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Hello, friends!

As the title announced, I am looking to start a few fun role plays. I am not going to outline all my rules and musings of an ideal partner in great detail. I will just say that I prefer quality over quantity, I understand that people get busy and can't always respond everyday/all day, and I am not a perfectionist when it comes to grammar and spelling... but please know the proper forms of "your/you're", "there/their/they're", "too/to/two", and please (for the love of god) do not spell "definitely" as "defiantely"

That being said! Cheers to being laid back, having fun, and creating a cool narrative together!

Now, I prefer to play a female character (being that I am one) and have heterosexual pairings. Also, characters 18+ only please. I am more than willing to double because I am a team player like that, but if we are only going to have one main character each, I would prefer a female role. I love side characters though and don't count them toward our overall characters.
I also love face claims ^_^ feel free to send as much info/as many photos of your character as you want! Heck, even send their outfits. I don't care, haha.

I also prefer to role play over PMs. It is just easier for me to keep track of that way.

My cravings change day-to-day, but here's what I am feeling right now --

Bodyguard x charge

Supernatural prophecy (I am itching to play a witch-y character as I just finished the new Charmed)... think witches, demons, vampires, werewolves, whatever

Mythology meets the "real world"... something where we take Greek Gods and put them in a modern day setting?

If you have any plots, I would love to hear them! Or suggest a genre/topic/pairing to me and I will see if it sounds interesting :)
*please keep in mind I do not rp fandoms
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