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Realistic or Modern International Trip |rp area|


internet girl
International Trip




International Trip a brand new American TV show. It showcases Youtubers, instagram models, etc etc from all over the world. South Korea to South America. They all come together, and each day perform a new mission. The thing is, each week it's a new location. Sometimes even a new country. It's an exciting, and fun filled show. The group has to work together to get around the foreign country. Sometimes one of the people in group are from the country... then you're saved, but what happens if no one is?

The show consist of internet entertainers from Youtubers to instagram models. Each person has 1 million + followers.

Relationships will be made, drama will be made... What will this television show bring?

Don't be rude in the OOC
▹At least one paragraph
▹Don't disrespect me
▹Face claims shouldn't just all be one race
▹Don't make your character obsessively swear
▹Fade to black if things get a lil toasty
▹Be chill
▹I don't know if there will be a limited amount of spots yet.

EHm. youngkyun youngkyun and I are the moderators, so... Listen to us.

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internet girl
First stop: Tokyo, Japan
As well as being an unique country, it holds one of our cast members. The cast members haven't been revealed to the public until today... Who are they? Are you wondering if they're your favorite youtubers, or instagram models? This show has gathered a lot of fans because we have hinted at who that cast members are... Let's just hope your predictions were right.

Jae and Jin Won
Mood- Jae; Neutral Jin; Excited, Happy
Interactions; No one

Perth, Australia 6:55am
Jae had woken up at 3:00 am to do last minute packing for the trip. It was mainly putting all of Jin's dinosaur toys into a bag.

A loud giggle and tired sigh rang throughout the small apartment. Jin had been running around, refusing to get dressed. "Yah! Jin," Jae yelled as he ran after his son. Jin had already gotten in trouble this morning for putting fruit into Jae's coffee, and spilling it all over the house while trying to give it to him... Jae was in the shower, so he had no clue what had happened until his came out.

"Fine I'll go. You can stay here. I'll be gone for hmmm... Maybe a year? Six months?" The giggles soon stopped, and were replaced with a wide eyed Jin.

"No! You can't!" He whined as he hurried over to his dad, and took ahold of his pants.

"Then you have to get dressed and go with me," Jae said as he quickly picked up his son. "We have to get to the airport soon." He doubted his son would be awake for most of the flight, seeing as it was a nine hour flight, but he still brought toys just in case. "Let's pick out your clothes," The male mumbled as he set his son down onto the bed. In split seconds, he was already at the dresser, picking out clothes. "You can wear this octopus shirt with... These." He held up a long sleeve shirt with a little cartoon, blue octopus on it, and a pair overalls. "You can wear your white sneakers with this."

Of course it took longer than wanted because Jin thinks it's funny to kick while you try to dress him.

Twenty minutes later...

"You've already gone to the bathroom, right?" He asked Jin as he picked up their bags, and suitcase. He handed Jin his little suitcase.

"Yes!" The little boy exclaimed as he pulled the suitcase along. He reached up for his dad hands, taking ahold of it.

--Lazy to write when they go to the airport, and the whole plane trip--

Getting to the hotel wasn't as hard as Jae thought. All he had to do was show the taxi driver the address on a piece of paper and then pay them. As they arrived to the hotel, they went straight to their hotel room to get everything set up. They ended up going back down to the lobby to hang out for a bit.

Jin decided to bring down his stegosaurus toy, mainly to show it off. He tried to talking to another boy around his age, and show off his toy. The boy of course didn't understand because Jin wasn't speaking japanese. "Isn't it cute?" He asked as he showed off his toy. Soon after Jin was done with what he was doing he pulled his dad along to check some things out.

August Jun Go
mood; slightly bored, shy
interactions; no one

Tokyo, Japan 5:55am
August didn't even have to leave right away. He lived rather close to the hotel, seeing as he already lived in Tokyo... He ended up waiting too long, and now he was later than he wanted to be. Just for fun, he wanted to do a livestream of him rushing to get ready.

"I'm in a bit of the rush at the moment because I decided not get ready early enough, so that's why I'm going to end up stabbing myself in my eye." He put cleansing water onto a cotton pad before rubbing it all over his face. Quickly he moved onto moisturizing his face. "Ok. So I went to go see santa because it's christmas time. I wanted to take a picture with him... He was pretty down to earth, but he made fun of my drink. I mean... He was cool, but still. I drink Kombucha, maybe that's why he made fun of me." He looked at the comments as he basically beat his face with the beauty blender. "No no. This isn't a tutorial or anything. I'm just bored," He let out a quiet laugh. "You guys get to watch me do my hair two. Wooo~"

Eventually he was done with his livestream. He bid his goodbyes before shoving his phone into his pocket. Letting out a soft sigh, as he stood up. He collected all his luggage and hurried out the door.

Like he assumed, it didn't take long before he got there. He hung out in the lobby for a bit, basically stalling to go to his room. What if his roommate was there? Finally he gathered enough courage to go up into his room. Much to his surprise, his roommates wasn't there. "Huh." He set his stuff down on his bed. He pressed his lips into a thin line, deciding whether to go back down to lobby, or to just stay up. After weighing the pros and cons, he came to the conclusion that it would be better to socialize with the other people on the show.

He took the elevator down to the lobby. He didn't see anyone he recognized until he spotted the famous YouTube duo, Jae and Jin. All of the sudden he felt shy... He didn't know how to approach them. It would probably be easier to talk to them when everyone was here.

Individually the cast was told who else would be on the show. Lucky for August, he was friends with one of the people on the show, so he didn't have to worry about being alone. The one thing no one knew was who their roommates would be...

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Kar en tuk
Ricardo had woke up a little early for the "vacation". A little early to him was 2:00 in the morning. He knew how long the flight would be from Santa Fe to Tokyo, and he was never a huge fan of the "flying" idea. He tried to be as quiet as he could when packing and eating, not wanting to wake his roommate. His roomie had known about the trip and wouldn't be surprised when he woke up. Ricardo had taken a cab to the airport and boarded his flight.

In the hours he was awake he wondered how all of his fans would react to this. Mexican YouTuber in Tokyo, should be interesting. "Wonder if they'll understand Spanish?"

