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[Interest Check] Riverbrook Academy For Talented Juveniles

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This World Is Mine!
I would like to point out that I took the setting and some character elements from Danganronpa V3. However, if you have no clue what that is that’s perfectly fine! I am not taking any plot elements from it, just giving credit where it is due.

This is a boarding school rp for gifted “troubled youth” that might otherwise be in jail. Yes I know there’s quite a few of those but I’ll try my best to make this one stick out. I will post more info if I get at least 3 other people interested. I will likely keep this always open unless I get a mass amount of people (which is unlikely to happen). Here are some guidelines to know first:

This RP is LGBTQ friendly!!

The RP setting is very casual and plots will probably be determined as we go.

I don’t have a set requirement for length as long as it keeps the roleplay going. Try to avoid one to two liners though as those often don’t give others much to go off of.

I encourage people to play more than one character. In fact, try to play as many as you can keep track of! This will encourage more activity, even if we have a low amount of people.

Again, I want at least three people interested before I put up a character template or go into very big details.

If you have any questions just ask!

Edit: Updated the title to attempt to reduce confusion on the meaning of “gifted”
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I'm quite interested. Haven't actually done an RP like this before, although they seem quite popular.
I'm sure I'll have questions when the extra information is posted, however I don't have any for now. (((:


This World Is Mine!
Alright! As soon as I finish what I’m doing for something else I’ll get the threads up. I will link it here when it’s up


This World Is Mine!

Character sheets are up. I’ll try to look at them as soon as I see the alert. I’ll get my own up shortly

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