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Fandom Into the fire (1x1 MzHyde/Gallifrog)

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Action, Magical
  • MzHyde

    Kay was always bad at speeches and loathed doing them. Sure, she had a sharp tongue when it warranted it and she was good at throwing in the odd film or general pop culture reference when she could, but actual speeches weren't her thing at all. She even hated it when she had to talk through all her exam pieces in university or high school if it was art. As with most things she was so much the polar opposite to Sam, it was a wonder how they even got on at all, yet somehow they did.

    She felt the laughter vibrate through his chest as he thought about Fia making an utter fool out of herself. She listened to his reply and chuckled, knowing it would definitely be one of their group that would be filming it, even if Fia shouldn't be in any kind of video or photos due to the whole time reading situation. Yet it would also look incredibly strange to people if they didn't include Fia at all in such things. They'd just have to delete any of the evidence at later date she decided. She thought about the whole dragging what brother onto the dance floor question and after meeting them all, her mind was still on the youngest, Matteo. "I'm gonna say Matteo. She seems to have really gelled with him over a manner of things so I'm gonna say him first" she said. She also noted how he said about Fia possibly getting hammered, "I'm also gonna say that although she can seriously dance, and at a level that even surpasses myself, I'm gonna guess she'll know how to fake bad dancing if it's just for a load of fun. I'm also guessing you'd be completely fine with her drinking?" She said, finishing it with a question out if curiosity.