He never thought the "gentle" rocking of the plane touching down would be so blissful. Ricardo was ready to get his feet on solid ground. As he stepped out of the gate and into the airport he was hit by a wave of foreign noise. He couldn't understand a single word anyone was saying, other than a few English-speaking tourists that he tried to avoid. He showed his cab driver the address he had
received and the man replied with a simple nod.

As they rolled up to the airport Ricardo watched the streets with awe. It was so interesting to see another country's streets. He though Santa Fe was crowded. He stepped out of the cab and paid the driver, then approached the doors of the hotel. As he walked into the lobby Ricardo stood out like a sore thumb, in regards to physical appearance. He looked at the paper in his hand. After memorizing the room number, he made his way to his room. Once he arrived there he almost dived into the bed. He threw his bags into the couch and sat down for a moment. "Thank God" he mumbled as he looked into the ceiling.



sad but rad
Sunny didn't want to get up. She wanted to stay in bed and curl up, be warm and sleep. Sadly though, he brother didn't have the same idea. Sunny woke up to Sian jumping onto her chest and yelling, "Noona!" Sunny groaned and tried to push him off, but he refused to move. "Noona!" He repeated, pressing a kiss to her cheek.

Sunny finally sat up, pulling the little boy close and hugging him, her eyes still closed. "Morning Daebakie~ Did you sleep well?" He just nodded and laid his head on her shoulder. Sunny got up and carried him to the kitchen. Her parents were asleep, so she made eggs for the two quickly. Sunny scarfed down her eggs and went to go get her camera ready, while Daebak continued to eat.

Sunny packed up the camera equipment and put her guitar in its case. Hearing Sian start fussing, she quickly went to go see what was wrong. He lifted his arms up and she sighed, picking him up and putting him down on the ground. He ran off into the bedroom and grabbed his clothes. Sunny was so happy her brother was chill. She put him in the clothes and went to go take her own shower while he played with his toys. Sunny had set up the camera to watch him and he saw it, starting to wiggle and dance. They were going to be vlogging the trip to Tokyo.

Finishing up, she finished her makeup and changed quickly. Sunny said goodbye to there parents and loaded the stuff in the car.

(Skipping all the airport stuff)

Sunny was holding the camera up, the guitar strung to her back as she walked into the lobby, holding Sians hand. He was carrying his backpack and another bag, grunting a bit a she walked. She helped him though, trying to balance her camera and bags while holding his hand. Once they got to the room, she saw someones stuff and threw there stuff onto the empty bed.

"Come on Bakie, Let's go see the others okay?" Sian looked tired but nodded, holding up his arms for her to carry him. Sunny picked him up and carried him to the lobby, sighing quietly. Sunny first noticed a familiar little boy and smiled, "Look Sian, a boy a bit older. His names Jin, he makes videos too. Go say hi." Sian curiously toddled up to the older boy, not speaking but just waving. Sian didn't speak a lot usually. Sunny waved to Won Jae and then August when she saw him.

k a r m a

stan ateez
Beep. Beep. Beep. That was the dreaded sound of the alarm that for once Jenni didn't have to worry about hearing. Jenni wasn't worried much. The first destination was Japan and that was basically neck-and-neck with South Korea so there weren't going to be any 12-hour flights to tire her out. She was never good with long flights. Having a flight that only lasted about two and a half hours was like heaven to her. As for her packing, that went well, having to only throw in last minute things earlier that morning. She didn't know what she was thinking getting such an early flight. Sleep was like her best friend so she suspected it was just excitement taking over her nerves.

Hyeri helped her pack and all that she had to do that morning was bid goodbyes and head over to the airport for her flight. The process wasn't a very stressful one and the actual plane ride to Tokyo, seeing it was an early morning flight, the plane wasn't too crowded. Jenni actually had the chance to fall asleep albeit it wasn't a very long slumber. It did re-energize her though and by the time the plane was landing she had renewed confidence in meeting the other entertainers.

Getting to the hotel wasn't quite as hard as Jenni thought. She was actually beginning to regret not paying attention in her Japanese classes in school and mainly focusing on English but all she really had to do was show the taxi driver the slip of paper and use the small vocabulary she recalled from her schooling days and she was at the hotel. That problem was solved. She was actually quite annoyed at how much she stressed herself about communicating in Tokyo.

She looked around after stepping out of the cab and paying. She had already decided she would visit Japan once again on her own time. It was pretty, very pretty. She couldn't help but watch the streets during the car ride. Tokyo was much like Seoul and yet so different. It made her want to see Japan even more. She stepped into the lobby, looking around for maybe a familiar face. She wasn't sure how many of the others had gotten here already.

Maybe she was too early?

She didn't dwell on it for long though and instead made her way up to her room. She was hoping she got a good roommate that she would get along well with. Jenni didn't bother unpacking, just resting her stuff by the bed she wanted before heading back down to the lobby. She was actually quite excited for this whole thing and wanted to get to know the other entertainers. A good friendship could go a long way.

She noticed August when she looked around for anyone even a tad bit familiar. She wasn't going to lie, she followed him and was a fan. His makeup skills were unreal. Suddenly she didn't feel like she could approach him but sucked it up and slowly made her way over to him.

"Hey there." She waved to him when she got close. If she rembered correctly he spoke Korean and as stated before, her Japanese wasn't very good so she greeted him in Korean, it being easiest for her.


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To be completely honest, Charlotte was completely anxious about this trip, just as she was excited. Sure, she had woken up at 4 AM that morning to prep herself and get ready, but she was quite nervous of going to Japan, especially because she's never been anywhere outside of the United States. However, this was another step to letting go and exploring more of the world, just as she had planned.
That whole day, she was practicing her Japanese that she learned way before the trip and prepping her suitcase, carrying all the necessary (and some unnecessary) things she will be taking on the trip. She had been quite energized that day, barely eating breakfast and instead drinking almond milk and peaches all day, enough to make her as sweet as a peach smoothie. She started vlogging and blogging about her adventures at the airport, trying food and taking pictures with her fans and honestly trying to have a good time. Her friends did see her off at the airport, however she would be missing them along the trip, just like the 8 hours of sleep she had missed that night, keeping herself busy with Snapchat and Instagram Livestreams, keeping her fans awaiting every little detail of the trip. However, she would earn those hours of sleep and those friends back.
She did relax after a little while, that was of course after she has basically threw up half of all she had that morning. After that, she relaxed and just started to believe in the wonders that this trip would do.
Almost whole flight was spent with Charlotte sleeping and seeing babies, often grinning at them and waving at the children and infants, often with curiousity sparking in those children. However, she was asleep most of the time to keep her nerves down, but keeping her groggy as she made it to the airport.

