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Worry knotted Sayuri's stomach. What if the Nara Clan couldn't help? Or what if they refused to even try? Sayuri's gaze flickered towards her little sister. Kaede had always had a fair complexion, but she had been looking paler lately. The youngest Amagawa sibling had been unwell for the past week, and she seemed to be getting worse.

Sayuri frowned in concern when Kaede let out a cough. She put a gentle hand on her back. The two sisters, along with their parents, sat waiting for Shikaku Nara to meet with them. Sayuri was sitting on her knees beside Kaede, rubbing her back in soothing circles as she let out a few more coughs.

Please help us, Sayuri inwardly pleaded. Kaede's health had always been frail. She had alway eventually recovered from each illness, but that never made the Amagawa Clan worry any less when she did get sick. They never knew when a bout of illness might be fatal. Sayuri didn't know what she'd do if she lost either of her siblings. She glanced towards her parents. Both looked tired. The dark lines under Hitomi Amagawa's eyes were quite noticeable. Ichiro Amagawa's brow was furrowed in clear worry.


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The Nara clan was one third of a clan alliance triad left over from the warring states. . Many of those within the clan who had survived the warring states period remained wary of the alliance formed with the freshly minted Village Hidden in the Leaves. Though they hadn't gone in alone. For as far back as the Nara clan had recorded history, the Yamanaka and Akimichi had always found their names alongside the absurd genius of the Nara. Strategists, Doctors, and in a few very rare cases, politicians and diplomats that had been able to go almost as high as the Daimyo that ruled the nation. The Nara during their early days owed a lot of their continued success to the fact that they had such a strong alliance and tended to do their best to not make enemies.

Not making enemies out of the wrong people had been Shikaku Nara's reasoning when he, Inoichi, and Chouza had agreed to join their clans into the village. From a survival standpoint, it was the best choice that they could make. It ensured that they would keep the land that they had defended for generations as well as promote the business that all three clans found themselves in. There was one caveat, that Shikaku had made sure to instill into the contract that the three signed.

If one of the three clans was targeted by the village, the other two would reserve the right to pull from the alliance. They came as a packaged deal. The strength that the three clans had when together could benefit the village and it could be equally destructive to it, should there be a misstep.

That brought things to the current day.

Shikaku had been asked to extend a helping hand to the Amagawa clan, to show the good faith that the village as well as the Nara could provide to a village so new to the alliance. While he himself knew of medicine and how to recommend treatments, he himself was no healer. The man walked into the room the Amagawa family had been waiting in, flanked on his left and right by Ino and Shikamaru. Someone to carry out his instructions for the treatment and someone to physically carry the medicines they had at their disposal. His intention was for Shikamaru to start learning of the responsibilities he would carry as clan head, should Shikaku himself pass anytime soon. Though, he knew his son better than that.

With how little Shikamaru seemed to care for anything, his father couldn't help but wonder how his son would have turned out if born into a time of peace. He likely would have had less initiative than he already did, if that was possible.

The Nara clan head lowered himself to his knees, sitting before the family as Ino and Shikamaru settled in around him.

"Hitomi-san, Ichiro-san. I'd like to apologize for the wait. We had to pick up a few things before we could meet you here." His voice was rough, much like his outward appearance. It was clear that the man didn't actually speak all that often, his voice somewhat strained from the disuse. He motioned his hand subtly towards the youngest of the Amagawa clan and Ino carefully moved over to the girl. "Well, let's just get right into it. I'll have your daughter examined by a very trusted medic within my circle."

"Yamanaka Ino."
The girl had bowed her head politely before offering to take Kaede behind a screen in the room. The blonde offered the young girl a kind smile. "Let's figure out what's making you feel so bad so you can get better, okay Kaede-chan?"


