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Interested in 1x1s, LGBTQ+ welcoming

I am interested in 1x1 RPing in one of many fandoms, romance optional. I also generally play transgender characters, so if you're not comfortable with that, go elsewhere. I prefer any combination of genders, whether it be MxF, FxF, MxM, or anything else!

Doctor Who: Doctor (Maybe new regeneration, maybe not)/OC Companion

Harry Potter: OC/OC (Students)

Pathfinder RPG: Yeah, I know, seems stupid, but I really like fantasy worlds like it. Please don't judge me.

RWBY: OC/OC Either students, or full-fledged Huntresses/Huntsman

Star Wars: Bounty Hunter/Bounty Hunter, Jedi/Jedi, Sith/Sith. Either Old Republic (Before Prequels) or New Republic (Before Force Awakens)

Avatar the Last Airbender: Up for any era or pairing, really.

Please either reply, or shoot me a PM if you're interested!
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rat king princess

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I love Avatar! I think an LGBT+ Avatar thread would be super interesting. I prefer FxF but I am also open to anything :) I'm a new member so I can't send PMs yet, but I'd love to chat with you!


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I'd totally be up for a Doctor Who or Harry Potter RP! Message me and we could come up with some plot ideas.

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