Charlotte had been escorted down to the hotel that she was staying at, helpful for taking pictures of the sights and sounds of an early morning drive in Tokyo, of the cars driving up and down the streets and the pedestrians walking to either work, school or home; or both in some way.
However, Charlotte couldn't wait to go the hotel and get over her jet lagged self. When she finally arrived at the hotel, she posted a few pictures on her social media and finally went to the lobby after "powdering up her nose" and "catching some longhorns". She had come out the lobby and all of a sudden, she saw two familiar little boys in the lobby, not too familiar though as she instantly went up to them and took a photo of the two together and talking to the children. In her simple japanese, she said "Hello!" as she waved at the two little boys, instantly being charmed by their round and cute faces that seemed to look up at her with puppy dog eyes in either confusion or excitement. To put it short, Seong Ah was glad that children were there.

To be honest, she seems kinda like a pedo XD.

Mentions - pasta pasta & youngkyun youngkyun

Interacting - Jin & Si An

Outfit - Peach Girl

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In order to catch a flight at the right time, Beck had needed to get one of her friends to give her a lift from Cambridge to New York, to fly out of JFK. That in itself was a headache. A three hour drive combined with a fourteen hour flight halfway across the world? That was actual hell. When you're working with that kind of transportation, time feels like nothing but an illusion. It felt like both an eternity and no time at all. When she got to the airport, she was greeted with the busy crowds of Tokyo, but that was all. Shouldn't the show have at least sent her a driver? They had already made her find a ride up to New York City. This was ridiculous. Sighing, she waited with the crowd at the luggage carousel for her bags. She had packed light, but it was going to be a long "vacation" and still ended up having to take quite a bit.
It didn't seem like two much when she actually got everything settled, her backpack over her shoulders and her duffel balanced on top of her rolling suitcase. The airport here looked like something out of a science fiction movie, it was immensely distracting. Beck had been taking college Japanese classes for about four years now, the kanji eluded her, but she figured out where the taxi pickup area was just fine, only to be met with more crowd and a very long line.
After about twenty minutes she managed to share a cab with a man in front of her. By the time she got to the hotel, Beck was exhausted, and absolutely not in the mood for company. She got her keys from the desk and headed straight for her room, dropping her bags by the door and heading immediately for a hot shower. Her roommate could pick whatever bed they wanted when they got here and she would move her stuff then.


internet girl

Jae and Jin Won
Mood- Jae; Amused Jin; Excited, shy, confused
Interactions; youngkyun youngkyun P P A S T R Y

Tokyo, Japan 3:25pm
Jae glanced up when he noticed Jin was waving to someone. He recognized the two instantly. He gave a small wave to the two, and watched as Jin made his way over to the boy. Jae assumed his son was going to show of his dinosaur toy to his.

Like his father assumed, it was Jin's exact plan. "Look," Jin said as he held up his toy Sian. "It's a stegosaurus." Of course Jin was speaking english, he didn't realize Sian only spoke korean. "My name's Jin. What's yours?" He exclaimed before reaching over to try to grab Sian's hand. He was about to say another thing when a girl came over to them. He looked at her confused, but he made sure to smile for the picture. He waved shyly at the girl before letting go of his new friend's hand and retreating to hide behind his dad's pants. This resulted in Jae questioning him.

"Jin," Jae said as he looked down at the boy. He let out a quiet laugh at the boy's shyness. Jin was always nervous and shy around adults he didn't know. Jin looked over at his friend, and the back at the two older girls. He waved at the both of them once more, but continued to hide behind his dad's leg. He didn't notice Sian came with a girl until a few moments ago. He was too busy trying to make another friend.

Jae looked between the two females. "Hello. I'm Jae," He introduced himself in a short and simple way.

August Jun Go
mood; happy, shy
interactions; k a r m a k a r m a

Tokyo, Japan 3:25 pm
August was starting to feel hopeless. He didn't see anyone he recognized, nor anyone he could confidently go up to. He just ended up standing there awkwardly while he waited for more people to show up. Thankfully that all ended when he was approached by a familiar face. He had followed her on instagram a while back. He always watches her videos when they come up in his feed. He smiled at her when she spoke in Korean to him.

"Hey," He replied back. "I know you. I've seen your videos before." He paused as he thought of what to say. "Where is everyone?" He asked. "I thought I was late..." He mumbled. It did seem like a few people were arriving now. "Ah nevermind... People are arriving... Well a few." He shrugged before looking back over at Jenni. "How are you?" He asked, wanting to spark a somewhat interesting conversation.

He spotted a group of Youtubers gathered around, speaking to each other. "There. They're there," He pointed out. He didn't know whether, or not they should go approach them.



sad but rad
Noticing the other boys nervousness, she got on her knees and waved to him, pulling Sian closer to her. "Hello, Jin right? My name is Sunny and his is Sian, or Daebak." She knew about the two and how they could speak Korean. Sunyn shyly waved to the other girl and then the male, knowing it was Jin's father. Sunny was feeling very imtimidated by the height difference between the three, pouting when she noticed she was the shortest. She should've wore her high heels.

"Hello, I'm Lee Sun Woo, or Sunny. Nice to meet you. I make videos with my little brother." Sunny greeted, bowing quickly and watching Sian who toddled towards Jin, bowing. It really wasn't a bow, more of a dipping of his head but his hands were on his stomach so you could tell it was a bow. "Daebakie." He said, patting his chest and grinning.

"Daebak is three.. He's not great with words but he understands thing well.." Sian jumped around the younger boy, squealing happily as he saw a balloon. A lady came over and handed him two balloons, one for him and Jin.

"Here." Sian said, handing Jin the balloon. "You need to tie it on your wrist so it doesn't fly way!" Sian jumped as he explained, using his whole body to explain.