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The Amagawa clan watched as Shikaku entered the room, flanked by two people close to Sayuri's age. One was a girl with long blonde hair while the other was a boy who looked strikingly similar to Shikaku. Sayuri felt it was safe to assume it was his son. She didn't know much about the Nara Clan outside of the things her father had told her. They had knowledge of

Ichiro offered a smile despite his worry. "We thank you for taking the time to meet with us, Shikaku-san. We truly do appreciate it." He just wanted his daughter well again. He and Hitomi loved their three children fiercely, and he couldn't bear the thought of losing one of them.

When Ino approached, offering to take her behind the screen to be examined by a doctor, Kaede glanced at Sayuri then her parents. She looked a bit hesitant.

Kaede had always been shy. Because of her frequent bouts of illness, she had rarely interacted with children her own age and was often confined to a bed. This resulted in the 13-year-old being quite the introvert. Still, she was sweet-natured and gentle.

"It's okay," Hitomi told her youngest child with a reassuring smile.

Sayuri offered a smile as well. "We're here if you need us," she told her sister in a gentle tone. Encouraged, Kaede nodded before standing to follow Ino. Sayuri watched, heart lurching when she could tell by the way her sister walked and carried herself that she was exhausted and weak.

Her father's voice pulled Sayuri's focus back to the conversation. "She's always had rather frail health," Ichiro explained, "But, she's always managed to recover. However, Kaede doesn't seem to be getting better this time." His brows again furrowed in worry.


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"We've seen cases like this before. Usually, when this happens, there's something underlying that never really goes away. That's why they tend to get sick again." Shikaku spoke as evenly as he could. There was a slight chance that they wouldn't be able to help the girl and he wasn't sure how the family would react to that. He had confidence in Ino's abilities as a doctor but there would always be someone better who would be able to spot the things that they couldn't. Someone specialized.

"Could you try and recount some of the illnesses that has aided Kaede-chan in the past? I realize that it might be hard, but it could be helpful in her diagnosis. Illnesses, symptoms. Everything helps."

Beside him, Shikamaru was quietly going through the basket of supplies they had brought. For him it would be easier to narrow down the diagnosis if he could see what potential cures were available to them. He looked up at the family for the first time since he got in there. It would be a problem if they couldn't figure out what was wrong with their youngest daughter.

"How long has the current illness had a hold on her?" Shikamaru asked bluntly. There was no reason to beat around the bush. The faster they got this treated, the faster he could go home. "Describe her worst day with it thus far."


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Hitomi answered first. "She has had quite a few bouts of respiratory infections, as well as the occasional fever that comes and goes. She is mostly always fatigued. It's like she just has no energy." Hitomi's gaze flickered towards the screen that Kaede was behind.

The Amagawa Clan knew there was a real possibility that they might not be able to cure whatever ailed Kaede. But, they were willing to try everything they could to help their daughter.

As her mother went over Kaede's medical history, Sayuri sat quietly. For a moment, she wanted to reach out to her soulmate. Nothing much ever seemed to faze him. She could use some of that level-headedness right now. However, she stopped herself. She could reach out later when this meeting was over.

"This bout of illness has lasted nearly a week now," Ichiro replied to Shikamaru's question. "I'd say this is one of the worst ones. Her cough sounds worse than usual."

Nodding in agreement with her father, Sayuri spoke up then. "She has spent most of the time in bed. It seemed that all she did yesterday was sleep." Kaede seemed weaker this time, another thing that worried them.


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So, the amount of time she was staying sick was getting longer with each ailment. Shikamaru's hands lingered on a few specific bottles in the basket his father had forced him to carry there. Respiratory and fatigue...there were quite frankly a lot of things that could be. He closed his eyes, trying to gather his thoughts. What he would recommend to them would heavily rely on whatever Ino's report was. Troublesome.

He glanced up at the family briefly and wondered if he should as his soul mate how to let them know gently. He ultimately decided against it, the last thing he needed to do was broadcast someone else's problems to a stranger. It would be disrespectful to their privacy.

