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Realistic or Modern Infernal Intervention (Urban Fantasy / Tactical Espionage RP)

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Action, Adventure, LGTBQ Friendly, Magical, Multiverse, Realistic, Supernatural


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EDIT: We now have our Character Sheet page up and running! Thank you everyone who expressed interest in this!

The year is 2095. Fifty years ago, the gods returned to Earth. Humanity's technological advancements had nearly reached singularity, and worship was about to die out completely, which would wipe the pantheons of the multiverse out of existence. They performed miracles to the public, made their presence and their origins known, and brought back with them magic, enchantment, and the infinite possibilities of an endless multiverse. Monsters, no longer hiding in dark corners of the Earth, came out and mingled with humanity. The gift of magic was strengthened by the return of the gods, and what were once parlor tricks or the odd competent occultist became a renaissance of the magically-adept. The world would never be the same, and worship would return.

However, there was one glaring issue: this wasn't the swords and sandals era of the old days. Humans in positions of economic or political influence came up with an ultimatum: the gods are no longer inherently superior, they must abide by the rules of man and sit at the table as equals to humanity, not overlords. Pantheons became recognized nations, mages organized into unions, gods became mutual providers of goods and services akin to business owners, and souls and magic power were the end-all currency of this new mystic age.

This agreement, though accepted, had its share of problems. Gods of evil and wicked corporations working in harmony begin plotting on a massive scale. Humans who already had an agenda of terrorism suddenly find themselves under the tutelage of a war god who gives them the power to shoot fire out of their eyes. Monsters of a different culture and morality do something that causes all-out race riots across an entire country. Manipulators from all walks of mortal and immortal life happily use underhanded tactics to gobble up power and territory and souls in this new untapped market. Illicit pantheons skirmish, sabotage, spy on and assassinate each other, trying to monopolize the soul industry for themselves. Hospitals begin raising the dead. Dragons make shiny nests out of car dealerships. Rare coal or oil elementals are captured and siphoned of the fossil fuels they embody. Demons of all kinds take over the sin market by storm in a mix of advertising and simple violent disaster-causing. Humans try to enhance their mind or mix technology and magic to become gods themselves, with dire consequences. The odd tear in space occurs from too much interplanar travel. Shit gets scary.

That's where Infernal Intervention comes in. The first task force to ever claim "the known multiverse" as its jurisdiction, the organization uses recruits both magical and nonmagical to employ both modern and magical tactics to take care of some of the problems threatening the world. Rogue gods, demons, baby-kidnapping fae, magitech corporations, illegal covens, bigoted monster hunters, civil wars, you name it; the Intervention force's job is to go in and resolve incidents in a way that leaves the balance (and the hundreds of billions who depend on that balance) intact.

For almost fifty years now, Infernal Intervention had protected the peace, but now... something strange is occurring in the world. The rogue gods and pantheons are causing larger scale incidents than ever before, the different factions of humans and nonhumans are jumping straight to aggression and not even trying to talk things out, older beings beyond even the gods are starting to awaken, and it seems like the signs are pointed towards something catastrophic, something that could destroy the balance of power forever. Heeding the warning signs, the council in charge of Infernal Intervention has seen fit to create a new seventh task force with fresh recruits to start preparing for the dangers. You are one of those fresh recruits, and your journey starts now...


Infernal Intervention is a tactical urban fantasy RP that I've run and made significant progress on before. The primary focus of the RP is going on team missions that blur the line between a Dungeons and Dragons adventure and a Tom Clancy military operation. The emphasis is on teamwork in these missions, as well as character development and growth through character arcs; the demon fighting and crime-busting and magical or scientific shenanigans you get into are just icing on the cake. The gods and the majority of magic in the setting came to Earth from the known multiverse, and the implication of an infinite multiverse means pretty much any mythological entity you can think of- from the ancient tomes of Nordic or Near Eastern or Greco-Roman lore to the sleep-deprived writings of H.P. Lovecraft or Gary Gygax to even more modern internet-age creations- potentially exist or live in the setting.