𝕝𝕠𝕧𝕖 𝕞𝕖 𝕠𝕣 𝕟𝕠𝕥

Jumi Sung

jumi’s residency is in new york, which makes her go to the airport early evening to arrive in tokyo with just enough time to shower and change her slobbish clothing in the hotel. jumi drags her luggage and hands it to her manager, who puts it into the trunk. jumi is seen with a pair of sweatpants and a tanktop underneath her hoodie.
“you have your camera?” her manager asks.
“yeah…” she replies with a slight british accent.
“don’t forget to update daily on twitter and instagram.” her manager reminds her.
“yup. smile, i’m taking a picture now.”
“Dude!” her manager says as she pulls her face mask up and sunglasses down.


jumi unlocked the hotel door to not find her roommate. She shrugged and picked the bed closest to the balcony. she hopped onto the bed and played with her phone for a little bit before she took a quick shower and change into a pair of green shorts,blue button up, pair of brown booties, and a cute fedora. she took the elevator and into the lobby. she sat in one of the side chairs waiting for someone to arrive.

@ anyone in the lobby
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heaven in hiding

Park Haneul

interactions: pasta pasta k a r m a k a r m a
location: seoul, south korea // time: 12:18pm
Haneul gave his DSLR camera one last smile, reaching over to press the small red button on the side of it, swiftly stopping the recording with enough room to edit the ending. He'd edit on the plane, it wasn't a very long video and he was well practiced in the art of editing footage on the go; always opting to edit in coffee shops and libraries as opposed to his own, tiny apartment.

Standing up, Haneul stretched his legs out, sorting the creases out in his jeans as he walked over to the tripod and camera set up, packing it away without having to think too much about where everything goes. He was so used to bringing his camera out, setting it up, making sure the lighting was alright, recording and then putting it all back again. It was second nature now, even though he hadn't actually been uploading to YouTube for very long, it was still a similar process whenever he took photos for Instagram.

Speaking of which, after packing all of his equipment away, Haneul perched himself on the end of his couch and pulled out his phone, wanting to post something to Instagram or Twitter before he left for his flight. In the end, however, he chose to take a candid selfie to post to his Instagram story and his Snapchat story before sliding his phone into his jean pockets and grabbing his keys. Despite how big Incheon Airport actually was, Haneul's favourite coffee shop was still yet to be found there (a very grumpy, caffeine deprived Haneul had discovered this a few months ago), which meant he had approximately an hour before he had to leave for his flight.

At the coffee shop, Haneul sent a few texts to his friends, making sure to send a quick direct message to a friend he'd met a while ago when they visited Seoul, letting them know he would be heading to Tokyo soon. It was the one thing Haneul loved about his online presence; the fact he could make friends with so many different types of people. The fact he was fluent in both English and Korean helped him with the small international fanbase he had as well as the fans he had in South Korea, and meant that he could talk to people from all over the world.

His coffee was almost cold by the time he got back to his apartment, the latter half of the walk had Haneul slowly jogging to get back after realising he'd be late for his ride to the airport. Haneul ran inside, grabbing his already packed bags and double checked he had everything before heading out to the car.

location: tokyo, japan // time: 3:23pm​
Haneul had never been to Tokyo before. He'd never been to Japan. Or many places in Asia to be truthful. His travels had mainly been confined to Europe and a few trips to South America during his early school years. Haneul spent the drive from the airport to the hotel looking out of the window, suddenly thankful for the brief interest he'd had in the Japanese language. Plus the fact he'd soon be seeing his friend, from whom he'd learnt the odd bit of Japanese from (granted, they usually spoke in Korean).

Haneul decided to head straight into the hotel lobby, figuring that he'd get to look around the city at some point anyway. After being given his room key, he rode the elevator up to his floor and got settled in his room. The room was fairly nice, but in typical Haneul -fashion, he chucked his things on the empty bed and checked his phone for notifications. He ended up taking a selfie, paired with a quick photo of the city view from the hotel window and uploaded both onto his Instagram, coupled with numerous emojis.

A few moments later, he found himself back down in the lobby, wandering around aimlessly for a little before happening upon a few others. He immediately recognised August, and a young woman he didn't recognise until he got up closer. Still somewhat unable to put a face to the name though.

"Hi August, long time no see." Haneul approached the two, giving August a small smile as he spoke Korean. He turned and bowed slightly to the girl, greeting her in Korean too, assuming she did speak the language.



I love Kookies
The original plan was for Skylar to meet up with Liam at his dorm at around seven in the evening. That gave him enough time to finish up his packing, that she knew he was going to do last minute. She already finished packing the night before, so Skylar spent her day working on her novel and editing some videos with her good friend Liana. The two have been friends since they were in middle school and Liana would often help her and Liam edit their YouTube videos. Sometimes she would even show up in their vlogs. Seeing it was still a little early to go to the airport, after they finished the last of the video editing, they decided to go get an early dinner.

After making a quick stop to eat dim sum, they drove back to campus to go pick up Liam at his dorm. She specifically told him that they were going to be there at around seven, and no surprise there, he wasn't ready yet. Now Skylar and Liana are sitting in Liana's car, parked outside his dorm building, and waiting for Liam to finish getting ready. Skylar was already stressing out waiting for him. The thought of possibly missing their flight constantly plagued her mind. What made it worse for her was the fact that Liam wasn't picking up her calls. After the fourth time being sent to voicemail, Skylar decides to call his roommate Ricky. Like Liana, Ricky was also a good friend of theirs, and would also help out with the editing when he had the spare time. Unlike Liam, Ricky actually answers his phone. "Hello?"

"Ricky! Where in the heck is Liam?! We're going to miss our flight!" she yells into her phone.

"Oh yeah, Liam's almost ready. He just needs to find his snoopy headband and then, he'll be ready to go."

"What? Why does he even need to bring that thing? He barely even wears it."

"That's what I've been saying for the past twenty minutes." Skylar could hear Liam's voice in the background screaming, "I finally found it!"

"Is he finally ready to go?" she says with a sigh.

"Yeah, we'll be down in a few minutes." Ricky responds, and the two ended the call. Just as he says, within a few minutes, the two boys were walking out of the building with Liam's belongings. They stuffed his things alongside Skylar's luggage that was in the trunk. The three in the car said goodbye to Ricky, and they finally drove off towards the airport. Along the way, they were jamming out to random korean songs that were in Skylar's phone.