A quiet sigh escaped his mouth as the previously referenced blonde helped Kaede out from behind the screen. She had that one particular smile. To anyone that didn't know Ino, they wouldn't be able to see anything past the kindness that was displayed on her face. Though, to the Nara that had spent a good chunk of his life fighting alongside her, he knew better. There was something worse going on than what the family knew.

Ino helped Kaede back into the seat she had been sitting in before her examination. She was careful to make sure the girl didn't collapse or hurt herself on the way down.

"You were very brave, Kaede. It can be a little scary seeing a doctor but you handled it so well!" Ino set herself down beside Shikamaru, passing him a small notepad that she had used to document the irregularities she had found with Kaede and her illness.

His eyes scanned the page as Shikaku continued to talk to the family. He was thankful that his dad seemed to have the people skills he so clearly lacked. It made it easier when he could focus everything he had into a puzzle. He paused as he pieced together the information the family and Ino had given him.

The blonde didn't look at him, instead opting to try and look as friendly as she could.

Shikamaru dry swallowed. This was already harder than he had expected it to be. Ino must had already began to piece it together before giving him her notes.

"...Her illness is related to her chakra. I'm afraid it'll take some time before we can heal her. The best we can do is offer medications to manage it until we figure out how to get rid of it permanently."


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As Ino and Kaede stepped around the screen, Sayuri offered her sister an encouraging smile. She knew she was afraid. She had told Sayuri herself that morning before they left.

"What if they can't help me?" Was the question the brunette had asked. Sayuri had replied that they didn't know until they tried. But, she understood Kaede's fear. What if there was no cure or treatment for her?

Kaede thanked Ino, giving the blonde a small smile as she helped her sit back down. Ino had been very kind to her, much to her relief.

As Shikamaru read over the notepad Ino had passed him, Sayuri practically held her breath. Had they learned anything about what illness Kaede had.

What he said caused the Amagawa Clan to go silent. Sayuri reached out to put a hand on her younger sister's shoulder. The illness was related to her chakra. Was a cure even possible? If not, then could the symptoms be managed well enough for Kaede to live comfortably.

Ichiro spoke first. "I see. At least now we finally have some idea of what is behind it." He knew that meant there was still a long road ahead of them. They still needed to get to the bottom of what was causing her illness. This was a start though.

"How well do you think it can managed while we try to figure out how to cure it?" Hitomi asked, wondering if her daughter would at least show some improvement. She knew how miserable Kaede was when she fell ill. She felt exhausted, and was unable to do anything she might have wanted to.

Sayuri perked up as her mother asked that, hoping for a positive answer. While they were working on permanently curing the illness, would treatment for the syptoms help Kaede start living her life again.

"Being bedridden often frustrated her," Sayuri explained, looking from Kaede to the others. "She was never able to really do many of the things she wanted to. Like training with our older brother and I." It had been hard to see her younger sister feel that kind of disappointment.


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Shikaku looked towards his son for an answer. He himself had a few ideas of how to mitigate the symptoms, but as it was currently, only Ino and Shikamaru had all of the information in front of them. "We can't promise that the sudden bouts of sickness will go away while we're working on a cure, but hopefully with the right medicine she will be able to go about her day relatively pain free."

Shikamaru spent some time looking between the notes Ino had taken and the notes he had stored about the situation mentally. There was a lot to consider. There was a chance that she might not react the way she should to some of the medication- hell, it could take them days to get something that worked just right for Kaede.

"I have a few ideas." Shikamaru finally nodded, the tension leaving his shoulders. "Though, I think she should stay close. That way we can try something else if the first prescription doesn't work." He looked over to his father and Shikaku nodded, pleased with the outcome that his son had gotten to.

"We have land just outside of our clan grounds you would be able to stay on. That way if we're needed there won't be a delay in getting our attention." Shikaku bowed properly, followed by Ino who elbowed Shikamaru into doing the same.

