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Multiple Settings Interest check (RWBY, genshin, and more!)

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hi, ur cute
So, I guess I’ll get right into it!
You can call me Ender, I’m currently looking for people to do 1 on 1’s with.

Things you need to know:
- I’m not super active since I’m just now getting back into RPing, but I can probably manage a post every other day at the least (with enough muse).
- I write about a paragraph to three.. depending on what the other person gives me.
- I’m going to say that good spelling and grammar is a must! Somebody who can write the amount I can is preferred.
- I’ve been roleplaying for almost seven years, writing since I was young!
- I’m 20, so I would prefer to roleplay with people 18+
- I have a LOT of ideas if you can bounce some back and forth with me, I love an interesting conversation.
- I’ve only ever been able to roleplay as females!
- I prefer F x M, but I’ll do F x F no problem

Things I’ll do;
- Fandom (TV based), preferably AU with our own characters
- Anime, also AU with our own characters
- Fantasy
- Magic
- Supernatural
- Apocalyptic & Post-Apocalyptic
- Angels, demons
- Mystery

What I’m really interested in right now;
-Genshin impact w/ our own OC’s, possibly our own plot as well.

-RWBY themed also w/ our own characters and a different plot line.

-God/Goddess would consist of a God or prince of the underworld romance with a goddess or princess of the heavenly/angel realm. Definitely leading into it, starting out would be more of a hate relationship forming into a love/hate and then into love. Their kind could either be at war or maybe the prince has some sort of quest with the goddesses/princesses potential Earth friend.

-Standard prince/princess would consist of a princesses relationship w/ a suitor (prince). Basically the plot line would be them bickering and figuring out their relationship as it’s a forced one, but eventually falling in love with one another.

-All of these are subjective to change and I am always for bouncing around plot ideas, matter of fact I love world building and figuring out new plots and things as we go-​
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