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  1. *shrug* If you think its fine, then don't mind me. ^ 3 ^
  2. They also inhabit superearths because they are used to higher gravity. So their planets have larger surface areas.
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  3. Right, this is pretty much the complete list of ongoing storylines, some of which are shared. Some of them don't have official names, so I dubbed them where appropriate.

    Current storylines:

    United Earth Government:
    • Presidential Letters
    • Passive Observations
    • Trade Route Tribute
    • Caught in the Crossfire

    Empire of Heydros:
    • The Wolf's Revenge
    • War Room Talks The Executor
    • Caught in the Crossfire

    Vaycanta Imperium:
    • Diplomacy with the UEG
    • War Room Talks

    Imperial Automation:
    • A Study on Humans
    • First Contact with the Solvarous Tezxis Kollam

    Solvarous Tezxis Kollam:
    • Another Day in the Office
    • An Expedition to Find Others
    • First Contact with the Cataphract Union

    Cataphract Union:
    • Paradiso Resurface
    • Recovery of Memory
    • The Blind Leap
    • The Risk, the Unfortunate
    • First Contact with the Solvarous Tezxis Kollam

    Animunculi Empire:
    • Ancient Technology

    Criegon Empire:
    • Wiping the Floor

    Kefalonian Trade Empire:
    • Dreams and Nightmares
  4. @Petroshka

    In case you didn't get the reference, Gideon is pretty much a clone of Gideon from Advanced Warfare. Voiced by Gideon Emery.
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  5. Never played it : D
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  6. It's a whole lot of Gideon.
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  7. @Zaltusinel i just walk in and interact with the great dragon? or do i wait for you XD don't wanna just burst in without warning
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  8. I am writing a post now. Might be tomorrow or Monday before I can have it up. They'll will escort him to Daerys. @Yonsisac
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  9. @doodleSM wouldnt Heydros be able to track the pride
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  10. probably
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  11. I will be kinda sow saying it now, studies have started for me
  12. @Zaltusinel what would the frigate look like or is it just another Havyortict
  13. The frigate would look like two shark fins on top of each other with three wings at 45, 0, and 330 degrees on each side. There would be multiple spires on the back and rings hovering around the ship. Four layers of shields would be be visible.
  14. So im guessing the hail was unanswered? @Zaltusinel
  15. I'll get to that. Just had to do some stuff with yonsi. Think of it as right after contact.
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  16. My internet was down for a while, we finally got it fixed today, I will probably post soon.
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  17. @Cosmo population limit is 2 trillion
  18. 2 trillion people.... in an empire of over 9k planets... That... doesn't.. make any sense... Is.. there a limit on planets then to make that number make any.. sense?
  19. Most of the empires are that huge.
  20. I mean.. just basic math, if you have a 1,000 worlds, and for arguments sake, lets say they all had the population of our Earth, most should have more considering advancements in food and medicine increase the lifespan of its citizens, but for this, just Earth.

    That would give you 7 trillion people. Make it 9,000 planets, looking at over 60 trillion people.... As many will have far more then earth, while some will have far less, but in the end, after averaging and what not, should come, at least, that high.

    Having two trillion people on thousands of planets is just... doesn't make sense.
  21. its a rule that is a rule
  22. I get that it is a rule, but a rule should have some kind of reasoning behind it. If you are going to limit population, planet count needs to be limited as well otherwise its just silly. I mean, at 2 trillion and, say, 8.5k worlds, you have an average population of 235,294 people..... Sure, many planets will have a lot of people, but that makes it worse, that means there must be thousands of planets with like.. a few hundred to a thousand people on it... do.. some of the worlds just have a giant flag on it and that is its 'population'?
  23. well automated factories are a thing
  24. What? How in the world does automated factories = population demographics making zero sense? That isn't how it works. Like.. at all. It isn't about you need people to be an industrial might, it is you need a ton of people to make a ton of planets make any sort of sense.

    But, whatever, I'ma just bow out. I wasn't aware it was one of those, 'Its a rule cause its a rule and deal with it' things. Always been a fan of open discussion especially on rules that don't make sense or require changes to them to make it make sense.

    Have a good RP yall.

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