"Though, the choice is now back in your hands." Shikaku finished. "You have our service and support."


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Ichiro and Hitomi both nodded in understanding. It could take awhile before Kaede showed much improvement. There were still no guarantees, and there was still work to be done. Still, this gave them hope that maybe one day she'd be well.

The fact that Shikaku was so willing to let them stay on land near the Nara Clan's ground surprised the Amagawas. Hitomi and Ichiro exchanged a glance. Sayuri knew they were talking to one another mentally. She already knew what their answer would be.

"We accept," Ichiro said as he and Hitomi both bowed. Sayuri quickly did the same. "We deeply appreciate your clan's help. We know Kaede isn't out of the woods and there are no guarantees, but we appreciate the fact you're willing to help us. If there is any way we might be able to help you in return, please let us know."

Sayuri felt some of the tension in her shoulders ease. Maybe now Kaede can be cured. She glanced over at her sister and gave a smile. This was the first good news they had in awhile. Kaede smiled over at the two Nara men and Ino, looking appreciative. Sayuri's gaze softened a bit as her sister spoke up, thanking them for their help.

Her little sister had been through a lot. The recurring illnesses had taken much of her childhood from her. And she had once confessed to Sayuri and their older brother that she felt bad that she caused their clan so much worry. It had broken Sayuri's heart to hear her say that.


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Shikamaru and Ino had remained mostly quiet for a few minutes after Shikaku's offer to the Amagawa clan. The way they moved was in sync- they both knew what the other was thinking when they moved through the medicinal herbs that they had brought. Often times the amount of sync the two moved in had made others mistake them as soulmates. It wasn't until that person later met Chouji, who also had that eerie connection to the Yamanaka and Nara, would they realize it was out of time and closeness rather than the mental connection that came with the special bond between soul mates.

After careful consideration, Shikamaru placed a mixture of dry herbs into a bag. "Three times a day. Preferably at meals. One Cup. She can have one additional cup a day to help with pain, if it's still affecting her." The spiky pony-tailed boy passed the bag over to Sayuri while his father continued to speak with her parents. He relaxed visibly after the bag had been passed over. The stress of diagnosing someone still got to him. He briefly wondered how his father managed to deal with it as often as he had.

Beside him, Ino finished putting away the excess materials. She looked satisfied with herself, giving off a more confident aura than her more irritable friend. "When Kaede's on her feet, you should come into the village with me sometime, Sayuri-san." The blonde smiled enthusiastically. "My family runs a flower shop, she could come in and pick something for herself."


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Sayuri found herself unconsciously watching Shikamaru and Ino as they worked. They clearly knew one another well. Hardly a word passed between the two as they went through the herbs. It was like they knew what the other was thinking. Soulmates perhaps? Or was it just from years of knowing one another?

Shikamaru speaking broke Sayuri from her thoughts. She listened close to his instructions, nodding as she took the bag of herbs. "Thank you." She hoped this helped her sister at least feel more comfortable.

The boy seemed to relax after he had given them the bag. It must have been hard work. Trying to get to the bottom of what was ailing someone, then having to give them the right herbs in the right amount. It sounded difficult.

When Ino spoke, Sayuri looked over at her and smiled. "We'd like that," she said, looking towards her sister, who quickly nodded. She seemed to have perked up at the mention of flowers. "She loves flowers."

"One of my favorites are red camellias," Kaede said.

Sayuri felt another rush of gratitude towards Ino and the Nara Clan. They were doing so much to help them. She smiled appreciatively at Shikamaru and Ino. "We really do appreciate all the help you're giving us." She didn't want to say it aloud, but they had started to give up hope that Kaede might find a cure or even a treatment to manage her symptoms.

"If I can help in some way around the grounds, just let me know," Sayuri offered. If they would be staying on land close to the Nara Clan's grounds, Sayuri was more than willing to help out to try and repay them for their help.

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