Once they arrived at the airport, Skylar hugged Liana goodbye and thanked her for the ride. While she was away, Liana would house-sit her apartment, so she also made Liana promise to take good care of her hamster and that her bedroom was off limits to anyone besides Liana. Skylar and Liam took their things out of the trunk and walked into the airport. While they were going through the usual airport routine, they were both constantly updating their Snapchat story to update their fans on their little airport adventure. Some of their fans even came up to talk to them as they were waiting to board the plane.

One long twelve hour flight later, they finally landed in Tokyo. They mostly slept through the plane ride, but when they were awake, Skylar and Liam were just messing around and recording each other with the camera they brought with them. About half of the videos were just them talking about the trip in general and Skylar recording Liam dealing with his claustrophobia, and the other half were just of Skylar giving Liam a crash course in the Japanese language. She has only been learning for about two years, but she was fluent enough to survive on her own. Liam, on the other hand, only knew a few words in Japanese, but that's only because he memorized them after watching so much Anime. Before they landed, she manages to teach him some helpful phrases, like asking where the bathroom was, how much something was, how to ask for directions, and other stuff like that.

As they were making their way through and out of the bustling airport, Liam was holding up the camera recording their every move. It was obvious he was having trouble holding up the small camera, while dragging along two suitcases behind him. "Seriously, do you need help?" she laughs trying to take the camera from Liam, but he pulls the camera away from her. "I'm fine"

"Give me the camera, you're not even holding it straight"

"No way, our subscribers needs to finally see you looking like a mess. I for once get to be the only one who looks good."

Skylar just rolls her eyes in response. Normally, she would have dolled herself up when she goes out in public, but she didn't want wear makeup and her nice clothes on the plane. She was currently barefaced, wearing sweats, her hair was disheveled underneath her beanie, and her face was a little puffy from sleeping on the plane. "Well excuse me for wanting to be comfortable on a twelve hour flight. You don't even look any better than me. We're wearing the exact same thing!" she points at him. He was also wearing sweats like her and was even in a matching beanie.

"Sorry to break it to you, but I look good in anything." Skylar lets out a groan and started to walk ahead of him. If she had continued the conversation, she knew they were just going to stand there and just keep going around in circles until she admits he's handsome. The two continued their way out of the airport and managed to grab a cab. Skylar told the driver where they were going and soon they were off to the hotel.

Once at their destination, Skylar pays the driver and the grabs their things out of the trunk. With their belongings in hand, the two walked into the hotel and got the keys to their rooms from the front desk. Taking the elevator up, Skylar was playing on her phone, while Liam had his headphones in his ears, trying to distract himself from being in the elevator. It wasn't that cramped, but just standing in there made him feel uneasy. Finally arriving at their rooms, they were still a little early, so the two decided to freshen up and change out of their sweats. It took them about forty minutes, before they head back down to the lobby to greet the other show participants.

Skylar was excited to be a part of the show. It was one of her dreams to travel around the world, and now she get's to fulfill it, with her best friend no less. She was, however, a little nervous because she was about to meet a bunch of people she doesn't know. Thoughts were racing through her head a mile a second. She tried calming herself down by thinking about what she's going to say beforehand, so she doesn't embarrass herself. There was one person Skylar and Liam knew that was going to be on the show, but even that person doesn't seem to like her that much.

Liam didn't seem to be that nervous, well the only thing he was nervous about was being in that elevator again. Sure, travelling the world sounded exciting and he was looking forward to it, but he doesn't get nervous about social interactions like Skylar does. He either becomes friends with new people, or he doesn't. He just doesn't worry about whether or not other people will like him. Liam likes to be himself and that's all he really needs.

Finally getting down to the lobby, Liam dashes out of the elevator, afraid to stay in, what he calls a death trap, any longer. Skylar just shakes her head and follows him to where the other entertainers have gathered. Whereas Liam scanned the group, getting a good look at everyone's faces, Skylar could only see the two little boys, she recognized as Jin and Sian. They were just as adorable in person as they were in the videos she watched. They both reminded her of her baby brothers. Skylar runs off to join the group, leaving a confused Liam behind. Not even realizing that there were others around, she slowly crouches down to the children's eye level, which was somewhat difficult, since she was so tall and was wearing a skirt. She still kept her distance, afraid to startle the children.

"Hi! I'm Skylar, what's your name?" she asks in a gentle and loving voice, while waving hello, and looking back and forth between Jin and Sian. Skylar already knew their names, but she thought it would be better for the children to introduce themselves, since she was indeed a stranger. She also asked in Korean, knowing full well it would be easier for them, or at least for Sian, to communicate that way. Plus, Skylar didn't want to repeat herself in both English and Korean.

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f r o m|l o n d e n|t o |t o k y o
london. 8:20am.
Moonie Quickly gathered the rest of his clothes, and took his favourite cat glasses with him. Of course this goofball must bring his jokes along with him, just to be the life of the party. His suitcase was slightly overpacked and it rose opened on his neatly made up bed. He sat on the lid, carefully closing it around him to fit everything in. He was extremely for this trip, for finally meeting other YouTubers from around the world again. It was always a thrill for him to find newer people. Moonie took a quick sip of his tea as he sat on his suitcase casually, looking for his reservations for a taxi and flight details. Quickly making a note of his mental checklist, scanning the room for anything that might have been missing from his carry-on bag, he soon hopped off of his suitcase, pulling it down from his bed and rolling it out to his open spaced living room/kitchen. He glanced at the small bag of macaroons he had and grabbed those quickly, before he left his apartment with his suitcase lugging behind him.

japan. 3:25pm.
Moonie walked out of the terminal, yawning at the eleven hour flight jet lag. He stretched, rolling out part of his back as he took his suitcase off the ramp. Walking to near the original meeting place, he quickly diverted his eyes to a McDonalds, in desperate need of a sugar rush. Now, Moonie stood there with his arms folded in, and his head turning back and forth to the group and the fast food chain of goodness. Group or Soda? Soda...Or group? He huffed and quickly continued over to the group of YouTubers, waving tiredly at them. As he approached him, he smiled his big usual grin with his hunched over shoulders adding as an exaggeration. He rubbed his eyes constantly as the jet lag took full effect to him, or it was the fact that he needed some sort of sugar to wake up.

pasta pasta P P A S T R Y youngkyun youngkyun Everyone Everyone else



internet girl

Jae and Jin Won
Mood- Jae; Happy Jin; Excited, amazed
Interactions; youngkyun youngkyun JenniPerson JenniPerson peachuu peachuu P P A S T R Y

Tokyo, Japan 3:30 pm
Jin's eyes brightened when Sian handed him the balloon. He glanced over at Sian when he told him not to let it go. He went against what his new friend said and let it go. "Ah!" He squeaked. Thanks to Jae's height, he was able to grab it. "He told you not to let it go," He said as he crouched down to tie it on his son's wrist. He stood up before straightening up his clothes.