You want to play a fairy with seductive charm and proficiency in legalese? You want to play a troll, as violent in fighting style as ardent in their right to be recognized by government entities? You want to play a mage of any discipline from casting fireballs to manipulating cheese? You want to play a demigod, an undead, a technopath, a cyborg, a human soldier, a tulpa or puca, a psionic, a druid, an elemental, a creature that's one-quarter eldritch abomination, or anything else you can think of? Go right ahead, the only limitations I ask for character-wise is that your characters either specialize in one particular play-style (stealth, combat, diplomacy, construction, protection, strategy, etc.) or that your character has a couple disadvantages to whatever powers you have.

The missions would run the whole spectrum of play-styles, from combat to stealth to diplomacy to protection, with enough alternate routes or possibilities for other playstyles to ensure that no character will go useless for any period of time. Theft, diplomacy, espionage, sabotage, assassination, protection, hostage rescuing, investigating, and disaster management are all equally viable options in a setting that will pit the characters up against a multiverse full of vengeful gods, undead armies, corrupt corporations, vicious monsters, and all manner of powerful creatures who need careful analyzing and tactics to be brought down to size. As time goes on, more personal conflicts from your characters' pasts will arrive to cause turmoil, physically and emotionally, and the makings of an overarching plot or two will rear their ugly heads, and the ramifications of which might change not just the balance of the Earth but the fate of the multiverse itself.

So far, I don't think Infernal Intervention would have a dice system, or at least one that is involved enough for anything other than seeing how things play out as a GM. The determining factors in whether something succeeds or fails are the amount of teamwork that goes into a plan, whether a decision is made in-character, whether the decision is logical and strategically sound, how much experience the character has IC with their power or what they're planning on doing, and how interesting and cool the outcome would be.

So if that sounds like anyone's cup of tea, or if there are any questions, comments, suggestions, or anything about it, please let me know.
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out of curiosity, does this mean that the deities from ALL of the world's more mainstream religions have emerged?


its not pride and my parents still arent proud

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Yeah, pretty much all the deities of the world's mainstream religions exist, discounting ones that can be traced back to like modern fiction or something. The Greco-Roman pantheon is huge, as are the Norse and Egyptian pantheons, but gods from all the faiths past and present of the world exist. The Judeo-Christian God is in the setting and may or may not have been responsible for a lot of the major events in the backstory. I never touched on Buddha (mainly because Hinduism and Buddhism I only sorta acknowledged and then didn't really touch afterwards), and as for the current version of the setting who knows? But in the original setting Jesus existed as a figure known as a Harbinger, sort of unique demigod either from birth or chosen later in life to embody the will of a god. And while we didn't touch on the more benevolent beings of Zoroastrian mythology like Ahura Mazda, Zarathustra was originally portrayed as one of the Intervention bureau's key founders and the very first human mage, and that might carry over.

If you're talking about like bosses you fight, that falls in spoiler territory but I gotta say if you want to fight Jesus, I mean that's something that could happen if you wanted to steer it that way.

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How bout "In Robojesus we trust" is an inter-team injoke, Apollo sits on the council and has clockwork cyborg limbs, and the team will someday get the opportunity to either shake Jesus's hand or smack him in the face. That's the best I can do fam


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Damafaud Damafaud Oh yeah, no murderhoboing and no psychopaths, the characters on the team were all recruited so characters who are supposed to work as a team to stop murderhobos and psychopaths.

Now your character can be from a majority-evil faction but either understand the importance of the organization or want to redeem themselves. Or, you can have a character slowly develop some evil traits that they have to work to get rid of again. Those are all okay options that could lead to some nice character depth. Otherwise, if someone wants to be Boo Boo the Fool and stomp their clown shoes on an important character's throat because of a funny look, that's not gonna be happening.


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Wow, that's some incredible worldbuilding - and right up my alley. Consider me highly interested.

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