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Wassup my ham slices it's ya boy, poopetinspace, and I'm looking for interest for a Batman roleplay where Bruce Wayne is just starting off as Batman. It's a dark and stormy night in Gotham City, and our story starts as Bruce Wayne puts the cowl of the Bat on for the very first time.

This is the second time in my lifetime that I have had to post an interest check about this topic (the first roleplay died when i posted the first post, literally. it was embarassing), and I was hoping to collect interest, if you couldn't already tell by the title.

I'm gonna be honest here, I have no idea what the story would be about. I mean, I have papers stacked about an inch wide from the Batman roleplay that died previously, but I don't really want to use it because it, well. Died.

This specific roleplay wouldn't take place in any specific universe, but other heroes definitely exist. Maybe not too many by this point--Superman is around, and has been for a while; Oliver Queen is still on Lian Yu (more like the Green Arrow from the Arrowverse); maybe, I said MAYBE the Flash/Barry Allen is a thing (also along the lines of an Arrowverse Flash)

The roleplay would have no limit on how much you need to post per week, however, I request that you are at least semi-literate (or you know what you're writing, whichever works) and that you don't post any one-liners.

Thanks for taking your time to read this, if you are interested in the proposed RP, either PM me or reply to this.

Kassandra Rose

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I’ve got a few years of DC RP experience under my belt — mostly Wonderwoman and Poison Ivy. I’d definitely be willing to have a go at writing a young Selina Kyle, or any other particular characters that are needed. {I love the dynamics in ‘Gotham’ and particularly Camren Bicondova’s portrayal}.


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Well I'm a HUGE DC Comics fanatic and I'd certainly be interested in playing Bullock and Gordon!

I have no experience with the Gotham TV Show though. It seems from a look at the opening of the RP to be more set in the Gotham canon.

I just want to make sure my interpretations of Bullock and Gordon would be welcome since they'd be more in line with stuff like Batman: Year One and such. It's just a tad confusing cause Fish Mooney is exclusively a Gotham invention so it makes it seem like it's set directly in that show's canon lol


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Year One is my favorite graphic novel, i keep it by my bed all the time!
Yeah it's great ^-^ I love the Gordan vs. Flass scene where it's his inner monologue about he does just enough to 'keep him out of the hospital' xD

Was just curious if this was set exclusively in Gotham timeline of the show or if we can do our own thing? Just curious if someone who hasn't watched the show would be fine and dandy lol

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