He shyly waved to the new girl who came over. "I'm Jin!" He exclaimed when she asked what his name was. Though he was feeling shy, he could still act crazy like he usually does. "I have a stegosaurus," He chimed as he held up his toy to the girl.

Jae was almost shocked at the amount of people that were coming over. It was a nice big crowd of different entertainers. He glanced down at his son when he began to run away. He was giggling as he ran towards the person who just joined him. Jae instantly recognized the person Jin was running to. It was the person Jin constantly asked to watch.

Jin looked up at the male, and reached up for his hand. "I watch your videos a lot." The only reason Jin wasn't scared of Moonie was because he had watched his videos so many times. "I love you."

Jin running off had caused Jae to hurry after him. "I'm sorry," He apologized to Moonie. It must being weird to have a random little child run up to you, and take your hand.

August Jun Go
mood; happy
interactions; k a r m a k a r m a jiminie jiminie

Tokyo, Japan 3:30 pm
August glanced over at the male who approached them. "Oh, Haneul. Long time no see indeed," He smiled before taking a moment to think. He wondered what room his friend had. Maybe their rooms were close to each. "What room do you have?" He asked cursorily as he itched his nose. He glanced over at Jenni, now wanting to know what room she had. "What room do you have?" He asked her.

The two had met during August's week long stay in Seoul. August had already followed Haneul awhile back. He needed someone to show him around, so he messaged Haneul, and that begun their friendship.

Letting out a sigh, he looked back over at the large group of youtubers. They were still all gathered around, presumably playing with the little children. "We should probably go over there. It's best to make friends right at the start," He stated.


k a r m a

stan ateez
Jenni was completely relieved when August seemed to recognize her. His smile planted a new set of confidence in her and all her past doubts of interacting with him flew out the window. "Really?" Jenni grinned. She never really checked for who her followers were on Instagram. She followed people and never really worried about being followed back because if she liked their content, why would it matter if they had to like hers back too just because she liked theirs?

"I'm not sure." She shrugged as she looked around before focusing her attention on him. "I guess we were a bit early." August had taken the words right from her mouth and she laughed quietly to herself at that fact. She was about to tell him that the other entertainers seemed to be now arriving but he'd beaten her to it, saying it as an afterthought.

"I'm good. Actually, I'm quite excited for this trip." Jenni replied to his question with a smile. "What about you?" She looked at him curiously. When he pointed out the Youtubers she looked over in their direction. "Ah, I see them." Jenni nodded. She felt that maybe she and August should go over to them but she held that thought when she noticed another boy heading in their direction. Jenni bowed to him like he did to her, assuming that he and August were old friends because of the way he greeted him. If she recalled correctly, he was a Youtuber and also on Instagram. A few of his videos popped up in her recommendations but she never took the time to actually go through anything to familiarize herself with it. "Hi." She said. "I'm Jenni."



As Charlotte looked up, she thought three things; First, Did she just meet face to face with a giant, Second, She probably was in trouble for taking pictures of kids.
Charlotte stared into his eyes for a moment like a deer in headlights, realizing that the kid she took a picture of was the son of the Woo Won Jae, one of the Youtubers who would be one the trip. Short after that "deer" moment of short lived terror, Charlotte soon stood up from her crouched position and soon bowed to indicate her presence and greetings in way. "H-hello, I'm Bok Seong A- I mean Charlotte Bok, nice to meet y'all." She said Korean, soon with a little country twang at the end of the sentence. She looked up, trying to recover from the small incident that happened with a smile and a little remark, ending with another friendly smirk. "That was- fun." She added to her handshake, adding to her innocence that couldn't seem to be erased.
She then looked at the other who had seemed to be their with her peripheral vision, seeming to dwarf her with the exception of Sunny, one of the youtubers whom she knew since she was a fan of her and her brother. Seong Ah then looked back down to the children and smiled one of the warmest smiles she could muster up in the middle of her anxious airport fret which had unleashed again in the meeting of the others. Hopefully they can't read through it.

Please excuse my awkward peach and my awful puns.

Mentions - pasta pasta & youngkyun youngkyun JenniPerson JenniPerson peachuu peachuu

Interacting - Jin, Si An, Won Jae

Outfit - Peach Girl

Mood - Anxious/Awkward/



heaven in hiding

Park Haneul

interactions: pasta pasta k a r m a k a r m a junie junie
location: tokyo, japan // time: 3:30pm
"Haneul." He answered the girl, who'd introduced herself as Jenni, with a smile before turning back to August. One of the few people he'd met in person and actually got along with. Most of the time when Haneul willingly met up with people (friends) he'd made online, they often wound up not talking much again. The usual occurrence of people disliking Haneul's personality; it bothered him a little. Obviously, just as any other human being, Haneul did enjoy the company of other people.. there simply weren't many people who were willing to put up with his quietness.

Haneul shrugged when August asked what his room number was. Truthfully, he remembered it as he was walking up through the hotel and he'd remembered it up until he'd gotten back in the elevator down to the lobby. And he didn't feel the need to take the key card out of his pocket and check. He'd find out who his roommate(s) would be later on when it was time to retire to their respective rooms. For now, he wanted to get to know everyone... or at least watch everyone else getting to know each other.

After a few moments of staring into space, Haneul gave Jenni and August a pained smile before reluctantly wandering closer to the small gathering of people near by. He recognised a few of them, he'd heard of all of the people on the trip but only really paid attention to a few. August was the only one he knew well. He'd heard of Jenni through Instagram, but he hadn't watched her videos on her YouTube channel. The other people cluttered around near by consisted of both adults and children. Children.. Haneul liked children, despite his very low exposure to actually being around many. He adored their simplicities, the fact that life hadn't... tainted them yet. But, if Haneul was to be honest, he'd also tell you he dislikes children. They're loud, they make mess and they never seem to calm down. Why have a child when you can have a puppy? The only difference is a puppy doesn't talk back. Haneul chuckled to himself as he stuffed his hands into his jean pockets, stopping before he got to the group.

