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Fandom Into the Fog (A Silent Hill inspired RP) Still Open!


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Cape Fear
Maybe you've heard of that quiet tourist town in Maine, maybe you haven't. Regardless of whether you have or have not, you still receive the letter.
It's written on aged paper, the envelope practically falling apart. You may have noticed there's no indication of who sent you this letter, nor is there a return address.
Surely it's a mistake, right? The letter was simply sent to the wrong house.
However, upon further inspection, you see your name.
The letter itself is short and simple, inviting you to this strange town in one way or another.

You tell yourself to ignore the letter, that there's no need to go to this place.
Whatever you were thinking, I'm afraid it doesn't matter. Because before you can fully process anything, you are in your car, letter in hand, and driving towards the town.
You drive for hours, maybe days until finally, you are enveloped in a thick fog.
The town had long since been abandoned, you could turn around right now and go home.
But you don't. You've come here with the promise of something, whatever it may be, and you're going to see this through till the end.
As you enter this strange town the fog gets worse, and your mind clouds ever so slightly.
You can't quite remember how you go here, but there's no turning back anymore.
Welcome to Cape Fear.

Hallooooo! This is an interest check for a Silent Hill inspired RP! I'm Shark, and if you have any questions moving forward, please feel free to ask away :))

  • I would like to keep a regular posting schedule of at least one or two posts a week, but of course, life comes first! So if you need extra time just let me know! In regards to posting, we are looking for 1-2 paragraphs.
  • Please keep in mind the RPN rules, I will not tolerate bullying of any kind, nor will we allow any sort of racist, homophobic, or transphobic (anything under that umbrella) comments, should we see that I will kindly ask you to leave.
  • This is going to cover some mature topics, as well as have a lot of dark undertones. So if that is something you are not looking to roleplay I'm very sorry. Should this catch your interest, all who join must be 18+ since it is a more mature roleplay.
  • Discord is going to be the main form of communication within our group! A link will be provided shortly.

Upon receiving a mysterious letter, your character has found themselves arriving at Cape Fear. Whatever that letter has promised them is completely up to you. The town has chosen your character for a reason, perhaps they have a past tied to the town, or, they are running from something they must come to terms with. Whatever it may be, they find out they're not the only ones the town has lured. The group must work together, braving the monsters that populate the town while also overcoming their mysterious pasts. Will they escape? Or will they let their mind fall victim to the town?

This is going to be mostly inspired by Silent Hill 2. You do not have to be familiar with the game to join, however! I will be working on a lore sheet over the next few days for Cape Fear, as well as the CS should this get enough attention.
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