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Fandom Inspector Gadget RP


So I thought of a Idea I thought could be fun for a RP

Set years Later when Penny is grown up she's going on Missions fighting Neo Mad and has a young Son named Peter who has Gadget abilities like Penny's Uncle (I can explain more about that if you're interested) and he goes on Missions with her while she helps him learn to use his Gadgets.

Thought it be like a fun reversal on how it normal works plus I always liked the idea of seeing Penny grown up battling Evil as agent.

This idea also uses Talion from the 2015 show who I was thinking would run Neo Mad

We can discuss more if you're interested

I'd be playing Peter and would like someone to play Penny if they don't mind.

We can discuss other characters to and if you have a OC made for Inspector Gadget they can be used in this to as long as they make sense in universe

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