He watched them interacting, the children seemed happy and the adults seemed engrossed in conversation. Haneul paid no mind to whether August and Jenni would go join them, opting to stay out of it for now and introduce himself later; he never liked big groups of people. Instead, he walked over to a small seating area and took a seat next to a young woman. She was dressed in shorts and a button up and Haneul appraised her effort in looking put-together, considering he himself ended up staying in his airport clothes; a pair of black skinny jeans and an oversized hooded jumper. Haneul rested his elbows on his knees and clasped his hands together as he leant forward slightly, watching the rest of the group converse amongst themselves. After a beat of silence, Haneul turned his head slightly to look at the young woman. He recognised her from YouTube, granted he hadn't watched any of her content, but he knew she did beauty-things.. whatever that consisted of.



𝕝𝕠𝕧𝕖 𝕞𝕖 𝕠𝕣 𝕟𝕠𝕥

Jumi Sung

jumi played Clawbert on her phone while waiting for other Youtubers and Instagram models showed up. After a few minutes of having her full focus on her game, she noticed a few Youtubers and Instagram models showed up, as she was about to leave her seat, she noticed a young asian male next to her. she peeked to her left side to see who it was.
"God, who is this creep?" she thought do herself.
then her eyes lit up. "park haneul??" she said in her head. she's was always jealous of how he was able to be so open about lgbt. she never came out to her fans that she was bisexual, but only to her close friends like her manager. the modeling business is tough, so her manger thought it would be best for her to keep quiet.
she decided to say something to him, not only because she's secretly a fan of him, but because he's staring at her as well. she decided to get up from her seat and try to make a conversation to him.
"aren't you park haneul?" she decided ask casually.
"i'm sung jumi." she said boldly, a smile planted on her face and her hand out for him to shake

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queen of the stars


Location: Hotel Lobby
Scenario: "This is fun!"
With: Kelly Rainzen Rainzen , Liam JenniPerson JenniPerson
Mentions: Liam JenniPerson JenniPerson

collab with Rainzen Rainzen

"We have so little time on this planet we call home. It would be a shame if we didn't let our true selves shine for as long as we're living on it."

Spencer Whitcomb
Spencer flopped onto her bed, flat on her back with her arms splayed out, and heaved a heavy sigh of relief. Her bags were all packed. Thank god, because it has taken her much too long to do it...but she had been procrastinating. First, there was that pretty purple sweater that she insisted on trying on...then she had gotten distracted by the fact that she had a lipstick that matched it well...and insisted on putting that on. Really, packing for her was nearly impossible because she kept finding fun new things to fuck with. But now, her bags were all zipped up and she was ready to go. "You know. I'm actually really excited for this trip. Meeting some people we've only seen here and there on the internet. How many of them do you think re going to be bitches?" Her voice and question both were directed towards her best friend.

Kelly had gotten a bit overly excited about the trip and had packed everything a week ago. His bags had been sitting in his living room by the door since then. Their shuttle would be coming soon, and Kelly had been at Spencer's house for the past few hours preparing for the trip. "I checked out the cast list, they all seem friendly enough" he answered with a shrug, rising up from where he had been positioned with his torso backwards and upside down hanging off the edge of his best friends bed like a little kid. YouTube accounts could be deceiving, but he tended to be more optimistic about people than Spencer. "They're all hot, there's a bonus." He added, grinning.

"Yeah, sure they seem nice enough via social media. But when you meet people in person...that opens up a whole new can of worms." Spencer grinned then. "But yeah. I will give to you that they're hot." She rolled over then to lay on her stomach and kick her legs up behind her. "Speaking of hot. Liam is going. Pretty excited about that. I haven't seen him since I made it out to LA last year." Spencer chuckled and settled her chin onto her hands.

Kelly raised his eyebrows. "Oh?" He hadn't made the initial connection but the Liam on the trip was probably the one she tended to talk about. "That guy you have the ridiculous crush on?" He teased. Kelly tended to avoid crushes as much as possible and found it particularly amusing when his friends got wrapped up in them. He had absolutely no qualms about teasing Spencer about it the entire trip when they were alone.

Spencer stuck her tongue out at him. "Not a crush so much as an appreciation of the arts." She laughed then. "You should watch your tone Kel, you're coming off a little jealous. I mean. I know it's hard to get over someone like moi, but you really should move on." She winked at him to let him know that she was absolutely kidding and that he need not worry.

With feigned heartbreak on his face, Kelly put his hand over his heart. "You know you're the only woman for me." He answered dramatically. Before he could continue the charade, his phone started buzzing. After some frantic tearing apart of the blanket near him to find it, he picked it up and read the shuttle companies caller ID on the screen. "Looks like our rides here." He didn't bother to answer the call, they would be outside in a second anyway, and sprung off the bed to grab his bags.

Spencer, alerted by the sudden buzzing, had sprung to find her own phone, but after picking it up off the bedside table realized it was, in fact, Kally's phone that had been buzzing. Slipping it into her purse, she grabbed her own bags and lead the way towards the door. "Ahh! This is all so exciting! I'm so ready for this!"

Kelly was practically bouncing on his feet. "I know, it doesn't even feel real" he said as the driver loaded their bags into the shuttle. It was a fairly short drive to the airport, but neither of them had wanted to take a bus in addition to the ridiculously long plane ride they had in store.

As soon as they got through security and found their gate, Kelly's first action was to find the closest Starbucks. He would need the caffeine if he was going to manage to stay awake to keep Spencer company for any part of this flight.

Spencer laughed at Kelly's immediate desire to find a Starbucks. She herself would be good with some Fiji water. Caffeine wasn't really her style. And neither was sleeping on planes. Of course, she would actually hate herself if she stayed awake for the whole flight to Japan. That was ridiculous. "You think Japan is actually like the cliche shit you find all of the internet? Or do you think its just normal and maybe more high tech then the U.S.?"

Kelly shrugged, sipping at his triple shot frappuccino with about twelve different shots of flavoring. "It's just a different culture. From what I understand, we'll be spending most of our time in downtown Tokyo so I imagine the cutesy consumerist culture will be pretty prevolent. Kind of like how downtown Seattle actually is full of Starbucks and hipsters I guess." He answered, eyeing the flight departure board. They would probably be called for boarding soon.

