pinpointed Coldfish slashing at a Badger, flattening his ears he threw himself into the fray, landing squarely on the back of a badger he dug his claws into the rank smelling course fur. " Coldfish go for his eyes!" Sinking his teeth into the Badgers scruff he held on for dear life.

(perfectly ok I'm like so ecstatic this is major fun I promise I won't kill her off yet lol.:closed eyes open smile:
can any of us play any side character? )
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