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Fandom Into the Breach based

Hi all. I'm looking for a writing partner for a rp based on Into the Breach by Subset Games. I've been sating an interest in classic sci-fi lately, moving through Asimov's Foundation series one at a time, so my current narrative style will probably be based on that together with influences from other sci-fi authors whose works I admire, Heinlein being one example though at this point, I'm only truly familiar with Starship Troopers. In my experience, the more novelistic style I'm after with an emphasis on interaction and world/character development tends to pose some challenges, which is why I think it's better to stick with one partner for now. Even though Into the Breach provides the main premise, heaven knows the original game is itself heavily inspired by a particular movie franchise and quite generic in its treatment of the mecha and invader theme so I certainly wouldn't be against borrowing ideas from like sources. Dewey Alms, CEO of Archive, for example, bears a light resemblance to Professor Yumi of Mazinger's Photon Lab so it could certainly be interesting if he were to fulfill a similar role, and have a daughter whose name would be Anglicized to something like Sarah as is common with imported anime in olden days. Getting back on track, if you're interested in basing a a more novelistic rp on Into the Breach with other sources mixed in, I hope to hear from you here. Cheers.
Awesome. How much do you know about the game? And how much would you want to stick to it? I'm using mostly the npcs and setting, but will definitely take liberties with fleshing out both.
No worries. I've beaten the game only once with the starting mechs so it's not like I know a great deal about the game either. Just enough to use it as a convenient backdrop.

Incidentally though, Into the Breach has nothing to do with space travel although I imagined it might've happened in the background of the rp.
My turn to not know enough about the setting except for nuclear apocalypse, vaults, mutants, Brotherhood of Steel, and some other disconnected tidbits. And to think it was one of the most acclaimed games of my generation.
Only problem is the Vek from Breach come from underground so vaults would probably not be the safest, lol. It's either the best they got or I'll change the Vek to generic invaders from the sky.

Are we going with mechs or just regular sized humanoids?
Sounds good. I'll keep them generic in the spirit of the game. I'm making a reference I'm unfamiliar with, but I'm probably going to borrow some aspects from the Reapers from Mass Effect.


Light in the Darkness
Jim Burns
Alias:Vault Dweller 9
Bio:200 hundred years ago, before the bombs fell and the "Breach" happened Jim was separated from his family and got sent to vault 9
He got frozen and has amnesia after being thawed from his cryogenic sleep.
That'll do for now. I'll give some thought to the equivalent of the Vek.

The starting location I originally planned to use is an Old Earth area where for historical preservation initially, 20th century tech is retained while the rest of the world raced ahead technologically. That might turn out to be a blessing as the recreation of nuclear shelters afforded the dwellers the best protection possible against the invasion from above.
I need about 45 minutes before I can start. I'll whip up a starter once I can though, and work your character in.

Does he have any particular wants?

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