"Hm. I suppose so, yeah." Spencer took a sip from her water and twisted the cap back on before standing up. "Come on. Let's go ahead and head to the terminal so we don't have to deal with people getting in our way."

"We get to board with first class, remember?" He answered, headed over to the terminal anyway. The show had sprung for them to at least fly for eleven hours comfortably. He had never been on a flight for more than a few hours before, this should be interesting.

Sure enough, shortly after they arrived they began preboarding and it wasn't long before they were lined up to get on the plane.

Naturally, once aboard the plane, Spencer took the window seat with a small smug smile directed towards Kelly, and lounged happily in the seat. "Ready?"

Kelly shrugged when she smugly took the window seat, glad the rows were only two across in the first class section. "You're loss. I'm taking my leg off and I'm not moving until this flight is over" he told her, stashing his backpack and, true to his word, his leg underneath the seat when he sat down. Normally he didn't take it off or put it on a lot throughout the day without good reason but there was no point in wearing a fake leg when you would be sitting for over ten hours.

Despite his best efforts, Kelly didn't stay awake for more than a few hours into the flight. It wasn't even late but he had been antsy, and had been up most of the night in the studio because he couldn't sleep. It was a few hours before they landed that he actually woke up and went back to keeping his friend company again.

The plane landed without incident, Kelly had put his leg back on as soon as they had started circling the airport, and were among for first to get off.

It was right around when they were getting off that Kelly realized they might have a problem. All of the signs were in Japanese. Everyone seemed to be headed the same way though. "I guess we follow them?" When in doubt, tail someone who looks like they know what they're doing. This airport was larger than any other airport Kelly had been in, and operated on a foreign language. It was exciting and intimidating.

Fortunately, the signs also mostly had pictures, they were able to infer where baggage claim and the taxi pickup area were fairly easily, soon enough they were on the way to the hotel.

Spencer was relieved when they finally reached the hotel. "Well. We're here. Thank god. That flight was crazy long."

Kelly laughed at that. "Yeah sorry, I guess it did feel like longer for you." It had felt like almost no time at all since he had fallen asleep for about eight hours in the middle of it. He did have a hell of a crick in his neck though. When they entered the lobby, everyone seemed to be milling about already. They weren't the last ones, were they? He recognized everyone here, mostly because he had gone on a binge and social media stalked everyone as soon as the cast list had come up. Naturally, as any good friend was obligated to, Kelly conspicuously nudged Spencer when he noticed her crush standing outside the circle surrounding their two youngest group members. "Should we go say hi?"

Spencer rolled her eyes at Kelly, then laughed good-naturedly. "Only if you don't say anything to embarrass me." She stuck her tongue out playfully, then threaded her arm through his before dragging him forward towards Liam. "Liam! God, I haven't seen you in forever!"

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the bts life

Sawyer Moretti

location: Tokyo, Japan - mood: jetlagged, slightly curious
Sawyer rubbed at the dark spots under her eyes as if that would actually rid her of the hideous splotches. It was nothing that a bit of concealer couldn’t fix but her sleepy mind was working to slow to think of that. She’d been awake since almost three am though Sawyer hadn’t even gone to asleep until one am. She had laid in bed, scrolling through her twitter feed, which is how she usually fell asleep but the butterflies in her stomach kept her awake. She ended up packing and nervous packing, Sawyer found out, was not good. Practically her whole apartment was packed into three suitcases and a duffel bag and she idly wondered how she was going to get all of the luggage to the airport as she ran a hand through her hair.
She had already taken a shower and ate a meager breakfast but her appearance could use some work. Sawyer had even refrained from posting selfies on her social medias. Against her better judgment, she had let her hair air dry and now it looked like she had stuck her finger in a light socket. It was curled much like a poodle, sticking up around her head like a fuzzy halo. That paired with her oversized black sweatshirt and ripped up jeans gave a rather sloppy appearance but at 5:30 in the morning and running on an hour of sleep, she didn’t really care.
Sawyer called her older sister, Isabella, the day before to ask for help with lugging everything to the airport. She had said yes of course but Izzy was never good about being on time and Sawyer could only imagine what the New York traffic would do to her. While she waited, Sawyer dabbed on some makeup so that she didn’t look like a corpse and then she texted Izzy. [Where r u? My flights at 6]
When she didn’t respond, Sawyer dragged all her luggage onto the front step of her apartment and watched as traffic sluggishly made its way down the street, the occasional sound of honking splitting the air. After fifteen minutes of waiting, she was beginning to lose hope. She should’ve just got a cab but now it was too late.
Sawyer pulled out her phone to text her sister again but then she spotted Isabella walking down the curb. “We’re gonna be late!” Sawyer yelled from the step and Izzy waved her off like getting to Japan on time for the biggest proposition of her career wasn’t important. A spark of anger ran up her spine but she tampered it down. Getting mad right now wouldn’t help so she relaxed into her sister’s hug and let her play with her hair. “Is this how you’re going? Looking like a raggedy-“ her sister started to say but Sawyer lightly pushed her hand away from hair. The look on her face must of gave Isabella the hint that she wasn’t in the mood for her comments.
“That’s how you say hi?” Sawyer snapped back and that’s when the bickering started and it continued all the way to the airport. It even made her way into the short vlog that Sawyer filmed which the viewers always found amusing. Honestly, Sawyer found it amusing too, even though she pretended to be annoyed.
“Good luck, munchkin.” Izzy said, pulling Sawyer into a tight hug. “I’ll miss you.”
Sawyer was ready to board her flight but Isabella was clinging to her like a baby koala. “I know, Iz. I’ll miss you too.”
Sawyer detatched herself from her sister’s embrace and kissed her cheek. “I’ll facetime you.”
“Don’t forget!”
[skipping airplane bits]
Sawyer arrived in Japan jetlagged and exhausted. She started to shoot a log of her adventuring around the airport but she stopped it half through when she began to feel her eyelids getting heavy. The trip to the hotel was a blur and when she arrived, she debated going straight to her room. However, once she saw the group gathered in the lobby, Sawyer sighed and walked over to them.
“Hey guys.” She greeted in a much more subdued tone that what she normally would have.

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